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    Javolt the Police Manectric [Inactive]


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    Javolt the Police Manectric [Inactive] Empty Javolt the Police Manectric [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:10 pm

    Javolt the Police Manectric [Inactive] Kazemanectric

    Javolt the Manetric
    Text Color #FFFF66
    Item Nugget (In police badge)
    Gender Male
    Age Elder (Late 60s)
    Species #310 Manectric - The Discharge Pokemon - Electric Type
    Height 4'11"
    Weight 88.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokémon Emerald:: "Because lightning falls in their vicinities, Manectric were thought to have been born from lightning. In battle, they create thunderclouds."
    Level 50
    Ability Lightningrod- All electric type attacks are drawn to this Pokemon
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Hates to Lose
    Moves - Thunder Fang (Level Up)
    - Fire Fang (Egg Move)
    - Odor Sleuth (Level Up)
    - Thunder Wave (Level Up)
    History He was born a pitiful pup of an Electrike, the child of a fortune teller Manetric and a criminal Arcanine who was put down for assaulting a human over a sausage; he was a poor starving creature with mangy fur crawling with fleas and a belly swollen with worms.
    It was not a good place to be born and most nights he went to bed hungry because the scraps he got given were not enough to stop the gnawing hunger pangs.
    There were two ways to go when you were born in a place like that; become a criminal or join the law.
    He took the second option.
    It was no great difficulty for him to become enlisted to the local force, even for a pitiful pup like him. He could take orders and had the drive to succeed and that made him the perfect partner to patrol the streets with.
    The newly named Javolt had regular food and his coat brushed until it was no longer knotted and tangled and a strong collar of black cloth. Day after day he was drilled into the ways to take down a fleeing suspect and to grabs their arms in his jaws and not let go until his partner arrived. He was taken into a warm home where there were table scraps for him to chew and a place by the fire for him to sit and Javolt devoted himself to being worthy of this honor.
    His handler was not some raw recruit to teach him poorly but an experienced officer that took on the pup to show how to correctly raise a Police Pokemon. Every day Javolt strove to run faster, jump higher, track better than all the other recruits.
    He was more than a simple stray to be swept up with the garbage, he was an agent of the law!
    It was like being an angel.
    Javolt took care to be obedient to his handler who’s laugh never reached his eyes and fed him little bits of meat from under the table. He was a good dog.
    He was taught to pick out a specific odor from a crowd and tail it tirelessly through rain and snow. He was taught to fasten his jaws like handcuffs and never let go no matter what beating his target gave him.
    Looking back he remembered the first time that training had to be used, he had been so eager for the chase, so eager to make a difference that he hadn’t seen the gleam of the knife until it was too late.
    Blood burst in his vision as the blade swiped across his eye and left a wound that burnt like fire. He tightened his grip until bone cracked. The knife fell and he stood on it by accident as the human tried to flail him against the wall.
    When his handler finally found him the Electrike was unconscious, jaws still as tight as handcuffs around the suspect’s wrists.
    From that day the other recruits became a bit less jealous and a bit more...afraid.
    Javolt wasn’t normal.
    It seemed there was nothing that stopped him, nothing that could stop him or even dull the burning fire that drove him onwards.
    He and his trainer moved from station to station, moving up the promotion ladder and solving harder and harder crimes.
    When they heard who had come to town most criminal’s gave themselves up or tried to flee the city but Javolt would always hunt them down, barely stopping to sleep or eat and he would bring the law to them.
    It didn’t take too long for him to evolve into the finest Manectric on the force. His scars still haunted him, a lesser pokemon would have been crippled by them, but he wore them as a reminder of the follies of youth.
    He came to be known by the nickname of Inspector Javolt, the same rank as his handler, and the partner pokemon of every police house grew to both fear and respect his icy-eyed gaze. He was the best there was.
    Until it seemed, his day was over. Despite himself he found himself slowing. His nose wasn’t as sharp as it had ben before, his fangs not as sharp and though the fire that drove him had not died down he found his body unable to catch up.
    He was retired much to his disdain and sent to live out the rest of his life in peace and comfort for his accomplishments, with an elderly couple in a cottage far from the hustle and bustle of any city.
    Javolt had done the best that he could. In his long years of service he had never been driven off, never been distracted and never let a man go but...
    He felt he was still capable of more. Without his work existence seemed a black void waiting to swallow him up.
    It would be an overstatement to say he welcomed the Epidemic, one such as he could never welcome a break down of law and order, but when he hunted down and tore the head off the undead Nidoking that killed his adopted family he felt more alive than he had in years.
    He was making a difference.
    He had found a small group of survivors and whipped them into a model community, a bastion of law and order in this troubled time. Then disaster had struck in the form of a violent lawless Charizard who had shattered his dream of re-establishing order.
    Javolt had fought, this creature much greater than he was, as an officer's duty to punish wrongdoing and he had been beaten and killed.
    Then reality had flickered.
    Appearance A grizzled aging Manectric with greying fur. He has scars on his face from where he has been slashed at with something sharp and on his legs from where he has run through rough terrain. He stands bolt upright with a military efficiency despite his old age. His gaze is always steady despite his partial blindness in his left eye. When irritated small thunderclouds will appear around his mane. A golden shield shaped badge is pinned to his black collar along with a small radio that his partner used to give orders long distance (no longer functioning) He snarls a lot when he feels he is not being treated with the respect he is due.
    Personality Javolt is, in one word, implacable. He will pursue injustice with a near religious fervor and never, ever let a man go. Punishment of the guilty is his reason for existence and, once he has a scent, things like guilt and innocence are irrelevant. To the living he shows a stiff formality, to the undead he kills without hesitation. He believes the law is the true driving force for life and that even the harbingers may come to be easily defeated once order is restored. He often neglects himself and others in pursuit of a goal and disregards any ‘rational’ arguments for a crime even for sustenance or shelter. To Javolt the law is all. Pursuit of justice is worth more than his life, he can and will track down a criminal over years until they are captured and even challenge those much stronger than himself if they have committed a crime. With the lack of secure prison facilities caused by the Epidemic he will sentence anyone caught wrongdoing to death, as he believes a criminal can never be rehabilitated.
    User Notes -Based on Inspector Javert from Les Miserables
    -Should his views ever be called seriously into question he will not respond well...
    - Father was an Arcanine.
    -Utterly helpless before a human command.
    -Will try to take command of a group unless there is a reasonable leader there, in which case Javolt will follow them faithfully.
    -His bones ache on rainy nights but he tries not to let it show.
    -He considers himself judge, jury and executioner.
    -Due to his old age the colors of his fur are starting to fade, this counts as age related discoloration and does not require the expenditure of a shiny ticket.
    - Revived via a revival ticket
    -Adopted from Kaze, original profile.

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