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    Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive))


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    Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive)) Empty Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:55 pm

    Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive)) Y3uob2Z


    Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive)) 36udZEL

    Deanna (dee-awn-ah)
    Text Color #CC3299
    Item Pink bow
    Gender Female
    Age Young Teen
    Species #024/Arbok/Cobra Pokémon
    Height 11'02"
    Weight 123.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry It always hides in grass. When first born, it has no poison, so its bite is painful, but harmless.
    Level 22
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Timid
    Characteristic Very finicky
    Moves - Acid
    - Crunch
    - Poison Sting
    - Bite
    History A little Ekans was hatched by a kind-hearted woman with a passion for snake Pokemon. She was born a small, tiny little snake with a natural shyness, and the woman fell in love with her. She gave the little Ekans the name Deanna, for the dianthus flowers that grew wild outside, because her purple scales shimmered the same pink glow as their petals.

    Along with a new name Deanna was gifted with a soft, silken ribbon that the woman tied around her neck into a fluffed bow. Deanna treasured her new gift, curling around it and stroking its softness with her tail. She hated it when anyone touched it but her owner, in fact, she hated being touched at all. Deanna wouldn't talk much to any of the other pokemon in the woman's care, except for a charming Seviper that liked to show off his battling talents to her. She was much to young to realize his interest in her, she just thought he was being nice. But others noticed.

    One day, he charmed her out into the garden and pretended to be showing her a new battle technique. He got up close behind her, and Deanna began to sense something was wrong. When he brushed against her bow she freaked out and quickly rushed off across the grass and up a tree. He gave chase, trying to coax her back down, but she wouldn't budge. Several of the other older snakes saw what he was doing and rushed to her aid, forcing him away.

    That night she slept with her owner, to nervous to go back into the usual room where all of her snakes slept. He would be there. But all was not well that night, as a loud crash from downstairs awoke the whole house, and soon they found themselves overwhelmed by a strange looking horde of Pokemon. They smelled awful and their fur looked splotchy, caked with blood and...other things. Deanna took the first chance to escape she could, fleeing into the night with nothing but her fear driving her. She never looked back to see what became of her owner, or the other snakes in the house, and she didn't care to. All she wanted to do was get away.

    *****She stumbled upon some ancient ruins and took shelter inside, hiding from the plague that soon swept across the regions. The youth came across a powerful Ninetales as black as pitch, unable to speak, and dubbed him 'Black Monster'. Several other survivors kept finding their way into her sanctuary but the only one who remained constant at her side was Monster. She kept close to him as possible after he saved her life from an infected Cofagrigus, wrapping herself as a long scarf around his neck for most of their journey together.

    It was when they came upon others actually able to fend for themselves that things took a sudden turn. A massive, ancient Charizard that seemed to have some connection to Monster showed up and was a source of intimidation to the smaller serpent. Soon there were others, another pair of the Charizard line and a stag and feline, and bickering soon erupted. It drew the attention of something that had the snake shaking in her scales and when a powerful Volcarona emerged from beneath them all hell broke loose. Deanna, normally very timid and more prone to hiding, used what little she knew of battle to keep hiding and firing from the sidelines. Eventually a collaborative effort cave the room in and everyone was forced to the surface, watching the ruins collapse on the monster it had created. But the battle was not yet over.

    The beast emerged once more and after several more attempts it was finally brought to an end, the bug finally crushed. But then something strange happened. In her relief Deanna was barely aware of the strange light suddenly glowing around her, shifting and stretching her body. When it faded there sat a brand new Arbok, and the Cobra Pokemon realized how much smaller the world seemed when you were big enough to fight back. Now she travels with her companions, but still prefers to stick close to Monster.
    Appearance Deanna is a normal Arbok, if slightly small for her species. Her eyes, while it is hard to see, have a small sliver of pink still in the iris to match the bow which stayed upon her during her evoltion.
    Personality She is usually pretty quiet, as she is rather timid, but lately a sarcastic streak has developed as sort of personality defense mechanism. The new Arbok still doesn't understand much of the outside world, as she was sheltered as a youth, so she relies on the others to give her cues on what to say or do. At least when she isn't angry, because then she tends to say whatever pops into her head.

    Deanna was once more likely to flee from the infected before, but now that she has evolved and knows Monster (Caim) is with her she has become much more bold. She still refuses to part with her pink bow, but isn't as upset if something happens to it. To her it is just a momento of a live long since passed.
    User Notes -She has no idea she knows Acid or Crunch yet, as she usually stuck to Poison Sting. She will notice once she can't perform 'Leer' anymore.
    -already approved and on the team
    -----Lineart belongs to MjtheMushroom on DeviantArt. Description states that the lineart is free to use as long as credit is given. Link to original lineart and description is here.

    Deanna the Arbok and Shivna the Luxray ((Inactive)) VniHkrA

    Text Color #CC1100
    Item Tribal necklace
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #405/Luxray/Gleam Eyes Pokemon
    Height 4'02"
    Weight 84.7lbs
    Pokédex Entry When its eyes gleam gold, it can spot hiding prey--even those taking shelter behind a wall.
    Level 42
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves - Night Slash (egg)
    - Thunderbolt (TM)
    - Roar (learned)
    - Thunder Fang (learned)
    History A Goddess in earthly form...

