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    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon


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    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon Empty Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon

    Post by Duma Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:27 pm


    Krome Shiro
    Text Color 003366
    Theme(s) THEME
    Item Universal translator, black leather collar with a yin yang pendant on it, black rope bracelet, Vapor's pokeball on his belt, glasses, badge Case*, phone with a cracked screen*, headphones*, charger*, wallet*, sharpening stone*, his team's pokeballs*, glasses cleaning solution* and glasses cloth*
    * - In pants pockets
    Weapons Two daggers, a pair of gloves with metal claws built into them.
    Gender Identity Male [He/Him]
    Birthdate 25/08/1999
    Age 22
    Species Human
    Weight 113.67lbs | 51.56kg (Underweight)
    Height 5'10
    Region of origin Johto
    Occupation Trainer/Artist
    Party Despite being reunited with his vaporeon, Shiro still keeps her out of the pokeball, which stays on his belt at all times.
    Pkm 1
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon Sylveon__sprite__by_goldwolfspriter-d5xyae9
    Species- Sylveon "Sylv"
    Level- 61
    Ability- Cute Charm
    Attack list-
    -Moonblast (Level)
    -Psyshock (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Hidden Power [Bug] (TM)
    **Text color D66FC5
    Pkm 2
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon Lucario
    Species- Lucario "Aura"
    Level- 60
    Ability- Steadfast
    Attack list-
    -Aura Sphere (Level)
    -Hidden Power [Electric] (TM)
    -Heal Pulse (Level)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    **Text color AB9C90
    **Has a black belt tied around wrist
    Pkm 3
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon M0cM27l
    Species- Luxyara "Zapparel"
    Level- 62
    Ability- Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Sky Drop (Learned)
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    -Hyper Beam (TM)
    -Crunch (Pre-Evolution)
    **Text color 367487
    **Has a Silk Scarf tied around neck
    Pkm 4
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon Zoroark_Sprite_by_Quanyails
    Species- Zoroark
    Level- 59
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Foul Play (Level)
    -Night Slash (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    **Text color 561010
    **Has a pair of Black Glasses hidden in their mane
    Pkm 5
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon Flygon
    Species- Flygon "Istaria"
    Level- 63
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Fly (HM)
    -Earthquake (Pre-Evolution)
    -Crunch (Pre-Evolution)
    -Steel Wing (TM)
    **Text color 3DB439
    **Has a necklace with a pendant filled with Soft Sand
    Pkm 6
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon A9BcHD0
    Species- Vaporeon "Aysu"
    Level- 70
    Ability- Water Absorb
    Attack list-
    -Dig (TM)
    -Surf (HM)
    -Hydro Pump (Level)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    **Text color 6FD6D6
    **Has a Mystic Water on a waterproof leather necklace
    Quote "Who's been drawing dicks?!"
    "And then I killed Dazey. Fuckin asshole had it coming"
    Accent Heavy Australian Accent
    Appearance Shiro stands at about 5'8", with semi-fair skin that has been tanned by the sun. Freckles dot his arms, face and shoulders, with the most densely freckled parts on his shoulders. His eyes are a sprectrum of colors, constantly changing, but the most common colors are blue, green, gold and a dark almost red brown color. His hair is almost pure white, abd is half shaved, with the rest of it long, almost waist length and swept all to the left side of his head. On his right hand he has a thin black rope bracelet tied loosely around his wrist. He has simple black framed glasses that are almost coffin like in shape. Shiro also wears a leather dog collar with a ying yang pendant on it. He wears a tight compression top with a high neck on it, baggy techwear pants with plenty of pockets for all his gear and knee-high black boots.

