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    Castle Valet Darach


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    Castle Valet Darach Empty Castle Valet Darach

    Post by Maximum Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:09 am

    Castle Valet Darach 140px-Platinum_Darach
    Temporary Image

    Darach McNamara
    Text Color 6b5d90
    Theme(s) Bow to the Crown
    Item -Universal Communicator
    -Golden pocketwatch
    -Two spare sets of glasses
    -Pair of white gloves
    -Brush and hair ties
    -Full Restore x2, Hyper Potion x5
    -Food for him and his Pokemon, though there is noticeably more food for them than him
    -A few lum berries
    Weapons -His Pokemon
    -A dagger that he's more proficient with than you'd think.
    Gender Identity He/Him/His
    Birthdate August 25
    Age 27 years
    Species Human
    Weight 130 lbs.
    Height 5'7"
    Region of origin Sinnoh
    Occupation Butler, Castle Valet, Frontier Brain
    Party His Battle Castle team consisted of his personal team minus his Aegislash and Sawsbuck. He picked up Baratheon while in Unova visiting Caitlin.
    Pkm 1
    Castle Valet Darach 395
    Castle Valet Darach Pokeball
    Name- Caspian
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 303843
    Species- Empoleon
    Level- 65
    Ability- Torrent
    Attack list-
    -Surf (HM)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Hydro Cannon (Tutor)
    **Holding Wise Glasses.
    Pkm 2
    Castle Valet Darach 398-f
    Castle Valet Darach Pokeball
    Name- Cregga
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- F4C2C2
    Species- Staraptor
    Level- 63
    Ability- Reckless
    Attack list-
    -Brave Bird (Level)
    -Close Combat (Level)
    -Double Edge (Egg)
    -Roost (TM)
    **Muscle Band tied around one leg.
    Pkm 3
    Castle Valet Darach Tumblr_inline_ot4j60KlYp1r82t0h_100
    Castle Valet Darach Greatball
    Name- Septim
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- ad9e52
    Species- Houndemn
    Level- 62
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Nasty Plot (Start)
    -Sludge Bomb (TM)
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    **Life Orb on a pendant
    Pkm 4
    Castle Valet Darach 475
    Castle Valet Darach Greatball
    Name- Aragorn
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- 989896
    Species- Gallade
    Level- 62
    Ability- Justified
    Attack list-
    -Close Combat (Start)
    -Psycho Cut (Level)
    -Leaf Blade (Start)
    -Shadow Sneak (Egg)
    **Choice band wrapped around one arm
    Pkm 5
    Castle Valet Darach Aegislash
    Castle Valet Darach Luxuryball
    Name- Arturia
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 214382
    Species- Aegislash
    Level- 59
    Ability- Stance Change
    Attack list-
    -King's Shield (Start)
    -Shadow Sneak (Start)
    -Iron Head (Start)
    -Sacred Sword (Start)
    **Holding a Weakness Policy. Attached to the shield
    Pkm 6
    Castle Valet Darach 586-w
    Castle Valet Darach Luxuryball
    Name- Baratheon
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- fecf03
    Species- Sawsbuck
    Level- 49
    Ability- Sap Sipper
    Attack list-
    -Horn Leech (Level)
    -Return (TM)
    -Agility (Egg)
    -Jump Kick (Level)
    **Wearing a Rocky Helmet
    Quote "I drew on every reserve of experience and etiquette handed down through our heritage of glorious servitude."

    "Where does that leave me now? My Lady, the castle, and everything I worked for is gone..."
    History Darach was born into a family that followed a grand tradition of producing excellent servants in Sinnoh. The boy was taught from an early age things he would need to know about cleaning and maintaining houses, proper etiquette, how to read people, and how to deal with people. He took in all the lessons, and internalized the idea that this was normal and expected of him. He didn't see any reason to think that there was anything odd or different in his upbringing. His family consisted of butlers and maids, and as far as he knew, that was what was always done. This unfortunately planted a seed in his mind that he could never be anything else. However, when he was the proper age to go on a journey, he was allowed to. Knowing how to properly care for Pokemon of the battling sort would only benefit him, and traveling the region would give him some experience with the world. When given the option for a starter, he immediately picked a Piplup, for the small, proud penguin reminded him of royalty that he read about in his favorite stories.

    He took to training Pokemon incredibly well, and he had an obvious enthusiasm as he battled. Despite wanting to challenge the gyms, he took a noticeable detour to Canalave City even though he was vastly unprepared for the gym there. However, as soon as he got there, it became clear what he actually wanted to go there for. He had heard about the large library from some relatives, and his enthusiasm for books dictated that he had to visit there at least once. He was unsure if he was good enough to make it to the gym during his limited time, so he wanted to take the opportunity to visit the city while he could. He wasn't disappointed in his expectations, and he spent longer than he probably should have in the library. His Pokemon didn't mind, however, for their trainer was enjoying himself, and he didn't completely drop battling. He found some other children at his skill level, and would battle them occasionally. One of the more memorable events during this brief stay was running into a purple haired boy in the library and finding a kindred spirit in his love for books. Unfortunately, the meeting was short, and they both had their own paths to follow. Despite the deviation from the typical path of a trainer, he still made it decently far into the league before his time was up.

