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    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto))


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    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Empty Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:08 pm

    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) WrrZm9p


    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Xy8M6rG

    Phoenix Vulkane
    Text Color #EEEE00
    Item Belt (with Pokeballs attached), sheath behind her back, universal translator around her neck, piece of old traveling scarf, Everstone collar for Anubis, duffel bag (with two days of rations, bottled water, TM 35-Flamethrower, two notebooks stolen from Blaine’s old Cinnabar Lab)
    Weapons Dagger, darts,  her own body
    Gender Female
    Age Adult (Late 20s)
    Species Human
    Weight 128.7lbs
    Height 5'10”
    Region of origin Kanto, Cinnabar
    Occupation Former Gym Leader (Cinnabar), Battle Girl, Mercenary
    Party -Anubis, Cathal, Anastasia, Lexa, Bonfire, and Kyuubi all were Fenix’s Pokemon as she commanded the Cinnabar Gym, though Kyubbi was lost during the Epidemic. Many of her Pokemon are still scattered but the few with her are fiercely loyal.
    Pkm 1
    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Spr_3r_359
    Anastasia / Female-
    Text colour- #483D8B
    #359/Absol/Disaster Pokemon
    Level- 58
    Ability- Super Luck
    Nature- Serious
    Characteristic - Strong Willed

    Attack list-
    - Razor Wind (learned)
    - Ice Beam (TM)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Night Slash (learned)
    ** one of Fenix's first Pokemon, along with Cathal, and was a constant member of the team so she leveled greatly over the years
    Pkm 2
    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) 059
    Pompeii / Female-
    Text colour- #FF7F50
    #059/Arcanine/Legendary Pokemon
    Level- 62
    Ability- Intimidate
    Nature – Hardy
    Characteristic – Likes to run

    Attack list-
    - Flamethrower (prior evolution)
    - Fire Fang (prior evolution)
    - Bulldoze (TM)
    - Crunch (prior evolution)
    **Oldest of Fenix’s Pokemon, she was a gift from Blaine as a Growlithe, and remained one for several years until Fenix took over the Gym
    Pkm 3
    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Spr_4h_136
    Bonfire / Male-
    Text colour- #B5E917
    #136/Flareon/Flame Pokemon
    Level- 47
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Nature – Rash
    Characteristic - Mischievous

    Attack list-
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Bite (learned)
    - Fire Fang (learned)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)
    **Much shorter than a normal Flareon and has a mean streak a mile wide. Very sensitive about his height and loves to play cruel pranks. Only love he has is for Fenix.
    Pkm 4
    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Spr_6x_700
    Flynn / Male-
    Text colour- #DF82ED
    #700/Sylveon/Intertwining Pokémon
    Level- 59
    Ability- Pixilate
    Nature – Modest
    Characteristic – Scatters things often

    Attack list-
    -Moonblast (Learned)
    -Hyper Voice (Tutor)
    -Return (TM)
    -Calm Mind (TM)
    **Original trainer was a Veteran trainer, so Flynn has lived a life of battle and is now one of Fenix’s older Pokemon
    Pkm 5
    Text colour- RESERVED
    Species- RESERVED
    Level- RESERVED
    Ability- RESERVED
    Attack list- RESERVED
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 6
    Text colour- RESERVED
    Species- RESERVED
    Level- RESERVED
    Ability- RESERVED
    Attack list- RESERVED
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Quote "Never mess with Fenix."
    History Life has never been easy for this girl, but that has never stopped her. While born to loving parents who spoiled and cared for her it was not to be, a tragic car accident stealing the life of her family and leaving her as the sole survivor at age five. She was sent to live with her grandfather on her mother's side, an eccentric old man named Blaine. Blaine was the leader of the Cinnabar Gym in Kanto and while he did his best with the young girl, his gym and laboratory took up much of his time. The young girl developed a mean streak, bullying other kids and getting caught several times for petty crimes such as theft and destruction of property. It wasn't until Fenix was 10 that things began to change.

