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    Iroh the Wise Typhlosion (inactive) Empty Iroh the Wise Typhlosion (inactive)

    Post by Drago Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:50 pm

    Iroh the Wise Typhlosion (inactive) 2vn0vw4
    Temp image

    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Elder
    Species #157/Typhlosion/Volcano Pokemon
    Height 5’0”
    Weight 200 lbs
    Pokédex Entry If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames.
    Level 55 (highest level available to me)
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Relaxed
    Characteristic Thoroughly Cunning
    Moves - Flamethrower
    - Thunderpunch (Tutor)
    - Reversal (Breeding)
    - Lava Plume
    History Iroh was born to pokemon owned by the leader of the Firebandits, an organized crime ring from the Johto region, long before Rocket ever took its first holds. From the beginning, he showed extreme promise, approaching his parents’ strength in the first few years of his life. This progress caused greed, and before long, Iroh’s parents were forced to conceive again, this time bringing about the birth of Iroh’s younger brother, Ozai. Ozai was never as strong as Iroh, but he learned quickly, and worked very hard. However, one part of Ozai’s personality worried Iroh. The younger brother was ruthless, intentionally pushing opponents to the brink of death before finally letting them go. However, Iroh never confronted his brother on this. It wasn’t his place to do so.

    One day, when Iroh was a Typhlosion, it was decided that he would breed with another. He barely knew his mate, but in the days after he hatched, he loved his son as much as was physically possible. His son was his entire world, and he stayed by him during training so that he would not become too injured. Because of this treatment, or perhaps in spite of it, his son, Lu Ten, became a very strong warrior as well. Before long, Iroh and Lu Ten were sent with several others as an attack to a rival Crime Gang.

    The battle had been going well. They were dominating the opposing side. Until, of course, one Onix got a lucky hit before it died. Striking out, it lashed its tail into Lu Ten’s side, sending the Quilava rolling. By the time Iroh could get to him, it was too late. The last light in the Typhlosion’s son’s eyes faded as the elder watched. Overcome by grief, Iroh grabbed the body and fled the battle, leaving the others to their fate. When he was a safe distance away, he buried his son in a small mound, in the outskirts of the town of Olivine. Before he left, he sang to his son’s grave, the same song he once sang as a lullaby.

    “Leaves from the vine
    Falling so slow
    Like fragile, tiny shells
    Drifting in the foam
    Little soldier boy
    Come marching home
    Brave soldier boy
    Comes marching home”

    Iroh never returned to the FireBandits. However, he a few years later, he learned of his nephew, Ozai’s son, being banished from the group. After much searching, he managed to locate Zuko, his nephew. Travelling with Zuko, he treated him as the son he lost, helping the boy accept that his father didn’t care about him. After years of traveling, they were attacked by a group of Undead, some of whom Iroh recognized from the original band of FireBandits. Iroh instructed Zuko to run, and finally managed to kill the monsters. However, he was unable to find Zuko again after that, and now spends his time trying to find the only person left in this world that he loves.

    Appearance Iroh is a slightly rounder than average Typhlosion. The normally blue portion of his body is a darkish red, and the yellowish part is a paler grey.
    Personality Iroh is calm and calculating, preferring to think or talk out of problems rather than fight. However, when forced into it, he is an incredibly strong fighter. Iroh loves to sing, but it notoriously bad at it. When it comes to protecting his family, he will fight at all costs. However, he has no love for his brother, or his niece Azula (who was not mentioned in the history).
    User Notes Based on Iroh, from Avatar the Last Airbender

    I’m hoping it’s okay to make him a bit stronger than his level would suggest. Because of his age and training, he would technically be a higher level, unfortunately, my cap does not allow for it.

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