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Riley the Wanderer


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Riley the Wanderer Empty Riley the Wanderer

Post by Phoenix Fri May 19, 2017 9:46 am

Riley the Wanderer OavNjpo
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Riley Steele
“The Wanderer”
Text Color 068481
Theme(s) No Roots – Alice Merton
Items A large hiking sack carrying a tent and stakes, waterproof ground cloth, sleeping bag, paracord and carabiners, cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon, mesh bag, first aid kit, sewing kit (repair kit), frying pan, small pot, metal spikes, flint, small hand shovel, collection of old grocery bags, TMs, berries he has scavenged and occasionally plants, two bottles of water, canned goods, jerky he dries himself, any bottle of spice or herbs he can find, and a few days’ worth of military rations.
Weapons Himself, bo staff, large serrated knife for emergencies
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/Him/His
Birthdate October 6th
Age 30
Species Human
Weight 142.7 lbs
Height 6’1”
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation Traveling Trainer, Aura Specialist, Attack Stat Mentor, Businessman, Lucario Breeder
Party Much to Riley’s heartbreak all of his team, minus his prize Lucario, suffered terrible fates across the length of the Epidemic. He is now left with only Varin as his companion.
Pkm 1
Riley the Wanderer Spr_4p_448
Varin - Male
Text colour- 4F94CD
Species- 448/Lucario/Aura Pokemon
Level- 70
Ability- Steadfast
Attack list-
- Close Combat (LVL)
- Blaze Kick (EGG)
- Aura Sphere (LVL)
- Work Up (LVL)
**Varin is the stud Lucario from which all of Riley’s Riolu eggs have been sired. The females that were bred with him all likely have perished by now.
Quote "I sense your strong aura."
“He was wrong. The fall of the world wasn’t with a whimper, it was with a scream.”
Riley doesn’t remember much before he was a Steele. He remembers there was a cave, a small Riolu, his name, and then…nothing before that. In fact the most vivid memory is the day Byron found him in that cave, filthy and weak from malnutrition and terrified of being taken out of the safety of the cave into the sea of auras that made up the world. Of course, at the time, he had no idea that’s what they were.

He was estimated by several doctors Byron took him to that he would be about eight years old when he was found, and with no memory of how he got there or even who he was beyond his first name no one was able to find wherever he came from. With little else to go on and not wanting to leave Riley alone in the world Byron took him in and cared for him as genuinely as he did his own biological child, an act that Riley has been forever grateful for. It took time for him to recover and to learn how to control the overwhelming ability that had kept him hiding away in that cave for who knew how long but eventually he did with the help of his guardian Riolu. It was over a year before he was healthy enough, physically and mentally, to actually start socializing like a normal kid.

The Riolu he had been found with had kept at his side the entire time and when Riley heard about these “journeys” youths his age normally went out on Riley begged Byron to let him go. There was so much he wanted to see and learn since there were no previous memories for him to build on regarding the world that he simply had to go out and see it for himself. Byron insisted he waited until he was the appropriate age, which on average was ten, before setting foot outside of their town alone so for the next year he worked hard on training with his Riolu to make sure he was ready for what the world held in store. Once he was allowed to set foot outside the comfortable home Byron had made for him Riley was hooked.

Though he cherished the love and support his new family provided Riley found himself more comfortable sleeping in a tent out in the wild than in his own bed at home. He would spend days exploring everything he could reach by conventional means, whether that meant by human convenience or by Pokémon, and soon after setting out on his journey completely forgot about it all together. Somewhere along the way Riley had gotten distracted with a lovely cave system he refused to leave before exploring every inch and by the time he remembered what he was actually supposed to be doing there was already a new Champion in the region. But Riley had found something much more important in his mind-


Years passed this way with Riley coming home every so often to visit and dote on his swiftly growing little brother, the gaps in time making Roark’s development seem far more rapid than it would if he visited more often.  But despite the time apart Riley adored little Rory and took every chance he could to spoil the boy despite their Father’s preference that Roark be treated like an adult. Riley was missing his own childhood and wasn’t there for all of Roark’s so by god he was going to be childish with him whenever he was around. He even went on the beginning part of his little brother’s journey with him so he wouldn’t be so nervous starting out. But, as all things must, things began to change.

Riley’s explorations began taking him to different regions and different landscapes forcing his time away from home to grow more and more lengthy. He had found a new passion for discovering trainers with particular potential and gifting them with his special breed of Riolu, entrusting these trainers with eggs all sired from the Lucario who had been at his side as long as he could remember. He wanted them to be the first thing those Riolu knew, wanted that imprinted bond to be as strong as his own bond with Varin, and to see what grew from that bond. To date he had yet to be disappointed with anyone he had given that chance to and on his next trip home planned to give one of these gifts to his little brother. Sadly he did not get the chance as his next trip home became one of his last.

His time away from home had become somewhat of a strain on his relationship with his family and one he did not see even well after it was too late. The only inkling he really received was when two days into his visit his father asked him to take over the Oreburgh Gym, a position Riley knew Roark had been training for quite some time for. Shocked, and a little upset, he declined Byron’s offer rapidly. He already had ties to his homeland still by his ownership of Iron Island, even though others ran it for him, and that running a Gym would keep him too anchored. Riley knew he was a nomad, Byron and Roark meant the world to him but he knew he would never be happy planting himself in one place even if it gave him more time with his family. He suggested Byron offer the position to Roark instead and was glad when his father conceded.