    While walking home from school one day Fenix came across a Team Rocket member running towards the volcano, an officer's Growlithe hot on his tail. The grunt managed to lose the officer in the tunnels that ran through the mountain but he couldn't lose Fenix, she lived in the Gym housed in that volcano and knew its tunnels like the back of her hand. When she came across him he was being attacked by a group of Zubat that he had disturbed and wound up dropping a bag that rolled towards the young girl, who picked it up and ran. Finding the officer who had chased the grunt she let him know where the man could be found and within the hour he was captured. The bag wound up containing a number of Pokeballs and small egg that Fenix tried to return to its owner, but the grateful trainer asked if she would like to keep it and the Pokemon that hatched as a thank you for the return of his other Pokemon

    Fenix didn't refuse.

    Over the next few weeks she carried the egg around with her everywhere, Blaine even having a special backpack made for her to keep it in while she waited for it to hatch. He enjoyed seeing Fenix actually settling down and controlling her wild temper, too fearful that she might hurt the egg if she acted the way she usually did. It had never occurred to the old Gym Leader that a Pokemon might help tame her, but in truth that is just what happened. When the egg finally hatched a fluffy shiny Vulpix came tumbling out and Fenix bonded with her at once, naming her Kyuubi. Blaine offered to let Fenix apprentice in his Gym to help her learn how to train the Vulpix and after a while he noticed how well Fire Types suited her. That's when it really started to get interesting.

    On her Eleventh birthday Blaine offered her a newly hatched Charmander, whom she named Cathal, and sent Fenix off on her journey. It took almost two years before she came back to challenge his gym but when she did her maturity had heightened and her typing only slightly more diverse than his own. Blaine was proud as his granddaughter defeated him and claimed his badge. While she entered the League, Fenix did not win. Though she came damn close, it was her type preference that wound up her downfall. Defeated she went back to Cinnabar where Blaine had another offer rather than Champion. He was going to train her personally to take over his gym. During her first year of training a horrific eruption wiped out most of the island, though the damage would have been much worse if not for Fenix's Absol Anastasia warning them of the disaster. Blaine was forced to move his Gym to Seafoam Islands and for a few years that worked just fine until he retired.

    When Fenix took over, she had the old Gym rebuilt in the dead center of the dormant volcano. For several years she ran the Cinnabar Gym with ferocity and style, knocking out many a trainer who sought their way to the Pokemon League. Thanks to her there wasn't a new Kanto Champion for three years running because they just could not get her badge. Fenix's training style was unusual for most trainers, save for battle-girls and black belts, since she physically trained with them. Over the years Fenix trained heavily in martial arts and preferred to use her own body as a weapon than anything else, though Blaine had her learn the art of a blade as well. She only ever allowed daggers, however, and even then still preferred not to use them. She would actually spar with her Charizard Cathal, or her Blaziken Lexa, and especially her little Riolu Anubis, to increase not only their skills but hers as well.

    Fenix collected a wide assortment of fire types, only having a sparse few that weren't actually of the typing. But that didn't stop her from gathering more. She would often travel to other regions and help out where she could, capturing new Pokemon along the way. Fenix, like her grandfather before her, met Legends along the way and they influenced her beliefs more than once. But during one of her trips through Johto the Epidemic struck. She was thrown from Cathal's back and had to summon all of the Pokemon she had with her to fight the Undead birds off, and while they seemed to be winning Cathal pushed her to run with the then Riolu Anubis, the small canine still clinging fearfully to her leg. While she didn't understand his snarling and grunt in the form of speech, she had been with him most of her life and knew instinctively what he was trying to tell her.

    So run they did, and they made it all the way to Hoenn before the Epidemic caught up with them again. During an assault in Mt. Pyre Anubis was forced to lose his collar and evolved to a Lucario in order to protect her, but it was for naught. Fenix was badly wounded and infected blood poured into her veins. For almost two weeks the fire trainer fought the infection as it coursed through her blood, keeping her gaping wound from healing and causing her to vomit and shake from fever. When it finally struck her brain she was tossed into seizures and would lash out violently, but the Lucario never left her side. It was on a cool autumn night that she finally passed, the virus finally destroying what remained of the heart of the woman it infected. She was buried carefully by her beloved Lucario, and he stood by her side as a silent guardian until certain events stole him away and caved in her tomb.

