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    Havel the Dragonair [WIP]


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    Havel the Dragonair [WIP] Empty Havel the Dragonair [WIP]

    Post by Catalyst Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:05 pm

    Havel the Dragonair [WIP] LPbeUdW

    Havel (meaning "breath")
    Item ITEM
    Gender Male
    Age Adult (Around 25)
    Species #148/ Dragonair/ Dragon Pokemon
    Height 13'01"
    Weight 36.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry A Dragonair stores an enormous amount of energy inside its body. It is said to alter the weather around it by loosing energy from the crystals on its neck and tail.
    Level 40
    Ability Shed skin
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Strongly defiant
    Moves - Aqua Tail (Learned)
    - Dragon Tail (Learned)
    - Agility (Learned)
    - Dragon Rage (learned)
    History HISTORY
    Appearance APPEARANCE
    Personality ~Positives:
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    Havel the Dragonair [WIP] I61jEL3
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