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    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite]


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    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Empty Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite]

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    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Black_zps5kltbsfp

    Inspector Blair H. Black
    Text Color #155661
    Theme(s) Stars
    My Immortal
    Lover's Eyes
    Items Leather Messenger bag, Water Pouch, Small medical kit, limited food rations, various ammo, compass, handcuffs, matches, a roll of duct tape, small amount of healing potions.
    Weapons Ceremonial sabre, assorted handguns, two semi-automatic rifles, a sniper rifle, Bowie knife, nightstick, a can of mace and a riot shield
    Gender Male
    Age 23
    Species Human
    Weight 158.8 lbs
    Height 6'5”
    Occupation Former Police Inspector
    Party PARTY INFO
    Pkm 1
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_628
    Species- Braviary "Sammy"
    Level- 67
    Ability- Sheer Force
    Attack list-
    -Brave Bird (Learned)
    -U-turn (TM)
    -Zen Headbutt (Tutor)
    -Superpower (Learned)
    Text color- #9D1309
    Pkm 2
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_596
    Species- Galvantula "Tartarus"
    Level- 66
    Ability- Compound Eyes
    Attack list-
    -Bug Buzz (Learned)
    -Electro Ball (Learned)
    -Sticky Web (Learned)
    -Thunder Wave (Learned)
    Text color- #dbf518
    Pkm 3
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_637
    Species- Volcarona "Raphael"
    Level- 65
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Quiver Dance (Learned)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Bug Buzz (Learned)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    Text color- #EE7600
    Pkm 4
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_571
    Species- Zoroark "Pious"
    Level- 60
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Extrasensory (Egg)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    Text color- #61B329
    Pkm 5
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_586W
    Species- Sawsbuck "Briar"
    Level- 64
    Ability- Sap Sipper
    Attack list-
    -Return (TM)
    -Horn Leech (Learned)
    -Double Kick (Learned)
    -Faint Attack (Learned)
    Text color- #577A3A
    Pkm 6
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_523
    Species- Zebstrika "Agro"
    Level- 60
    Ability- Motor Drive
    Attack list-
    -Flame Carge (Learned)
    -Wild Charge (Learned)
    -Thunder Wave (Learned)
    -Return (TM)
    Text color- #302B54
    Quote "There is always a chance to say 'no'. Even if it means your own life, that sacrifice is better than slaughtering hundreds to save your own worthless skin!"
    History Blair was born into the family of Black unexpectedly; his parents had believed themselves barren. Still, the birth was miraculous and welcomed, since his parents were on the verge of divorce and believed a child could save their tempestuous marraige.  Though not "rich" in the least, they did everything they could to at least do right by their son.

    Blair grew up loved, at least, even as the marraige began to crumble once more. He developed a keen interest in Pokemon, of course, but was withheld from a journey to at least finish his schooling. Reluctantly, he did not rebel, not wishing to add to the disonance of his parents. But as he grew, he found himself developing a crush on his childhood friend Cheren, and mistakenly told his parents. They quickly sent him on his pokemon journey after that, nearly kicking him out of the house with his friends. It hurt, but at least he was finally out doing what he truly wanted to be doing. Gladly, he obtained his Oshawott and set sail.

    His pokemon journey was not a typical one, of course. A strange boy his own age known only as "N" kept crossing Blair's and his friends' paths, preaching a strange, alarming possibility: that keeping and capturing pokemon was wrong. That keeping pokemon was hurting them, defiling Nature itself. Of course, as a passionate young trainer, Blair fought vehemently against such a stigma, getting into heated arguments with N that often ended in battles. But with each defeat, N seemed to only grow more and more victorious. And it pissed Blair off to no end.

    Their rivalry changed into something else, however, when Blair found himself caught in a trap on a ferris wheel laid by N's strange ninja servants. (The fact that he'd even HAD ninja servants was enough to confound.) There, trapped in a confined space, they were forced to talk peacefully, and Blair soon found a kinship with N. The unbridled rage he felt for the strange boy began to dissipate into comradery and concern as N spoke of his duty. But before more questions could be answered, the ride was over and N left.

    Determined to find out more and get to the bottom of N's situation, he powered his way further and further North, finally catching N in the bowels of Chargestone Cave. He tried to pry more answers from N, but at the end only found himself with more questions. He was almost obsessed now, his goals focused around helping the seemingly trapped N. He wanted to help him. He needed to help him. Cheren and Bianca tried to veer Blair from his path, calling N dangerous and insane, but the stubborn youth was far too headstrong. Blair was absolutely convinced there was something wrong and that he could help.

