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    Asyn The Wise Hypno [WIP]


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    Asyn The Wise Hypno [WIP] Empty Asyn The Wise Hypno [WIP]

    Post by Fern Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:50 pm

    Asyn The Wise Hypno [WIP] IMAGE

    TEXT COLOUR#ffcc00 [Italics When Speaking With Mind, Bold when speaking normally.]
    GENDERMale (He, Him) [Although he considers himself so in sync with the world around him he will accept 'they' or 'them' as a sort of 'god-like' alias.]
    AGEAging Adult
    SPECIES Hypno, The Hypnotist Pokemon
    WEIGHT134 lbs (Underweight)
    NATURECalm (+SpD,-Attack)
    CHARACTERISTICOften Lost In Thought (Special Attack)
    DEX ENTRYRed: When it locks eyes with an enemy, it will use a mix of PSI moves such as Hypnosis and Confusion.
    MOVES-Future Sight(Level Up)
    -Hypnosis(Level Up)
    -Dream Eater (TM85)

    -Disable (Level Up)


    Asyn is a curious case. While he deters from the creepy idiosyncrasies that is relative to his species, he still carries an eerie vibe with him. His voice is strictly deadpan and ominous [upon the rare occasion he does speak] , and he is perpetually calm. Whenever misfortune falls, he simply nods as if he knew it all along.

    The most unique trait about Asyn is his speech. The highest honor he can give you is using his voice to speak--most of the time he uses his mind to project his speech. However, he is unable to read minds, although the impression he gives states otherwise. [Although, he does believe he is able to pry into others thoughts if he really tried. He believes there are many latent skills he has not awoken yet.] Asyn will also not share his real name unless he trusts someone, in the meantime he wishes to be referred to as "the Hypno," "they/them," or "he/him."

    Asyn feels as if he is on the same wavelength with nature, and therefore, believes he is God-like. He still retains his selflessness despite this belief. He considers all life a sacred, beautiful gift, and is on a strict no-kill vow, evening bestowing upon the undead the benefit of the doubt.

    Meditation is necessary for him to center himself. He gets rather edgy without it.

    His fighting skills have suffered greatly over his years on the island; it is safe to say that his fighting is downright abysmal. In the case he does have to fight, he chooses to flee or protect his teammates rather than battle.

    Everything is a symbol/sign to Asyn, and he uses this to guide his choices. Despite being wise, he is still rather naive when it comes to the new world order and needs to be kept grounded.


    "Hypno is a bipedal, humanoid Pokémon that has yellow skin. It has two triangular, ears on the top of its head and two sleepy looking eyes with a large nose underneath. On its neck, it has a ruff of white fur, which is longer on the female. Hypno has five fingers on each hand and holds a pendulum in its left. The pendulum is used for hypnotism, and Hypno is never seen without it. There are three toes on each of its feet, which have a pink pad on the undersides. "

    Asyn appears malnourished, as a Hypno's main source of sustenance is their dream eating--which Asyn rarely does, as he views dreams as sacred signs from the universe and finds them unfit for his 'mortal' consumption. He will eat the nightmares of ones he trusts, however, if it seems to cause a disturbance.

    His eyes are weathered, yet deep, and truly are the eyes of a knowledgeable elder.

    He sees the pendulum as a materialistic item he has no need for, and therefore he has left it behind on his journey. He will use his Hypnosis move if need be.


    Asyn was, unfortunately, branded as a mistake from birth.

    "It has rather decent stats I'd say. That's how I judge it," the stat judge affirmed, backing away from his subject and settling his piercing eyes on the trainer. The Drowzee relaxed as the scrutinizing gaze left him.

    "Decent doesn't cut it," he hissed, and the Drowzee tensed. "I need a good wall, not something that will just slide by."

    The judge shrugged, listlessly shoving his gloved hands in his pockets. "Whatever, man. I can give you breeding tips if you--"

    "Of all the nerve. Did my rival put you up to this? The tournament is in a week and I have no time for these...these lies. I have bred 10 consecutive Drowzee," the trainer held up 10 fingers to emphasize, "and you tell me the same thing each time."

