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    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn))


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    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) Empty Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:31 am

    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) ZDjA9HC

    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) TJ4Vi1b

    Text Color Olive
    Item Amulet coin, bracelets
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #53: Persian, the Classy Cat Pokémon
    Height 3’04”
    Weight 72 lbs
    Pokédex Entry A very haughty Pokémon. Among fans, the size of the jewel in its forehead is a topic of much talk.
    Level 50
    Ability Limber: The Pokémon cannot be under the Paralyze condition while having this ability.
    Nature Relaxed
    Characteristic Quick-tempered
    Moves -Slash (LVL)
    -Assurance (LVL)
    -Iron Tail (Egg Move)
    -Thunderbolt (TM)
    History Unlike other Persians, Raven was not born in the lap of luxury, being a pampered pet to some rich human. Her hometown was the dusty, crime-filled town of Pyrite, in the Orre region. Raven was raised by a group of Pokemon outcasts who could not find their place in the few Pokemon "gangs" wandering the Pyrite area, and they taught the Meowth everything she knew. Survival skills, how to defend herself in battle, everything she would need to know about the area-all learned from her fellow outcasts. However, it seemed that Raven was best in combat, and when other Pokemon would attack them, she would help fight them off. After nearly two years had passed living as outcasts, after Raven had evolved into a Persian, she decided to do something about this. She didn't want any of her friends to live in shadows, fearing attack every time the sun set, forced to steal from humans for food. The Persian rounded up all of the outcasts and presented the idea that they form into a group, a clan of sorts. Normally the outcasts were scattered around Pyrite, but grouping together would provide better protection from the raids and they could gather food more efficiently. Many of the Pokemon thought it was a bad idea, and left, but those who had raised and known Raven decided to try out the idea first. When night fell and the heavy footsteps of Pokemon could be heard outside of their hiding place, all of the outcasts who had come together were wide-awake. Normally they were heavily outnumbered, and had to flee, but this time they drove the raiding Pokemon away with only minor injuries. After the failed raid, the outcasts decided to create a new gang-no, a clan, with a Skarmory named Steeltrap as their leader (Raven was offered the position for getting the idea in the first place, but she thought she was too young for an important role like that.) There were no more raids, but tension was high between the new clan and the other groups in Pyrite.

    Those who had refused the idea of a clan at first started to actually come and try to get into it. The few wild Pokemon that came into Pyrite not knowing the ways of the town were always given by the clan made up of former outsiders. For years, the clan grew slowly, until one of the Pyrite gangs started their first, real attack in a long time. It was in the late afternoon when they came, and the clan was taken by surprise. There had been pretty much no attacks before now, and in the confusion, they took the fight outside of the town so no humans would be harmed (Derek, a Manectric, had been shot before for trying to steal food.) It took only fifteen minutes for most of the clan to sustain serious injuries from the attacking gang; they were completely outmatched, and still outnumbered. It was during this battle did Raven receive a scar over her eye. The huge blow came when, before the battle could draw to an end, Steeltrap was killed, and the clan was left without a leader. Injured, humiliated, and crushed with grief, the clan buried Steeltrap and headed back home to heal. While Clarie, a Blissey, began to take care of everyone's wounds, Raven was once again offered a chance to become leader. Everyone else was reluctant to take the job now that their old leader had been killed, so Raven accepted. For weeks, she worked hard to bring back the strength of her clan, get enough supplies for them all, and figure out a way to get rid of the lust for vengeance many of her clan members held. Raven would not go into a battle rashly with so few numbers, and had to satisfy their bloodlust.

    But she had no time to do so, for the epidemic had struck Orre, and many of her clanmates got the disease. Clarie could not do a thing for them as they slowly, painfully died, and Raven was horrorstruck. Pokemon after Pokemon began to drop dead from the virus....then stood back up again with the intent to kill and eat everything and everyone in their paths. Pokemon all around Pyrite were going the same way, and most of the humans were already dead. So many were dying, and Raven had to kill her own clanmates, her own family, to keep them from continuing their rampage. Her entire clan was completely wiped up, many were dead, most were infected, few managed to escape. But Raven stayed in Pyrite-it was her hometown, the only place she'd ever known, and if she was a real leader, Raven would find a way to save it from any more destruction because of these undead Pokemon.