    It wasn't long until Blair chased N to Dragonspiral Tower, where the impossible happened: N summoned and immediately tamed the Legend Reshiram, and then flew off. Astounded and afraid, Blair once again gave chase, which eventually led him to Opelucid City and finally, the Pokemon League itself. After clawing his way through the Elite Four, he came upon N defeating the elusive Alder, solidifying N's rank as a new Champion. The walls rumbled, the floors cracked, and suddenly, without warning, a castle soon appeared, attaching itself to the League building. Cheren and Alder called to Blair to investigate and without another thought, the young boy rushed in head first.

    It was in N's castle where everything came to a head. There Blair challenged N one last time and Zekrom, nestled in the Dark orb Blair carried from Opelucid, sprung back to life to face his brother Reshiram. They clashed in a desperate bid, but Blair won out over N. Even as N was gracious with his defeat, Ghestis soon slid out of the shadows and revealed what the entire plan had been for. He revealed he had used his son for nothing less than to cripple and overthrow Unova. Sneering and hateful, furious that his plan had failed due to N's gentle heart, he renounced N as his own, stomping the poor boy's heart into the dirt by insulting him and calling him a waste.

    N crumpled before Blair's eyes and the latter soon found himself in a wild fury he'd never before felt. Full of hate and anger, Blair challenged Ghestis and overwhelmed the man, despite his pokemon being much more experienced than Blair's.

    Victory claimed, Ghestis was soon arrested by Alder and Cheren. N, distraught and broken, bid Blair goodbye and flew away on Reshiram, despite Blair's pleas to stay. Despite his urge to follow, Blair knew that N likely needed some time to sort things out, and with that, there was little else to do than to just go back home. He bid farewell to Zekrom, knowing that should the dragon need him again, he'd only need to show up.

    However, there was a surprise waiting for him back at his humble home in Nuvema. A detective only known as "Looker" told Blair the rest of the Sages were missing, and thus the young boy was given something else to chase. It took many months to find them all, but he ended up successful, only to find at the end of his journey that Ghestis had escaped due to the efforts of the Shadow Triad. Alarmed and enraged for N's sake, he pooled his efforts into finding his old friend to warn him.

    After finding one another, they lived together in a small apartment near Opelucid, knowing that Ghestis might try to come back for N, out of necessity or revenge. But in the years they spent together out of fear and practicality, Blair found himself deeply in love. He became an officer to better support and protect N, knowing that not only helping his love but also other people in need was a calling. He enjoyed his job immensely, always eager to catch more bad guys and help innocents. But one day, N vanished from their home with only a note of apology, leaving Blair stranded.

    There was little else to do than continue working, hoping N would show himself and explain. He had a responsibility to the people he served and couldn't just leave anymore. Heartbroken, Blair continued to work for the city of Opelucid with everything he had, clawing his way to the rank of Sargeant with his tireless efforts. One day, however, the sky opened to nothing but blasts of ice and a frigate in the clouds.

    The city was in chaos. People were dying left and right, and he was forced to send his pokemon out to extend his reach to attempt to seize some control. But even with the extra help, many died, including four of his team. He soon found out that it was Ghestis once more and was put into an uncontrollable fury. Ghestis was behind it again. He took something from Blair again. He was terrorizing his home, his country AGAIN and it was not going to be tolerated. But Blair and his teammates were crippled; it was all Blair could do to watch and wait until someone else took Ghestis down.

    News that Plasma had been defeated again washed through the relieved town, but Blair soon found that its leaders were nowhere to be found. The kid that liberated Unova from Plasma's clutches, instead of arresting Colress, Ghestis and the others, allowed them to leave, stating that they were no longer threats. Infuriated at the loss of justice and vengeance, Blair attempted to find them on his own. It was during that time N returned, but the loss of his pokemon and N's sudden departure and apparent abandonment weighed too heavily on Blair for forgiveness. Hatefully, he chased N away, only to regret his angry words the moment his lover was gone.

    Ashamed, depressed and alone, Blair focused on finding Colress and Ghestis. But his search was soon thwarted by the Epidemic rising, the fall of Opelucid happening in a single night. The city's defenses had not yet recovered from the frigate's attacks, and the Infected swarmed the city with ease. Blair tried to help an evacuation, but after losing his last two original teammates, including his dear Samurott, he knew hope was lost. He loaded his Zebstrika with supplies, quickly adopted two pokemon whose owners were dead comrades of Blair's, and fled the city taking who and what he could. The survivors he'd managed to get out of the city were soon separated from him, leaving him alone with his pokemon.

