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    Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh]


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    Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh] Empty Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh]

    Post by Min Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:48 pm

    Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh] 298
    Temporary Image

    Molly [Sea of Bitterness]
    Item Golden Heart Locket
    Gender Female
    Age Toddler
    Species #298 Azurill, The Polka Dot Pokemon
    Height 0'08" / 0.2m
    Weight 4.4lbs / 2.0kg
    Pokédex Entry Its tail bounces like a rubber ball. It flings that tail around to fight opponents bigger than itself.
    Level 10
    Ability Thick Fat
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Mischievous
    Moves - Sing [Breeding]
    - Charm
    - Tail Whip
    - Bubble
    History "Maybe I could've saved them, and if I could, I wonder why I didn't."

    Molly was born post-epidemic, being nurtured in a close-knit clan of living water types. She and her twin sister, Lexie, were born to a stunning Lapras father and gorgeous Azumarill mother, both former contest Pokemon. The two Azurills were optimistic and eager, both holding an insatiable curiosity. Being born after the infection they had no idea of what a normal life was like, being told that crazy weird-smelling Pokemon with glowing red eyes were only sick innocents. Molly however, did not fall for such lies. The young normal-type easily found out about the truth from her peers, and began self-training her body to help defend the others.

    However it wasn't long before the clan was attacked, traveling around in a large group having quickly attracted undead attention. The fight was tedious, the Azurills' parents ordering them to run away immediately before the infected slaughtered them. The twins however, refused, attempting to help the Lapras and Azumarill in killing the mobs. Within the fight the family was separated, Molly and her mom together while Lexie and their dad somewhere else. Molly had helped in dispatching the smaller infected, but Molly's mother, being a contest Pokemon, soon began to be defeated. As a fierce Frenzy Plant begun to engulf the mother's body she threw a golden locket to the Azurill, strictly yelling at her to run.

    Molly could only stand there and watch as her mother was murdered, all the while protecting her. She picked up the locket quickly, slinging it around her neck, turned tail, and ran. She ran as fast as she possibly could, her mother's voice screaming and shrieking in agony within her mind to flee, yet not to leave her behind.

    Upon weeks of travel Molly found herself in Hearthome, far away enough for her to decide to rest, hoping for some peace.
    Appearance Molly is a normal Azurill, with the exception of her golden locket and constantly annoyed or depressed face. The normal-type usually has calm composure, rested upon her bubbly tail. Her eyes are always open, alert, and awake. She is almost always defiant in posture, with a pout riddling her face.
    Personality Molly, like her name, is a very bitter individual. Constantly making herself guilty by blaming herself for her parent's death. Being rather young, she is naive, and doesn't know much about the world. Molly has yet to understand that not everyone hates her views and sometimes forces her opinions on others. Not always, but sometimes she has difficulty talking and expressing herself properly. She's not very good at making friends, but if and when she makes them she does anything in her power to protect them.
    User Notes

    • Has a twin sister named Lexie, who may be still alive.
    • Although can be mean and rude, doesn't like to see people sad or hurt.
    • Speaks with a English Accent.

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    Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh]

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    Molly is ready for approval! ^^

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    Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Molly the Azurill [Amity, Sinnoh]

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