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    Kyandoru the Phantump


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    Kyandoru the Phantump Empty Kyandoru the Phantump

    Post by Duma Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:39 am

    Kyandoru the Phantump 1HqiH9E
    Art by me

    Kyandoru Seishin "Kya (Keh-ya)"
    "Ke-yan-door-roo Say-shin; Candle Spirit"
  • Teenagers [My Chemical Romance]
  • But It's Better If You Do [Panic! At The Disco]
  • Ballard Of Mona Lisa [Panic! At The Disco]
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Panic! At The Disco]
  • This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race [Fall Out Boy]
  • Sarcasm [Get Scared]
  • Profession The one true sass master, sarcastic git, little fucking shit.
    Text Color #7544AA
    Item A set of 12 everstones, arranged to look like the teeth of a carnivore, with a red heart pendant in the center, looped onto the leather cord with a gold ring.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Agenderflux [They/them/theirs, tolerates he/him/his pronouns. Is partial to male pronouns, but will not stand for female pronouns]
    Age Teenager
    Species #708; Phantump, the Stump Pokémon (Ghost/Grass Type)
    Height 1'04"
    Weight 15.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest. - Alpha Sapphire
    Level 35
    Ability Natural Cure: All status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out.
    Nature Sassy as fuck (+Special Defense, -Speed)
    Characteristic Mischievous (Special Attack IVs)
    Moves -Psychic (TM)
    -Will-O'-Wisp (Learned)
    -Faint Attack (Learned)
    -Curse (Learned)
    Quote "I may be small but I bet I can still kick your ass!"
    "Oh no, this was a mistake. Ooooh no I have made bad life choices!"
    "Oh yeah?! So what if you're a big scary monster! I'm a ghost! You can't kill me dipshit!"
    History -Teen life
    -Spooky scary forest trip
    -Oh god where am i what happened
    -shit i fell, oh fuck someone help me
    -Nonono, it's raining and i'm in a flooding swamp
    -passes out, and ends up drowning in the swamp
    -lonely spirit possesses a small dying tree stump, and bam, phantump
    -gets the fuck out of that swamp
    Bulbapedia "Phantump is a spirit possessing a rotten tree stump, and lives in abandoned forests. It is a wispy, grayish black Pokémon. A small tree stump covers its head, with a single, wavy branch situated on either side and extending upward. Each branch has two small, green leaves near its tip. Phantump's red, oval eyes are visible through two holes in the body of the stump. On its body is a pair of tiny, stubby arms and a wispy tuft on top of its head. Its mouth appears to be on the stump itself rather than on Phantump's body."
    Appearance Kyandoru is similar to most Phantump, he has the usual grey ghostly body with the tree-stump head and the two horn-looking branches from the sides. His tongue is a faded purple and he has two little nubby fangs that sometimes protrude from his top lip. The gnarled branches that come from the side of his head have a few extra off-shoots and leaves, and his eyes are a bright purple that constantly glow. This gets brighter whenever he uses Psychic. Around his neck is a leather cord that has 12 Everstones on it, each one a different size that have been arranged to look like the teeth of a carnivore, and in the middle on a gold ring is a red heart pendant.

    Around each shoulder and what serves for hips are faded purple stripes that start at his clavicle, curling around in a spiral before going up and over his shoulder, following where his shoulder blades would be, running parallel to his spine before curving back around his body and stopping about where his hips would have been if he were a biped. On each wrist, over the tops of them is another faded purple stripe, and two more that segment his small hands to look like paws. On the end of his tail are seven more stripes, where the second one is the largest one, almost wrapping all around the gray appendage, before getting smaller as they reach the tip.

    Kyandoru often holds himself like your typical teenager - with a condescending smirk or frustrated frown, crossed arms and an annoyed glare. He exaggerates a lot of his movements, such as slumping forwards when he groans in annoyance, or grabbing the branches at the sides of his head as though he's putting his hands over his ears when he's ignoring someone.
    Accent Kya has a very feminine voice that has a soft spoken German accent (This is because the poor baby died while his voice was breaking and so they have a squeaky voice for all eternity). If someone makes fun of them for this however or points it out to them, he will refuse to talk to that particular person for the next few days.
    Religion "Heh, if the Legends out there want me to bow down to them, the only thing I'm bowing for is so they can kiss my ass!"
    (Kya is quite happy being an Athiest)
    Motivation "Awh hell do I even need motivation?! I'm a ghost for fucks sake."
    (Kya just wants to be the sassiest kid around)
    Personality Pros: Kyandoru is still a child, and so he gets distracted by the simplest things, and he finds great joy in the smallest of objects, like a paddle with a ball on a string or something that looks so odd it's funny. Kya is also a good joker, and he can make a joke about anything. He loves to pull pranks on living and undead alike, if only so that he can liven up his day.

    Cons: Almost everything Kyandoru says is thick with so much sarcasm it's almost lethal, or he sasses everything. He believes that because he's a ghost, he doesn't have anything to lose, and so he will make stupid and reckless decisions. He is very moody, and can switch on a dime from being somewhat tolerable, to being an absolute demon that you'd just want to shoot.

    Neutral: Kyandoru is still a teenager in terms of his spirit's age, and as of such, he acts like your average teen going through puberty. He can also be surprisingly passive-aggressive and excessively swears like any young teen.
    -Kyandoru has a deadly fear of floodplains or anything that is prone to flooding.
    Talk shit, get hit.
    Affiliations Kitty, come hop on the bus with me
    Development Notes Someone beat the sass out of this child, omg.

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