    He soon steeled himself against this new world, determined to survive it. He would keep his duty to help others, but at least now he was free to actually pursue the bastards Blair believed had caused so much death and destruction: Colress and Ghestis. He could also now try and find N to make amends; he only prayed the man was still alive.
    Appearance Black is a tall young man, healthy and fit. He sports dark brown, short-cropped hair and is always seen in his Sargeant uniform. Typically, he rides his Zebstrika, whose saddlebags hold most of his items and equipment. (His sawsbuck is equipped with saddlebags as well, holding the rest of his equipment, usually the less used and backup items.) He's fairly approachable, often seen with a smile on his face.
    -Concerning those he's pursuing, however, not so much.
    -Eager to handle problems himself
    -Generally handles problems with a level head. Unless it deals with Colress or Ghestis.
    -Always willing to help a stranger. He's an officer first still, survivor second.
    +Extraordinary sense of duty and justice+
    -He takes his job, even with there being no real larger body of government to serve, extremely seriously.
    -Duty first.
    -With such a powerful sense of right and wrong, as well as being so dutiful, it's difficult for his consience to allow even the whitest of lies.
    -Can be blunt.
    +Passionate about what he loves+
    -Black's emotions are often very powerful, tempered only by his training and discipline. If he loves something, it's with his whole heart. If he hates something, it's with his entire being. There are few things in the world where he only holds indifference toward, unless it's unknown.
    -You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
    +Thirst for Life and Learning+
    -Eager to see new points of view and learn new ideals. Being able to think from so many different points of view helps him as a negotiator, and helped him do his job better, back in a time where that meant something. Now, it's a habit of his own personality, but it still brings him some joy.
    -Unless you're talking about Colress or Ghestis. In which case, fuck you.
    +Morally sound+
    -Black has a very clear sense of right and wrong, but allows himself to navigate the gray areas of ethics with some ease.
    -Once someone else has breached this, though, they are scum. There's no getting out of that.
    -Doesn't often like to divulge his own accomplishments, even if they are many. Fame is something he's not fond of.
    -If he feels threatened, however, or feels the need to put someone in their place, he has no problem doing so
    -Very determined to achieve a goal
    -Takes hits and wounds fairly well
    -Tries to see an issue from all possible sides.
    -Extremely protective of what little he has left, especially his pokemon. Though they're a relatively new team, they're still his, and that means the world to him.
    +Can be triggered+
    -Any mention of Colress or Ghestis sends him into a raging fury, where he will become curt, aggressive and extremely irritable. Especially if the mention is positive.
    -Is likely to respond with force -deadly force, even- if consistent.
    User Notes
    -It was during the fall of Opelucid that he was promoted to Inspector
    -He introduces himself as "Inspector Black". Only old friends know his first name.
    -Is proficient at the piano.
    -Is a fan of musicals. Because of course he is.

    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Tumblr_inline_nsfrm350BR1qfk0hb_400

    Blaise Hokage
    Text Color #CC4233
    Theme(s) None
    Item Large assortment of rations, supplies, solar-powered flashlight, can opener, sleeping bag, large tarp, rope, Poke comm, various water steriization tools.
    Weapons Lead Pipe, knife.
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Him/His/He
    Birthdate 7/15
    Age 19
    Species Human
    Weight 154.7 lbs
    Height 5'11"
    Region of origin Hoenn
    Occupation Former Magma Administrator/ Thief
    Party Blaise prefers to stay out of direct combat, instead using cloak and dagger methods. With the rise of the Epidemic, however, he has been forced to have a more direct strategy for battle, many of his pokemon adapting new ways of fighting.

    Blaise's taste in names is a peculiar one, as he loves learning of famous criminals, disasters and things involving a high body count like wars and mass suicides.