    ****After Ho-oh's revival****

    Fenix awoke to a great and powerful Legend above her, the very bird for which she was named. Dazed and confused as to how or what happened to her, the female forced her way back home. It took a long time to get back and she was attacked several times, but if she wasn't able to defeat her enemy she would run like hell. Almost a year went by before she made it back to Cinnabar, having to swim part of the way to the island when her makeshift raft fell apart midway. She found herself on the opposite end of the island as her home and had to turn to the tunnels once more, seeking refuge in her grandfather's old laboratory where she found one of the Pokemon she had lent him, her Arcanine Pompeii, and several of her old clothes from when they would work days together without leaving the lab. There was also a strange device on one of the tables that, after tinkering with it for a while, allowed her to hear exactly what Pompeii was saying to her. A little freaked out she didn't want to touch it for a while, but after a few days of silence finally settled with putting it on and now that is where it stays.

    It was another couple of weeks before the ruckus of other Pokemon sounded in the tunnels leading towards the lab, and Fenix found her Anastasia at the head of the pack. Welcoming the strange group Fenix found herself quickly overwhelmed by Pokemon and the lab’s defenses kicked in, the self-destruct becoming necessary as the group raced out to survive the horrific creature that had followed them inside. Losing the group and finding herself alone with only Pompeii and Anastasia Fenix felt her resolve crumbling. It was only by reading the notebooks she had rescued from the lab that she realized her grandfather was likely still alive and working from another remote facility. She set off in search of him and her search took her to Unova where she encountered her lost Flareon, Bonfire, who was all too eager to get back to the safety of his familiar trainer. He had his time in the spotlight and it was not kind to him, so with his lesson learned he now keeps his pranks to a minimum despite only accepting Fenix as the one in charge.

    It was also here she met an eeveelution she had never encountered before, a Sylveon, who was lost and battle weary from his travels. Taking in the poor creature Fenix did her best to nurse him back to health, wishing desperately for Lexa’s motherly ability, but after a while he recovered. Introducing himself as Flynn he explained that his trainer, an older Veteran, had recently passed away after falling ill during their travels. Realizing that his pain was likely what Anubis felt after watching her pass from the infection Fenix offered him a place at her side, Anastasia and Pompeii happy for the company even if Bonfire voiced his loud concerns. Still, Flynn was an able ally and quickly became a good friend, Fenix offering only once to give him a Pokeball but the Sylveon chose to remain a free Pokemon.

    Now desperately searching for anymore of her missing team and her grandfather, Fenix’s search has brought her back to the Johto region, where she is confident that she will find clues in the place where it all began.
    Appearance Fenix is a rarity even among her own kind. With impossibly long hair this battle ready woman stands a lithe, fierce 5'10”, fiery orange eyes burning with intense passion. Her locks represent the flames she so cherishes, burning with hot yellows and reds to reflect the fires of her Pokemon, the silken strands reaching her ankles even when standing at her full height. With her hair out of its tie the tresses fall to even past her feet. Fenix keeps her dagger close at hand, sheathing it behind her back, but she prefers to only bring it out when her fists can't do enough damage to bring her foe down.

    She still bears the remnant of her fatal wound on her abdomen, the very one that the infection used as a source of entry when it ran rampant through her body. When fighting her shirt often rides up revealing the thick, jagged scar that shows the truth of her condition. Worried and scared for her Pokemon she wears Anubis's old Everstone collar on her wrist and the shredded remains of her old scarf tied to her belt. She found them near the collapse of Mt. Pyre, where Anubis had tied them around her grave marker.
    Personality Fenix's personality is close to the fire she loves and adores. She can go from warm and comforting to wild and destructive with a simple whim, and has within her the capacity to be hot and passionate before cooling to a simple ember. She was raised by her grandfather, Blaine, and from him picked up several personality quirks that make her a little unstable at times. For instance, the devious love of puzzles and science. Thanks to her Puzzle Master grandfather she is very adept at traps and puzzles and can be often caught deep in thought about ways to modify or create said tricks. This has also benefited her with the Epidemic, as she can booby trap a refuge against the Undead to give her time to fight back or get away.

