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Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto))


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Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto)) Empty Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto))

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Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto)) ERmkwA4

Akamu and Kaleo
Theme An Innocent Warrior - Moana Soundtrack
Text Color C73F17
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He/Him/His
Age Adolescent
Species 744/Rockruff/Puppy Pokémon
749/Mudbray/Donkey Pokémon
Height 1'08"
Weight 20.3 lbs.
242.5 lbs.
Pokédex Entry It's considered to be a good Pokémon for beginners because of its friendliness, but its disposition grows rougher as it grows up. – Pkmn Sun
The mud stuck to Mudbray's hooves enhances its grip and its powerful running gait. - Pkmn Sun
Level 20
Ability Keen Eye: Keen eyes prevent other Pokémon from lowering this Pokémon's accuracy.
Stamina: Boosts the Defense stat when hit by an attack.
Nature Brave (+Attack,-Speed)
Bashful (+/-)
Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (Sp. Def.)
Good endurance (Defense)
Moves Akamu:
-Protect (TM)
-Bite (LVL)
-Rock Throw (LVL)
-Sand Attack (LVL)

-Bulldoze (LVL)
-Bide (LVL)
-Mud Sport (LVL)
-Sandstorm (TM)
Quote ”Home is wherever we are. Together. I’ll never leave you.”
“I don’t like the quiet anymore Akee, the quiet is when the bad things happen.”
That’s what life used to be anyway for Akamu and Kaleo.

Growing up in Paniola Town was quiet, easy, everyone did their fair share of work around the ranch and most days everyone got along. It was a real family community. Akamu was a working dog helping his trainer Jesse herd along with a few of the local Herdier. He wasn’t native to the town itself like the other canines but they welcomed him all the same after his trainer had abandoned him, leaving the poor pup confused and alone at the Pokémon center.

He came to be in Jesse’s care after meeting one of the human’s other Pokémon, a sweet yet incredibly shy Mudbray named Kaleo. As strong and durable as Kaleo was the boy was a gentle heart and preferred to use his strength in the fields of the Ranch rather than in battle which Akamu found fascinating. He followed the small donkey around for days and they became fast friends once Kaleo started to open up. Once the two proved to be nearly inseparable Jesse offered to take the Rockruff in and make him part of the family.

Years passed and the friendship between Akamu and Kaleo grew stronger, the more rough and brash pup helping the tender donkey to open up more and gain confidence both in and out of battle while Kaleo helped calm Akamu in turn. Both adored Jesse and were happy to go to work with him every day and offer the occasional battle to another resident of the town or to a passing trainer. It was a good life and neither boy would have had it any other way.

Unfortunately the livestock gene pool had been getting a little too close together and since only Ditto could be used to breed them that meant they were too many siblings sharing the same parent which made breeding them to the Miltanks in the herd risky after a while. Jesse and his father offered to head to Kanto to get some fresh blood for the herd and at first the boys were excited to go with them. They spent a week traveling through the new region and collecting more breeding stock when alerts started to spread across the cities. Alerts of sick Pokémon infecting others and causing them to go rabid and violent.

Worried Jesse’s father decided to cut their visit short and all of them began to head back to Vermillion City to catch a ship home but on the way they were ambushed by several of the sick-looking Pokémon. By the time they realized this Pokémon were more dangerous than anyone had warned two of Jesse’s father’s team were dead and the others mortally wounded. He pushed Jesse back and told him to run, dropping the boy on his Mudsdale and forcing them to flee as the attackers made one last charge.

The Mudsdale that had saved them succumb to his wounds not long after getting them to safety and they buried him in the backyard of the small house they were sheltered in. They hid for days after that, not risking venturing out any further than to find food until they noticed on one return trip the ground had been disturbed at the gravesite and their friend’s body was gone. Jesse went outside to investigate and Akamu heard a strange garbled huff come from just beyond the treeline barking a warning in time for Jesse to rush out of the way of the Mudsdale’s assault.

Never in their lives had they seen anything so horrifying. His wounds were still sticky and open, his body reeking of decay, but there he was standing before them taking deep, strangled breaths and eyes glowing red as he stared them down. Kaleo tucked his head under his trainer at Akamu’s insistence and propped the younger human on his back before the three took off. The Mudsdale chased them for hours before they finally felt they had gotten away but now everywhere they looked more monsters popped up everywhere. The world had become a walking nightmare.

Nearly four years passed with the three boys wandering alone in the unfamiliar region. Jesse was forced to grow up fast in the wake of his father’s loss and the constant struggle to survive but Kaleo had a way of helping keep him anchored, to not let him slip into the coldness that threatened to surround his heart. This was life now, all simplicity from before lost across the sea. Sadly one day Akamu and Kaleo were separated from their trainer during the escape from a store they were searching for supplies in. Akamu’s nose traced their trainer’s steps for days before one day it was simply gone. Refusing to give up hope the pair continue their search wherever it may take them and Kaleo still holds tight to the hope that they will one day return home with Jesse at their side.
Bulbapedia "Rockruff is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It is primarily light brown with a darker brown muzzle, paws, and ear tips. It has large blue eyes, button ears, a short muzzle with a triangular pink nose, and a short tuft of fur on each cheek. Around its neck is a ruff of grayish-white fur stubbed with dark brown pebbles. The dark brown markings on its paws extend to a thin point on each wrist and ankle. It has a grayish-white tail that curls tightly over its back and is covered in fluffy fur.
Rockruff has an excellent sense of smell. It will never forget an odor after smelling it once. There are tales of it reuniting with its Trainer after becoming lost by following the faintest traces of scent. This Pokémon is very sociable and will greet others by rubbing them with the rocks around its neck. As it ages, Rockruff becomes wilder. Once it is close to evolving, it will begin to howl when the sun goes down. It has been said to leave its Trainer's side and return once it has evolved. A persistent Pokémon, it will keep going until it outlasts foes that are even more powerful.

