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    Xiao the clipped Togeren [Floater]


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    Xiao the clipped Togeren [Floater] Empty Xiao the clipped Togeren [Floater]

    Post by Duma Wed Jan 19, 2022 7:02 am

    Xiao the clipped Togeren [Floater] XiaoTogeren
    Art by me

    Xiao "Alatus"
    Theme Path of the Yaksha - Genshin Impact OST
    Tale of the Yakshas - Genshin Impact OST
    Vigilant Yaksha - Zetsubo ft. Kinsen
    Profession Guardian deity, exorcist.
    Text Color #63BDC1
    Item Vajra on a necklace around his neck and a Censer tied to his waist with a purple sash.
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #???; Togeren, The Angelic Pokemon (Flying/Fairy Type)
    Height 5'05"
    Weight 88.0 lbs
    Pokédex Entry A highly revered Pokemon said to only appear in times of peace. - Fakemon Dex
    Level 67
    Ability Hustle: Damage from physical attacks is 1.5 times, but average accuracy is only 80%.
    Nature Adamant (+Attack,-Special Attack)
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds (Speed IVs)
    Moves -Teleport (Bred Move)
    -Dream Eater (TM)
    -Last Resort (Level Up)
    -Extremespeed (Level Up)
    Quote "The damned will sooner die again than lay a hand on me."
    "Do not fall prey to the darkness. I have no mercy. Though perhaps you can stand your ground alone."
    "I deal in death. If you cannot bring yourself to kill — speak my name."
    History Alatus was born into poverty. His family didn't have what they needed to properly care for a pokemon, let alone a baby, but they tried as well as they could. Even still, this left the young Togepi to fend for himself most days, scrounging around for scraps and food from the surrounding houses and people. Considering his vastly unique coloring, it was harder than normal, as he was often seen as a bad omen when he was around others.

    Because he was spending so long trying to provide for himself and his family, Alatus grew close to the youngest and their bold paired with Alatus' want to help provide for them triggered a very early evolution in the pokemon. With a more nimble body, Alatus was able to gather far more and he used this to the fullest, travelling further and further to try and keep the supplie sin his family at a good level.

    On one of these trips, the unique shiny was captured by a gang leader who stole him away and forced the Togetic to fight over and over again with weaker pokemon to level him up. Alatus followed her orders under the promise of seeing his family again, but at the time he had no idea what cruelty she was planning for him.

    In the gang leaders travels, she'd come across a unique item that she used to forcefully evolve the young Togetic into a pokemon of myth, seen as a revered angel to some, Togeren. With this new form, she forced Alatus to continue his battles, sweet talking him into continuing to fight even when he didn't want to with sweet nothings and promise of letting him go.

    After long months of this treatment, Alatus grew to accept his new normal, and in doing so, resigned himself to being used as her weapon, a threat to use against others to get what she wanted and to remove all of those who stood in her way. If he was good, if he just listened, one day he would get free. He plotted ways to escape, acted sweet and listened to all his orders, carrying them out flawlessly to lull his captor into a false sense of security.

    However, she was far more perceptive than Alatus gave her credit for. She knew that he was planning an escape, and under the guise of teaching him a new move to better use his strength to help her. Alatus was attacked, and he was subdued, pinned down so that she could take a saw and a blade to hack off his largest set of wings, leaving the Togeren crippled and unable to fly away.

    While he was trying to recover from his impromptu mutilation, Alatus was forced to use the new move he'd been taught to survive, using the energy he got from eating dreams to keep himself sustained for a time until he was well enough to fight again. As soon as he could move again to fight, Alatus was once again thrown right back into his old routine of fighting almost every day.

    Finally, someone revolted against his captor, bypassing Alatus entirely to challenge her. Before Alatus had the chance to do anything against them, his old captor was slain and Alatus found himself being freed from her shackles. Though fighting and being used as a tool was all he'd known for so long, Alatus still recognised when freedom was within his grasp.

    In his gratitude, Alatus swore allegience to his savior, a leader of a nearby village. He was given a new name, Xiao, and he was led away from his captivity and out into fresh air.

    Xiao was led to the small village that his savior lived at, and as repayment for being saved, tasked the Togeren with protecting the village. Seeing this as his way to repent for all the harm he'd caused unwillingly, Xiao graciously accepted the job as ths new protector of this village and set himself as a diligent watcher.

    At first the village was wary of this new guardian, regarding him with worry and uncertainty. After a time however, as Xiao fought off many different threats to the village, he became viewed as a protective deity of the people, and he was reverred as such. The Togeren was showered in gifts and ceremonial items for fighting away evil, things that he could use to protect them for a long time to come.

    Xiao spent years living there in that village, staying at his post day and night to keep them safe. He took his job incredibly seriously, patrolling for as long as he could without rest, and only resting for as short a time as he could get away with. Ever vigilant, he didn't want to leave the perimiter of his home unguarded, deterimined to fufill his promise to the one who saved him.

    After a time, his savior grew old and soon was on his deathbed, something that hit Xiao hard. He'd spent so long protecting him, but even old age caught the most protected ones. Before he passed away, he made Xiao promise to extend his protection to all who needed it, and to fight to keep peace in this world.

