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    Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto)


    Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto) Empty Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto)

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    Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto) 2ue6x50

    Devani and Nevada
    Text Color #00688B
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 47
    Newly hatched
    Species #471 Glaceon, The Fresh Snow Pokemon
    #133 Eevee, The Evolution Pokemon
    Height 2'07"
    Weight 57.1lbs
    Pokédex Entry Diamond and Pearl: As a protective technique, Glaceon can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.

    Black and White: Because Eevee's genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes.
    Level 53
    Ability Snow Cloak
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Strong Willed
    Alert to Sounds
  • Ice Fang

  • Ice Shard

  • Quick Attack

  • Protect (TM)

  • Helping Hand

  • Tackle

  • Tail Whip
  • History
    Devani, the mother
    Her whole life had been one screw up after another. Born into a family of magnificent shiny Glaceon’s, Devani was considered an abomination and quickly thrown out on her own due to her plain brown fur. Her first instinct was to find a trainer and survive but, being born in close to lake Acuity, that soon changed to getting out of the snow. Hungry and cold, Devani struggled helplessly against the biting wind until finally falling and losing consciousness. Nothing more than a brown dot against the white landscape, it seemed as though Devani would become yet another victim to the cold but this was not the case. Not long after she fell, a young gym leader named Clara found her and took her back to her house not too far away in Snowpoint City. There, Devani began a new life, one she would soon learn to love and love it she did.

    Almost immediately, Eevee showed her true colors to Clara. Loving and kind, all she wanted was to take care of others and take care of them she did. Clara never expected much out of her little friend. Naming her Devani, meaning Celestial Goddess, she only wanted her to be happy and live a wonderful, pampered life. The life she believed a magnificent heart like Devani’s truly deserved. After many years of this however, Devani grew restless. Seeing this, Clara made a tough decision. Taking Devani with her, she trekked out deep into the snowy forest surrounding Snowpoint City to a place where a beautiful icy rock stood proud against the winter landscape. Clara urged her on and soon Devani was locked in a heated battle against an Abomasnow. A few minutes later, her opponent was defeated and she began to glow brightly against the snow. Blinking, the glowing dulled and there before Clara was a beautiful Glaceon, her eyes loving and kind. For many more years, Devani stayed by Clara’s side training, teaching, and becoming the strongest she could possibly be until soon, Devani once again grew restless. Making a tough decision on her own, Devani left Clara the day before the two were suppose to travel to the region of Johto. Clara had received word of the Epidemic and was going to help but Devani had other plans. It was time for her to go out alone and start her own family. Despite the sorrow it brought Clara, she understood and parted ways with her loving friend, hopeful that she would become an amazing mother but before she left Devani, Clara taught her the TM Protect thinking it would help her family if the Epidemic were to spread to Sinnoh.

    Making her new life in the forest beside Lake Acuity, she soon fell in love with a Rogue male Glaceon that had also been exiled from his family. For many weeks he pampered her with sweet words and moonlit nights spent together until finally, she laid two eggs, one of which was coated in a light color that was distinctly different from the other two. The couple was so pleased but Devani was the one that was the happiest. This was the very thing she had dreamed of her whole life and finally she had done it. Swooning over the two little eggs, she took care of them for many weeks until disaster struck and the Epidemic finally hit Sinnoh. Desperate, her and her mate survived for many weeks still enjoying their moonlit nights and taking care of their eggs that had still yet to hatch. One day though, she awoke to a horrific sight. Her two eggs laid beside her broken and dead while her mate was close by under the body of a dead Absol. With tears streaming down her eyes, Devani left their den in the ice to find a new home still close to Lake Acuity. She didn’t get far before she collapsed in the snow, her breathing heavy. Devani immediately knew what was happening and she crawled back to her broken den where there, beside her dead mate and eggs, she laid a beautiful light colored egg that glistened and sparkled.

    Devani’s heart went out to the small thing and she picked it up in her jaws lovingly, swearing to do all she could to keep it alive. Soon Devani went about the task of cleaning her den despite the pain it brought her and for a few weeks she stayed there alone taking care of her only remaining egg. Whenever she went outside, her egg went with her and she never let it out of her sight. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her unborn baby and when she heard the sounds of others outside close to when her egg was to hatch, Devani ventured outside to investigate, hoping to find others that her child could grow up with.

    She met a group of pokemon -- quite the varied mix. Adara, a gentle eevee, named Nevada, "snow-capped", with promises to tell more about the story behind the name. But, a strange sensation began in the back of Devani's mind: a niggling want to go down to the lake. Soon, it became more than an urge. With determined steps, Devani carried her kit down to the frigid, ice-locked shore. An infected xatu stomped out of the snow and seized Devani in its beak, taking off with her and Nevada to the frigid sky. Devani struggled until the monster went so very high that it breached the blizzard and was swept into the huge, fast moving currents of air above the clouds. It was frigid, and Devani created a shell of ice, freezing herself and Nevada onto the bird and out of the biting wind. She kept Nevada nestled deeply into her thick fur Throughout the ordeal. She didn't know how long they flew, nor did she see how far they went, but when the monster finally descended, she felt that they were in a new land. When the air was warm enough to begin melting the ice, Devani sent Ice Shards into the beasts mouth to kill it and broke free of the bird. Quickly wrapping more ice around her ball of protect, Devani and her son slammed down on top of a large building, the breath knocked out of the Glaceon but her son was fine as he was wrapped within her paws.

    Soon they found a group of Pokemon but they didn't stay with them for very long. Preferring to leave the group and find a new one, Devani wished more than ever that she would find a place for her and her child. One night, as they were travelling through the confines of a forest, an Abra came out and startled the two, its body perfectly fine. Without saying a word it walked forward and teleported them to an Island in Kanto, the sounds of others off in the distance. Pointing towards the trees, it disappeared and left the mother and son to fend for themselves.

    Her child…

    Born in the middle of the Epidemic, Nevada is a fun-loving little boy who would do anything for his mother and her friends.
    Appearance Glaceon is a fox-like creature covered in light-blue fur, which can be frozen into sharp quills. It appears to be wearing a tuque on its head. Glaceon's inner ears, two spots on its back, tail end and cap-endings are all rhombus-shaped and darker blue, in contrast to the soft cyan main body color. Glaceon also has a similar shape on its back. Glaceon's feet are also a dark blue color, giving it the impression of wearing boots.

    Devani is a normal colored Glaceon with her only difference being that her eyes are a light shade of blue.

    Eevee is a mammalian creature with brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a large furry collar that is also cream-colored. It has four short, feline-like legs with three small toes on each foot. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears, and pink paw pads. It has traits of rabbits, Miacids, foxes, dogs, and cats.

    Nevada is very magnificent in color. He has black fur with spots of white and a beautiful blue hue that shimmers across his pelt. His eyes are the same shade of light blue as his mothers are.
    Personality Devani is one of the most kind and loving Pokemon you will ever have the privilege to meet. Putting others above herself, she would risk anything to save those that she loves and would kill if need be. The only downfall to her loving nature though is the anger she gets when someone she loves is disrespected. Ever since she was born, disrespect has been her biggest pet peeve and she wouldn’t think twice about raising her voice when someone she cares about is disrespected.

    Nevada is a very curious and shy little boy who loves quickly and forgives easily. Despite what most newborns would be like in this world, he is very quiet and barely ever cries. If his mother wasn't there, he would probably hide inside of himself and never talk or look at anyone.
    User Notes
  • This will be edited often to reflect Nevada's growth.

    I missed my babies<33
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    Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto) Empty Re: Devani and Nevada the Glaceon and Eevee (Seafoam, Kanto)

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