    "That is just how--"

    "I WASTED Dream Eater on this one, because the daycare kid told me this egg was gonna be the one. And this TM is hard to come by. Especially since it's imported from a separate region. Ya know, Kanto still has 'one-time use' TM's?" Enraged, he gripped the helpless Pokemon by the arm. The Drowzee yelped in protest as he yanked him out of the center; the tapirs' toes scrabbled on the linoleum floor in a feeble attempt to pull away.

    The judge turned to an astonished Nurse Joy. "Sh-should we call Officer Jenny? That Drowzee could be in danger..."

    He leaned across the counter, a half-smirk pulling at his lips. "Sweetie, if I had a dollar for every time I've seen something like that," he jabbed a thumb towards where the scene took place,"I certainly wouldn't be in this line of work. They say that, and they'll be right back here with the next egg hatched. It's a vicious circle." He leaned against the counter, exhaling windily.

    "Alright, but if I see that guy pull the same stunt, I'm calling the police."

    "Fair enough. Now," he continued with a cheeky grin and half-lidded eyes. "You free Saturday night?"

    It is said that nurses should always trust their gut instinct. After the trainer left, he was infuriated.

    "You're a sin," he said, pulling along the Drowzee. "Should have never been born." The Psychic-Type's wrist began to ache, and he huffed in annoyance.

    Let go of me, please...

    It was just a simple thought, but it resonated over and over again in his head. It rattled in his brain, oh, how it screamed. He clenched his eyes shut as it raged. Then suddenly, it wasn't his thought, it was theirs, and as if he had broken through a barrier, it spoke to him one more time, unhindered by the boundaries of his subconscious.

    "Let...l--let go.

    "What in the hell?" cried the trainer, his hand recoiling from the Drowzee. He had felt the infiltration of his mind, and he had heard the Drowzee speak?

    So, in his fear, he did what any other rational person would do. He rode on the back of his prized Lapras into the middle of the nearest body of water (past where the concept of the shallow area was a myth) and dumped the Drowzee overboard, leaving him for dead.


    The thought was sharp, like a bullet, causing the Slowking to whip around. He hadn't heard a sound like that in a long time. Using the shrieks for help that pounded in his head like a navigator, he followed it to find the source.

    There was a Drowzee floating in the water, desperately flapping his arms and legs as he tried to remain afloat. His trunk was staying above the surface--until a small wave submerged the Drowzee entirely.

    "No!" cried the Slowking, swimming as fast as the current (and his own body) would allow. His body broke out in a cold sweat. His only chance was to pull off a Trick Room.

    As a last resort, he squinted his eyes shut and tried to focus as the waves caused him to bob to and fro. It was a success. Surrounding him was now a pink, luminescent grid. He had time.

    With the swiftness of a Floatzel, he gripped the limp Drowzee. And yet again, for the second time in his short life, the Drowzee was dragged along. But this time it was for a more promising result.

    His vision was spotted by blue and black dots as he awoke. His head was pounding, he was drenched in a hot sweat, and he was quivering with an uncontrollable urgency.

    "You're awake," said the Slowking, eyeing the child. "I knew you would wake up."

    The Drowzee tried to respond but coughed up water in response, leaving a salty taste on his tongue. The Slowking merely stared as the Drowzee continued wheezing.

    "You have the willpower to take your pain away."

    The Drowzee merely blinked in response. Being but a child, he didn't comprehend the Slowking's words. The Slowking studied him with a careful eye. "Stop it."

    He understood that, however. Frustration, like fire, rose in his belly, and the flames licked at his tongue as he cried out in a hoarse voice. Stop dying? What a ridiculous request! The Slowking smiled in response, his head tilted to the side. And that's when the Drowzee realized that his anger had cancelled out the pain--his coughing had ceased.

    "What are you called?" inquired the Slowking.

    With an effort, the Drowzee thought of the trainer pulling him along. "You're a sin," he had said. The thought was wobbly and silhouetted, but he was having a simpler time transferring it to the being before him.

    "Asyn? A charming, but odd name. Just refer to me as Slowking. I have no name."

