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Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP]


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Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP] Empty Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP]

Post by Catalyst Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:24 am

Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP] HYDPdLB

Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP] V7ZXSpr

Text Color #F4F776 Soylent Yellow
Item A pouch on a draw string around her neck. It's red satin, and about twice the size of a regular one.
Sex/Gender Female/Feminine (she, her, hers)
Age Adult (About 23)
Species #???/Togeren/The Angelic Pokemon
Height 5' 05"
Weight 88.0lbs
Pokédex Entry A highly revered Pokemon said to only appear in times of peace.
Level 36
Ability Hustle (Damage from physical attacks is 1.5 times, but average accuracy is only 80%.)
Nature Naive (+Spd,-Sp.Df)
Characteristic Mischevious (+Sp.Atk)
Moves - Morning Sun (Egg Move)
- Aerial Ace (TM)
- Telekinesis (TM)
- Extreme Speed (Learned)
User Notes •A hardcore collector of pretty or shiny things.
•Likes to collect berries, so she has a few of them. She wouldn't use them as medication unless she had to.
•Her prized item is a water stone.
•Has mild OCD, and hypochondriasis, hence why she's terrified of infection and being infected.

Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP] AC3gQhE

Text Color #62B1F6 Tropical Blue
Item None
Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his)
Age Adult (About 21)
Species #523/Zebstrika/The Thunderbolt Pokemon
Height 5'03"
Weight 175.3 lbs.
Pokédex Entry They have lightning-like movements. When Zebstrika run at full speed, the sound of thunder reverberates.
Level 40
Ability Motor Drive (Boosts the Speed stat when it's hit by an Electric-type move.)
Nature Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.Atk)
Characteristic Proud of its power (+Atk)
Moves - Spark (Learned)
- Flame Charge (Learned)
- Double Team (TM)
- Me First (Egg Move)
User Notes •Personality partially inspired by Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia


Robin the Togeren and Jun the Zebstrika [WIP] I61jEL3
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