    Being a trainer had somewhat "untamed" him, so before he could properly take up his expected job, he had to be retrained in certain matters. Manners when it came to speaking to those above him were priority, and he had to relearn how to reign his actual feelings on matters when they weren't important. This was the first time most of his Pokemon saw what his home life was like, and though Caspian had seen glimpses of this, he had never guessed how bad it was. They were all mildly horrified at how easily their trainer had been shoehorned into this life, and how he didn't seem to think anything was wrong with it. They all knew that if he wanted, he could easily be a trainer instead, but the idea of being anything else seemed outlandish to him and laughable to his elders. He then started taking jobs at various houses as he was needed, and he did as well as expected.

    However, things changed when one of his employers realized that he was a good trainer, and they recommended his name to the Battle Castle. All of his abilities as a butler and a trainer matched what they needed, and so they hired him to maintain the place and occasionally take challengers as one of the normal trainers. Then Lady Caitlin arrived, and despite her prowess as a trainer, her powers as a psychic were too volatile to allow her to battle in such a highly competitive environment. It was decided that someone else would battle for her, and she would observe and reward the challengers as she deemed fit. Since the person who would battle for her would also need to manage other affairs and potentially take care of her, they looked to the serving staff, and Darach fit the bill perfectly. He was a good trainer, and many challengers had had much difficulty actually beating him in a battle. He also put enormous effort into everything he did to maintain the Castle, and his resume indicated that he was extremely devoted to those he served. Chosen to be the Castle Valet, and acting Frontier Brain, he suddenly gained prestige that he never knew he could have, however, he still felt he was the loyal butler to Lady Caitlin. He was also instructed in how to take care of Lady Caitlin if her powers were to ever go out of control, and between this and spending a lot of time together, the two became fairly good friends.

    After about three years, Lady Caitlin had learned all that she needed to, and she moved to Unova where she became one of the Elite Four. Despite her leaving, Darach remained as the Castle Valet, for he had thoroughly earned his position. They had another person come in as the figurehead to distribute castle points, but he was still the Frontier Brain of the Castle. He remained in contact with Lady Caitlin, and he even occasionally visited her in Unova. Each time he came by, he would clean her villa for her without being asked, and they'd enjoy each other's company. Some took this to mean that there was something going on between them, but they were simply friends and nothing more. He ended up traveling between Sinnoh, Johto, and Unova a fair amount due to the presence of two Battle Castles and his visits to Lady Caitlin, and even if it was tiring, he enjoyed his life. His Pokemon were happy, he was happy, and the routine was enjoyable.

    This would all come to an end when he was in the Johto Battle Frontier. A trainer's Pokemon became sick, and then it became horribly violent. It seemed like any Pokemon that tried to fight it would also become sick, and soon the virus was running rampant in the Frontier. Humans and Pokemon were dying left and right, with the Pokemon standing up to walk again and attack others. Through some miracle, Darach was able to keep his Pokemon safe, and though he tried to make the Castle a safehouse, the people made the effort fail from within. People tried to make him kill his own Pokemon, and when he refused, he was told to leave or else. The "or else" was punctuated with a gun pointed at him, so he took the chance to leave. Unfortunately, the person seemed to change their mind and took a shot at him, but they missed and, thanks to Cregga, didn't get a second chance. The Epidemic world's harshness was a culture shock to the former butler, but he remembered his few years as a traveling trainer, and that helped pull him and his team through. He wasn't sure if other regions were as horribly effected as Johto, so he made an effort to either make it to Sinnoh or Unova. Either place would have people he wanted to find and ensure the safety of.

    Fate decided Unova first, and for a while, he had nearly lost hope of finding Lady Caitlin. Then he found the Unova league. It... Was awful. But. He found her. She was leading the community. At first he was overjoyed to find her, but there was something... Wrong. He didn't notice at first, so great was his relief. As he spent time there, he noticed that there was something wrong with her. She showed paranoiac tendencies and her temper wasn't as reigned in as it used to be. On top of that, he noticed a distinct lack of Dark types, and he remembered how much she disliked dark types. She had never really liked Septim. On top of this, he stumbled across her when... she disciplined someone. Permanently. Fear for his Pokemon and fear for his own life caused him to decide to leave. He couldn't let her know; if she found out, she might have forced him to stay. In the dark of the night, he escaped the league and left the country as quickly as he could. He then set his sights on Sinnoh, his home region.

