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    Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean]


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    Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean] Empty Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean]

    Post by Dazey Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:15 am

    Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean] Miyu4-1

    Item Gold Bracelet.
    Gender Female
    Age About two years old.
    Species Eevee / #133 / Evolution Pokémon.
    Height 1‘00“
    Weight 14.3lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes.
    Level 23
    Ability Run Away
    Nature Timid
    Characteristic Strong willed.
    Moves - Hidden Power [Ice] [TM]
    - Quick Attack
    - Tackle
    - Sand Attack
    History Miyu was abandoned at a young age by a Trainer who was attempting to obtain a Shiny. She was placed in an alley with her siblings inside a small box. The other Eevees made their way out and into the dark city, but Miyu feared the sounds and scents she was experiencing for the first time. She stayed in the box until finally, a fellow Eeveelution peered into the box. Miyu cried out, hoping the human who left her would return. Her calls were unheeded, at least, by who she had hoped for. The Eeveelution, a male Jolteon named Rebel, took pity in the defenseless pup; He carried her back to his home, an abandoned house, and watched over her. Two years passed and they grew exceptionally close. The duo thieved everything they needed and wanted - From food to items such as TMs to simply make their thefts easier.

    One day as the epidemic swept, the two were returning from a Pokémon Center after stealing food and medicine, an Undead Zangoose attacked them. Trying to protect Miyu, Rebel was Slashed and left mortally wounded. Miyu was frozen as tears soiled her fur and washed over Rebel’s blood which had soaked her face. Rebel screamed as the Zangoose feasted on his flesh, he screamed for Miyu to run. He had just enough life left in him to send a jolt of electricity at her and snap her out of her daze-like state. She obeyed Rebel as she always had, scrambling away as quickly as she could. It wasn’t quick enough for her though, as she could still hear Rebel’s final screams as his life ended at the hands of the Undead.
    Appearance She‘s a normal Eevee aside from the cream-colored markings on her paws and ears.
    Personality Miyu is extremely fearful of the Undead, and blames herself for Rebel‘s death. She longs for companions as she was never alone after she met Rebel, but doesn’t trust herself with protecting them. But even still, their safety is her top priority even over her own. She’s full of determination and won’t give up on anyone or anything.
    User Notes She wasn‘t born with the cream markings on her ears and paws. Those grew in over time.

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    Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean] Empty Re: Miyu the Eevee [Kanto, Cerulean]

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