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    Nightwing the Noivern


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    Nightwing the Noivern Empty Nightwing the Noivern

    Post by ShadowCharizard Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:00 pm

    Nightwing the Noivern 480px-715Noivern



    "I won't back down from what I decide. As long as my friend still lives then I will help him survive no matter what the cost. Those damned undead will soon know the might of the Night!"


    Leppa Berry

    Cisgender Male

    Bite (level up)
    Wing attack (level up)
    Air cutter (level up)
    Air slash (level up)



    Pokedex No.
    #715 Noivern the Sound wave pokemon

    Pokedex Entry
    They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark. X

    A fighter and a father, Nightwing doesn't back down from his decisions and protects his friends and family.


    As he was born into the world, Nightwing never really had a name. Mainly he just another Noibat to a larger nest. However, he was born royalty as a prince of the nest. A few years go by and every day was wing exercises and food gathering. It bored the young Noibat and each time he flew away from the colony to do his own thing, he was confronted by his parents. Nightwing had made excuses that he wanted to become a fighter and king of the nest. His parents however disappointed him by telling him he's not next in line. Weeks go by and he's stuck with the same routine everyday with gathering food and wing exercises. It didn't help that his parents was watching him the whole time. They had made sure he didn't fly off somewhere to hide from the rest of the colony. Winter settled in and with snow on the ground, the Noibat wanted to go play for a bit before going back to sleep. His brother however had told him that if they found out if he went outside the cave during winter that he would be in big trouble. His brother cared for him more than any of the other Noibats and Noiverns.

    Entering his teen years Nightwing and his brother begged their parents to learn how to fight. His father was uneasy about it since only those who are next in line was to receive the knowledge of fighting. His mother however had persuaded the father to let him go with his brother. The Noivern sighed and let Nightwing and his brother learn the knowledge of battling. This however led Nightwing to be picked on and bullied by the other Noibats. His brother was the only one who defended him. Eventually the day came that his brother turned his back on him and created a rift between the two princes. Nightwing tried to talk to his brother, but all he got was go away. He felt heartbroken by his only brother and tried to tell his parents that his brother was mad at him. They however, thought that Nightwing was just upset about how he was picked on. Eventually, the Noibat felt that it was no use being somewhere he wasn't meant to be. Nightwing stayed in the cave and missed out on learning. His brother came back and it got to the point where he pushed Nightwing over the edge. Without a word coming from the dragon type he waited till everyone was asleep. After that he snuck out and flew away never to return to his home.

    He came to the coastal area of Kalos looking out towards the sea as he slept for the time. The next day he flew out to sea without caring about his own safety anymore. Nightwing was sad and no longer felt welcome at his home cave. The Noibat got to far out to sea that he couldn't see Kalos anymore. He didn't turn around nor did he turn a different direction. The dragon type was going to keep going straight, but he blindly headed right into a storm. The wind was so strong that he couldn't go anywhere. It was a hurricane and as much as the noibat struggled, it was becoming impossible for him to get any further. It finally let up, but the noibat was to tired to fly and suddenly he fell out of the sky and into the water. Things looked like it was the end for him until a Lapras had saved him and taken him to a land not touched by humans. Nightwing came to and realized he wasn't dead. The Lapras gave him a leppa berry to eat after the long journey he had. Without a thought, the noibat ate the berry and thanked the lapras for the berry to eat.

    As he grew into an adult, he looked out to sea from the land he arrived in five years past. Never did he want to go back to Kalos nor did he want to think of his family after what happened. If anything he'll raise his own family and treat them more better than he's been since childhood. A year later he met a female Noibat who was a local and later became mates. After they lived together for two more years they both became Noiverns and eventually made a nest to live in. A few months passed and a strange purple charizard had arrived on the land. This sparked something in the Noivern to do battle with this stranger. One night he confronted the charizard and battled it. The fight was on Nightwing's side for a while until the Charizard had taken advantage of the darkness. This ended in Nightwing being defeated. The charizard however came up to him and instead of continuing the battle he offered friendship instead. The Noivern was unsure of what this was, but eventually it started to build a trust and friendship between the two. Then one day the Charizard revealed his name. Shadow was a skilled fighter and as tough as they come. After that, they been friends for two years. The day came that the charizard had to leave back to his home land. Nightwing and his mate came with a newborn Noibat to see Shadow off. The charizard was given a berry to eat on his way back to Orre and Nightwing promised that he'll visit him someday.

    The time of the epidemic had begun and yet the land wasn't contaminated from the plague that has gripped the other regions. Being close to Alola was more of a blessing. It was peaceful and calm. Nobody on the land had left and the only ones that comes and goes is a lone Lapras. This made Nightwing wonder where it goes anyways. Either way it wasn't his concern as no real action happens other than other wild pokemon fighting each other for dominance. Something didn't feel right though. The Noivern focused his hearing on a ship passing by the secluded island and by the sound of their voices they was talking about the epidemic. Orre was mentioned in it and Kalos was also mentioned. Though Nightwing wished not to hear about Kalos, Orre on the other hand he couldn't sit back and wait anymore. He told his mate that he was leaving to find and bring back Shadow from his home land to live on the island with them. He plucked a leppa berry from the bush near the edge of the beach. After that he flew off towards Orre. Though he didn't know which direction it was, he picked a random direction and continued on. Eventually he arrived at Orre a few days later. His hunt for his friend began.

    User notes
    -A prince and the youngest of the two brothers
    -Ran away from home and doesn't want to hear about Kalos
    -Shadow's friend
    -A father to a Noibat.
    -Parents are both Noiverns

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