    When he finally made it to Sinnoh, he wasn't expecting to find anyone he knew, but that didn't stop him from checking anyway. His old home was dilapidated and thoroughly looted, much like the other places he had once worked. He decided to brave the trip to the Sinnoh Battle Frontier, and he wasn't surprised to find the place still full of powerful undead. Despite how much he wanted to retake the Castle, he knew that it would be far too risky, and the potential rewards wouldn't be worth it. He only had his Pokemon left, and he couldn't risk their lives on a foolish sentimental endeavor. With a heavy heart, he left the Fight Area, and with the Survival Area being an even harsher place to potentially stake a living, he decided to see what the condition of the Resort Area was. He was getting tired of traveling, and the Resort Area would have favorable living conditions, and hopefully much less hardy undead. Even if it couldn't be permanent, then maybe he could find supplies. What he didn't expect to find were some other survivors that looked very familiar...
    Accent In general, he sounds like he had a rich upbringing. Even though this isn't really true, he did grow up around money. It's just he grew up to serve. TL;DR he sounds rich, but he isn't.
    Appearance The Epidemic made him discard his butler's outfit early on, and he's had to take what he can find. Still preferring dressier clothes when possible, he currently wears a purple button up shirt and black pants. His shoes are still the dress shoes expected of a servant, and he wears a black coat to deal with the colder Sinnoh weather. Though he keeps his hair tidy and out of his face, he allowed it to grow out so that he could pull it into a practical ponytail. The blonde streak was a natural quirk of his hair, despite how much it stood out in his otherwise black hair. He has a brown duffel bag that has seen better days and contains his few mementos of his previous life and supplies. His purple eyes are typically covered by glasses with purple frames, and he very much needs them to see. He is considered short for an adult male, but he doesn't particularly care. Life in the wilderness definitely shows in his underweight frame.
    Religion In general believes in the Sinnoh legends.
    Personality -Proper
      He is a gentleman in actions and words. Will never go beyond the bounds of what is considered correct for a situation. Very rarely swears and usually it's the "lesser" words if at all. Still apologizes if he realizes someone heard him.
      To a fault. Barring someone outright physically attacking him, he will refrain from blows and stick to words. You have to go out of your way to make him break this. Refers to almost everyone by a title of some sort, even if it's just Mr. or Ms. Once he's more familiar with someone, they can talk him out of dropping it in personal settings.
      He was really good at his job for a reason. If the person he was working for needed something, he would often know before they even asked and would have it ready.
      Even though he was no longer contractually obligated to do anything for Caitlin, he still visited her in Unova and would clean her villa for her.
      Everything has a place, and cleanliness is akin to godliness. He isn't OCD about this, but his employers liked their places clean, so he obligated them. Managed time schedules
      He also managed the Battle Castle under Caitlin, and then alone once she left, and the place ran like a well-oiled machine.
    -Well concealed wild side
      Not really "wild" per se, but despite appearances, he does loosen up when he doesn't have to maintain appearances. Unfortunately, he feels the need to maintain appearances when around people period, so this only happens when he's alone and/or with only Pokemon.
      Though sometimes people battling him can see glimpses of this. He starts genuinely smiling and laughing excitedly during especially close Pokemon battles.
      He is a bit of a thrill seeker though he vehemently denies this. Satisfies it through books and a few video games.
    -Defers to authority instantly
      Almost instinctually. He was trained to be the obedient servant, and if someone takes control, he will always allow them. Regardless of their actual ability to lead and if he'd actually be a better leader.
      In general, works best as a second in command, however. If he has a solid leader to follow, he is a great right hand man, and will keep that position even if people try to usurp it. The leader has to release him from his duties before he will let someone else take that spot.
    -Hides emotions under a false smile
      Employers don't care how you actually feel, and unless you want to get fired, it's best to bite your tongue and deal with it.
      Lies about how he's feeling if he thinks there is even the remotest chance of someone taking offense.
      Caitlin was one of the few friends left that he had, and after what happened when he made it to Unova, the feeling that things happened the way they did because he wasn't there haunts him.
      He also dearly misses his other loved ones, and it pains him to believe that they are dead.
      He feels responsible for what happened to Caitlin.
      There is also much guilt in the knowledge that he couldn't keep the Battle Castle safe, and since he was the one running it then, he places the blame entirely on himself.
    -Desires to be helpful
      A trait enhanced by his profession. Will offer assistance to anyone who looks like they need it.
    -Handles pressure well
      Dealing with overbearing employers with borderline unreasonable demands meant that he had to keep a level head or else
    -Mildly manipulative
      Despite keeping his actual feelings hidden, he looked for ways to get his employers to either agree with his ideas or at least discard their foolish ones. A word here, a comment there, and he'd eventually get them to change their tunes.
    -Generally Passive Aggressive
      If he was angry, he'd never let people know with blatant statements or fits of rage; it would always be little things that would make life harder for them. Never things that could get blamed on him doing his job incorrectly, but annoyances all the same. Most of the time, the targets never knew that he was peeved at them.
    -Certain things will make him throw down the gauntlet though
      Being a total dick to his friends is the only way to make this happen.
    -Class differences are ingrained
      He has always been a servant, and that will always be his rank. Even though the Epidemic has effectively leveled the playing field for everyone, he still cannot see himself on equal footing with those with illustrious families. Other people, he doesn't hold to the same ideology, however.
    Affiliations -Lady Caitlin- QAQ
    -Other Frontier Brains from Sinnoh/Johto
    -Lucian- they somehow know each other because sinnoh book nerds
    User Notes -I like toying with the idea of servants suddenly losing masters apparently
    -Last name is a placeholder, but I'm trash and it might stay.
    -A good pianist
    -Has a habit of picking up books that are still in good condition and keeping them.

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