    On his upper arms and just above his ankles are various scars from both self-harm and fights. His most noticeable scar is the long scar that travels up his forearm to his elbow which he got in a fight with an angry mightyena before the Epidemic.
    Religion Apathiest
    Affiliations Dazey: His best friend and longest known trainer. Shiro has spent years with Dazey and considers her closer to him than anyone else. He's still trying to find her and hopes she's alive.
    User Notes -Shiro uses the electricity from Aura's Hidden Power to charge the phone
    -Shiro is highly allergic to Penicillin

    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon HT2LABc
    Krome Shiro the Human and Aysu the Vaporeon GOhGV2E

    Aysu ["Moon Water" - Pronounced: Aye - Sue]
    Theme THEME
    Profession Veteran Fighter
    Text Color 6FD6D6
    Item Mystic Water on a waterproof leather necklace
    Gender Identity Female [She/Her]
    Age Aging Adult
    Species #134 - Vaporeon; The Bubble Jet Pokemon[Water Type]
    Height 4'6
    Weight 59.9lbs [Slightly Lighter]
    Pokédex Entry Its cell structure is similar to water molecules. It will melt away and become invisible in water. - Yellow
    Level 70
    Ability Water Absorb: Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move, instead of taking damage.
    Nature Lonely (+Attack, -Defense)
    Characteristic A little quick tempered (Attack IVs)
    Moves - Hydro Pump[Level Up]
    - Ice Beam[TM]
    - Dig[TM]
    - Surf[HM]
    Quote QUOTEYO
    History Vapor was born in Castelia City, in the little park they had. She lived with her parents, amongst a clan of Eevee and Skitty. She never really fit in, always away from the group, but also desperate for attention. She occasionally went into the city itself, but only at night when her clan was asleep. She learnt a lot about the city, and she knew the places to hide and where to get a good feed. This was the only life she knew really.

    She was level 18 when she met the trainer who would change her life. She was a trainer from Aspertia City, and already had two Gym badges. She had a very interesting team, and she was searching for an Eevee, ignoring all others that popped out. Vapor was caught with no trouble, she wanted to see the world and she knew this trainer would show her around.

    Vapor learned that her trainer was called Shiro, and she had many interesting Pokemon. A Servine, A Flaaffy, A Riolu, A Purrloin and then her. After getting the two of them, Shiro trained all his pokemon two levels, before looking around for something. Vapor didn't quite get what she was looking for until she found a blue stone of some sort. "Vapor, this is a Water Stone! With this, you can evolve!" Vapor then understood. She could evolve!

    The evolution was very interesting. The water stone melted into her, and her fur turned into bright blue scales, a large frill grew around her neck and three fins came from her head. Her tail elongated and the tip split into a finned tail. Her eyes became a dark violet, with the pupils becoming a light lavender color.

    She looked beautiful. She loved her new look and she knew that she'd have raised defense as a Vaporeon. She was a good strategist and she knew how to use the moves she had to tip the tides of battle, even if they were hopelessly losing. In one battle, as a reward for beating their opponent Shiro gave Vapor a Mystic Water on a waterproof leather necklace, with a small silver brace to hold the Mystic Water in place.

    As they went through route 4, Shiro found the TM Dig and taught it to Vapor, knowing that she didn't learn very many good moves as a Vaporeon. It really helped when they went through Nimbasa city, as it allowed him to sweep through the gym with just Vapor.

    When they got to Driftveil city, Shiro got given a Zorua as a gift. She kept it with no name, and the dark type became a major part of their team, it's speed stat was able to floor nearly every other pokemon they faced. Vapor grew close to Zorua, and the two became great friends. They battled side by side, and they levelled together.

    They continued on after going through Driftveil, with Shiro grabbing a new HM, Surf. With vapor as the only water type, she learnt the move, and they managed to get to Chargestone cave pretty quickly. She was a natural swimmer as a vaporeon, and very fast as a result.

    Shiro and his team went through Chargestone, and added a Tynamo to their team, and they entered Mistralton City to challenge Skyra. With the added bonus of the electric type on the team, they got through quickly, and Vapor managed to level some more, learning Aurora Beam.

    Taking the plane to Lentimas town, Vapor was thrilled. She'd never been in the sky before, and it was a very beautiful trip. No wonder Flying types were envied by many. When they landed, she was somewhat disappointed by the dusty town, and it made her sneeze. Getting through quickly, they caught a Skarmory in reversal mountain, and arrived at Undella Town. Going through the small town with not much interest they went through Route 13, adding an Absol tot he team.

    Shiro knew where they were heading, but she stopped off at the Giant Chasm to grab the TM Ice Beam. She taught this to Vapor as well, who thought the amount of TMs and HMs she was taught was ridiculous.

    They went through to Opelucid City, and Vapor then understood Shiro teaching her Ice Beam. The gym was a dragon type gym, and with the ice type move, both her and the Absol on the team helped them get through the gym.