Unfortunately, Roark did not seem to take the news well. For reasons Riley couldn’t understand tension between his younger brother and him seemed to have bloomed and in Roark’s case it had caught fire. With his brother’s aura so volatile Riley was unable to find comfort in being home and was unable to give the chosen Riolu egg to his sibling, instead choosing to leave early and continue on his next destination to give his brother time to cool down. A long while passed before he thought of returning home again but each time he started to found reasons to keep away. Riley never came home again before the unthinkable happened and the entire world began falling apart. Undead began walking the earth and destroyed everything they touched.

Fearful for the only family he had ever known Riley pushed as hard as he could to get back to Sinnoh and to his home, finding only death and destruction everywhere he went and losing nearly all of his team to get there. Finally making it back Riley was left with only more sorrow as he found the makeshift grave of his father planted into the ground, the place that once held such comfort for him had become a place of hollow pain. With only Varin left of his team and no sign of his brother anywhere other than a hastily scrawled note Riley set forth once more to find his little Rory and do whatever it took to never leave him again.
Accent Mid-west American
Appearance Riley is a tall, traditionally well-manicured man with impeccable style. Even in the Epidemic he has managed to find a low maintenance way to preserve most of his appearance save for a few stains and dirt smudges on his suit. His trademark hat is the least damaged on his body and his favorite item in the world enjoying the air of mystery it brings him as it covers his deep blue eyes from questioning gazes. His dark hair is a bit longer than he normally prefers it but has since shrugged off trimming due to not feeling the need, the strands still soft and willing under his daily brushing. He has lost a bit of weight thanks to constantly running and traveling across regions to find his brother but still retains a rather well cut frame underneath all those layers.
Religion His greatest belief is of balance and so does not worship any one legend higher than the others. Would technically consider himself an Arceist but if honest with himself finds a preference towards the unity of the affectionately called Weather Trio and the balance they create together. Even so far as wearing adornments of their markings.
Personality Normally peaceful and easygoing Riley sees himself as nobody special. Easily able to maintain inner stability and peace of mind he goes through life with a sense of inner peace and the environment of the Epidemic does nothing to really harm that. He simply accepts it as a universal change and adapted with it rather than trying to fight it. He tries to avoid conflict if possible and spends his time avoiding the undead and their herds rather than trying to take them on. He is attracted to nature and the environment and spent almost all of his adult life exploring and experiencing the wonders it had to offer.

Riley is very trusting, receptive, empathic, accepting, and forgiving even in the face of those who have wronged him. He is incredibly patient and has a quiet strength that lets him see or relate to other points of view because he is not attached to any particular one. As a result this can make him a good mediator, negotiator, and counsellor if the need arises.

At his best Riley is humble, honest, optimistic, and uncomplicated. He long ago let go of the belief that he was unimportant and unwanted despite being either abandoned or forgotten (he has no memory before being found so is not sure why such a fate fell to him) as a child leaving Byron to adopt him. He instead focuses on inner awareness; of his vitality, his energy, his emotions, and those of others. Assertive, and open to change he can connect with others and himself in a way that seems almost eerie at times. Fully empowered and independent. When he is in union with himself he is truly at peace.

At his worst Riley can be overprotective and over-caring. Sometimes leaving him blind in cases like his brother’s, too focused on the need to help rather than the way his actions appeared. Age and experience have helped greatly diminish this problem, however, but he spent so long away from home he never really did pick up on the strain he caused on the bond between himself and his younger brother or the tension between his father and brother at the root of it. Should he find Roark he would do everything in his power to repair any damage to their relationship once he understands. His entire drive at current is finding the last of his family and nothing, not even herds of undead, will stop him from doing so.
Affiliations -Roark ----Little brother. Determined to find him after discovering their father had passed, cares a great deal for him. Keeps the note he found close to his heart inside his coat pocket. Nicknamed him “Rory” as a term of affection.
-Byron -----Adopted father. Deceased. Kind man who took him in after finding him, loved him as much as any biological parent would. Didn’t see the harsh ‘grow up to be a man’ way he was raising Roark due to being away from home a lot of the time. Believes Byron was a good father.
-Steven -----Friend encountered during his travels through Hoenn. Often kept in touch and would visit him whenever traveling in that region, enjoyed challenging him whenever possible.
-Silver -----A mysterious young man he met while traveling in Johto whose first impression struck Riley so greatly he has been unable to forget him. He had wanted to visit Johto again to see Silver and give him one of Varin’s offspring before the undead made that visit impossible. Often found thinking about the lost potential friendship and wishing he had kept his promise to come back.
User Notes -Traveled so often and for so long many of his survival gear items are things he has owned for years and knows how to use well
-Loves to cook and can usually make scavenged food taste good
-One of his Pokemon, a Golisopod he acquired during a trip to Alola, is very much alive but this knowledge is unknown to him as he was lost during a cave-in he believes killed the Pokemon. He may yet find him again if the fates are kind.

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