    *****After travelling with her rival Phoenix, facing many new faces and challenges, she was finally able to rest from protecting the town. Before they could make it to shelter Raven was suddenly taken from the ground by a large Braviary and carted to Lilycove where she ended up stuck with a haughty, ill-tempered Glaceon. Where it not for the serious of unfortunate events that left the Glaceon running for his life and her booking out of the town she would not have ended up at the coastline, hitching a ride with a thankfully non-infected Lapras. Unfortunately her foul luck caught up with her and the pair ended up caught in a rogue wave that split the two apart and sent Raven crashing into the shores of Sky Pillar, drenched and stranded.
    Appearance A normal Persian, except for the scar over her eye. She wears her amulet coin and bracelets on her front paws.
    Personality Raven is a gifted fighter, and while she has a quick temper and a sharp tongue she tends to let things go more often than not due to her relaxed nature. Very few things get under her skin but when they do she tends to retaliate very quickly.
    User Notes -Raven learned Thunderbolt because one of her clanmates had the TM and knew how to work it because he was a former trained Pokemon. (Part of the original Profile)
    -Had a rivalry with Phoenix the Ninetales, since the Ninetales was also a gang leader.
    -Last post count, Lilycove, 48
    -((Raven is adopted, from Skyraven a loooooong time ago!))

    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) 250px-708Phantump

    Theme Heaven Knows – Pretty Reckless
    House On A Hill – Pretty Reckless
    Text Color 8F5E99
    Item None
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
    Age Teen
    Species #708/Phantump/Stump Pokémon
    Height 1’04”
    Weight 15.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.
    Level 28
    Ability Natural Cure: All status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out.
    Nature Careful (+Sp. Def, -Sp. Att)
    Characteristic Mischievous (Sp. Att)
    Moves -Confuse Ray (Lvl)
    -Feint Attack (Lvl)
    -Curse (Lvl)
    -Ingrain (Lvl)
    Quote ”The last thing I would do in the zombie apocalypse is scream, that would just attract the zombies.”
    History Nyx couldn’t remember the time before, before waking up in the forest for the first time and seeing the darkened world around her. It took several hours before she even realized that she wasn’t walking, she was floating, and when she looked down at her hands they were these midnight shadows with no form or color. She stared at her hands for what seemed like forever, testing them, moving them, and when she discovered they could move through objects around her at her will they became even more fascinating. Her entire existence was a mystery that needed to be solved.

    It wasn’t until nearly a week later she met another spirit in the forest, a little imp shaped like a key ring that mocked her confusion as she stared at him. “What a stupid ghost you are!” he said with a sneer, laughing until his keys shook. “You don’t know anything! Do you even know you are a ghost?” Nyx shook her wooden head as she continued to stare. His words, she had never heard words before, they fascinated her. She sounded them out in her head over and over until she felt confident in testing them out, repeating his exact phrase. “What a stupid ghost you are!” The key ring stopped laughing and stared at her in wonder, the little Phantump not even realizing she had matched his voice and tone all in one as though he had repeated himself.

    “How…how did you do that?”

    Nyx did not have an answer for the tiny keys, she merely continued to float away as he ranted at her for her rudeness. It was some time before she encountered another ghost, but she had been practicing her words from the humans who wandered during the day so this time she was ready. She thought. This creature was not like the tiny keys, it was purple and spiky and made of smoke, and he did more than laugh at her. He insulted her. Nyx’s mimicry of voices did not impress him because she only used them to communicate, she did nothing else with them. “You’re supposed to scare the fleshbags! What ghost doesn’t go around trying to frighten a human? Your voices do nothing if they don’t strike fear into your prey.”

    Raz would hear none of her excuses and took her under his claw, teaching Nyx to be a ‘proper’ ghost worthy of their haunted forest. He gave her a name, a purpose, and as Nyx grew and learned under his care she finally found her own voice and not just the ones she could imitate. Though that didn’t stop her from driving Raz nuts by mimicking his voice back at him. Her skills with mimicry grew and grew, the talent being her best trick as she used it to lure and frighten the small humans who wandered too far from home. But her curse was her tiny body.

    Like the keys she had met in her infancy Nyx was tiny, and thereby was considered “cute” by anything that actually saw her. No matter how hard she tried to be a scary ghost worthy of Raz’s tutelage once any human or non-ghost pokemon caught sight of her they would make those stupid cooing noises and talk down to her as though she were a child. It infuriated the tiny spirit. Her advantage came in the surprise, lingering in the dark and using the shadows to her advantage.