    Definitely a spontaneous, optimistic individual, she loves to have fun. While she might not be the best advice-giver in the world, she is great for giving practical care and responds quickly with a solution to a practical need. She lives mostly by her own rules but has been known to work within a team environment if it her best possible chance for success. She's flexible, adaptable, genuinely interested in people, and usually kind-hearted. Usually.

    Fenix likes to feel strongly bonded with other people, and has a connection with animals and small children that is not found in most other people. Especially if they resonate with fire. She has a strong appreciation for the beauties of nature, even the forces that can destroy it. Her wild personality has never been tamed and is likely never to be.
    Affiliations AFFILIATE
    User Notes -Has a more than decent knowledge of science and technology, often working with Blaine on inventions or theories. Though she is far from the same level of genius.

    -found the translator in Blaine's lab

    --Received permission to include Blaine in her history as she is his granddaughter

    --Phoenix the Ninetales is based HEAVILY on this OC of mine, since I created her back when humans were not allowed. Fenix is the real character just with some modifications for EJ. She is basically the version of Phoenix that didn’t have a child of her own.

    ***--Was given permission by Suicune to resurrect this character using my Revival Ticket, despite her not actually being in RP. I provided enough proof and RP/Character background from characters within RP and proof that she died just before an RP started, with several pages of her burial site in Mt. Pyre RP thread alone. This has been approved.***
    --Art for Fenix drawn and digitally colored by me

    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) 250px-700Sylveon

    Text Color #DF82ED
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Older Adult
    Species #700/Sylveon/Intertwining Pokémon
    Height 3’08”
    Weight 59.2lbs
    Pokédex Entry It sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights.
    Level 59
    Ability Pixilate: Pixilate causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Fairy-type and receive a 30% boost in addition to all other modifiers.
    Nature Modest (+SpAt,-Attack)
    Characteristic Scatters things often (HP +)
    Moves -Moonblast (Learned)
    -Hyper Voice (Tutor)
    -Return (TM)
    -Calm Mind (TM)
    History Flynn’s early life was nothing spectacular. Born on a ranch that specifically raised Eevee he was no more alike or different than any of his siblings. Life was dull, mundane, and overly repetitive, and it drove the young Eevee mad with boredom. Whenever a potential trainer came by the ranch to pick out an Eevee for their team he was often one of the first at the fence, eager to be shown a life outside of the simple farm posts and flat grassland. But time and time again he was overlooked as his brothers and sisters crowded around and buried the kit in their matching brown fur.

    It was almost a year before he was finally adopted, but Flynn couldn’t have been happier to meet Gregory. The young man was an up and coming Ace trainer who took the time to study not only Pokemon but the flow of battle itself. With his new trainer and new team Flynn grew quickly, the life of battle and unexpected danger thrilling him like nothing before ever had. His adoration for his trainer, combined with a silly move he had known since infancy, had him evolving long before any of his teammates much to everyone’s surprise. Including his own.

    But as a Sylveon he realized that he was able to take more hits and keep on coming than most others could at his level, and he used it to his advantage. He learned a trick where he could almost always predict the next move of his opponent if he allowed himself to just take three hits, deducing their pattern and retaliating with painfully accurate force. Gregory took notice of this talent and soon he and Flynn were an unstoppable team, the pair rising through the ranks and becoming elite battlers that took on the rising stars of the Pokemon world and gave them a taste of what would await them in the Elite Four in their normal stomping grounds of Victory Road.

