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Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova)


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Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova) Empty Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova)

Post by Kaze Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:14 pm

Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova) 33vevm9

Quintus "Quint"
Text Color #daa520 Pokemon Gold color
Item None
Gender Male
Age Young Adult (20)
Species #180, Flaaffy, The Wool Pokémon
Height 2'07"
Weight 29.3lbs
Pokédex Entry Flaaffy's wool quality changes so that it can generate a high amount of static electricity with a small amount of wool. The bare and slick parts of its hide are shielded against electricity. -“Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby
Level 26
Ability Static-Chance to paralyze on contact.
Nature Jolly
Characteristic Likes to run.
Moves - Cotton Spore
- Brick Break (TM)
- Charge
- Thundershock
"When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them. They always travel in packs of five."- Throh's Pokedex entry, Pokémon white

His mother was a wild Flaaffy, his father a trainer's Ampharos and he was a sickly runt of a Mareep. In the dark after his birth he had bleated for his mother and been neglected for his stronger siblings. As the Flaaffy and her children travelled across the grasslands he was always the one that struggled to keep up.
Whenever he managed to sneak in to feed one of his siblings would inevitably butt him aside in their own desire to feed.
In his mother's eyes he was not her son...
Across the grassy plains of Unova he trailed at her side as she returned to her flock in the White Forest. Baa'ing weakly he grew up a sick child. He didn't have the strength of his siblings and when in due time his mother moved on to greener pastures elsewhere in Unova there was one Mareep that hadn't managed to keep up on the long migration.
He lost his mother's trail on the tiring journey and as the golden wooled Mareep wandered with aching hooves through the dark stoned pavements to Pinwheel Forest.
Losing track of his mother's hoofprints in the long thick grass he called out constantly for her but with no reply.

He was found and named by the pokemon that found the tattered electric type smashing away at the Challenge Rock with his frustration.
The fighting types saw a potential in him that his flock did not and so the halfstarved Mareep was taken in as the fifth member of a band of Throh.
The frisky lamb like pokemon was encouraged to find his own food and fight using the Brick Break powerful kick he had learnt from his father.
They even gave him his name.
Quintus, the fifth one.

Quintus spent his time battling the other members of the band, learning how to roll with the punches and bounce back from a powerful throw. Every day the band practised punching and kicking at the Challenge Rock to chip away ever greater slivers of stone from the great tough star stone.
He never grew to his proper size but he grew tough. Beneath his blue fur his weak body grew stronger. He learnt how to kick harder, move swifter and focus devestating blasts of electricity in his curled wool. Life in the forest was simple.
The grass was long and delicious with the taste of the morning dew and wherever the four Throh that were his parents and mentors went there was a little blue furred Mareep running to catch up with them.
Soon he found his new found strength start to show in strange ways. He started to shed his thick coat to reveal the softer bare skin beneath. His kicks grew more powerful and more than once he managed to paralyze one of his group with his shock filled fleece. Slowly he managed to rear back on his hind legs and so he began to evolve into a Flaaffy.

Quintus was overjoyed at finally being able to walk upright like the Throh that had raised him. He practised walking on his hind legs until he could dart around faster than ever and deliver a powerful punch with his grey front hooves. He was finally important and even if he was a different species altogether he finally had a place where he belonged.
Everything changed with the infection.
The highly honourable Throh's considered it their duty to protect the pokemon of the forest. He went with them as a matter of course.
The battle was was bloody and confused as as it drew on their numbers slowly began to dwindle.
Alone again.
Once again he was left to wander alone in search of the place where he belonged.
Appearance A normal looking male Flaaffy with dark markings. When using Charge his fur turns a bright yellow as electricity is drawn to the fibres at the surface in preparation for a Thundershock release. While he still looks very much like a cute lamb he is larger in preparation for his evolution. A look of determination is his default expression. In battle he is rather aggressive and surprisingly swift. The blue orb on his tail will glow brightly when he is about to release an attack. He prefers to stand upright.
He has uneven black stripes along his ears and tail as well as around his hooves, up his back and under his eyes which are a bright blue. He moves a lot like a professional boxer when about to deliver a Brick Break attack. He often runs around for no apparent reason.
Personality Quintus, Quint for short is a determined battler from his hard training. He has no problem simply darting into the fray with his Brick Break attack and uses his great speed to swiftly dodge attacks. Naturally an optomistic personality he believes it is important for everyone to keep their spirits up. Even if he comes against a far stronger opponent he will fight to the death to protect others. He has a great fear of being left alone and tends to swiftly try to bond with any living he can find. The only thing that really makes him feel sad is mentions of his past.
Quintus is determined that he has earnt his own way through life and that any worth he has he has earnt himself. He is very protective of those younger than him as he learnt from his Throh companions. When not in battle he can come across as rather hyperactive due to his defensive habit of keeping near constantly in motion. In times of distress he seems to forget how to speak and merely bleats instead.
User Notes -]Image courtesy of an amazing artist and their Pokédex of realistic Pokémon pictures.
-Name means "5" in Latin.
-Learnt Brick Break from his Ampharos father who he has never met.
-Is very close to evolving

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Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova) Empty Re: Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova)

Post by Mewtwo Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:40 am

There needs to be proof of approval that the artist let you use this image, not just you giving credit.

If he never met his father then he couldn't have learned a TM from him.

Also his markings give him more than 25% color change so he will need a shiny ticket, which you don't have.


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Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova) Empty Re: Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova)

Post by Kaze Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:02 am

Put this in inactive please <3

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Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova) Empty Re: Quintus the Flaaffy (Castle, Unova)

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