    Blaise's Armaldo was released once Magma was defeated.
    Pkm 1
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_156_s
    Name/Gender- Billy [M]
    Text colour- #93684C
    Species- Quilava
    Level- 34
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Smokescreen (Learned)
    -Extrasensory (Egg)
    -Roar (TM)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    **Carries Quick Claw
    Stolen as an infant from a breeder; Billy knows, but does not hold it against Blaise and instead embraced the life of crime. Very like-minded. Often is the pokemon that accompanies Blaise out of his ball.
    Pkm 2
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_470
    Name/Gender- Baby-Face [George] [M]
    Text colour- #81C495
    Species- Leafeon
    Level- 46
    Ability- Chlorophyll
    Attack list-
    -Leaf Blade (Learned)
    -Synthesis (Tutor)
    -Knock Off (Tutor)
    -Iron Tail (Tutor)
    **Carries Life Orb
    Obtained in a raffle.
    Pkm 3
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_038
    Name/Gender- Bonnie [F]
    Text colour- #FCD058
    Species- Ninetales
    Level- 56
    Ability- Drought
    Attack list-
    -Flamethrower (Previous Evolution)
    -Nasty Plot (Learned)
    -Solarbeam (TM)
    -Pain Split (Tutor)
    **Carries Heat Rock
    Often out of her ball, but not as often as Billy. Stolen from another thief early on in the Epidemic; enjoys Blaise's company and flaunting her lavender fur.
    Pkm 4
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_571
    Name/Gender- Bordon [F]
    Text colour- #E94454
    Species- Zoroark
    Level- 52
    Ability- Illusion
    Attack list-
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Extrasensory (Egg)
    -Grass Knot (TM)
    **Carries Choice Scarf
    Sought a Zorua out for its Illusion abilities while traveling Hoenn, captured normally. For once.
    Pkm 5
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_218
    Name/Gender- Pyro [M]
    Text colour- #EC8358
    Species- Slugma
    Level- 50
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Smokescreen (Egg)
    -Earth Power (Tutor)
    -Ancient Power (Learned)
    -Will-o-Wisp (TM)
    **Carries Brightpowder
       Oldest friend and companion. Never wanted to evolve, and so, Blaise never forced him to.
    Pkm 6
    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] Spr_6x_655
    Name/Gender- Waco [M]
    Text colour- #B05C54
    Species- Delphox
    Level- 49
    Ability- Blaze
    Attack list-
    -Wish (Egg)
    -Psyshock (TM)
    -Heat Wave (Tutor)
    -Dazzling Gleam (TM)
    **Carries Leftovers
    Obtained from a suger momma years ago as a Fennekin. Tends to carry the bulk of equipment due to being the largest.
    Quote "I'm sure there's a spectacular 'hot' pun I could put here."
    History Childhood was not kind to Blaise. Born to a mother that didn't want him and a father that blamed him for his own pitiful, regretable life, Blaise was almost immediately placed into an orphanage. His relationships with the other children as well as his caretakers were more of a mixed bag than anything; some people he simply preferred over others and made it strikingly clear who stood where with him. He often made the lives of those he disliked hell. Anything from small, harmless pranks to nearly smashing a broken bottle into someone's eyes was possible for the troubled youth and as he grew older, he grew more cruel and angry. He lashed out wherever and whenever he could, as the knowledge that he was not wanted -and now, likely never would be wanted- sank into his mind. He passed the age where he would likely find parents and it cut him deeply to the core.

    Once he was 13, he left of his own volition. Unable to stomach being kept as a societal reject, he ventured out into the world, hoping to finally change his luck. Unfortunately, this would not be the case. He was almost immediately caught and returned to the Orphanage but his small double-jointed wrists gave him the upper hand he needed to escape again. He ran without looking back.

    Blaise soon found himself in the employ of a few shady characters that ran a mining company looking for fossils and evolutionary stones near Mt. Chimney. With his small frame, he was ideal to fit in the cramped shafts. While he was working, however, there was a cave-in of the mine, the floor giving way to a large cavern below. There he met Pyro, a little Slugma. Together, they found the way out and became friends. Thankfully, the small fire-type managed to convince Blaise that a bunch of gross people that left him to die in a mine shaft probably weren't the sort of people you go back to, and so Blaise and his new pokemon struck back out into the world together. After working odd jobs here and there around Fallarbor and Lavaridge, he heard of a team recruiting to preserve the land around them. Seeing an easy way to make a quick buck, Blaise eagerly joined and finally found a place he could really belong.

    Happily, Blaise hit his stride as a true trainer and Illusionist. He quickly climbed the ladder in the Team to become one of the Admins, albeit a lesser known one. Still, he prided himself on his and Pyro's achievements. For once in his life, he could really be happy about who he was and where he was going. He loved his job, he liked his coworkers and his leader was actually someone he could look towards as a role model.

