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    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot}


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    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Empty Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot}

    Post by Abysswalker Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:53 pm

    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} XfD8XX
    (art by Min)

    other art:

    Christopher "Chris"
    Text Color f2851c
    Theme(s) Undertale
    Item Universal communicator, Weather Trio charm necklace, shoulder bag containing: his non-functioning cell phone, first aid supplies, notebook, three crochet hooks of various sizes, Bolt Badge, canteen, flashlight, rations, a small crocheted scarf, and some extra Pokeballs)
    Weapons Machete, handgun, his Pokemon
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/Him
    Birthdate March 24th
    Age 21
    Species Human
    Weight 130 lbs
    Height 5'8"
    Region of origin Unova
    Occupation Trainer
    Party Stannis and Ninten were given as gifts from Matt; Din was a gift from his mom. The rest were caught personally by Chris throughout his travels.
    Pkm 1
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Sawsbuck-spring
    Name/Gender: Stannis/male
    Text colour: ffb90f
    Species: Sawsbuck
    Level: 59
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Attack list:
    -Horn Leech (Lvl. Up)
    -Jump Kick (Pre-Evolution)
    -Return (TM)
    -Thunder Wave (TM)
    Pkm 2
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Reuniclus
    Name/Gender: Ninten/male
    Text colour: cc99cc
    Species: Reuniclus
    Level: 53
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Attack list:
    -Psychic (Pre-Evolution)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Hidden Power [Electric] (Lvl. Up)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    Pkm 3
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Vaporeon
    Name/Gender: Atlas/male
    Text colour: 5c6393
    Species: Vaporeon
    Level: 49
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Attack list:
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Hydro Pump (Lvl. Up)
    -Acid Armor (Lvl. Up)
    -Signal Beam (Tutor)
    **Taller than most Vaporeon at 4'1"
    Pkm 4
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Larvesta
    Name/Gender: Din/female
    Text colour: cd0000
    Species: Larvesta
    Level: 39
    Ability: Flame Body
    Attack list:
    -Magnet Rise (Bred)
    -Flame Charge (Lvl. Up)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    -Take Down (Lvl. Up)
    Pkm 5
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Manectric
    Name/Gender: Astora/female
    Text colour: 567e34
    Species: Manectric
    Level: 52
    Ability: Lightningrod
    Attack list:
    -Protect (TM)
    -Hidden Power [Ghost] (TM)
    -Discharge (Lvl. Up)
    -Flame Burst (Bred)
    Pkm 6
    Trainer Chris {Fallarbor|Plot} Skarmory
    Name/Gender: Cassandra/female
    Text colour: d19275
    Species: Skarmory
    Level: 47
    Ability: Sturdy
    Attack list:
    -Steel Wing (Lvl. Up)
    -Spikes (Lvl. Up)
    -Sandstorm (TM)
    -Stealth Rock (Tutor)
    Quote "It says here...you're pretty great."
    History Once upon twenty-one years ago, a boy named Chris was born. The youngest of three children, he was almost always the one who had no idea what was going on with their family or the tension between his parents. After they divorced, and Chris' mom gained full custody, she and the three kids moved out of Driftveil City and to Nimbasa. It was a really nice place, but a little too much for such a small child-he often stayed at home rather than going out, and didn't really have a lot of friends outside of school. The only other kid Chris would eventually befriend in his younger years was a girl who, for a reason he never actually learned, went by the name Rionix. She was far more energetic than fiery than the shy Chris, and ended up being the only one that encouraged him to be more social. As much as he liked being at home and hanging out with his siblings, it was also fun to be out of their apartment and running around the city with Rionix. There was one thing, however, that they starkly differed on, and that was their views on Pokemon Trainers. Rionix had a lot of Pokemon at home, ones she'd apparently brought with her from Kanto, but the only one Chris was ever around a lot was his mother's Volcarona. He also knew fully well that Matt had a strong desire to be a trainer, and that meant he would one day leave. It was the last thing Chris wanted.

    Sure enough, when Chris was eight years old, Matt finally persuaded their mom to let him get a starter and become a trainer. Though he took a couple of weeks to spend with his siblings first before leaving, it wasn't enough to ease Chris' fears. He hated the idea of there only being two siblings at their home rather than all three, and his uncertainty towards Pokemon training eventually grew into dislike. No matter how much Rionix tried to explain why she wanted to be a trainer, Chris childishly refused to listen. But one day, after arguing with Rionix over the subject, they were approached by none other than Nimbasa's famous Gym Leader, Elesa. After listening to Chris' reasons for not liking the concept of Pokemon battling, she invited him and Rionix both to some Pokemon matches she was holding at her Gym that day. Though reluctant, he was admittedly a little interested in seeing how things worked at a Gym...and Elesa was way too cool. He accepted the offer, and it would end up being the catalyst for his eventual career as a Pokemon Trainer. At Elesa's gym, Chris saw the coordination and teamwork between human and Pokemon, the energized bonds between trainers and their partners as they worked to earn the Bolt Badge. Elesa lost only a couple of times, but each one brought a smile to her face despite the defeat. She encouraged the ones who did not win, praised the ones who earned the badge, and admonished those who thought it right to blame their Pokemon for the loss.

