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Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP)


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Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Empty Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP)

Post by Starbits Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:25 pm

Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) IMAGE

Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) IMAGE GOES HERE

Sister Gracidea
Text Color ffd566
Theme(s) THEME
Item universal communicator, backpack that contains
-what her cult considers their bible
-a change of clothes
-a canteen of water
-food rations
-some berries
-three super potions
-three maps, rolled up together
-a photo of her other sisters
-a blanket
Weapons her Pokemon
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate April 8th
Species Human
Weight WEIGHT lbs
Height 5'4"
Region of Origin Johto
Religion Arceist; rejects all Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Poison, Fairy, and Psychic type gods.  She has a particular leaning towards the Sinnoh god Shaymin, whose flower she is named for. Believes that Shaymin is a lower god blessed by Arceus.
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Cult Leader
Party Her original team was made of Leafeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Aiveon, and an Eevee.  Her Aiveon died and her Eevee evolved into an Umbreon, much to her disgust.  She later picked up a Spectreon.  An Eevee has recently begun following her around but is not considered to be part of her team.

When her Eevee evolved into Umbreon, she gave him a new name  When they met the Eevee that began following them around, she renamed the Umbreon yet again.
Pkm 1
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) 470
Species- Leafeon
Name: Faith
Gender: Genderless (They/Them/Theirs)
Level- 50
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Grass
Ability- Leaf Guard
Attack list-
-Leaf Blade (Learned)
-Swords Dance (Learned)
-Synthesis (Learned)
-Sunny Day (Learned)
Text Color - 84c84a
Pkm 2
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) 134
Species- Vaporeon
Name: Peace
Gender: ♀
Level- 50
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Water  
Ability- Water Absorb
Attack list-
-Hydro Pump (Learned)
-Aqua Ring (Learned)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Protect (TM)
**Text Color: 80b7de
Pkm 3
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) 136
Species- Flareon
Name: Charity
Gender: ♀
Level- 50
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Fire
Ability- Guts
Attack list-
-Flare Blitz (Learned)
-Fire Fang (Learned)
-Return (TM)
-Fire Spin (Learned)
**Text Color: fd8448
**Has a Cerri berry hanging on a necklace at all times
Pkm 4
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) 135
Species- Jolteon
Name: Patience
Gender: ♀
Level- 50
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Electric
Ability- Volt Absorb
Attack list-
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Thunder Wave (Learned)
-Hyper Voice (Move Tutor)
-Signal Beam (Move Tutor)
**Text Color: ffee35
Pkm 5
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) 197
Species- Umbreon
Name: Krai
Gender: ♂
Level- 50
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Dark  
Ability- Inner Focus
Attack list-
-Return (TM)
-Swift (Learned)
-Refresh (Learned)
-Take Down (Learned)
**Text Color: f67482
Pkm 6
Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) IpEyqa0
Species- Spectreon
Name: Gira
Gender: Genderless (They/Them/Their pronouns)
Level- 20
Type- Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Ghost
Ability- Cursed Body
Attack list-
-Hex (Learned)
-Sand Attack (Learned)
-Tail Whip (Learned)
-Tackle (Learned)
**Text Color: af6bce
Quote "The path Arceus chooses for us may not always be comfortable for us, will not always be easy. But we must follow it."
Appearance -Arceus necklace around her neck

  • ambitious
    -she is always looking for a place of power
  • selfish
    -though there is some desire to lead others for the sake of protecting them, she also is greedy for the credit she gains by being a leader who is loved
  • hero complex
    -she must save the innocents from the evils that surround them and may in fact be the only one who can
  • religious
    -to the point of being a zealot
    -she is incredibly cruel to those who disbelieve
    -or incredibly patronizing
  • close minded
    -refuses to change her mind on how the world works, firmly believing things are the way they are
  • manipulative
    -she has no qualms with manipulating emotions or circumstances to make things appear the way she'd prefer
  • believes the end justifies the means
  • easily angered
    -it's not that everything makes her angry; it's that the things that do can piss her off easily
  • good self control
    -that being said, she's extremely good at keeping her temper and controlling her own actions
  • power hungry
  • desperate for approval
    -without those who believe in her or her cause, she has little purpose
    -everyone is empty and fills that emptiness with something, but unfortunately, she has chosen being a zealot with those who adore her as the thing to give her life purpose
  • vengeful
    -she will find ways to ruin the lives of those she perceives as having tried to harm hers, first
  • stubborn
  • observant
    -she's good at noting things, especially things about people
  • intelligent
  • sexist
    -women have certain roles they should be fulfilling and so do males; those who identify with no one gender should pick a role based on their genitals (if you've got a uterus you should be making babies) and stick with it
  • ageist
    -certain ages have certain duties; it is irresponsible for them to stray from these duties
    -children should be studying the religion and balancing it with a decent amount of playtime and schooltime, adolescents should be doing the same but also beginning to think about their place in religion, teenagers should be narrowing their options down; education continues but playtime should be lessening, adults should be having families or teaching the religion while providing for their families and communities, and the elderly should be helping the adults pass down their wisdom
    -religion should play an active part in every single aspect of a person's life, regardless what age
  • conspiracy theorist
    -her favorite is bemoaning the media for making everyone stray from religion and believing it may in fact be either the purposeful act of humans or the evil gods using the unaware humans as their tools
    -she often notes that the one good thing the epidemic did was create a chance for the lost to get closer to god
  • Affiliations
    Sister Gracidea's Relationships:
    ♋ Rose: The small child Eevee she has picked up as a member of her group but not an official one, as she has a full party and no more Pokeballs.  It is questionable whether or not she adores the child or whether she really just wants someone else to groom into a person who will believe her teachings to help spread them someday.  Nonetheless she is fiercely protective of him, usually gentle, and always patient.  She is often frustrated by his gentle and forgiving nature, as well as his innocent refusal to believe the majority of her teachings.  She remains convinced he will, in time, believe her, as he is so young at the moment and will hopefully be spending the rest of her life with her.