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Their leader, Maxie, apparently dove right off the deep end and awoke Groudon, the mythic Legend that first formed the landmasses themselves. Blaise wasn't able to aid his leader at all, instead having to rely on the help from the opposing Team's leader and a kid who really just showed up out of the blue one day. Still, once the crisis was past, Maxie seemed to come back to his senses, which Blaise was only grateful for. In the short time of peace that followed, Blaise grew as a trainer more, finding new kinds of pokemon and new ways to battle with them.

    Then the Epidemic came and destroyed everything. The world was cast into chaos overnight and Blaise soon found himself utterly alone again. Terrified and unsure of what else he could do, he roamed Hoenn for years. With no pokemon capable of flight or water travel, he was truly stranded in his home region, for better or worse.
    Accent None
    Appearance Blaise is extremely healthy, strangely enough. He manages to scare off most other people with his Zoroark's and Quilava's Illusions, so he doesn't truly have to compete for resources from other survivors.
    Religion Undecided.
    Personality +Bitchy+
     -Sassy as fuck
     -Sarcasm is his native tongue
     -Engages in a lot of self-indulgence
     -Vocal with his opinions.
     -Often will prefer to learn about something instead of rejecting it. Enjoys learning new things and experiencing things he's never had the opportunity to do before.
     -Extremely flirty
     -Enjoys games, whether they're puzzles, mind games, tag or whatever.
     -Borderline sadistic
     -Vindictive and vengeful as fuck
     -Will often go to extreme lengths to discover and commit the worst act he can commit against someone who wrongs him or someone he cares for. Time well spent in his eyes.
     -Holds grudges easily and for gratuitous amounts of time, even for the smallest of infractions.
     -While in direct contrast to his otherwise bitchy nature, he's mostly all bark and no bite. True confrontation scares him and he mostly postures to make himself feel better.
     -It's why he specializes in Illusion rather than other more up front strategies.
     -Typically passive-aggressive when confronted.
     -Blaise has difficulty in setting aside his own personal views or needs to assess something objectively
     -Known for making quick judgements. Though patient in the terms of waiting for opportunity and for the good of his friends, that patience does not apply to many other aspects in his life.
     -Can be very petty.
     -Doesn't understand or accept many of his own emotions that conflict with the persona he's built for himself. He is convinced that weakness and crying are the same, and strives to keep himself from doing so.
     -Often lashes out during emotional crisis with violence.
     -Somewhat naive and gullible; will trust most, if not all, of the words from someone that has managed to become part of his inner circle. Not so much with strangers but unconsciously gives them the benefit of the doubt.
     -As Blaise did not have many people he could count on in his childhood, he sees dependability and stability as luxuries. Luxuries that once he has, he does not want to let go.
     -Will go to extreme lengths for those he considers his friends; friends and family are the same in his eyes.
     -Extremely reliable.
     -As Blaise is still growing both physically and mentally, many aspects of his personality are still solidifying. He is still quite malleable in spite of what he would have others think.
     -Blaise is currently trying to define himself, as he has been since Magma changed so radically. Without that base for his own morals, ideals and goals, he has had to construct his own and that has been difficult for him to achieve. Though his facade is confident, he himself is unsure who he really is and what he's meant to do.
     -This insecurity about himself has gradually eaten away at his otherwise suave persona and somtimes it bleeds through to show itself, much to his chagrin.
     -Will try to keep this from everyone, even his own pokemon.
     -Despite being a coward, he is still prideful of his accomplishments in Magma, as well as his talent in training pokemon. Not to mention his birth-given divine genes.
     -Loathes being controlled by those he doesn't see fit to lead. Insults are always taken personally and he will make anyone pay for each nasty syllable uttered.
     -Tries to keep from accepting help from others. Doesn't want to appear weak to those he holds dearest.
    Affiliations Brendan
     -Indifferent. Respects him as a trainer.
     -Boss man. Suprisingly respectful.
     -Ha ha ha, he's fat. But seriously, he's a cool dude.
    [url=Team Aqua]Team Aqua[/url]
    User Notes -Incredibly flexible, as he is double-jointed in his wrists and hips. He also experiences pain from walking because of his hips very quickly and often keeps stationary rather than constantly nomadic. He doesn't have a pokemon that can carry him far, and so he keeps Illusions around their hiding spot in case trouble finds them.


    Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] PCP637Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] 635Inspector Black and Team Magma Admin Blaise [Desert||Elite] 196

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