    The words were large and complex, but somehow the Drowzee understood what he was saying. "Slowking."

    Slowking became the Drowzee's father-figure of sorts. They lived alone on an island, save for a few sparse birds and curious trainers that visited every once in a while. Otherwise, the island was practically an uncharted paradise.

    Many years had past, and the Drowzee had forgotten about how he arrived at the island. So one day, his curiosity was piqued, and he just had to ask. "Slowking, how did I get here?"

    Slowking spoke slowly, recalling the tale of how they met. "But before that, there was a different story entirely. I was meditating one day, and suddenly a thought came to my head, it said, "in the ocean, you will find Him." And sure enough, you spoke to me with your mind--"

    "My MIND?!"

    "Yes. And I rescued you shortly thereafter. And I have been thinking of the symbolism of the message. You have a latent skill. You reached the height of intellect when you were a mere child. Being able to speak with your mind is a gift that many do not possess."

    "But why me? If I was dropped off by someone, I was obviously not important."

    "Your soul is old. I sense it. You are wise beyond your years. Tell me your beliefs, of the world, how it works, how it came to be."

    "I believe everything has a spirit. I believe everyone has an aura around them, depending on their mood or personality. Sometimes, if I try hard enough, I can sense your mood when you are all the way across the island. I believe the spirits are sacred, have been here forever, and send us signs through dreams or...or nature around us."

    The Slowking nodded. "And that is without me pressing on you about religion. I never spoke of my beliefs, not even once, yet we share them. I'd like to train you, Asyn. Do you agree?"

    "Certainly. And if life ever sends me away from this island, if my training is indeed a success," Asyn raised his eyes skyward. "I promise you are the only one that will ever get the luxury of my 'mortal' voice. My mind will be my only speaker. Because if I have the power, why not exercise it?"

    "That is natures will. Now, that is fair enough, but promise me if you ever meet someone you trust as much as me, use your voice. Enjoy the mortal things in this life with them."

    "I promise."

    The Drowzee, through many meditations to meet his 'Higher Self," through the pure belief he could do all these wonderful things, they came true. He could read emotions like a book, he could see signs in the things around him and predict a feasible outcome. The only thing he had trouble doing, however, was speaking with his mind without it sounding spotty.

    Then one day, after much practice, all boundaries fell. He turned to Slowking and thought clearly, "I am Asyn."

    With that, a white aura surrounded him. He felt his limbs elongate, fur grow on his neck, and a pendulum fall into his hand. He had changed form. He was now a Hypno.

    "You...you are a God," said the Slowking, for he had been sheltered during the course of his life, and did not know that Drowzee's evolved.

    The Hypno nodded. "Thank you."

    Soon thereafter, the Slowking passed away in peace, knowing that his life's work was done. Asyn chose to bury him with his prized pendulum, he deserved that much. [And if he ever needed to put anyone to sleep, he could use his move Hypnosis.] The pendulum would lie with his dearly departed Trainer, so he could sleep peacefully in death.

    But after he passed away, something called the Hypno away from the island. Over the years on the island, he had befriended the wildlife. He requested that one of the birds, an abnormally large Swellow he simply referred to as "Mother Bird," fly him to the shore.

    It was then he discovered the aftermath of the initial outbreak. However, he was not afraid in the face of this newfound tragedy. "This is my destiny," he thought, and took his first step into the unsheltered world of the Epidemic.

    "I will save this world. I will find survivors. I will do my duty as a deity."

    -my bby yes <3
    -is searching for the reincarnation of Slowking.
    -Slowking was in Hoenn because he was bred and tossed aside as well. He grew up under the wing of a spiritual trainer, of whom passed away. Slowking was looking for a successor when he found Asyn.
    -i hope it is okay I had him evolve with little to no fighting experience. I thought since his training was set towards a different path, his experience points/leveling up would go towards that, if that makes sense. If not, I will edit accordingly. :)
    -also, not sure if he requires a mutator for his skill
    -sorry the history sucks, i suck at histories so hard orz
    -Coding provided by identitist. Thank you for the free use format. [:

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