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    Lightning the Manectric [inactive]


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    Lightning the Manectric [inactive] Empty Lightning the Manectric [inactive]

    Post by Negative10 Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:42 am

    Lightning the Manectric [inactive] Lightning_profile_by_argentum_zeena-d4r3jft

    Lightning (real name is Eclair)
    Age: 21 years old
    Gender: Female
    Level: 50

    Thunder Fang
    Quick Attack

    Ability: Lightningrod
    Nature: Serious
    Characteristics: Strong willed
    National Dex No./Species: #310 Manectric/ Discharge Pokemon

    Height: 4'00"
    Weight: 88.5 lbs
    Pokédex Entry: It discharges electricity from its mane. It creates a thundercloud overhead to drop lightning bolts.

    Red Cape

    Eclair was once a carefree offspring of two Manectrics - stubborn, but nonetheless still carefree. The growing Electrike cherished her family so, but fate was not in her favor, and she would not be prepared for what was to come unless she stepped up for the role she was soon to take in her pack, a prestigious and power clan of her evolution line.

    She had a soft spot for someone special: her little sister Serah. To Eclair, Serah was her world, and the base reason for all that she does. They had done everything together for as long as the newly evolved Manectric could recall. Their father had passed when they were still young and their mother died of an incurable illness, and as the two siblings stood at the grave of their parents, Lightning's mind was made. Promising to herself that she would protect Serah from anymore heartbreak and hurt, Eclair renamed herself 'Lightning', in hopes that forgetting her past would be easier. Even at the cost of her own life and possible happiness, she wouldn't let any harm come to her little sister.

    Lightning joined the ranks of the warriors in the pack, determined to do everything in her will to give Serah a successful life. She defended the pack diligently, never letting a foreign Pokemon anywhere farther than its boundaries. Her discipline was like that of a soldier. The Manectric easily became a skilled fighter, climbing the ladder up to a high rank within the pack in no time at all.

    Time passed, and the pack continued to prosper. Prey were plentiful, the weather pleasant, and humans hardly bothered them. The pack was certainly in its prime. Still, though, Eclair kept a watch on all that was happening, a sneaking suspicion that everything was about to go array.

    Thanks to her watchful eye, the pack had a head start on the infection. The young and old were evacuated to what was deemed a 'safer' location. Serah was included with the young. She didn't want to leave her big sis behind, but she had no choice. Lightning promised her that once the Epidemic was over, she'd come looking for her. That was Eclair's last memory of seeing her sister.

    Now, with the other warriors long dead, Lightning travels alone, slaying the infected that get in her way. She only has one goal, and that is to find Serah.

    Her eyes are a striking blue, cunning and hardened over years of fighting practice. Her footfalls are sure and confident, but with a sense of grace as she prowls quietly. Lightning rarely smiles, much too focused on surveying her surroundings than to focus on herself. She had received her cape from her sister Serah, whom had found it in the forest, saying that the cape looked nice on her. As one lasting memento from her sister, Lightning never takes off the cape.

    Calm and distant, Lightning has made sure that there isn't any emotional baggage to drag her down or prevent her from doing whatever she pleases. She is intense and profound, but covers any and most emotions because she feels that they are a weakness. If she ever does take a liking to you, she would be highly protective, an almost motherly instinct reminiscent of her time with her sister. Lightning will never back down from her word, especially when challenged, and is stubborn to a fault, but you can always count on her to do as she promises.

    Negative's Notes:
    - Fond of roses
    - Based on the character Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII


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