    Famaer: The pokemon of one of her former acquaintances; she never got to speak with him as translators were not a thing before the end of the world, but she was fond of him and enjoyed spoiling him a little, especially as he grew older and older.

    User Notes
    -noted earlier is that when her Eevee evolved, she gave him a new name; his original name was Joy, and his second name was Pride. His third name is a derivative of "Darkrai."  The Spectreon can't remember their original name, but she calls them "Gira," derived from "Giratina."  To passersby this doesn't seem that odd unless they know Joy was renamed twice, but to all within her cult, they will either deduce (or be told away from the group if they can't piece it together) that it is a punishment, to name them after gods they see as wicked.
    -She renamed her Umbreon a second time because of Rose; she knew her "truth" would be too harsh for the youngster to swallow right away.  Thus, she gave the Spectreon they met shortly afterwards the same kind of insulting name.  She would likely revert back to calling her Umbreon Pride and name the Spectreon Wrath if Rose were to either leave or be killed
    -The Aiveon's name was Chastity

    Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) IMAGE

    Theme THEME
    Text Color f8a8b8
    Itemcollar with a rose on it
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He | Him | His
    Age Child
    Species #133 | Eevee | Evolution Pokémon
    Type Sister Gracidea and Rose the Eevee (WIP) Normal
    Height 1'00"
    Weight 14.3lbs
    Birthdate August 1st
    Accent American
    Religion nonreligious; becoming religious due to Gracidea
    Pokédex Entry
    Pokemon X: Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.
    Level 15
    Ability Anticipation
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Strong willed.
    Moves -Tackle (Learned)
    -Swift (Learned)
    -Growl (Learned)
    -Baby-Doll Eyes (Learned)
    Quote "Well, maybe we can all sit down and talk about it?  Maybe they're just sad or lonely..."
    Appearance -shiny Eeevee
    -decently clean; tries to keep himself groomed
    -sometimes dirty because splashing in puddles is fun!
    -pink collar with a rose on it
    -big dark eyes
    -usually smiling
    -expresses himself with his whole body
    -hops around a lot
  • bright and sunny
    -optimism is an art, especially these days, and this child might as well have a fucking degree in it
  • not easily scared
    -he was too young to understand what was happening when the world ended and doesn't really remember life before it, so he doesn't have a before and after comparison like most people
    -that being said, he's grown up developing a hardier disposition, so sudden undead jumping out don't really scare him unless there's a group
    -he will remain levelheaded and run away
  • super friendly
    -most strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!
  • insecure
    -though he has an otherwise good self-image, he does fret over not being much of an asset to the group
    -he tries to make up for his lack of combat abilities by training to get stronger, helping to find food, keeping watch for danger, looking for firewood materials, utilizing his small size to scout ahead, and other various, helpful things
    -it doesn't make him feel completely better, but it does help since it gives him plenty of skills to work on
  • deeply loyal
    -it doesn't take much for someone to earn his loyalty
    -even a terrible person can earn it if he sees the potential for them to change or doesn't realize how terrible they are
    -he will become committed to the safety and happiness of others very easily
  • naive
    -that being said, he's not really good at picking up on manipulation
    -for example, while he finds a lot of what Sister Gracidea says 'weird' and resists her attempts to change him, he doesn't realize she is slowly altering his worldview to have a certain perception of certain pokemon
    -while he knows there is nothing wrong with his effeminate interests and some various other things she takes issue with, he's susceptible to believing her when it comes to things he doesn't have much experience in
    -he never had any experience outside of his life with his father, a Jolteon, so he therefore has no reference point with which to gauge all the types of pokemon and people she doesn't like
    -he also doesn't understand sarcasm since Gracidea doesn't believe in using it and his father simply wasn't one to use it; sarcasm will go over his head
  • forgiving
    -much to Gracidea's dismay, he's very willing to forgive the transgressions of others
    -he's wary and suspicious of those Gracidea has told him to beware of, but he's more openminded than she'd like and doesn't automatically condemn them, even trying to sometimes hold a conversation with them
    -he believes that maybe they just don't know better and he can help them be not bad

  • -
  • pacifistic in nature
    -he dislikes conflict, especially physical conflict, and tends to seek peaceful solutions to problems
    -this doesn't apply to the undead, as he has long since accepted they are no longer people
    -still, it brings him great sadness to harm them, and though he's usually not capable of doing it himself anyway, he's taken up the habit of saying prayers over their remains
  • Affiliations
    Rose's relationships:
    User Notes NOTES


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