Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Touko Nakamura-White [Chasm]


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    Touko Nakamura-White [Chasm] Empty Touko Nakamura-White [Chasm]

    Post by Abysswalker Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:37 am


    Touko Nakamura-White
    Text Color #E1E1E1
    Theme(s) 5 Out of 6
    Item Two canteens of water, a few days’ worth of food, box of matches, two lighters, bedroll, pocket knife, flashlight, roll of bandages+tape, pair of scissors, bottle of hydrogen peroxide, keychain with various charms on it, Pokeballs of her deceased team
    Weapons Hatchet, metal bat, a pistol with a handful of bullets remaining.
    Gender Identity Trans woman (she/her)
    Birthdate October 9th
    Age 23
    Species Human
    Weight 186 lbs
    Height 5’11”
    Region of origin Johto | Olivine City
    Occupation Trainer / Former Unova League supply runner
    Party The only member left from her original team is her starter. The other two befriended her at Unova League, and have traveled with White since.
    (I had to use SM moveset for Emboar, SwSh for the others. If this should be changed, let me know)
    Pkm 1
    Name: Summer (she/her)
    Text colour: #DDA0DD
    Species: Emboar
    Level: 61
    Ability: Blaze
    Attack list:
    -Heat Crash (Pre-Evo)
    -Hammer Arm (Level)
    -Thunder Punch (Tutor)
    -Poison Jab (TM)
    •Gained levels during her time at the Unova League
    Pkm 2
    Name: Belladonna (she/they)
    Text colour: #B13E0F
    Species: Crobat
    Level: 49
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Attack list:
    -Cross Poison (Level)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    -Acrobatics (TM)
    -Hypnosis (Egg Move)
    Pkm 3
    Name: Tarantula Hawk (they/them)
    Text colour: #65909A
    Species: Electrivire
    Level: 54
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Attack list:
    -Thunder Punch (Pre-Evo)
    -Low Kick (Level)
    -Light Screen (Level)
    -Dig (TM)
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    Quote "Brutally honest? That's just a roundabout way of saying 'I'm a selfish dick who doesn't care about other people'.”

    Accent ACCENT

    •Light brown skin tone
    •Curly brown hair always kept tied back in a ponytail
    •Looks either just plain exhausted or annoyed with everything, usually the former.
    •Her outfit:
    -white and purple cap with cartoony Espeon design
    -dark grey aviator jacket (like her hat, has an Espeon design on the back), long-sleeved, woolen purple shirt w/ Tepig design, grey tank top underneath
    -black jeans
    -grey boots with white trim

    Religion She never could pick up on the more common Unovan religious traditions despite living there for a long time; Ho-Oh and Lugia will always be her gods.

    •Constantly exhausted both mentally and physically, which in turns makes her irritated with nearly everything and anyone. Not easy to get along with, especially since White intentionally acts cold upon meeting people in order to maintain emotional distance; she refuses to become close with anyone again knowing they could leave her behind or die
    -Truthfully, connecting with other people has always been difficult for her; every relationship she had prior to the epidemic took work to build and keep. To have that stolen away is something White will never get over

    •Unconcerned with how others feel or think about her, to an unhealthy degree-other than her Pokemon she tends to mostly discard what people say, even if it might help her out. Living at the Unova League has made White very resistant to acting on anyone’s word except her own, as it strays too close to all the orders she was given under Caitlin’s rule. White can be swayed to another’s ideas or plans, but unless in a very dire situation, it would take effort
    -The easiest way to convince her of something is to talk when at least one of her Pokemon is there; White values their thoughts and will listen to them with much less resistance. Especially true with Summer, her closest and oldest friend

    •Her sense of trust is currently brittle, and easily shattered. She fears opening up or showing kindness only to have it be turned against her the same way Caitlin did at the League. White will resist attempts to befriend her; it’s too daunting, the thought of having to endure that pain all over again
    -If betrayed at this point, she would never be able to forgive or forget

    •For all her salt, White does truly care about others-if someone needed her help, she would do so without hesitating. This is the reason she stayed at Unova League for as long as she did; fleeing was her last resort, a decision made out of desperation more than anything else. White cannot bring herself to turn her back on the suffering of other people or Pokemon
    -If she ends up in a group, White will not easily abandon them no matter how little she wishes to interact. Their inherent value as people (not just humans, everyone) takes priority over her own issues

    •Her Pokemon are her number one priority; she sees their lives as more valuable than her own, particularly after the recent loss of her Espeon. Their safety and health come before hers; for example, White will continuously try to give them more food than she‘ll allow for herself. As mentioned before, she listens to her Pokemon’s wants even if they go against what she would rather do, as they are her friends and partners
    -They are her entire reason for living, and she will try to hold onto her life for their sakes

    •Still dealing with both the guilt of leaving the Unova League residents behind, and the crushing grief of losing one of the last members of her original team. White is in a very low place emotionally, blaming herself for everything that has gone wrong
    -If she’d been stronger, maybe she could have stood up to Caitlin-if she’d been more careful, her Espeon would have lived-these are the thoughts that haunt her

    •White has become increasingly self-critical since her escape, attacking herself for even the slightest of mistakes and generally being unwilling to care about her own wellbeing. Self-loathing constantly simmers under her skin; it doesn’t take a whole lot to bring it out
    -Easily triggered, but represses her episodes until they finally erupt without control

    •Her old passionate nature remains within her, particularly when it comes to social issues. White has seen firsthand the corrupting, terrible nature of power and privilege; her driving goal, the one buried within her mind, is really no different than what it was before. The powerless and the forgotten are still being left for dead, and she’ll do anything to fight that
    -Incredibly sensitive about the lives lost during the epidemic, undead included. Even when necessary, she is pained by having to kill them
    -Very bitter when people cling to the old ideas of power (such as Elite Four members leading, for instance)

    Affiliations AFFILIATE
    User Notes •Won’t share her first name unless it’s with someone she has built trust with. Typically goes by White, as she’s more used to it; in the past, before her mother died, she went by her father’s part of her last name to honor his memory


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