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    Lemon the Shiny Azumarill | [Cyllage | Ace]


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    Lemon the Shiny Azumarill | [Cyllage | Ace] Empty Lemon the Shiny Azumarill | [Cyllage | Ace]

    Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:57 pm

    Lemon the Shiny Azumarill | [Cyllage | Ace] 29938734_Dm2VN9Rvc4QxOag

    "Big Mama" Lemon the Azumarill
    The Maternal
    Theme Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker
    Dango Daikazoku - Clannad [Sang by AmaLee]
    Text Color d1ed6b
    Item None
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity Cisfemale - She/Her
    Age Mature Adult, bordering Aging Adult
    Species #184 Azumarill, The Aqua Rabbit Pokémon - Water/Fairy Type
    Height 3' 01"
    Weight 67.8 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon HeartGold:: By keeping still and listening intently, it can tell what is in even wild, fast-moving rivers.
    Level 64
    Ability Huge Power
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds
    Moves - Waterfall (HM)
    - Aqua Jet (Bred)
    - Superpower (Level Up)
    - Play Rough (Level Up)
    Quote "Im not looking for trouble, but I'm a Mama Ursaring; and if you mess my babies I will mess up your day."
    History The little Azurill came into the world ready for greatness. After what felt like endless breeding her trainer finally hatched an "acceptable" baby bred to be the very best. Named after her bright yellow eyes -probably a side effect of over breeding- Lemon started training very early in life and was set on the path of a competitive Pokemon.

    And the dual type flourished. While she was not battle driven she was determined, giving every fight her all and soaking up the praise her trainer gave for each victory. It felt like no time has passed before she reached her final form. As the years past and with specific training she became very powerful, a core member on her trainers team. Along with her teammates they were unstoppable, heavily respected upon the battlefield by any who witnessed them.

    It wasn't surprising when people would ask for the trainers secrets. Over and over they would ask how he did it, where they could get Pokemon like his, ect. Each time he would pass them off, giving some nonchalant generic answer about training hard and being patient. It wasn't until a girl he had had his eye on asked about his Azumarill that he caved. She was cutesy, seeming innocent a she casually asked how she could get herself such a promising Pokemon. Instantly the boy offered to breed his prized Pokemon for her, promising the offspring to be top tier and that he could even help her train if she would stick around.
    Together, they headed off to the Daycare along Route 7 (Kalos).

    Two eggs were produced at the same time, overjoying the proud Azumarill though for once her trainer did not seem pleased (as he would have to deal with the other offspring somehow). Still, the girl cheered him on, saying that now they really could train together. The group loitered around the Daycare as they waited for the eggs to hatch, Lemon staying on the grounds with the unborn and the humans wandering off to do mundane things. For the first time in a long time she could just relax and enjoy some time off as she waited to become a mother. The Daycare had many, many young Pokemon at it, training against each other, playing, and exploring the grounds. Looking at the obviously battle-worn veteran the youngsters had lots of questions, pestering the mom-to-be with most welcomed attention. Usually it was her trainer that got all the questions, and he shot them down, but now she could answer them and give real advice. The young Pokemon soaked up the Azumarill's stories and lessons, hanging on every word she said. The dual type answered each to the best of her ability, and even showed the youngsters a thing or two.
    Lemon had never been happier.

    The time came for her eggs to hatch and group, Lemon, both trainers, and their teams, gathered around as the shells broke apart. Their joy turned to amazement- one of them had sparkly green fur! The other hatched healthy as well, its fur the usual blue, and Lemon considered both her children to be absolutely perfect. But her joy quickly turned to devastation. She held her children for only minutes, maybe moments, before her trainer whisked them away, a devious light in his brown eyes. He left, his new companion and both Azurill's in tow, telling the Daycare to keep his unneeded Pokemon on his way out.

    With everything she ever loved taken in a matter of moments the heartbroken mother fell into a heavy depression. The Daycare workers had seen it many times before and did what they could to make her comfortable but the Azumarill would not stir. Why had he abandoned her!? She had always done what he said, ever since she was a child! She fought so hard and was one of his oldest Pokemon in his main team. She personally helped raise parts of his team!! Her babies oh her babies... She hardly got to meet her children, let alone name them. Her ex-trainer had been so tough when he trained her.. what if he was being too hard on them? ......What if he got rid of one of them!? Sorrow filled her days, and while the small children would still ask for stories it was too hard and painful to even try to tell them one. Often she would snap, screaming in anguish as the injustice that had been done to her. The children grew scared and stopped pestering her.

    Her days passed in a slow blur as she sulked. She had nothing left; her career, her children, her family and friends, and her trainer.. What reason did she have to even try?
    Its unclear how much time passed before something broke through to her, probably months. The Azumarill had been sleeping when the sound of bickering woke. As the haze of sleep faded into that of life her sensitive ears forced her to hear what the commotion was all about- something about one kid having a berry and the other taking it? Letting her brightly colored gazed slide to the kids she could see it was a Bunnelby and a Pidgey, and the bickering had turned into a fight.