    Though he denied it at first, it was then that Chris could see why so many people were drawn to being a trainer. There was something special about the bond between a human and a Pokemon, something he wanted to experience.

    A little while after, Matt arrived back at their home to visit. The two kids were excited and beyond happy to see their brother, and just about swamped him with hugs; after, he surprised them with two Pokemon, one for the two of them-a Togepi for Rose and a Deerling for Chris. They adored the Pokemon and were endlessly grateful to Matt for his gift, doting over the small creatures and trying to decide on names. Chris would name his Deerling Stannis, after a book character from a series he had technically never been forbidden to read. The little Grass-type seemed to adore him from the start, and Chris made sure to take good care of him. Rionix doted over Stannis, demanding that he be introduced to her own little army of Pokemon, and Chris felt real joy. His brother's Pokemon loved their trainer, and that went for Rionix as well; even if bad apples existed, didn't most of them treat their Pokemon well? Chris couldn't help but wonder if he'd always been wrong about such things, or simply timid. Soon, Rose left for her own journey, though she seemed to be a lot more relaxed about it, and interested in traveling with her Pokemon rather than battling. Chris felt like he was being cooped up in Nimbasa. His siblings weren't around as much, and he missed them dearly, yet he was stuck there instead of out in the world. He wanted to find out what being a trainer was like.

    The wait would not last forever, though. Finally, finally, Chris began his journey as a trainer with Stannis by his side, able to travel with Rionix and her small Pokemon army. He trained Stannis and learned how life worked outside the cities, and both he and Rionix earned their first badge with relative ease. Chris found that he loved the thrill of battle, the accomplishment he felt, and his pride in Stannis; his Deerling had become strong. Rionix could beat him every time, despite using only one of her Pokemon in their matches, but Chris didn't mind. They were closer than ever as they traveled Unova, battling other trainers and seeing wild Pokemon, or spending time in the cities. Meeting new people, expanding his view of the world...it did wonders for Chris' young mind. Of course things weren't perfect, nothing was, but he did not regret making the decision to start a Pokemon journey. Seeing Elesa's look of pride when he earned the Bolt Badge made everything worth it.

    But as time passed and they grew older, Chris and Rionix began to drift apart. Their personalities constantly clashed, leading to nasty arguments or fights; soon, he wasn't enjoying his life anymore. He found himself being almost always angry or irritated, which only lead to more fighting between him and his childhood friend. Badges, exploration, new Pokemon-all of it was forgotten in the face of their slowly dying friendship. Finally, it could not bear the weight of their animosity anymore. They parted ways on horrible terms, and with that, Chris' old enthusiasm and drive failed him. Not even the calm and gentle Stannis could encourage him to keep traveling, and Chris returned home to Nimbasa, wondering if he was truly cut out to be a trainer.

    Being back in Nimbasa meant Chris went back to his isolation, usually staying in the house if his siblings were around or going to the outskirts of the city with his Pokemon. Chris felt like he had no purpose anymore. What was the point of having friends or keeping a stable social life? He was distant, and not as sociable as he was when he had been with Rionix, but there was someone who would drag him out of that as well. There was a boy from Hoenn, one only a year younger than him, someone who was much too happy and optimistic to the point of almost being irritating. But that boy had seen Chris with his Reuniclus, Ninten, and had found the psychic-type beyond adorable-adorable enough to ask his trainer all sorts of questions. What was his name, where he'd evolved, stuff like that. But even though Chris was put off by the boy's seemingly endless energy, for some reason he simply couldn't tell him to just leave him alone. Chris learned his new acquaintance was named Luke, but he went by the nickname of Lyka-"I just thought of it one day, and it kinda stuck," he would explain. But Lyka motivated Chris to go places, and to talk to other people again. Though he couldn't fix every one of his problems, just being there was enough for Chris.

