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    Shiro the Human


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    Shiro the Human Empty Shiro the Human

    Post by Maximum Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:50 pm

    Shiro the Human DdDV7FL
    Other Art:

    Shiro Takahashi
    Text Color FAFAFA
    Theme(s) Hanging Tree
    Item -Lighter with some oil. Not used much
    -Broken plate shard
    -Universal Communicator
    -Handheld game system with some cartridges and charger and earbuds
    -Sleeping bag
    -Backpack with some other survival stuff
    Weapons -Pocket Knife
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate January 24th
    Age 15 years
    Species Human
    Weight 110 lbs.
    Height 5'6"
    Region of origin Sinnoh
    Occupation Student
    Party Kazuya was the only Pokemon he owned before the Epidemic, and he wasn't really supposed to have any Pokemon. He picked up the others post the Mansion from Hell
    Pkm 1
    Shiro the Human 398
    Shiro the Human Pokeball
    Name- Kazuya
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 9C9C9C
    Species- Staraptor
    Level- 40
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Close Combat (Evolve)
    -Aerial Ace (Level)
    -Whirlwind (Level)
    -Quick Attack (Level)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 2
    Shiro the Human 472
    Shiro the Human Pokeball
    Name- Richter
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 60AFFE
    Species- Gliscor
    Level- 40
    Ability- Poison Heal
    Attack list-
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Poison Jab (Start)
    -Knock Off (Start)
    -Acrobatics (Level)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 3
    Shiro the Human 333
    Shiro the Human Pokeball
    Name- Suga
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- B4CDCD
    Species- Swablu
    Level- 34
    Ability- Natural Cure
    Attack list-
    -Cotton Guard (Level)
    -Disarming Voice (Level)
    -Mirror Move (Level)
    -Round (Level)
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 4

    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 5

    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 6

    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Quote "Zombies shouldn't be real, but here we are."
    History Shiro was the fourth son in a family of high expectations. The parents expected all of their childrens to be mini-adults despite their ages, and they were expected to be perfect school children. The highest grades possible were what they needed to earn any sort of affection or privileges. The first son had already fulfilled every requirement and continued to do so as he grew, so he earned most of the praise and privileges that the parents were willing to give out. Whether he wanted it or not was debatable, but all that meant for Shiro was that the other older brothers took that as a challenge and fought over the scraps they could get. They certainly tried to fight upwards, but Ichiro was naturally gifted in ways they weren't.

    When Shiro joined the picture, the young boy started exhibiting similar talents as Ichiro, and they realized they could fight downwards to ensure they didn't lose what they had. Shiro was constantly the target of sabotage in all of his academic efforts, but despite this, he was still very intelligent and his teachers noticed. His parents, however, weren't as impressed. They expected even higher of him than they had his siblings, and nothing short of perfect a perfect A plus would get him more than a glance. If he ever got lower than a B, then he would gain the irritation or ire of his parents. So the middle siblings took it upon themselves to destroy his homework and projects if ever given the chance.

    Thanks to this, Shiro did not like staying in his house very much, and one summer, ran into some of the other neighborhood children. Haruto, Rikka, and Makoto were different from each other personality-wise, but they enjoyed playing with each other, and they were quick to invite him to their games. He was awkward, but they seemed to overlook his social weirdness. With how freely they gave their affection, Shiro noticed just how different things were outside of his own family. This started making the boy slowly back away from pursuing his parents ever changing boundaries, and he didn't even want to fight his brothers anymore. It got worse when he met their various families, and how much they all loved each other and their children. With no strings attached or high expectations. He didn't get to meet these families often, and he hid just how much their very existences shook him.

    His friends started encouraging him to expand his horizons out of school, and after they had gotten Pokemon, they all helped him catch one of his own. The Starly, named Kazuya, was friendly enough, and Shiro figured that since that species was so common, it wouldn't be seen as strange if one hung around the neighborhood. He normally let Kazuya stay outside most of the time since forcing the Pokemon to hide in a Pokeball all day wouldn't be healthy, but on bad weather days, the bird would have a safe place to stay.

