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    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]]


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    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Empty Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]]

    Post by Silverishness Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:24 pm

    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] 284px-Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Archie

    Archibald "Archie" Aogiri
    Text Color #217FAA
    Theme(s) Hoist the Colors
    Davy Jones
    Item Ridiculous wetsuit and bling, working Pokemon Comm, waterproof matches, solar-powered flashlight, rations, water flask, some rum, a few pictures of himself and his friends, toothpicks, bandana, medical kit.
    Weapons Trident, Taser, Knife,  Saracen Scimitar
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/Him/His
    Birthdate 7/14
    Age 37
    Species Human
    Weight 268.4 lbs
    Height 6'6"
    Hometown Olivine, Johto
    Occupation Former Aqua Leader/ Former Rocket Grunt/ Pirate
    Party His Crobat and Muk both perished in retaking the Magma Hideout.
    Pkm 1
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_262
    Name/Gender- Bosun [M]
    Text colour- #B85C6C
    Species- Mightyena
    Level- 59
    Ability- Quick Feet
    Attack list-
    -Swagger (TM)
    -Foul Play (Tutor)
    -Roar (TM)
    -Sucker punch (Learned)
    **One of Archie's oldest companions
        Holds Toxic Orb.
    Pkm 2
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_319
    Name/Gender- Dunun [M]
    Text colour- #D4D4E0
    Species-  Sharpedo
    Level- 65
    Ability- Speed Boost
    Attack list-
    -Protect (TM)
    -Waterfall (HM)
    -Poison Jab (TM)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    **One of Archie's oldest companions
       Holds Sharpedonite
    Pkm 3
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_230
    Name/Gender- Triton [M]
    Text colour- #F1B239
    Species- Kingdra
    Level- 63
    Ability- Sniper
    Attack list-
    -Focus Energy (Learned)
    -Draco Meteor (Tutor)
    -Brine (Learned)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    **Acquired just after the Groudon crisis
       Holds Scope Lens
    Pkm 4
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_186_f
    Name/Gender- Jetty [F]
    Text colour- #A8DC60
    Species- Politoed
    Level- 55
    Ability- Drizzle
    Attack list-
    -Protect (TM)
    -Scald (TM)
    -Swagger (Learned)
    -Toxic (TM)
    **Acquired while out at sea during the Epidemic.
       Holds Leftovers
    Pkm 5
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_310_s
    Name/Gender- Amp [F]
    Text colour- #899498
    Species- Manectric
    Level- 59
    Ability- Lightningrod
    Attack list-
    -Thunder (Learned)
    -Signal Beam (Tutor)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Hidden Power [Grass] (TM)
    **Amp had been a sort of pet for a long time before Archie decided to train her. Main duty around the base is the upkeep of electrical devices and generators
       Holds Life Orb
    Pkm 6
    Water trash aka Kyogre's boyfriend AKA 2 MAN 4 U [[WIP]] Spr_6x_130_f
    Name/Gender- Calypso [F]
    Text colour- #7BC0C3
    Species- Gyarados
    Level- 60
    Ability- Moxie
    Attack list-
    -Outrage (Learned)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Waterfall (HM)
    -Iron Head (Tutor)
    **Found just after the Groudon crisis as a Magikarp. Archie always dreamed of owning a Gyarados, and so eagerly trained her.
       Holds Choice Scarf
    Quote "... The sea or the land... Pokémon or humanity... All this time we've just been trying to grab onto happiness for one of them, even if it meant destroying the other... Look at how things have turned out, now the world's got its natural balance back... We've got to rethink this thing from the very start... We've got to redo everything we've done from scratch—and get it right this time. Whaddaya say? Maxie..."
    History Archie was born in the port city of Olivine in Johto. His parents were incredibly wealthy, overseeing the town's port as their sole owners and so small Archie wanted for nothing. His birth, he soon discovered however, was a business venture. His parents needed an heir for their money and instead of picking a distant or unworthy relative, they decided to have a child to soak up their gargantuan success. They treated the young child as little more than a strange pet, giving him vague affection before dumping him with a governess or nanny.

    It didn't take long for the resentment of not only his parents but of all things associated with them to take root and grow. He quickly lashed out and became rebellious, sneaking out of school, lessons, anything really to go out and play in the ocean or the lighthouse. Every day, he'd escape his prison of niceties and holding in flatulence to gaze in awe of the sea and all the possibilities that came with it. The sight of the flat horizon, that flat line that stretched on forever... it hypnotized him. Seduced him. For out there was a world of endless potential and wonder. A place where he could do and be anything he wanted to be.

    He wanted that world. He needed that world.

    Things with his parents came to a head as they not only enrolled him into an out-of-region university, but also decided his major for him as well. Enraged, isolated and nearly friendless, Archie abandoned his childhood home in the dead of night, his poochyena his only companion as he took a taxi out of the city. No port would accept him without a note from his parents, but fortunately, he didn't need a ship to get on the train in Goldenrod.

