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    The Lamb the cult leader Flaaffy


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    The Lamb the cult leader Flaaffy Empty The Lamb the cult leader Flaaffy

    Post by Duma Sat Sep 10, 2022 5:28 am

    The Lamb the cult leader Flaaffy TheLambFlaaffy

    The Lamb
    Theme I Won't Submit - Ivycomb
    False Idol - Ivycomb
    Sheep to Goat - Ivycomb
    Profession Cult leader, crusader
    Text Color #A90000
    Item Golden fleece throwover cape.
    Gender Identity Genderless They/Them (AMAB)
    Age Adult
    Species #180; Flaaffy, the Wool Pokémon (Electric Type)
    Height 4'00" (Abnormally tall)
    Weight 45.9lbs (Much heavier)
    Pokédex Entry If its coat becomes fully charged with electricity, its tail lights up. It fires hair that zaps on impact. -Black Dex
    Level 53
    Ability Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
    Nature Quiet (+Special Attack, -Speed)
    Characteristic Mischevious (Special Attack IVs)
    Moves -Confuse Ray [Level Up]
    -Rain Dance [TM]
    -Thunder [TM]
    -Electro Ball [Level Up]
    Quote "What is a shepherd without his flock?"
    History -bred to a line of huge flaaffy built for battle
    -mother escaped and instead lambs parents was an amparos and mightyena
    -lamb was born with sharp teeth and started to develop a bad habit of biting
    -eventually kills one of their siblings and tries to eat them
    -sold out because of this
    -sacrifice for cult
    -breaks free with the help of a "higher power" (trainer?)
    -turns against the obes trying to sacrifice them
    -hunts them down one by one, evolves killing their followers
    -atarts own cult
    -first was easy, weak and young
    -second one tried to starve them and their cult out.
    -kills them
    -third tried to poison them and their cult
    -struggled against them but killed them too
    -fourth tried to turn their own cult against them.
    -had to kill some of their own members when they were brainwashed and attacked them while they were out
    -fourth is easily swept afterwards now that Lamb is much stronger.
    -trainer grows scared of them and tries to kill Lamb
    -Lamb revolts, and subdues trainer instead after injuring them, proclaiming themselves the leader of the cult and the trainer a follower
    -Preaches to cult about the epidemic once they get wind of it
    -sees the epidemic as another plague sent to them, instead uses it as a way to remove problem members
    -eventually the trainer tries to revolt again and Lamb kills them
    -the rest of the cult is taken by the epidemic
    -Lamb ditches them as "heretics" and "dissenters", leaving them to rot and die out
    -look around for new people to indoctrinate into their cult
    Bulbapedia "Flaaffy is a pink, bipedal, ovine Pokémon. It has thick, conical ears with black stripes on the sides of its head and small, blue eyes. A white mane of wool covers its head and upper body. This mane forms sideways curls on the top of its head. It has stubby arms and one nail on each foot. Flaaffy's long tail has black stripes and is tipped with a blue orb."
    Appearance Instead of the usual pink skin of a regular flaaffy, Lamb's skin is a dark muted purple color with dark gray markings that almost blend into their skin color and white wool around their head and neck. Their hands and feet are gray with a second band a little higher on the wrist and ankles, along with dark gray lines that go along from their ears to under their eyes and down their cheeks. Their tail bands are much thicker than usual, consisting of four large patches that almost completely color their tail in dark gray. The orb on Lamb's tail is a brighter blue than usual, and their eyes are a deep red color.

    On Lamb's forehead between their eyes they paint a third eye in their own blood, along with painting tear streaks down their face. These wash off in water or whenever they use Rain Dance, though Lamb will often paint them back on soon after. Lamb wears a golden fleece throwover cape that is clasped together at their chest by a downwards facing arrow stone clasp that is made from everstone to stop them from evolving.

    Lamb is also much larger than a regular flaaffy, caused by selective breeding throughout their lineage. What is very different to their usual herbivorous species however is the fact that Lamb has a full set of sharp predator's teeth akin to a dog's. This was a mutation caused by one of Lamb's parents being a Mightyena, and was one of the deciding factors for their eventual outcast from their breeder.
    Accent Soft spoken but firm and commanding voice.
    Religion Themselves.
    Motivation Expand their cult.
    Personality -quiet, calm collected
    -has a violent temper when they do snap
    -good at twisting words
    -uses confuse ray liberally with people to bend their wills
    User Notes -Based mainly off The Lamb from Cult of The Lamb.
    -Has some basis of real-life cults taken into inspiration.
    -Mutator for teeth, abnormal size and the ability to speak the human language.
    Team notes Incredibly helpful to everyone, but will always be looking for recruits to their cult.
    Affiliations None
    Development Notes All their old followers died, so they're making a new cult as they go around.

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