    Shivna was revered from the moment she hatched. Her mother and father never expected that their miracle child would be the living incarnation of the tribe's warrior goddess, but once that brilliant white pelt was revealed and those ruby red eyes opened up to great the world everyone was stunned. Giving the child the name of their goddess the tribe raised the small Shinx communally, not leaving her much time to actually bond with her parents on a regular basis. While this saddened them, they were still so proud to know that their daughter was a god in mortal flesh and would be worshiped until the day of her passing.

    But near isolation and constant reverence tend to develop a spoiled nature.

    It wasn't until the first time they needed to call on their goddess that this was discovered. While they had offered her training it was minimal, the small feline still soft and unlearned in the ways of battle, so when a rival tribe attacked the Goddess of War was easily toppled. It was devastating for the tribe to see they had failed their goddess in such a way, blaming themselves for becoming too complacent. In their guilt and anger they fought back viciously and barely managed to achieve victory. But while their enemies were thwarted there was still the matter of their living god being unable to defend herself. So near isolation turned to total isolation.

    Shinva was kept away from her parents and the common tribesmen, instead kept exclusively to the Elders and trained mercilessly. She was pitted against human and Pokemon alike, trained until she dropped and denied food when she failed. Shivna became bitter and angry, finally lashing out and achieving her first evolution. Praise was heaped upon her and it inspired the feline, and soon she was excelling in the art of war being taught to her. By the time the rival tribe attacked once again, Shivna had achieved full evolution and was leading the charge to defend her people.

    The battle was over quickly, Shinva herself the one to kill the other tribe's leader and drive them back from their land. She stood proud at the edge of the battlefield, chest out and eyes sharp as the wind caressed her unkempt mane. Cheers erupted behind her and she turned to face her parents for the first time in four years. She barely recognized the aging Absol who was her father, injuries from the battles past crippling his left hind leg and the current taking one of his eyes. But when she saw her mother at his side she knew them immediately and a childlike innocence spread through her once more leaving her free to run up and enthusiastically greet her family.

    Years passed and Shivna was once again the center of the village. Hunters and warriors would go to her before heading from home, her paw print in a deep red paint from wild berries adorning their flesh as a symbol of her blessing. She was pampered, yet still regularly trained to keep her skills sharp, but her new-found freedom found a strange change in the Luxray. She had become mischievous in nature and tended to slip away as often as possible to go out among the village and surrounding territory. Her fur often gave her away but for a few hours at a time she got to experience true freedom rather than the burden of being a living god.

    But all good things must one day come to an end...

    Ad what more brutal end than a flock of Starly and its evolutions, bodies already mangled and reeking of death descending upon an unsuspecting people? Shivna had been on one of her personal adventures when she heard the cries of terror coming from her people. Anger gripped her and the impish smile she usually wore fell into a serious frown as she charged through the trees back home. The scene she came across was horrifying, but no amount of lightning she fired at the creatures seemed to diminish their numbers. Her parents already lay dead, being pecked at by the murderous birds, only two Elders remaining but fending off their own Pokemon who seemed to have been affected. And the Goddess was forced to watch as her people fell into ruin.

    And it was all her fault.

    Roaring in pain and agony the lioness fought through the horde and fought to get as many people still alive out as she could. She stayed, until there was no one else breathing but her...if only she could say she was the only one standing. Several of the fallen began to rise and move on the feline, forcing her into the woods once more. Only one last act could she do for her people, and that was run the opposite direction that her people had fled, leading the undead fiends away from the only ones she had managed to save. It took almost a full day before she lost them, and when the Luxray finally paused to get her bearings she realized not only was she alone, she was lost.
    Appearance Shivna is smaller than her average counterpart but that is not the most notable thing about this erratic female. Her fur is a stark white, wild and untamed though it wasn't like she ever bothered to try. The brilliant unkempt coat is accented in the blood red deemed to be the symbol of the gods, and it adds to her intimidating appearance. A troublesome smirk is often present and only falls when she drops the irrational teenager act.
    Personality Shivna's personality is more complex than it seems to anyone she meets. On the outside she appears to be a childish imp, mischievous and slightly devious in her methods. She appears to be very social and spoiled, acting like she is better than others because of her status as the Goddess of War, but when push comes to shove that side of her is revealed to be a complete act.

    When things are dire, Shivna shows her true maturity and easily takes command of a situation, especially if in battle. She goes from being goofy and wild to stoic and calm almost in an instant. Her body is held with an overwhelming sense of power and she wastes no time disposing of her enemies, sometimes a little more violently than necessary.

    Her 'wild side' is more of a defense, to keep people from getting too close to her. Raised as a Goddess, she was taught to not fraternize with lesser beings, and while she knows that she is not really a god all those years of training are still harshly instilled in her. However, she does care for others, deeply, and will protect those she feels deserve the chance to live the life she never could.
    User Notes -She is not actually a goddess (in EJ), she is mortal. The people of her tribe simply believed she was because she looked like the representation of their ancient Goddess of War.
    -Knows she isn't immortal, but still calls herself a Goddess.
    -Lineart for Luxray was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by jaclynonacloud
    ---A personal character that I have developed for an outside story. Please no stealing her concept or likeness. Thanks guys!

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