    When he finally made it to Goldenrod, he eagerly boarded the train and made it into Kanto, where he was soon greeted by a well-dressed recruiter. Quickly finding himself out of money -probably should have grabbed some, oops- he accepted the recruiter's offer of joining Team Rocket. They sounded harmless enough, but then again, that's what recruiters were supposed to do. There were some things he was told to do that made him wonder whether or not he really should, but he enjoyed the freedom Rocket offered. For once, he was finally allowed to do as he pleased, whenever he pleased. He was able to talk to who he wanted and about whatever the fuck he fancied. He made plenty of friends rather easily, but one in particular stuck out in his mind.


    Archie adored the twiggy nerd the moment he laid eyes on him. Through Archie's sheer willpower, they did become friends, the former picking Maxie as a partner on missions whenever he could. Things went well enough for a time before the pair began to realize the darker intentions of their higher powers. The way the officers treated their pokemon... it wasn't right. But Archie never expected Maxie to do what he did on a single fateful night, a night that the both of them would remember for the rest of their lives.  Archie had tried to stop him. But no. Maxie's anger blinded him. He got into a fight with their squadron leader,  a pokemon battle when the leader threatened to take Maxie's pokemon. In a fit of rage, he ordered his Camerupt to use Earthquake... on a boat.

    They were in the middle of nowhere and the water was freezing. But Archie managed to grab the downed Maxie and get them to shore, the sole survivors of the wreck. There was a scare; Maxie wasn't breathing when they managed to get to shore, but thankfully Archie knew how to remedy that. When Maxie came to, there was a decision to be made: what did they do next? There was really only one option open to them: Instead of risking going back to Rocket, they agreed to flee the organization by going to Hoenn.

    For a time, the two lived together and became extremely close. They held a small apartment together with the both of them working the odd job here and there to keep rent and food. But Archie was too social to be kept isolated and he soon met new friends that shared his outgoing personality. They bonded quickly over the ocean and its infinite majesties as well as the problems that plagued it. It was with them they created a fantastic idea: a group of like-minded youths to band together and fix the oceans.

    Maxie was not enthused about the idea. Archie wasn't entirely sure why, but he figured it was due to the wreck that happened while they were with Rocket. Dismissing his lover's concerns, he went out again and again with his friends, each time becoming more dangerous than the last. The ocean herself was a fickle creature, as were the many hostile pokemon that lived in her depths. Coupled with unfriendly poachers and hazardous chemicals and materials, there was more than a few times where Archie came home wounded or barely came home at all. Often times, he'd cover the scars with tattoos to  help him forget their presence, but apparently it didn't work with everyone.

    One night, it seemed Maxie had had enough. Snapping into a rage the likes of which Archie had never seen before, the ginger laid into the latter with a ferocity that took Archie completely off guard. Of course, Archie was never a man to back down and the rage soon spiraled into a whirling cylcone of anger that ripped their relationship to shreds. Betrayed, hurt and torn, Archie packed his things and left that night, going to one of his other buddy's houses instead. For the next few years, he didn't bother trying to mend his relationship with Maxie, believing it to be a lost cause. But as Aqua grew into a formidable size, whispers slithered their way around Hoenn of another activist group. One that had a goal to increase the land for more people and pokemon.

    He didn't want to believe it at first. That his meek, mild Maxie would go to such lengths to fuck with him. But no-- there he was, leader of Team Magma. Archie soon diverted his attention to sleuthing and spying on Magma's movements instead of his normal goals, focusing on trying to find out Maxie's plans. They eventually came out on their own as a kid named Brendan found his way mixed up in the middle of the turf war. The plan itself was horrible and frightening-- to revive Groudon himself and expand the land that way. Archie did what he could to stop Maxie, but his ex-lover's fervor was too much. And so, Maxie quickly led the way to ruin. Despite everyone's efforts, the crazed man awakened Groudon. Horrified, it was soon clear that this Legend was no one's to be controlled and soon made its way to Sootopolis, plunging the region into a lethal heat.

    Thanks to Brendan's efforts, however, Groudon was defeated and placed back into his slumber, simultaneously bringing Maxie back to his senses. Once the two reuinited, they tried to mend the bonds broken so many years ago, but it was slow work. There was a lot of trust to gain back along with that friendship that had once been so strong.

    But it wasn't to last. Shortly after the Groudon crisis, another crisis swept the land with a ferocity that stunned and frightened Archie. An epidemic of crazed pokemon wreaked havoc in his home region, destroying much of it almost overnight. Terrified, he went to Slateport first to grab a boat for himself, Maxie and his other crew members. But once he went back to where Maxie should have been, he was gone, along with everyone else. Only corpses and ruin were there waiting for him. Devastated but not out of hope, he traveled along the shoreline for a year before returning to the thinned out Magma Base once most of the Undead had moved on. He, as well as another survivor he'd picked up along the way, cleared the base out and soon found it as a suitable home. Now, he runs the place with his companion and their pokemon, only hoping that one day they would be able to move back out into the world. For now, the sanctuary would have to do.