    ..A poor fight. The pidgey flapped just a bit too high for the bunny, laughing and dangling the Aspear berry in one of its talons. The Bunnelby took the provoking poorly, lashing out with Mud-slap and Mudshot. While his attacks were solid and got good distance they had poor height, and quickly fell to the ground while the Pidgey drifted out of the way without even trying. It had no effect. The Bunnelby's frustration grew and he launched more and more attacks at the Pidgey that, no matter how hard he tried, could not connect.
    'No no.. that wont do anything.' The Azumarill thought, Shrugging her way toward the children. They were so wrapped up in themselves they didn't even see the Azumarill coming until she grabbed the Pidgey right out of the air.

    It shrieked, too terrified to even fight back against the Azumarill's firm but gentle grip. With her other hand she plucked the berry from the birds claws before looking to the rabbit who was pressed submissively against the grass. "What are you doing?" She asked him, her voice soft, "Those ground type attacks wont have any effect against someone with wings."
    The Bunnelby stopped shaking, its frustration coming back full force, as it argued, "But Im good at them and he took my berry!"
    The bird squawked again, struggling now and the Azumarill instantly let go. It argued back, "No, I called it first!" The Bunnelby threw another failing Mud-slap.

    The birds cries must of alerted the Daycare workers as they came to investigate, gasping in horror as they saw Lemon so close to the kids. Her last interactions with children ended in outbursts and they feared the worst if they had bothered the otherwise solitary Pokemon.

    "No no, none of that." She urged the rabbit, waving her now free hand. "I'll get you another berry, arguing over, but you cant hit birds like that. Have you tried something else?"
    The Bunnelby pouted, "But how else am I supposed to get him? He's in the air!"
    Letting out a small 'heh, the Azumarill continues, "So? You have some pretty strong legs there. I bet you could Tackle him easy, even if he's flying."
    The Bunnelby's eye went wide and he blinked a though the thought never even crossed his mind. Turning away from the kids Lemon headed back to the spot she had been resting in, noticing the humans giving her weary glances though she did not know why. At the spot she had a pellets and fresh berries, food they gave her daily though she hardly had an appetite anymore. Grabbing another Aspear berry she turned back toward the kids, noting that the bunny was indeed trying now trying to Tackle the Pidgey, but the bird as moving too much and he was too slow and focused on his jump to hit it.
    "More speed!" She encouraged, and had a smile break across her face as she watched the stream of light come from the Bunnelby's paws, his Quick Attack plenty fast enough as it knocked the bird right out of the air. Both kids looked at each other in utter shock.
    "Good job. Catch." She cooed, tossing each their berry.
    The daycare workers muttered something to one another, grinning, and walked away.

    Lemon's recovery from then on was slow but steady. The old joy she had felt in helping others resurfaced, and her drive to do so along with it. At first it would only be that that wasn't too out of her way, anyone close by, but soon enough the young Pokemon started to come to her again asking for battle advice once more. She happily obliged.
    As the months passed her depression faded and old self started to come back. Moving around the ranch checking on the other Pokemon she would ask them if they needed anything. She learned who each Pokemon was and took extra time with anyone she would see acting strangely. It became common place for other to seek out Lemon if they were unhappy or had problems of any sort and the Azumarill prided herself in being able to help the young Pokemon

    Of course, the Daycare wasn't a permanent home for the vast majority for Pokemon there. They would only be there so long before their trainers came to get them, always amazed to see how happy and strong their Pokemon had gotten. While the parting hurt, reminding her so much of her loss, Lemon prided herself on helping so many kids get a good start. Many even got brought back, and longed to show the Azumarill their progress. Over time they doned her with the nickname "big mama" which she found humorous and accepted.
    Things were happy once more, her life finally having a purpose again, and for years it stayed that way.

    That is, until the epidemic hit.

    Kalos was hit slowly, with only strange rumors floating about for a long time. Still, many trainers took precautions, and didn't leave their Pokemon at a Daycare full of Pokemon they didn't know if they could help it. With business slowing way down the family started to go bankrupt. They ended up selling some of the Pokemon they had taken in to (reputable) trainers, hating themselves for doing so (as they usually let Pokemon go for free to said trainers if both parties agreed) but desperately needed SOME money to keep themselves afloat.
    Eventually even Lemon fell victim to it. The heartbreak of her departure was clear in the humans eyes, but the promised her that she was a kind, aspiring trainer.