    Other things they encouraged included video games and sports, and even if he wasn't good at the latter, he enjoyed participating with friends. As for the former, he really enjoyed thought provoking games and puzzle based games more than the action oriented or skill based games. They found a common ground in games like Legend of Zelda, and they would pass the controller or handheld around until someone got stuck.

    Meanwhile, Shiro's parents heavily judged their son for having interests outside of school, and especially did not like his friends. Haruto was known for being a wild child, and none of the adults or other kids tried to contain him. Rikka didn't have lofty enough goals nor the desire to be a housewife. Makoto was far too empathetic and easy to crush. All of these children were nothing like what they wanted their own children to be like.

    The epidemic happened before this could come to a head, however. Near the very end of an extended school year thanks to snow, things figuratively exploded. Undead and sick Pokemon had started rising up and attacking humans, and during class one day, things fell into chaos. Shiro had been in a different grade level thanks to his intelligence, but he snuck out to find his friends. He thankfully found them before their teacher started ushering them and the other kids out of the school.The teacher managed to keep them together as they escaped, but she was one person with not many Pokemon.

    For a while, she was able to keep her crew of children safe, alive, and together, but roughing it while running from the undead was exhausting for her and the children. This arrangement managed to hold for about two years before an undead horde managed to scatter them. Shiro and his friends held onto each other and managed to not lose each other in the madness, but that left them stranded with whatever they had on their persons at the time. The next year was rough since it was just the four of them surviving, and tragedy struck when Makoto's Pokemon got sick and died. Rikka's Pokemon had to quickly rekill them when they rose again. Makoto wasn't the same after that, and even though that scared the others, they couldn't do much other than keep going.

    It was dark and stormy when they stumbled across the boarded-up manor. Shiro wasn't too enthused about it, but they were cold and wet and wanted shelter. This ended up being a mistake that would cost them their lives. After drying off a little in the first room, Shiro went to investigate a crash they heard with Kazuya, and when he came back, they were gone. He wouldn't find out what happened until something almost grabbed him from behind, and he had to run. Thankfully, whatever it was didn't pursue him for long, but now he realized that they were being hunted. He managed to make it to the front door, and he was terrified to feel that it was locked, and he couldn't tackle it or kick it down.

    Here he saw the bodies of Haruto's Pokemon. They had been in the middle of the room, and it looked like they had tried to fight back before whatever it was killed them. They weren't rising back up, so he was dealing with the shame of feeling relieved.

    After going into a few rooms, he noticed that there were things he could do that would drop useful items. He didn't have time to wonder why there were such convoluted ways to open doors and other locks before the monster would inevitably pop up again and chase him. He managed to find his friends throughout the manor, but Rikka wanted to hunker down and fight while Makoto wanted to hide. Haruto had a similar mind to Shiro, but wanted to explore different rooms because he wasn't as good with the strange puzzles as Shiro was.

    His heart dropped when he heard screaming, and when he made it to where Rikka was hiding, he found an Undead eating her and her Pokemon's corpses. It growled at him and started to lumber towards him and Kazuya before he slammed the door and ran away crying. He somehow attracted the a monster that had Rikka's hair, and he had to hide with a hand over his mouth to keep his sobs from alerting the monster to his location.

    When he found Makoto again, he couldn't keep from spilling out what had happened. He was so upset that the words kept tumbling out, and he felt almost crazy when he said it felt like Rikka had been the one chasing him the last time. He regretted this later on, and he regretted not taking down the randomly placed noose and stool when he found them. He thought they were strange, but he didn't know why they were there, and he didn't have a lot of time to worry about the strange decorations. He came back with the key to the next puzzle and found Makoto's still warm body hanging. After a few seconds, the rope snapped, and his body rose up again to chase him, face blue, neck snapped, and head at an awkward angle. Shiro tried apologizing as he ran away, but it took silence and hiding before he finally lost his former friend.

    When he ran into Haruto again, he begged him to stay around this time. Haruto tried to stay confident for Shiro's sake, but Shiro didn't believe it. Only a few rooms later, Haruto walked in first, and he triggered a trap that cut his head off. Shiro only saw a split second of it before the door slammed shut, and he banged on the door and screamed for it to open. This attracted both of his former friends and the monster, so he had to run again. This time, he didn't try to move at all from his hiding place in the closet. He was going to die. He wasn't even sure if it was possible to get out. It was only thanks to Kazuya that he finally moved.