    Accent None
    Appearance A large, intimidating, bulky specimen of a man, Archie is a healthy, incredibly fit person. Despite being an avid swimmer and scuba enthusiast, Archie is remarkably hairy and can't seem to shave enough to rid himself of it. He sports a thick beard which he can only keep trim and wild ebony locks on his head that are only restrained by the bandana he's often seen wearing. He normally wears a wet suit when out among people, but when it's just himself and his pokemon, he... doesn't often bother with modesty.

    Beneath the wet suit, Archie's rich caramel skin is littered with tattoos. Most of them are large and each depicts one of his team members. A gyarados is circled around his left arm and hand, Mightyena is on his right shoulder and covers a decent amount of the same pectoral, the Aqua symbol is on his left shoulder, Sharpedo takes up his entire back. Manectric is on his side, opposite of Mightyena and Kingdra is featured along the side of his left leg all the way up to the mid thigh. He does not have a picture of Politoed, since tattoo artists are hard to come by in the apocalypse. His deceased Crobat is on his right arm, and Muk is on his right calf, one of the smaller tattoos.
    Religion Worships Kyogre and Lugia. Fairly pious.
    +Linguistically Challenged+
     -While somewhat intelligent, difficult words have never been Archie's strong suit. Strange, topic-specific jargon, aside from what he uses himself for his own interests, alludes him and he often can't keep head or tails of what's actually being said.
     -Not book smart at all.
     -Gains energy from being around people and conversation. Often goes out of his way to try and find people.
     -Extremely social
     -Loves being the center of attention.
     -Enthusiastic toward life.
     -Easily bored.
     -Easy to get along with. Amiable.
     -His first instict when meeting someone new is to hug or even give them a quick peck on the cheek or forehead, whatever his fancy is at the moment.
     -Often doesn't see a reason, especially when you could die at any moment, to hide feelings.
     -Somewhat emotional.
     -Extremely loving and warm to those he cares for.
     -Exponentially supportive and loyal.
     -Hopeless romantic.
     -Almost never shies away from a challenge
     -Almost never shies away from anything, really
     -Repitition and monotony bore him.
     -Adrenaline junkie
     -Loves experiencing new things, new places, new feelings and new people.
     -Thinking things through has never really been a strong point. Will more often than not blurt things aloud. Coupled with the fact that the words he chooses tend to be less than adequate more often than not, Archie typically manages to offend someone very easily.
     -Fast-paced and eager, Archie doesn't like to have to make sure things are in order with logic. If they are, great. If they aren't, well, he'll figure out a way around it.
     -Even with as much energy as he puts into other people, Archie's thoughts tend to revolve around himself first. It takes extra care, extra steps for him to be truly altruistic. He is certainly capable of it, but that is not his default setting.
     -Often does things without consideration of the other people around him. Not out of malice, just... he doesn't really think beyond, "I want to do this." So he'll do it.
     -Though Archie is certainly capable of lying, he prefers not to. More often than not, he'll blurt the truth out first anyway, and he loathes having to keep track of lies, as they often spider out into a sort of web.
     -Can very much be blunt. And tactless.
     -A frequent sufferer of Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.
     -Every emotion he has is felt deeply.
     -He believes in his ideals, his goals. He holds them incredibly close to his heart.
     -Same for those he cares about.
     -Has little judgement for those that have different ideologies, goals, preferences, etc. than he. He believes that it takes all kinds to make a world and as long as those opposing thoughts don't hurt anyone, Archie accepts and in content with different points of view.
     -Widely tolerant of just about every other sort of religion, political stance or sexual preference. Very open-minded.
     -"To each their own."
     -Knows he's too dumb to actually understand and control every single person he meets and therefore doesn't try. There are some things he'll just never have the capacity to grasp and that's all right. He's only human, he doesn't have to.
     -Archie finds organization boring and tedious and so generally avoids doing it.
     -Can be very lazy
     -Though he is good about picking up responsibility where it's absolutely dire or close to him personally, Archie doesn't often engage in leaderly activities. Team Aqua was little more than a glorified frat house for a long time before Archie felt the need for solemnity.
     -Archie often holds onto anything and everything he can that has meaning to him.
     -Can be described as a pack rat because of this.
     -Easy to please
     -Easily confused
     -Generally content with life.
     -Ex. Has worried over the twiggy rock nerd ever since the Epidemic began, and has a sneaking suspicion Maxie never made it out alive. He holds onto the hope that Maxie's intelligence kept him alive but that hope has waned over the years.
     -girl bruh
    -white bruh
    -Cute scamp that helped bring Maxie back to reality. Forever grateful for his help.
    User Notes -Is a big fan of bowling, basketball, racing and musicals. Honestly, he's up for anything as long as he's with good friends.


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