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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open]


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Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] Empty Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open]

Post by Catalyst Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:57 am


This store includes concepts of characters, purposely under-developed but given personality, available for adoption. Their creation comes from concepts I have for characters and personalities that I realistically won't use.

I also advertise Pokemon I have in the orphanage to see if anyone wants them. These Pokemon do not cost points, as they are already created and are available for free adoption to those who want them.

These cost a variation of points (listed below their image and name in green text.) These are concepts that can have an edited or drawn picture, and a varying amount of backstory and personality that is set out but can generally be edited to whatever you please with little boundaries (but not too far off from original creation to where the character is unrecognizable.)
If there's a profile, clicking the image will lead you to it. (That means there's no profile if you click and nothing happens.)
Profiles that are typically underdeveloped are worth 100, profiles that mostly have everything done are worth 200. Partially developed past just appearance and personality are worth 150.


No Image as of yet
Finn and Jaeger
100 points

Finn - Treecko
Jaeger - Sawsbuck
Finn - Charismatic, outgoing, zealous, sarcastic, lack of foresight
Jaeger - Calm, collected, often serious, not terribly fond of communication and allows Finn to do most of the talking.
None created yet, clean slate.

Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] EUZwwaA
200 points


This profile is mostly created - no editing required.
Species: Mightyena
Personality: Timid, Mood swings, Aggressive (at points), Wary, Afraid of death, Unsure
History: She was owned and lived a happy life with her owner before the infection. She had a band of friends, and her Houndoom boyfriend Entine - just shortly before the infection she finds out she is pregnant with his child. She has her egg just as the infection starts and due to a unexpected rampage of undead through the city, she is forced to fight off a zombie to protect her human and her egg but it sadly ends up destroyed and both of them end up hurt. Her human falls sick and dies, and her parents flee in grief, leaving Teilu to her thoughts and her fears of death.

Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] J5rdtJY
100 points

Species: Fennekin
Personality: Cheerful, observant, obedient, innocent and somewhat desensitized to death and infection.
History: None created yet, clean slate.

Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] LPbeUdW
100 points


Shiny and mutated, so more expensive than normal.
Species: Dragonair
Personality: Stern, serious, a huge prick and sassy.
History: None yet, clean slate.

Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] HYDPdLB
Robin and Jun
150 points

Robin - Togeren
Jun - Zebstrika
Robin - Constantly cheerful, hyperactive, very talkative, awkward socialization and tends to blurt out things she doesn't mean to say or keeps conversation going too long, has anxiety about the virus
Jun - Adamant, zealot, over-confident, desire to be great and change the world
History: Outline; both were owned by an ex Mirror B grunt, who liked to go spelunking in caves (hence the desert goggles.) When the infection came about, their trainer was killed deep within a cave and both were left to survive on their own. They're very good friends, raised together from birth.

No image yet
Meowstic and Espurr
50 points

Fairly underdeveloped, under this circumstance they are cheap.
Espurr - based off of Shiro from Tekkonkinkreet; cheerful, lighthearted, strange and creative. Takes a real liking to odd, colorful, or shiny things. Fearless, and finds a good side to every person and thing. Severely loyal to his brother and loves him no matter the circumstance.
Meowstic (Male) - based off of Kuro from Tekkonkinkreet; brooding, dark to most others but with his brother he is considerably open and humorous. Has a bit of a short fuse and is quick to judge. The 'badass,' loves to battle and capable of doing some damage. Incredibly loyal to his brother and loves him no matter what he feels or happens.
History - None created yet, clean slate.

Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] HWRsUhu
70 points


Shiny but severely underdeveloped, so slightly higher priced.
Species: Herdier
Personality: None yet, clean slate
History: None yet, clean slate

These are the Pokemon I have in the orphanage. Since there is a complete profile, only linked names will be provided.



Cat's Character Shop [Partially Open] I61jEL3
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