    They didn't lie- the girl was nice and her team was friendly, but she wasn't nearly as good a trainer as her old one was. She didn't battle in the way she had been trained, or strategies like it either. Lemon may of been rusty on the intense battle field but the level difference for experience was painfully obvious. Taking it upon herself to lead the entire team and teach them a thing or two still fufilled her duty even out of the ranch. While the girl was a little uneasy at first by the thought of being schooled by her own Pokemon, finding it heavily demeaning, once she accepted the help she flourished, growing as a trainer with utter delight.
    Things were still happy.

    The team stopped for the night at a Pokemon Center but the next time Lemon burst from her Pokeball she was met with disaster. A petty thief had stolen several Pokeballs during the night and torn off into the woods when he thought he was being pursued. In both the darkness and a state of panic the man stumbled over a slope, his gunny sack getting stuck in a tree. As though he hadn't made enough sound already he managed to snap his leg on the way down and screamed in agony.
    Not that Lemon would know. Eventually the bag fell from the tree, releasing some of the stolen Pokemon who released the rest. Everyone as met with confusion, fear, and panic. None of them knew how they got there and the man was no where to be found. There was a blood trial heading off in one direction but when a Pidgeotto went to investigate it he said it ended abruptly.

    The young Pokemon cried and Lemon instantly set to doing what she did best and comforted them. As a group the stolen Pokemon concluded they had ever been stolen or were being transported and got separated. Either way, they had to get back to their trainers. The many of the solitary, fast, and winged Pokemon took off on their own, not needed some group of stranger preventing them from finding their owners. A couple took it as their opportunity to return to the wild or finally be free, and left. The young and weak Pokemon were frightened, clinging to the Azumarill who promised not to leave them. Progress was slow, but luckily some of the [friendlier] wild Pokemon gave them directions to the nearest town.

    Eventually, they made it, and headed straight to the Pokemon Center. The very confused nurses tended to the Pokemon and got a translator Pokemon to assist with their needs.
    Even slower then their trek to the center was the return process. The Joy's did all they could to contact their trainers, sending the Pokemon off to other Centers if their owners were found there and holding the remaining as they tried to get ahold of them or waited for them to arrive. Again, Lemon did as she knew, and consoled the devastated Pokemon who wanted nothing more then to go home.
    All the Pokemon were picked up sooner or later. Except Lemon. the nurses had said her trainer had been contacted, and even responded back, but the girl never showed up. Even more confusing was that the other centers never sent word of her either.
    For the second time the Azumarill felt the devastation of being abandoned by her trainer, though this time she did not understand why.

    Why the realization stung she did not fall as low as she did before. Loitering the city for a while the Azumarill found her personal trust of trainers permanently tarnished. Keeping mostly to herself she strayed between a large park and the Pokemon Center. While she knew the basics of survival, from a human perspective, she was in no state to go traverse the wilds. The park give her personal space to brood and the Center gave food/shelter whenever she returned, knowing situation personally. Eventually though, she moved on, heading out into the wilds to see what the world holds.
    Bulbapedia "Azumarill is a blue, bipedal Pokémon that has an ovoid body. The lower half of its body is white with a white, bubble-like pattern above it, which helps to camouflage it in water. It has elongated, rabbit-like ears with red insides and circular blue eyes. When in the water, it rolls up its ears to prevent the insides from becoming wet. Its arms and feet are short with rounded ends and no discernible digits. It has a black zigzagging tail with a blue, bubble-like tip. "
    Appearance Lemon looks like your average shiny Azumarill aside from her bright, golden eyes. As a veteran to intense battles as well as getting up in years she does look a bit 'aged' and worn out despite being in good health.
    Accent Slight southern accent.
    Religion Unknown
    Motivation Find happiness in a simple life with others. Survive and live, helping those in need she finds along the way, especially children.
    Personality Gentle | Kind | Patient |
    All her life Lemon has been a gentle soul and none of the unfortunate events in her life can change that. She is patient, knowing that time is time is truly a magical thing.

    Protective   | Determined | Jolly | Humorous | Motherly | Sturdy | Open |

    Morals and Mercy
    Even as a Pokemon raised to battle in heavy competitions Lemon was brought up with the two major morals ALL Pokemon should have; They do not battle to the death (hunting is another thing entirely), and they do not attack humans.

    | Overly Generous | Tries too Hard | Overbearing | Aging, Slowing Down | Old Views | Rough Adjustment |
    Team notes Permanent, predetermined.
    Affiliations Sorrel the Shinx: A young child she has met on her travels. While she doesn't know what Lemon can tell something is deeply bothering the Shinx and is very concerned for her well-being.
    Name Origin Named after the yellow color of Azumarill's shiny palette. However, since Azurill is green, she was named after her yellow eye color.
    User Notes - Based on my in-game competitive Azumarill and very loosely inspired by Big Mama the owl from Fox and the Hound.
    - Im unsure how we are going about Kalos's initial infection, so I tried to make it vague.
    Development Notes ded.

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