    He was frustrated to solve a dumb puzzle on a lock, and not get a key. Instead, there was a universal communicator. While he still took it and put it on, this was not the key to the front door. It still helped that he was able to speak to Kazuya. The bird helped keep him calm.

    Then they ran into Haruto again. Shiro was so relieved that he completely disregarded that he had technically seen Haruto dead. He was trying so hard to deny the boy's death, and Haruto even spoke to him and didn't want to get seperated again. Kazuya was immediately on guard, and that saved Shiro when the bird attacked Haruto a few minutes later. Shiro had missed how Haruto had a large kitchen knife in his hands, and Kazuya had told him that Haruto looked ready to stab him. A few seconds into the attack, the redhead's head fell off far too easily, and Shiro once again had to see his friend decapitated.

    The house never felt bigger and more ominous than trying to search for keys, but it also never felt smaller to be on the run from four entities that wanted him dead. When he finally found a key marked "Exit," he was almost ready to cry. He did start crying when his dead friends proceeded to chase him out of the house and even through the yard. They stopped when he climbed over the fence and twisted his ankle landing on the other side. He, however, kept running in the rain until he was utterly incapable of moving and hid in a random shed far away from the manor grounds. He only fell asleep because his body and mind were far too tired to function, and Kazuya kept watch over the sleeping boy.

    It took several days before they tried moving again. Shiro was all but dead-eyed and didn't want to move, and Kazuya was only functioning enough to keep them safe. It took a scared Swablu finding them and hiding in the same building and a Gliscor deciding to bring them food that they decided to keep moving and surviving. Suga deserved someone to watch out for him, and Richter went through a lot of effort to help them out.

    And so Shiro continues to eek out a living as well as he can. He holds on to the mementos of his friends with an iron grip even if they aren't useful. He avoids big buildings if he can help it, and he hasn't had much luck with people either. As he's grown, he's started to bemoan the fact that he keeps getting taller. He misses being able to hide in small cupboards, and he hates that he can draw attention now thanks to his white hair and height.
    Accent Nothing noticeable
    Appearance -White Hair, kinda short but not very
    -White scarf (dirty as hell)
    -Purple eye color
    -On the taller side for a boy his age
    -Clothing is mismatched in sizes, with some things baggy as hell and other things borderline too small
    -Underweight as hell
    Religion Not really
    Personality -Quiet
    Not the loudest person in the room, and often lets others talk. He can get chatty if talking about something he likes, though.
    He is a very bright child, and had life not happened, he would have been much further along in his schooling. This also applies to outside of school situations. As can be seen in that he survived the mansion of horrors due to his logic and puzzle solving skills.
    -Prone to defaulting to adults/those who act like they know better
    -Nervous around people he doesn't know
    -Despite all this, he is more of a people person when allowed to be
    Especially to those in authority. He generally affords everyone the same level of polite respect unless something happens to change that.
    -Attaches to others way too easily
    -Prone to desperate acts if it means saving others
    If he has gotten attached to someone, he fears losing them above all else. He doesn't want to lose anymore.
    -Misses human contact
    He loves Kazuya and his other Pokemon, but he misses his friends. He misses that connection of talking about dumb things with people you care about. In a way, he even misses his family despite... everything.
    -Deeply traumatized
    Has not processed it at all nope. Watching one's friends brutally murdered or committing suicide does things to you.
    -Even though he wants love and affection, he withdraws if it looks like he has to fight for it.
    After constantly trying to pursue moving goal posts, he is very tired of constantly fighting to earn it.
    -Will put up with it if he has to, but gets depressed if he must
    He still wants it though
    -Can act like a know it all
    Thanks to being the smart kid, he thought he had to act like this.
    -He was always the smart kid before, so he kinda keeps acting the part
    It was all he had to pursue even if he had kind of wanted to participate in sports like Haruto and Rikka. Whether his parents liked him that day was dependent on his abilities in school, and they gave him no other options to be something else.
    -Used to being the voice of reason
    When emotions ran high, he was generally good at keeping his cool and staying logical.
    -Not a risk taker
    He generally prefers the safer road. He could be conned into risks by Haruto, but after his friends's deaths, he is very hesitant to take unnecessary risks. He doesn't want to hurt anyone else that travels with him.
    Even before the Epidemic made this worse, he was hesitant to truly up to other people in case they would just stomp on him like his siblings.
    Only in the right company. Or around someone he really doesn't like.
    Affiliations -Haruto- Headstrong Dead friend. Had a Monferno and a Ponyta. He died when something took his head off. His Pokemon suffered similar fates. In life, Haruto encouraged Shiro to bend the rules a little and to actually have fun. The redhead had a loose relationship with rules and didn't always want to listen to adults telling him what to do. Shiro often had to help temper his enthusiasm to go out and do the thing he wasn't supposed to do. Despite their differences, they got along well, and Haruto often lent Shiro his game systems and games. He was also extremely protective of his friends, and often fought off people who tried hurt Makoto.