    Soon, Matt returned for another visit, though Rose was still out somewhere. Having a friends there and one of his siblings as well was enough to make Chris happier than he'd been in a long time, and he found motivation-no, inspiration to once more strive to become a better trainer. During this time, Chris and Lyka made plans to set off together as Chris and Rionix had once done before, as the boy had developed an interest in training his Pokemon after being around Chris. It took months for Lyka to finally be able to leave without anything holding him back, but Chris didn't mind-as long as he could be out in Unova again, he didn't care how long it took. Lyka was a far more timid trainer than himself, so Chris had to help him out, and was there when his friend challenged gyms he'd already beaten, offering advice and giving encouragement. When they went back to Nimbasa for the gym there, Chris was glad to see Elesa again after avoiding her for so long, and she was proud of him for regaining his love of being a trainer.

    Eventually, Lyka had to return to Hoenn due to a family emergency, and Chris said goodbye with a promise to stay in touch. As he continued his travels, he focused on one day taking on the Elite Four, and set both himself and his Pokemon on a tough-but not cruel-training regime. Though he was not as strong as Matt was, that didn't mean Chris couldn't try. He was so absorbed in his efforts that he postponed going to Kalos with the rest of his family, promising to meet up with them the next week. It was the biggest mistake of his life, even more so than failing to fix his friendship with Rionix, because in that one week the world went to hell. It started with screams in the night, and Chris fleeing on the back of his Skarmory Cassandra to a safer place...only to find none. Pokemon were turning feral and savage, tearing apart anything in their path, unable to be stopped even by death itself. He couldn't get to his Pokemon in the PC, and Nimbasa wasn't safe. Kalos was too far. His friends, family...were they okay? Were they even alive?

    Being stuck in a literal hell, Chris never got to find out. All he could do was survive with his Pokemon, enough to make it to Hoenn. Though his father was from the region and had eventually moved back, Chris knew next to nothing about it. He wandered through the land, hoping to come across his dad's property, and maybe find him there. Perhaps he and Chris' stepmom had made it out of Kalos; maybe even the whole family had. Wandering through ash fields, Chris held onto that hope in his heart.