    But, as it must, time passed and Gregory finally got the urge to settle down and start a family. Flynn was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t get to travel as much, but Gregory’s wife was a lovely woman who simply adored him. It would be several years before Flynn got to see Victory Road again, but after Gregory’s daughter went off to college to study to become a Nurse the duo decided to try and dust themselves off and get back on the road. Even at Gregory’s age he was still a hot shot trainer, if a bit rusty, with Flynn and his teammates stomping out trainers left and right who thought the older man couldn’t beat them. They were Veterans, hard fought and hard won, and no children were going to make fools out of them.

    When the Epidemic came, however, no one was prepared. Gregory lost his wife in the initial outbreak that hit Unova and the rest of his team nearly killed themselves protecting the older man from the Undead. Gregory become sick with worry about his daughter so the group immediately set off to try and get to the university where she studied, but the trip was dangerous and slow. By the time they reached Castelia City the city was a devastated wreck, the super dense population of people and pokemon making it one of the hardest hit locations in the entire region. For weeks they searched, struggling to keep out of the jaws of random undead, but never found any trace of Gregory’s daughter. It was only by chance that they met a living Purrloin who told them of the evacuation announcement, that several humans who either abandoned their pokemon or didn’t have any had the chance to escape by ship. With no other signs of her anywhere Gregory made himself believe she was one of those who had fled before the destruction got worse, and welcomed the Purrloin into their group to try and find a way out of Unova. Sadly, they never made it.

    Almost a month after their plan to escape Unova Gregory fell very ill, and the entire group had to come to a stop to try and let the older man recover. His fevers grew too high for the Pokemon to be of any help, and after five days of suffering Gregory passed in his sleep. The group mourned their fallen trainer and several blamed the Purrloin for causing his illness. Flynn tried to protect their newest friend but the others wouldn’t listen, attacking the small feline and killing him. Flynn was so enraged by their betrayal and lack of morality that he went blind with rage. By the time he came back around he was covered in the blood of his comrades and their bodies had already grown cold at his feet. Horrified at his own actions Flynn ran, for days, trying to escape his own mind. It was during this time he encountered a brash young woman named Fenix, also seeking some form of atonement for losing her team and her friends.

    Flynn told himself the only way to atone for his sins was to travel with the woman, helping her find those who were lost the way he couldn’t help Gregory. And so he does, refusing to rest until some form of justice can be had for his crimes.
    Appearance Larger than a normal Sylveon, though that is his only distinctive trait between himself and any other of his kind. Flynn is fully mature and, despite usually being seen with a smile, his eyes show the depth of the hardship in his life. He bears the faint scarring of a lifetime of battle but he wouldn’t trade a single one away because they are all reminders of how dedicated he and his former trainer were to being the best they could be.
    Personality Flynn is a highly skilled soldier for whom fighting is a fine art. Each battle, each blow is an interesting problem to be quickly thought through logically and executed with fine skill. Each opponent is to be sized up, weaknesses identified and then efficiently dispatched. His mind can remain steady under fire and he often takes multiple hits from an enemy on purpose to pattern their attacks, waiting for just the right moment to hit hard and fast. His greatest weakness is an arrogance and belief in his own ability and an effective attack from an enemy usually stems from random action that leaves him wondering and unable to predict the next attack.
    This has been especially hard for him during the Epidemic because the higher functioning undead are extremely random while the lesser forms have proven to work on nearly pure instinct. The higher forms, however, he will not avoid if it means an ally or friend is in danger. Flynn is very protective and likes to think of himself as a parental figure or role model to younger Pokemon. He is still tormented by his past loss of control and the inner struggle can sometimes be seen peeking through the silence when this warrior is facing a similar choice.
    User Notes -All of his levels and training are from before meeting Fenix. He is still fairly new to her group.

    --As a side note, Their dual image is temporary since photoshop cut off my character's foot lol. I am in the process of making a new one and should be done in a few days.

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    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) Empty Re: Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto))

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    Fenix the Revived Human and Flynn the Sylveon ((Mahagony, Johto)) RGgji6G

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