    -Makoto- Timid Dead friend. Had a Piplup and a Bidoof. His Pokemon had gotten so sick that they died about a month before the events of the mansion. Makoto committed suicide when he despaired escaping since the others were already dead. He didn't know Shiro was still alive. In life, Makoto was always a sensitive boy, and would be the first to cry or jump in any given situation. This made him a target for those who smelled weakness, and it was thanks to an incident in which Haruto jumped in to save him that he met his friends. Shiro also developed a desire to protect Makoto because he understood what it felt like to be picked on for no reason, and even if he wouldn't get physical like Haruto, he would destroy their cruel words and jibes with scathing remarks.

    -Rikka- Relaxed dead friend. Had a Turtwig and a Cherubi. Died when a savage undead was unleashed on her and her Pokemon while they were hiding. Rikka was an extremely chill, go with the flow person who either helped Shiro calm situations down, or would egg things on because it was funny. She enjoyed enabling some of Haruto's ideas, but she would also be the first to go help Makoto calm down if he had gotten upset. She was also good at helping Shiro calm down after his latest incidents involving his siblings wrecking his school project, and would keep the information away from Haruto since they really didn't want a fight to start. If Shiro had to hide his projects outside of the house, she was the designated friend who would help out.

    -Jiro and Saburo. He... did not have a really good relationship with these siblings. They had advantages by virtue of being older, and they often lorded it over him. He spent as little time with them as possible. There are days he wonders if they're even alive, but he has... very little desire to look for them. Saburo was the main one who terrorized him, but Jiro definitely took his own potshots. They felt threatened that the youngest was so bright as his age, and they didn't want to get knocked down further on the totem pole of affection. So they would mess up his projects, destroy his homework, or otherwise make his academic life hell. There may have also been a few incidences where "accidents" happened and he would get hurt.

    -Ichiro- The age gap between them meant that nothing Shiro could do would ever allow him to match up to the oldest sibling. Ichiro had all the perks of being the golden child, and he didn't have to try very hard to keep the status. The middle siblings squabbled too much to actively catch up, and their efforts actively hurt Shiro's chances of ever matching up. Ichiro never actively tried to hurt Shiro, however, so sometimes Shiro wonders if things could have been different with him. Ichiro had been out on a college trip when the outbreak happened, so Shiro is unsure if his eldest sibling lives.
    User Notes -I didn't mention it in the history because he didn't know it, but the mansion owner had a Zorombra and multiple ghost types helping with the illusions and manipulating the bodies. Their bodies didn't actually rise up and chase him or anything, but he thought they did at the time. Over time, he has rationalized that it was probably something else going on, but he doesn't think on it for long.

    -Afraid of deep water due to nearly getting drowned.

    -Shiro and his brothers were intended to have names with the definitions of First Son (Ichiro), Second Son (Jiro), Third Son (Saburo), and Fourth Son (Shiro). Make of that what you will considering what you know of the parents.

    -Art Credit: Main Art commissioned from Czarcasm on Flight Rising.

    -I also used an image made from this trainer creator. The person who made it is joy-ling. According to the information on the page for the creator, they don't care if people use the images created as long as they aren't being sold. All I did was remove the background so that it could be used on EJ.

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