    They had all the badges, and they went straight to challenge the champion, but their journey was stopped short when they got horrible news. The Epidemic.

    Shiro was baffled. An Epidemic of dead pokemon? Impossible! However, when ordered to release all his pokemon, Shiro was disheartened, but she had to. Saying good bye, she let all the pokemon out of their pokeballs. She even went as far to release all the pokemon in his PC boxes.

    Vapor watched as Shiro said goodbye to each pokemon, making sure to evolve the ones who needed to evolve with stones, so they had the best chance they had. Vapor watched as Shiro stood up after saying goodbye to all of them, before sadly walking away.

    Vapor was turning to leave, when the infected attacked. Her and the rest of the others retaliated, forming a circle around Shiro, who gave everyone helpful tips. Vapor knew that the fight was already lost, but she fought anyway.

    There were too many, and even the poison types fell to pure slaughter. One by one the strongest fell, till it was only Vapor and the weaker pokemon, still unsure about their new forms. Shiro told everyone to run, and so they obeyed, Vapor staying by her trainers side as they ran.

    They got away from the infected, but while they were running, Vapor was separated from Shiro. Distraught at losing sight of her trainer, Vapor was unsure of what to do, but a cry from above made up her mind.

    Vapor ran, never looking back and hoping to one day meet back up with her trainer, though with things now, she doubts it will ever happen. Along her travels she abandoned the name Vapor and took on the name Aysu, as the memories of her old name were too painful for her.

    -Remeeting Shiro here i guess. Also edit for the backstory to match with Shiro
    Bulbapedia "Vaporeon is a Pokémon that shares physical traits with both aquatic and land animals. Vaporeon's body is light blue with a dark blue marking around its head and a spiky ridge down its spine. It has black eyes and a tiny black nose. There a white fin encircling its neck and three fins with cream-colored webbing on its head. One of these fins is on each side of its head similar to ears and one is directly on top of its head similar in appearance to a dorsal fin. Vaporeon is a quadruped with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet. Its split tail fin has been mistaken for a mermaid's in the past, which may be the cause for mermaid folklore. It can detect moisture with its fins, which vibrate when rain will fall soon."
    Appearance Aysu is a very experienced battler and this shows in her well muscled frame. She has a champion's air about her, but she doesn't let it show very often. She often stands tall but cautious, with her dark purple eyes ever watching. He has a Mystic Water necklace that sits over her frill but under her ear fins, and the teardrop vial is held in with a silver brace that's attached to the necklace. Aysu's fins are lightly torn in places and she has a few scars over her body, but nothing that really stands out.
    Accent Soft spoken, her voice has a slight rasp to it.
    Religion Suicune
    Motivation Protect her trainer
    Personality |Level-Headed|Experienced|Watchful|Cautious|Strategist|
    Pros: Aysu is very powerful from her times as being a trainer's Pokemon and throughout her travels she's grown to get a slight understanding of human text, but not very much - she instead has found it easier to pick certain letters and guess the word from that. She is a very good strategist and is more than likely to stand back and watch her opponent, before making a move if she has to.

    Aysu is very level headed and doesn't really let her emotions cloud her judgement of her foe, even if any others around her are screaming for their blood. She is very tolerant of bullshit from having to train lower level Pokemon in her trainer's team, but even she has a breaking threshold. She also has a very high pain tolerance from the years of battling, though if she says that something hurts, it fucking well hurts.

    Cons: One of Aysu's most major faults is her tendency to just sit back and watch. She doesn't step into battle unless the favors are with whoever is winning instead of her side. Very much and observer Aysu knows how to fight and fight well, but she'll just sit back and watch as her team is slaughtered around her, and then she'll step in and do something about it.

    Neutral: SHIT HERE
    User Notes -High level is from being a trainers pokemon and being trained up to be a champion.
    -Based on my Vaporeon from White 2
    Team notes idk teamnotes here
    Affiliations Krome Shiro - Her trainer and best friend. Aysu was separated from Shiro for a long time, and only recently found him again. In that time she had changed her name and had spent a while away from humans, however she still has a very strong bond with Shiro and will protect him with her life.
    Development Notes Maybe there'll be some angst in there, it builds character.

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