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    McChu the Bastard Raichu and Dmitri the Pissy Noivern [Sky||WIP]


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    McChu the Bastard Raichu and Dmitri the Pissy Noivern [Sky||WIP] Empty McChu the Bastard Raichu and Dmitri the Pissy Noivern [Sky||WIP]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:52 am

    McChu the Bastard Raichu and Dmitri the Pissy Noivern [Sky||WIP] IMAGE

    McChu and Dmitri
    Hex Color McChu (#FFFF00)
    Dmitri (#9e769b)
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Status Healthy
    Species #026/ Raichu/ Mouse Pokemon
    #715/ Noivern, the Sound Wave Pokemon
    Height 2'5"
    Weight 75.8 lbs
    257.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry If it stores too much electricity, its behavior turns aggressive. To avoid this, it occasionally discharges excess energy and calms itself down.
    The ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears can reduce a large boulder to pebbles. It swoops out of the dark to attack.
    Level 53
    Ability Static
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic Likes to fight
    Strong Willed
    -Thunderbolt [TM]
    -Rain Dance [TM]
    -Brick Break [TM]
    -Thunder [TM]

    -Boomburst [Learned]
    -Air Cutter [Learned]
    -Dark Pulse [TM]

    History McChu, it may be hard to believe, came from humble beginnings. A mere pikachu nestled in the safety of Viridian Forest, he was captured in his childhood by a novice trainer, named Sillez. At first, he wasn't keen on the whole "being owned by a human and fighting for them" deal, but he soon learned that there was a reason some pokemon adored this lifestyle. As a naturally aggressive, sadistic pokemon, the fact that he could attack another pokemon so hard they pass out was not only legal but encouraged, well... That was his calling, right there.

    Despite his normally lazy attitude, McChu adjusted to training fairly easily. More than happy to rob other pokemon of their conscioussness for money and food, he excelled and soon became one of Sillez's top battlers. As a gift, he was granted evolution, and since then, he was established as the biggest, baddest thing in town.

    Of course, not all of his teammates accepted his zeal for the fight, the main advocate being Sillez's actual team anchor, Torrent the Dragonite. Torrent had always been a wet blanket, punishing McChu when he took things too far or stole from vendors and shopkeeps. Jealousy for the dragon not only settled in the rat, but it created a thirst for vengeance. The bastard was Sil's favorite, and usually kept him out whenever they were walking around. The stoic dragon was her trump card, and that title always got special treatment. So, McChu always took an opportunity to screw him over whenever possible.

    That opportunity came in the form of the Epidemic, the twilight hours of the world closing in on them. After a tournament, Sillez quickly fell ill with a terrible disease, making travel impossible. In her dying days, she flew on the dragon back to Johto, to see the region she'd loved once more before death. It was then McChu made his move.

    He hadn't meant it to go as far as it did. He hadn't meant anyone to die. Nevertheless, it was his fault the infected, rabid pokemon found them. He'd lured them in with spare food and meat, hearing rumors of dangeroud pokemon out in the wilds. He'd laid a trail to their quaint home in Lavender, straight to Torrent's mate and child. He thought his mate would have been strong enough to fend them off on her own, that the other teammates wouldn't have been overwhelmed... that there wouldn't have been so many Infected...

    He was wrong.

    They came in the dead of night, smashing mercilessly through walls and windows, jaws agape to sink their teeth into flesh. Torrent's mate died quickly, her voice screaming in pain and terror until it quickly cut off into a sick gurgle. The child was nowhere to be found, but the others were taken as well. McChu ran instead of helped, fleeing the scene as quickly as he could, away from his prank gone wrong. He ran so far, so fast, he was soon in Orre, in a despicable desert in an abandoned building with a bunch of assholes.

    He didn't stay long. Following the tail of what he thought was a beautiful woman, he found himself in Hoenn, Fortree city to be more specific. There, he teamed up with the locals and is following out of mere amusement, happy to at least have some company that didn't completely blow chunks.


    Appearance McChu is a very stout, pudgy specimen of his species, a tad shorter and much wider than the common rabble. This bulk is misleading, however, since underneath all that fat is in fact muscle. His tail is slightly longer than normal, though, as well as his ears.


    Noivern is a large bat-like Pokemon with enormous ears suited for precise hearing. It has a mane of white fur sprouting around its neck and upper back. Noivern has two black wings lined with a dusky purple and has maroon grasping claws. A teal membrane fans between its ribcage and wings. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its lower jaw. Noivern is extremely combative toward anything that wanders too close to it. It flies through even the darkest nights using ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears. It loves eating fruit, which helps to keep it calm.

    Dmitri is much larger than his kin, towering over them by over a foot. He is thus heavier. Upon close inspection, he bears some scars, but most are nearly impossible to see from a distance.
    Personality Sleazy| Stubborn| Selfish| Manipulative| Perverted| Masoginistic| Sexist| Haughty| Sadistic| Vengeful| Spiteful| Greedy| Gluttonous| Flippant| Lazy

    • Quiet-- likes to listen instead of speak. This is not the case, however, with McChu, since he hates listening to him.
    • Observer-- enjoys watching and analyzing those around him.
    • Open-minded, but not curious-- He is open to suggestion, to be swayed or to learn to perspectives. He will not seek this enlightenment out, however; such things must be presented to him.
    • Ruthless-- Unless it brings him unnecessary harm, he is willing to do anything to accomplish his goals.
    • Resolute-- Does not generally falter or be indecisive. Once a decision is made, he generally follows through. Doesn't particularly procrastinate.
    • Tends to lack outward emotion-- Rather than be broody, Cain is unnervingly hollow of any sort of emotional cues, other than perhaps irritation.
    • Suspicious-- not in any way gullible or naïve. Tends to not take anything at face value; words are useless and deceiving.
    • Callous-- since emotion tends to escape him, he comes off as very cold and indifferent. Functions on logic rather than feelings.
    • Outsider-- tends to forget he is or actively refrain from being a part of a group. Very independent.
    • Condescending-- Because he has taken care of himself for most of his life, those he perceives as weaker or reliant on others are, for lack of better terms, lesser beings. This pride is not usually displayed loudly, however; it will reveal itself in more subtle ways, like an off comment or a disgusted glance.

    User Notes
    -Original Profile is here
    -Had to add Age, Personality and Appearance, as he was approved before they were required fields.
    -Augmented Level and rewrote History to accomodate rping experience and make it sound better lol
    -Based on my original Raichu from my Red game, hence all the TM's. (Raichu had no good natural moves back in the day |D)

    Reworking of a character of the same name and personality-- this umbreon. Will start post count over.


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