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    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot))


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    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Empty Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:02 pm

    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) W0wehGT

    Miranda Leclair
    Text Color #EEAEEE
    Item Small satchel with only a few dried rations, a leather cask of water, sewing repair kit, eyeglass repair kit, diary, a picture of her family before her mother died
    Weapons Tire iron and really fast feet
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
    Birthdate 07/10
    Age 16
    Species Human
    Weight 98.3lbs
    Height 5’06”
    Region of origin Kalos
    Occupation Pokemon Trainer
    Party She specializes in Fairy and Ghost type Pokemon. The only Pokemon she did not raise herself is the Aegislash that belonged to her father. Though the Floette, who used to belong to her mother, was already well trained before Miranda received her.
    Pkm 1
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_6x_681B
       Name/Gender- Durandal / M
       Text colour- #B5A642
       Species- #681/Aegislash/Royal Sword Pokémon
       Level- 61
       Ability- Stance Change
       Attack list-
       -King’s Shield (LVL)
       -Sacred Sword (LVL)
       -Flash Cannon (TM)
       -Iron Head (LVL)
       ** Durandal belonged to Miranda’s father. When Edmond died protecting his daughter Durandal took it upon himself to care for her, knowing it is what his trainer would have wanted.
    Pkm 2
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_6x_707
       Name/Gender- Esmé / M
       Text colour- #D1EEEE
       Species- #707/Klefki/Key Ring Pokémon
       Level- 35
       Ability- Prankster
       Attack list-
       -Spikes (LVL)
       -Crafty Shield (LVL)
       -Foul Play (LVL)
       -Draining Kiss (LVL)
       **Miranda’s very first Pokemon and her best friend in the whole world
    Pkm 3
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_6x_710
       Name/Gender- Thérèse /F
       Text colour- #E47833
       Species- #710/Pumpkaboo/Pumpkin Pokémon
       Level- 23
       Ability- Pickup
       Attack list-
       -Trick-or-Treat (LVL)
       -Astonish (LVL)
       -Razor Leaf (LVL)
       -Energy Ball (TM)
       **Won at a Halloween carnival in her home town and one of her more frequently used Pokemon
    Pkm 4
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_6x_682
       Name/Gender- Madeline / F
       Text colour- #CD6090
       Species- #682/Spritzee/ Perfume Pokémon
       Level- 25
       Ability- Healer
       Attack list-
       -Draining Kiss (LVL)
       -Fairy Wind (LVL)
       -Calm Mind (LVL)
       -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
       **The first Pokemon she caught on her journey with Esmé, and her friend since childhood
    Pkm 5
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_6x_670
       Name/Gender- Aimée / F
       Text colour- #90EE90
       Species- #670/Floette/Single Bloom Pokémon
       Level- 38
       Ability- Flower Veil
       Attack list-
       -Petal Blizzard (LVL)
       -Wish (LVL)
       -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
       -Calm Mind (TM)
       **Her mother’s Pokemon, left to her in her will after she passed away from a long illness. Aimée  loves Miranda like a sister and is very protective of her
    Pkm 6
    Miranda the Human Trainer ((Oceanside, Plot)) Spr_4h_200
       Name/Gender- François / M
       Text colour- #694489
       Species- #200/Misdreavus/Screech Pokémon
       Level- 29
       Ability- Levitate
       Attack list-
       -Psybeam (LVL)
       -Hex (LVL)
       -Shadow Ball (TM)
       -Confuse Ray (LVL)
       **Rescued from being abandoned, François owes everything to Miranda and her father.
    Quote ”People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings.”
    History Miranda never really knew hardship before the Epidemic. Pain yes, and loss, but the despair that came from the end of the world was something no one could have prepared her for.

    She was born in Kalos, the region of beauty and light, to a rather wealthy couple in the magical city of Lumiose. Her mother was a well-known fashion icon and her father a renowned trainer and both of them loved their daughter very much. They offered their daughter every advantage they could think of, the best schools, the best clothes, and even her pick of Pokemon when she was old enough to take her own journey. Miranda was a shy child and the stronger Pokemon intimidated her, so she found herself leaning towards the smaller, gentler creatures. She laughed and played with several of the Fairy types, which she seemed to be drawn too, but the one who captured the young child’s heart was a Klefki. He was small and shy just like her but was still putting forth a big smile, something the young girl had long wished she could do. Choosing him she took him home, and named the small Fairy Esmé. She and Esmé went everywhere together, her new friend helping give Miranda more confidence in herself and allowing her the courage to travel outside of her home to explore new places and discover new Pokemon.

    The young heroine didn’t make it far in her journey, however, as only a few months in she received word from home that her mother had fallen very ill. Wasting no time the child immediately rushed back to the safety of Lumiose and to the side of her mother, spending the next several days tending to her and doing everything she could to ease her mother’s suffering. Sadly, despite the doctors and her family’s best efforts, Genevieve passed away in the night and left Miranda and her father Edmond all alone. At first Edmond was closed off from his daughter, growing into fits of sorrowed rage any time she was around because of her similar appearance. His isolation became even more apparent after the reading of the will in which Genevieve had granted her best friend, a Floette, to Miranda to watch over her. Edmond couldn’t face the reality of his wife’s death and soon after a particularly nasty incident ended up with Miranda getting wrongfully, and painfully, slapped. She ran away.