"Mudbray is a quadruped, equine Pokémon resembling a small donkey. It has a dark brown coat with a cream-colored underbelly, muzzle, and circular markings on each cheek. A short, teardrop-shaped blaze extends up from its muzzle, and it has long, pointed ears with pink insides. Its large eyes have horizontal pupils. Black bangs hang over its face before turning into a stiff mane along its neck. Additionally, it has a short, black tail. Thick, cream-colored mud surrounds each black hoof.
Because it was hunted nearly to extinction when it lived all over the world, it is believed to run wild only in Alola. This Pokémon boasts immense strength for its size, and is able to drag or carry loads up to 50 times its own weight. If Mudbray has a place where it can frolic in the mud, it is happy. However, it becomes stressed and may become disobedient if denied this pastime.
Appearance Normal Rockruff
Normal Mudbray
Accent Slight Southern US
Slight Southern US
+ Responsible +
--Despite his age Akamu knows that there are things that have to get done, often unpleasant, in order for them to survive. He’s taken these more difficult tasks upon himself to spare Kaleo the heartache of having to do them.
+ Adaptable +
--Born and bred a wild pokemon Akamu has learned to adapt to his surroundings rather than try to conquer them. He adjusted to life as a trainer pokemon easily after being captured and has once again tapped into his wild roots to help keep himself and Kaleo alive now that they are alone searching for Jesse.
+ Loyal +
--Fiercely loyal to Kaleo and Jesse, they are his family in all but blood.
+/- Protective +/-
---Akamu is greatly protective of Kaleo almost to a detriment. Despite helping the small donkey to open up he often tries to shield him from the harsher realities of their new existence by keeping painful secrets from him. He is willing to lay down his life for Kaleo or Jesse without hesitation.
+/- Outspoken +/-
--If there is one thing Kaleo has over Akamu it is that this Rockruff will voice his opinion and voice it loudly if he thinks it will get the point across. Often times this makes him come across as brash or egotistical but all of it comes from a place of love for his trainer and his best friend.
- Sarcastic -
--Whether being funny or cynical Akamu is no stranger to sarcasm. When in a foul mood he can become saltier than the ocean and no one but Kaleo will escape his sharp tongue.
- Impulsive -
--He had to grow up too fast but Akamu is still very young and often does not think before doing something. Generally only impulsive when it is an effort to protect his best friend but also when he is excited he is known to leap before he looks.

+ Hardworking +
--Kaleo adores work and sees it as a therapeutic way to ease the tensions on his mind. He often tries to pitch in wherever possible both on the Ranch and now in the wild as he travels with Akamu because he likes being useful. He hates sitting around doing nothing.
+ Faithful +
--Loyalty doesn’t fully cover how Kaleo feels about his friends and family. He is the most reliable creature any of them has had the pleasure to know and their faith is always rewarded in turn by his faith in them. He trusts his family and friends implicitly and always does his best to help them see the light where they only see darkness.
+ Loving +
--By nature a very gentle, caring soul Kaleo respects all life and treasures it. He does not think poorly of others even when it seems as though they may deserve condemnation and can always be counted on for a kind word.
+/- Sensitive +/-
--The downside to his kindness is that it has made him very sensitive. While he is able to sympathize and often empathize with others he has the unfortunate trait of also feeling his own emotions too intensely. When someone is unkind or downright cruel to him it cuts like a hot blade through his heart and leaves him feeling broken.
+/- Shy +/-
--Kaleo knows his own sensitivity and when around strangers he will often keep his head down and his mouth shut. It isn’t that he isn’t friendly he just feels more comfortable around people he has known for a long time. He opens up once befriending someone and his more positive traits begin to shine through.
+/- Unaggressive +/-
--His respect and love of life has made Kaleo nearly a pacifist. Before the Epidemic he would have considered himself one but this new world has shown him that despite life’s beauty sometimes there are times when death is called for. Especially when it has been thwarted by the undead. Yet if given the choice he would rather run that fight because violence unnerves him.
- Fearful -
--The longer they have spent in Kanto and in the Epidemic’s clutches has brought out a more recent development in Kaleo’s personality. Fear. Kaleo was always quiet and shy but now around strangers and especially the undead he practically shakes with the desire to flee. Akamu serves as his rock when the fear begins to grip at him and he always defers to the Rockruff when a decision about whether or not a person, creature, or place is safe. Only then does the cold grip of fear begin to release.
User Notes -Have been together since early childhood and are fairly dependent on one another now that they are alone
-Will eventually evolve in RP, Akamu into Midnight Form, but not for a long time
-Akamu's name is Hawaiian for "red earth"
-Kaleo's name is Hawaiian for "sound, voice" and I picked it because I think Mudbray's in game sound is freaking cute
---Received permission from both Maximum and Starbits to join the team with these two.

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Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto)) Empty Re: Akamu the Rockruff and Kaleo the Mudbray ((Pallet Team, Kanto))

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