    Nothing challenged that promise more than the Epidemic. Undead filth rising froim the ground, forcing Xiao to kill and destroy intruders far more violently than he had previously to stop them from attacking again. Undead were regarded as evil spirits and were dealt with the same way, removed without mercy and without hesitation.

    The villagers tried to about their days like usual with Xiao protecting them, but with the ever looming threat of destruction, their numbers dwindled day by day and the population Xiao was left to defend lessened each passing day.

    Eventually, one fo the resident pokemon in the village turned and started to ravage the houses and other pokemon that were within the village. They turned on the villagers and started to attack and kill them without bias, catching Xiao completely unprepared. He dispatched the undead as fast as he could, but by that stage most of the village had turned or was dying.

    With no other option, Xiao was forced to purge the rest of the living creatures in the village and he fled from the scene, travelling from place to place in order to purge the undead from as many places as he could, and try to clean this world.
    Bulbapedia [Written by Duma]"Togeren is a white, avian Pokémon with a serpentine body. While its feet are small and situated closely together, it has two pairs of wings, two large one son its shoulders and two smaller wings on its hips. Red and blue triangular markings over its neck, and it has a long whip-like tail. On the back of its head are three spikes: a red tipped on the right, a blue tipped one on the left, and a pure white one in the middle that curls forwards. Togeren has a relatively long face and small, golden eyes. This Pokémon is rarely seen, only appearing in peaceful areas. It is revered as an angelic pokemon."
    Appearance Far from the usual look of a Togeren, Xiao's body is covered in dark teal fur with brighter highlights along his belly and a deeper black band down his spine. His feathertips are bright teal, as har the ends of each of his limbs. Xiao's claws are bright in color, matching the tone all throughout Xiao's body. Instead of the usual three horns a Togeren has, Xiao's head is adorned with four larger horns, with the two that sweep back behind his head being the largest of them, while along his brow is a ridge of burnt gold colored spikes that give the Togeren the affect of looking like he wears a mask. Along his left arm is a bright green marking that looks almost like a bird, and it is something that he takes great pride in and cares deeply for.

    Around his neck and waist are traditional items for exorsicm given to him by the people he protected, consisting of a vajra he wears on a bead necklace and a censer that was tied to a purple sash about his waist. Unlike most of his species, Xiao also has long tusk-like teeth that grow from his mouth, pointed outwards from his mouth in a curved manner.

    Unlike the large, grand wings a Togeren usually has, Xiao's main pair of wings has been clipped, leaving only short stumps behind where they once were. Because of this mutilation, he can no longer fly, though if he were pushed to use them he could still deal a disorienting blow with the two wings on his hips. Still, he does not let this handicap slow him down and refuses to be pitied over it either.
    Accent Voice Clip
    Soft spoken but blunt tone and a sharp, to-the-point way of speaking.
    Religion Used to being seen as a deity himself, Xiao only worships legendaries he sees as higher than he is.
    Motivation Purge the land of evil, and protect the innocent.
    Personality Pros:
    Xiao is a prideful sort, he holds himself in high regard and knows his strengths. He's fiercely loyal to those he's extended his protection to, and will stop at nothing to keep those under his charge safe. Despite all this, Xiao has a curious and gentle side that he seldom shows, and this can be seen in the way he will observe others at a distance, and ask questions about what they might be doing.

    While he is strict, Xiao is also a good teacher as his steadfast methods of teaching can swiftly get a point across, and can be a good mentor to those that wish to learn from him. While he usually doesn't understand most customs regarding others, he's willing to learn and is flexible in most situations to adapt on the fly.

    Xiao is steadfast in his opinions, and is a natural leader type, swiftly taking command of situations if the moment calls for it. He is an apt battler and is very good at making split second descisions in the heat of battle.

    Xiao is very callous to people he first meets, wanting to keep them at a distance from him. He doesn't understand most emotions and can quickly become overwhelmed by them, preferring a blunt and to-the-point way of speaking. He can come off as dismissive because of this and uncaring to a tense situation.

    Very black and white at times, Xiao can be very hard to dissuade from some topics, expecially regarding tense situations of conflict. He gets very irritated when someone regards him with sympathy or pity, and can snap or become very growly at the situation.

    Xiao struggles greatly with self worth, believing he is nothing but a tool to be used to kill and take another's life. He doesn't get compassion and fails to see how someone can want to be friends with someone like him. Because of this he can come off as intimidating and harsh.

    Despite his harsh manner of talking, Xiao likes kids and has a soft spot for them, treating them with the utmost care and attention when he is around them.

    Xiao enjoys sparring, and sees it as a great way to further his fighting prowess and ability.
    User Notes -Based on Xiao from Genshin Impact
    -High level is from a lifetime of fighting
    -Using a shiny for the color
    -Mutator for the unusual horns on his head and the move Teleport
    Team notes Floater to travel around helping others and purging undead.
    Affiliations No known affiliations
    Development Notes Find someone to talk to and come out of his shell a little more. He's curious about the world now and wants to learn if they really are doomed of if there's some kind of salvation.

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    Xiao is ready to be moved to the main computer!

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    And thank you for mentioning the use of the Mutator ticket for Teleport since that was the first thing I noticed scrolling down the profile and went "...wait a minute..." lol. Love the artwork by the way!


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    Post by Duma Tue Jan 25, 2022 6:51 am

    Anytime, haha! And thank you!

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