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    Astrid the Houndrunt (Burned Team/Ace)


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    Astrid the Houndrunt (Burned Team/Ace) Empty Astrid the Houndrunt (Burned Team/Ace)

    Post by Storm Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:31 pm

    Astrid the Houndrunt (Burned Team/Ace) 2ro6vjs

    Text Color #008000
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age 13
    Species #??? Houndrunt - Runt Pokemon
    Height 1'02”
    Weight 19.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry The runt of the litter, this Pokemon is usually abandoned by it’s pack to fend for itself.
    Level 10
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Modest
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits.
    Moves Ember (learned)
    Smog (learned)
    Howl (learned)
    History Astrid was born to a pack of Houndoom, both his mother and father were one, as well as his siblings, but unlike his siblings, he wasn't born as Houndour, but rather, a Hounrunt, and one that held no brown patterns like the Hound's should have. His father was disgusted that such a weak looking pup was born into their family and blamed his mother for it, though she lashed out and said it was his fault, resulting in the two arguing before coming to an agreement that they would leave the young pup in the woods to fend for itself or die, either way, he'd be out of their lives so they can focus on raising the much stronger looking pups in their litter. So his father picking him up and took him as far into the forest as he could go before dropping the pup, and without even a second thought, even as the young Houndrunt cried out, he ran back to his family, leaving Astrid alone in the dark.

    Alone and afraid, Astrid cried out for someone, anyone, who could be around to hear him, wanting his mother's warmth and hungry for her milk, but no one came. Eyes not even open, and legs so weak he couldn't even walk, all he could do was cry until he couldn't anymore. Just when it seemed the youngling might end up being taken by the elements, a Mightyena came out from the bushes. It stared at the young pup, shivering from the cold and crying out for it's mother. Looking around, the dark hound saw no one, not a single other pokemon was around to hear it's desperate cries. A look of sadness now on the Mightyena's face as it looked down at the Houndrunt. After much thought, it decided to take it in and raise it as it's own. Better than being left out to die by either the elements or a hungry predator.

    It had been two months since the Mightyena had taken in Astrid as her own pup, the two inseparable as she taught him to walk and what was safe and wasn't, telling him to be wary of humans, and not to pick fights with pokemon he probably wouldn't have any chance against. He was a very timid pup, always hiding behind his adoptive mothers leg when faced with a pokemon he didn't know. She told him he should try not to hide, try not to show he was afraid or some pokemon might try to take advantage of him. To try and show he wasn't afraid by holding his head high and looking them in the eyes. Even if he was afraid, he should try not to show it or no one will ever take him seriously. He understood what she said, and tried it many times, but it always ended in failure, him cowering behind either his mother's leg or a tree or rock, anything that he could use to shield himself. His mother only sighed when he did that, but still continued to teach him the ways of surviving in the wild. How to hunt, even though he wasn't very good at it, he gave it his best and that's what counted. She was sure he'd get the hang of it eventually. He was still a pup after all.

    It wasn't till his third month that he found he'd need to learn how to survive much faster than he would have liked. His mother could sense something very wrong in the forest. The birds weren't chirping as they usually did this time of day, there was a foul smell lingering in the air as well, like rotten meat, but coming from all directions. The Mightyena had a look of worry, and fear on her face as she looked around in all directions, keeping Astrid between her legs, ears perked and nose high, she surveyed the area. It wasn't till the screams became audible that her eyes shot wide. Without saying anything she picking astrid up by the scruff and ran back to their burrow as fast as her legs could carry her, but they didn't make it before getting cut off by an Ursaring, and one that did not look like it should be standing, let alone walking. Half its face looked like it had been clawed off and there was blood still gushing from a horrible wound in it's side. It stared them down for a few seconds before it lunged at them, Astrid found himself getting thrown into the bushes, his mother screaming at him to run before the bear was on her. Fear in the Houndrunts eyes as he watched, tears streaming from his eyes before turning tail and running as fast as he could, trying not to look back as he heard the screams coming from his mother, his vision becoming blurring from his tears as he just kept going before finding a place where he could hide. A small crack in a rock, just big enough for him to squeeze through as he now sat and waited for everything to end. For the screams to stop, and the sound of paws to stop pounding outside. He tried so hard not to let his whimpers escape him, but he just broke down right there.

    When everything was calm, Astrid left his hiding place, too afraid at what he might find if he went back the way he had come, he went the other way, still so sad, and rubbing his eyes every now and again as he just kept going, not even sure where he was heading, his mother always knew where to go, what to do, but now she was gone, and he was left alone in this world. This world that appeared to have gone to hell. He started to lose track of time as he wandered the forests and abandoned human towns, finding what food and water he could, mostly pokemon food from the abandoned pokemarts or centers, or berries he managed to find. He tried to hunt, but there wasn't much left to hunt, everything smelled of decay, and every time he spotted another pokemon, he'd hide, fearing they were like the one that killed his mother, and a lot of the time, he was right. As the time went by, it became easier to tell who was infected and who wasn't, the colouration in their fur or skin changing, as well as other things.

    He eventually found himself at the edge of another human town. He didn't like leaving the safety of the forest, less places to hide, and this place didn't look like it held many, but his hunger pushed him forward. Being very wary, his ears perked, and his senses alert as he darted from the corner of one building to another, looking for the one that he remembered had food and water, the mart, or the center, one of them had to be around here. He sniffed around, making sure he wasn't out in the open for more than a few seconds before hiding again. Thankfully his all black fur was good for hiding in the shadows, though the white ornaments his hind were known for didn't help. Eventually finding himself at the steps that led to what he guessed used to be a tower of some sort, but all burned down now, wondering if that happened after everything went south. He'd seen many burned homes since then after all. Maybe he could find shelter in there so he could rest. He didn't like going to bed hungry, but he couldn't find the buildings, and there was a good chance they were empty like all the others normally were. After much thought, he started to make his way up into the scorched tower to try and find a place to rest before continuing his search.
    Appearance An all black Houndrunt with mismatched eyes, the left being blue and the right green.
    Personality An extremely timid Houndrunt that has relied on its mother for protection since he was found by her in the wild. Tries to live up to what she had hoped of him, trying to act and look brave in front of pokemon he doesn't know very well like she had told him to try and do so he doesn't look weak, trying to remember her words as he does so. He's very wary around those he doesn't know, normally hiding and waiting for them to pass, be infected or not.
    User Notes - He thought he was a Pouchyena when he was young till a bunch of those pokemon told him otherwise, which resulted in his mother telling him the truth of how she found him.
    - Doesn't like being questioned about his eyes or fur colouration.
    - He's small for his age.
    - Hate when people point out how girly his name sounds.
    - He has abandonment issues.

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