    Past the ash fields was Fallarbor, a small town whose name Chris barely remembered. He'd expected to find nothing, maybe an odd undead or two, but what there was something else there he would've never thought of in a thousand years. It was a Legendary Pokemon, of all things, one from Sinnoh. Azelf. Chris had never believed in Legends as gods, but even so, seeing such a mythical Pokemon right before his eyes could not be described as only "awe-inspiring." Together, they rebuilt the town, turning it into a place that Chris could call home. Azelf would eventually have to leave, with Chris promising he would use Fallarbor to help other survivors. Over the years, he stayed in Fallarbor; being the only person there, he was unwilling to leave the place to fall apart. Chris could only hope that, by some miracle, the people he knew would find him there...or at the very least, live so that they could one day meet again.
    Accent Slight Southern US (I’m from Texas okay LMAO)
    Appearance 5'8", so average height; naturally lean, though still a little underweight due to lessened appetite
    Prominent jawline/cheekbones, overall "bony" structure, shadows under his eyes from stress and exhaustion alike
    Emotions are easily read through his expressions and facial features, though his normal one is fairly neutral  if a little distracted-looking
    He does not stand straight; his weight shifts onto his right side
    Green eyes and choppy, uneven dark blonde hair; Chris personally cuts it on occasion, but he's not really that good at it
    Prefers bigger/baggy clothing, though not too lose; loves flannels and striped shirts of any colour. Also wears a necklace with tiny statuettes of the Hoenn Weather Trio
    Religion Agnostic
    Personality +Friendly+
    -Chris genuinely likes people, and loves to talk with them. On good days, he can easily initiate conversations and enjoy the time spent in the presence of others.
    -Approachable, doesn't try to come off as intimidating or aggressive
    +A little shy+
    -Chris does have trouble initiating conversation with people he doesn't know well; this actually gets worse if there are less people around rather than more. He is much more comfortable around already established friends or simply being by himself.
    -On some days, though, this can get very bad, and make Chris adverse to human presence altogether-this usually morphs into irritation and a stubborn refusal to talk rather than outright nervousness
    +Good sense of humor+
    -Thick-skinned and not easily offended, Chris loves both making jokes or hearing those of others. Has a particular love of pun and good-natured sarcasm is a second language to him
    -During his good moods, and depending upon the circumstances, Chris can be the life of the party; he loves a good time, and isn't very judgmental towards what a person's idea of a good time is. Don't do anything that would hurt another person, and he's cool with it
    -When he's around other humans, Chris feels as if every eye is on him, and judging his every movement. This has made him a rather extreme perfectionist, and his mind doesn't let him forget even the tiniest mistakes or embarrassments. Despite usually needing human company, there are times when Chris cannot feel calm and be around them at the same time
    +Harshly self-critical+
    -Incredibly cruel to himself mentally, constantly demeaning/insulting/criticizing himself in an endless cycle of vicious thoughts that don't go away
    -Chris completely believes that he's unintelligent, annoying, crude, unattractive, and altogether an awful person to be around
    -There are two parts to his paranoia. The first is an irrational fear regarding physical injury and pain, mostly regarding damage done to his neck and throat-he will often subconsciously keep his throat from being exposed, such as looking down or covering it up with his flannel
    -Chris is also paranoid over the safety of his family and friends, and whether they would even want him around if that were alive-doubts plague him constantly, and he's beginning to strongly believe that even if he was willing to leave Fallarbor to fall apart, his loved ones would never take him back  
    -While Chris still has his Pokemon, he genuinely misses the company of his siblings and friends; he's dreadfully short of human contact and nobody has yet to stumble upon his little town
    -While he's plagued by loneliness, it's also a bit of a relief, as no bandits, looters, or thieves have troubled him yet
    +Temper issues+
    -For his entire life, Chris has struggled to reign in his emotions, especially anger and irritation; though he's experienced enough to keep them under control, it's not at all easy, and sometimes he can be completely overwhelmed with strong, often negative feelings he can't keep in check at that moment
    -Has a tendency to take out his frustration and rage onto inanimate objects-or himself
    +Bottles up feelings+
    -Sometimes, Chris thinks, people just do not want to hear about how he feels. And when he thinks that, those emotions get buried deep in a vain hope that they will not resurface
    -He despises how overemotional he sees himself as and will do anything to stop it, even as those repressed, ignored thoughts and feelings begin to hurt him more and more
    -Chris has a much more optimistic view on life than one would usually have in an apocalypse, developed as a way to keep himself from giving up entirely as the years dragged on with no hope of seeing his family or friends
    -Though his moral viewpoint is, for the most part, stuck in a grey area, he likes to think that people can improve and overcome the mistakes of their past
    -Chris is easily attached, and losing someone-no matter how it happens-will hurt him badly. He's very dependent on the companionship of others, either people or Pokemon; though he has times where he isolates himself, doing so is almost always detrimental to his mind
    -Chris is very giving, whether it be actual supplies, emotional support, providing shelter, et cetera. He is also realistic about it, though, and thinks of the needs of his own Pokemon and himself when determining if he can actually be of any help. Luckily, Fallarbor has given him a greater opportunity and more resources to assist any survivors that happen to come his way.
    -There are very few things people can do that Chris cannot eventually come to forgive them for. He's very accepting of mistakes and the people who make them, even if he's been personally hurt. However, Chris can be too hasty at times, 'forgiving' someone of something they've done to him without first coming to terms with it, taking away his time and opportunity to properly heal
    -Chris is the kind of person who wants other people to feel good about themselves, because as he knows all too well, low self-esteem sucks. He does his best to be supportive and positive presence when others are unsure of themselves.
    -Gives out compliments like candy, and means it when he says them.
    +Has trouble letting go+
    -The past sticks with him for a long time. His memory doesn't like giving up anything, especially not the things that hurt Chris the most-and he can dwell on these instances for days, sending him into a worsening depression that never really leaves for good
    +Can have mood swings+
    -His mental wellbeing is not always 100%, and his mood is especially vulnerable. Though the changes do not happen in an instant, they can be notable to those who are consistently around him. Often this causes him to snap at people he doesn't intend to be angry at, or make him feel irritated, paranoid, and isolated.
    +Easily worried+
    -Whether it's over family, his close friends, or his own self, worry never seems to leave Chris. His mind will panic and linger over the worst-case scenarios, no matter how unlikely they are; this tends to either make him very jittery and agitated or just plain sick
    -Chris has a strong imagination and a great love for stories, whether it be his own or those of other people. He enjoys reading books or writing short little stories himself, though sharing them with others is something that is incredibly rare.
    -Chris is constantly worried about other people judging him, and feels as if there are always eyes on him watching his movements, waiting for him to slip up. He's aware that this behavior is not rational, but he cannot stop the feeling of anxiety and embarrassment when they decide to flare up.

    User Notes Some parts of his history are copied from the old one, because they are the exact same and rewriting would've taken forever.
    Reworked to make him less of a douche and more of a character I feel comfortable writing for.
    Some Pokemon he loves are: Fletchinder, Houndoom, Klefki, Altaria, any Eeveelution, Mightyena, Absol, Typhlosion, Raichu, Swellow, Liepard, Zangoose, among countless others. Absolutely adores Dark, Fire, and Electric types, though Shaymin and Registeel are his favourite Legendaries.
    Bisexual, with a leaning towards other men; is far more likely to develop physical attraction over emotional and is fully aware of that fact.
    Adores the colour orange, cats, warm blankets, fleece jackets, doodling, and autumn. Basically a giant softie.

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