    After the first night she didn’t come home Edmond became distraught, realizing he had pushed away and the fear of losing her after so soon losing his wife tore at his soul. It took three days for the search parties to find her, hidden in a wooded route near the city, but despite his joy at finding Miranda alive when he reached out to hug her she couldn’t help but flinch. It broke his heart, and from that moment on Edmond swore to be the best father he could be to make up for ever hurting his daughter like that. And so it was, for several years, just the two of them. Edmond retired from active training and stuck to the local café’s for whenever he needed a battle, focusing his time on getting Miranda through school instead. Miranda, in turn, began to take care of her father. She kept the house neat, food on the table that her father hadn’t over seasoned and burned to death, and even helped keep the family in budget with her father’s trainer earnings being much lower than they used to be. It was a good life, until the Epidemic hit.

    At first Kalos wasn’t sure what to make of the news coming from Johto and the other regions, until they began to have a rash of mysterious infections on their hands. Pokemon everywhere where getting sick and their humans too, with the disease proving fatal to all. But unlike the humans, after they died the Pokemon would get back up again, tearing their way through the remaining uninfected. Edmond proved a capable survivor and gathered his own group to escape the ravaged city, escaping to the mountains where they set up their own small camp. They welcomed others warmly until one day, when their numbers were too big to miss, that the infected found them.

    After the fall of their camp Edmond and Miranda were on their own. They spent their days wandering the region and their nights barricaded in any shelter they could find, Miranda relying on her father for much of the fighting whenever they had to escape due to the usually too low level of her Pokemon. For two years this method worked, but fate eventually caught up to them. A Barbaracle appeared out of nowhere from the sand near their shelter and Edmond fought back ferociously to keep it from his daughter. His pokemon began to fall, one by one, until only his Aegislash remained. Edmond ordered the ghostly warrior to escape with Miranda as the Barbaracle once again came at him, easily tearing his arm from his body. It began to tear at his body even as Edmond screamed, crying through the blood and pain for his Pokemon to protect his only daughter and so he did, grabbing his young charge and racing through the night with the echoing sounds of his trainer’s painful demise.

    It has been three weeks since that night, and Miranda is still on her own, lost and afraid with no idea of what to do now that she is alone.
    Accent Light French
    Appearance On first glance Miranda looks like any other Kalosian, well dressed and carrying herself with grace. Her strawberry hair often draws attention after that first impression, falling in cropped layers just below her jawline and framing her face well. Aqua blue eyes peek out from beneath half-moon eyeglasses and swirl with gentle emotion and compassion while a Gracidea flower pin in her cap helps to distract the attention away from her shy gaze. While albeit a rather plain girl, her color scheme helps to lend the teenager a somewhat more feminine appearance. Even though the clothes she wears are somewhat tattered and dirty, Miranda works to maintain them very diligently as she knows that she can’t just stop and change clothes in the middle of the Epidemic, so any tears are carefully stitched and dirt stains washed only when safe to do so. The Epidemic has not been kind to this poor soul, so despite her outward appearance on the inside Miranda is having a hard time adjusting to life without her father.
    Personality Miranda is truly warm and kind-hearted, and strives to believe the best of people. She values harmony and cooperation, and is very sensitive to other people's feelings. She is normally very observant and constantly takes in information about people and situations that is personally important to them, and stores it away. This tremendous store of information is usually startlingly accurate, because Miranda has an exceptional memory about things that are important to her.

    She has always learned best by doing, rather than by reading about something in a book and this is what led her to becoming an avid trainer. Her fascination with the world making her life on the road with her father a happy one until the Epidemic. She naturally feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty, having developed this trait after years of watching her father, and she takes her responsibilities very seriously. Miranda can always be counted on to follow through. But because of this she often has a difficult time saying "no" when asked to do something, even if she knows it may be beyond her abilities.

    Miranda is usually very aware of other people's feelings and due to it will often not express her own, preferring to keep things inside. Especially if they are negative feelings. But just as the she is not likely to express her own feelings she is also bad about letting others know she knows how they are feeling. However, she will always speak up when she feel someone really needs help. Her biggest problem is actually caused by her deep seated emotions, and during a time of strong negative emotion can easily slip into depression causing her to shut herself away internally until the outward source is dealt with. This has become especially problematic since her father’s death and as the days pass she struggles more and more to find even a reason to wake up.
    Affiliations Father – (deceased)
    Mother – (deceased)
    User Notes -If she has the right resources Miranda is a very decent cook, having taught herself after her mother passed away because her father’s cooking was terrible and she wanted to help
    -With both of her parents gone Miranda is lost as to where she is supposed to go now

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