    She became adept at manipulating the senses and moving the darkness to her will by stretching out her shadowed form through it like a serpent slithering through water. Her form melded with the shadows until it was an extension of her, warping the darkness and making it almost alive in its predation as she used it to torment others. The rule was to stay hidden, always hidden, because she could not stand to be laughed at anymore.

    For years things passed this way, Raz and Nyx partnering well as they kept their corner of the woods so eerie even the humans dared not travel through it at night. The only thing that broke their hold over their territory was when the Epidemic struck their region. The pokemon in their forest began to turn violent and bloody, even some of the other spirits grew twisted and crueler in their hauntings until they became more like hunting. It was then that Raz and Nyx decided to flee their home in search of less crazy neighbors.

    For a while they were able to get by, moving from haunt to haunt trying to stay one or two steps ahead of the plague, but eventually it was everywhere. They weren’t able to scare for fear of being discovered, they became the frightened ones as they struggled to stay alive. One day Raz got it in his head that they would be safer on an island where people didn’t roam. No people meant less pokemon, meaning less infected. It was the best plan they had in ages so despite the apprehension Nyx had about two ghosts crossing an ocean to find an island that may or may not be there she agreed. And that is where everything fell apart.

    Two spirits hovering above the salty waves proved an easy task, at first, until they got further out to sea and the storms began to surge, swelling the sea and making everything more dangerous. It was during one particularly bad storm that Nyx and Raz became separated, the ten story waves splitting them apart until there was so much distance between them they could no longer see the other through the darkness and rain. After the storm settled Nyx found herself alone in the middle of the ocean, tiny shadow arms curled around herself as she tried to remain calm. She wanted her friend, she wanted Raz, but he was nowhere to be found.

    After two days of waiting Nyx decided that Raz would have kept going and began to continue her search for an island, hoping whatever she found he found too. After travelling for days on open water she began to see land taking shape in the distance, a tall tower striking out of the waves in defiance of the sea. She made her way to it and went ashore, hoping that nothing jumped out and tried eating or killing her for simply existing. But the island was vacant as far as she could tell. Even the tower, obviously human built, showed no sign of occupation for years even before the Epidemic. So she climbed a few floors up and made herself a home, waiting for Raz and the day the world stopped losing its god damned mind.
    Bulbapedia "Phantump is a spirit possessing a rotten tree stump, and lives in abandoned forests. It is a wispy, grayish black Pokémon. A small tree stump covers its head, with a single, wavy branch situated on either side and extending upward. Each branch has two small, green leaves near its tip. Phantump's red, oval eyes are visible through two holes in the body of the stump. On its body is a pair of tiny, stubby arms and a wispy tuft on top of its head. Its mouth appears to be on the stump itself rather than on Phantump's body.

    It is said that in forests where humans seldom tread, the stumps of the very biggest trees become Phantump. People that happen to enter the forest may be led astray by Phantump, as they are capable of imitating the sound of children's voices. Phantump along with its evolution Trevenant are the only known Pokémon capable of learning Forest's Curse.
    Appearance Nyx is a standard Phantump in appearance, perhaps even a bit small, but given the various types of trees littering the region not all of her kind look the same every time. Much like their cousins, the Pumpkaboo, they vary in size and shape.
    Personality Nyx is the picture of a moody teen, constantly demanding independence while craving acceptance. She has always tried hard to be a scary ghost like Raz had taught her but never seemed to be able to get passed being so cute. She despises being laughed at and gets angry in response, sometimes violently, and holds a grudge better than most Ninetales. She still practices her art of vocal mimicry and often uses it to talk to herself when alone to make herself less lonely. Her best, and most frequent, imitation is of Raz because she misses her friend terribly. Her greatest wish in life is to be properly scary, like him.
    User Notes -Raz was a Haunter, and may be created later.
    -Despite being the relative age of a teenager there is still much Nyx doesn’t understand of the world due to her limited perspective living exclusively in the forest until the Epidemic. She is not stupid by any means, but some things she simply doesn’t know.
    ---Raven is already approved and on the team, Nyx is joining as a dual.

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    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) Empty Re: Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn))

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    I'd like you to label Raven's Slash and Assurance moves as [level up], but other than that it's fine and it won't hinder approval. c:

    Raven the Persian and Nyx the Phantump ((Sky, Hoenn)) RGgji6G


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