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Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive))


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Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive)) Empty Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive))

Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:53 pm

Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive)) Rf6pPHH

Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive)) OVFq7Ra

Text Color #F6358A
Item None
Gender Male
Age Mid-Twenties
Species #628/Braviary/Valiant Pokémon
Height 5'05" (a little bigger than average)
Weight 103.04lbs
Pokédex Entry They fight for their friends without any thought about danger to themselves. One can carry a car while flying.
Level 55
Ability Keen Eye
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Impetuous and silly
Moves - Sunny Day (TM)
- Air Slash (Rufflet)
- Crush Claw (Rufflet)
- Sky Drop (Rufflet)
History He was hatched to a breeder who specialized in Rufflet and Vullaby to try and make them more accessible to trainers. The two species were gender specific, and Rufflets especially needed Dittos to make more of themselves. Well, because the problem with Dittos is that they all look alike, there was the tendency for inbreeding. Though usually the breeder was as careful as possible, once in a while it would happen. Never had it been very close relations, such as a parent and child, but distant cousins? Yeah, it happened sometimes.

On rare occasions, this inbreeding would cause a strand of DNA in the Dittos to warp and mutate, and if that gene was passed to a Rufflet egg, they would hatch with deformities. Usually it was something horrific that caused death in the small hatchling, such as a fused wing or no beak, even being born without certain organs. However, in just one egg, a mutation that wasn’t life threatening emerged.

When Velshaine was hatched, he was such an odd assortment of colors the breeder didn’t know what to make of him. The colors were nothing like a normal shiny Rufflet, they were just, well, random. He decided to keep this special chick for himself, trying to study what exactly happened to make him that way. When it was discovered that it was because he had a Ditto related to one of his siblings, the breeder realized that it was in fact a deformity. It was then that he decided to sell the bird, lest the defective gene get passed to any more of his Pokemon.

Despite everything, Vel grew up cherished and loved. He was bought by a world renowned fashion designer, who took inspiration in Vel’s soft feathers and extraordinary colors. They were often seen together, and Vel loved the attention. He began to gain his owners passion for fashion, and began trying to make-over the Pokemon he met as they traveled. Not all of them were very welcoming of his advances, but that did not spurn him, it only made him more persistent. Often times he was forced to fight these Pokemon, because of shenanigans, and one day he managed to level up high enough to evolve. The transformation scared Velshaine, and he thought he would be ugly without all of his rainbow colors, but when his owner showed the new Braviary his reflection, Vel fell in love…with himself.

When the epidemic hit, he was crushed. The studio was attacked by foul, ugly beasts that took his owner from him and tore him apart. He went on a rampage, tearing through infected with everything he had, but when the last one fell Vel realized it was all for nothing. Everything was gone, and there was no one there to congratulate him or admire his lovely feathers. With a heavy heart he forced himself to flee his beloved home of fashion and beauty to find others who could appreciate his magnificence.
Appearance -A myriad of color adorns this majestic bird, his feathers all various shades of the pink and orange.
-His feathers are very soft and fluffy, and they shimmer in the light. His down feels like silk to the touch.
-Vel is slightly larger than the average Rufflet, but he isn’t sure if it is normal or because of his defective genes
Personality -He is obsessed with fashion, and wants to make everything "lovely" because he thinks the epidemic world is too drab
-Overly friendly, to the point of obnoxious
-Very narcissistic
-Doesn't care much about other people's opinions about him, he lives in his own little world
- He is openly homosexual, and tends play a stereotypical role to freak others out for fun
User Notes - His feathers have a multitude of colors due to several years of Ditto-only breeding in his family history. The mutation was caused by a part of Ditto's genetic makeup to help it match any Pokemon's color, and the gene warps during too much interbreeding. So far Vel is the first to survive hatching with any of the deformities, as genetic mutations tend to cause early deaths and/or horrific side effects.
-He often uses Sunny Day to light up the area and make his feathers shine, purely for his own vanity

Velshaine the Colorful Braviary and Lilia the Gentle Eevee ((Inactive)) MrKRVaa

Lilia (from Lily, delicate flower symbolizing beauty and purity)
Text Color #FF6EC7
Item Pink diamond tiara and two pink diamond bracelets
Gender Female
Age 19
Species #133/Eevee/Evolution Pokemon
Height 1'00"
Weight 14.3lbs
Pokédex Entry An extremely rare Pokémon that may evolve in a number of different ways depending on stimuli.
Level 12
Ability Run Away
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Often lost in thought
Moves - Return (TM)
- Quick Attack (learned)
- Tail Whip (learned)
- Charm (breed)
History Some years ago a breeder sold a collection of eggs that had begun cluttering up his hatchery, one of which was bought by an aspiring young model with dreams of stardom. She had no way of knowing exactly what was in the egg, as some of them where so old that even the breeder wasn't sure who the parents of them were. The young woman, whose name was Chezza, dreamed of having a Pokemon she could show off like a Meowth or a Glameow, something with a little pizazz. But when the egg finally hatched out rolled a tiny, plain Eevee with no distinguishing features other than a pair of soft pink eyes. Though she was a little sad to see such a plain Pokemon she couldn't help but fall in love with those big, lovable eyes and Chezza decided to name the sweet little kit Lilia to symbolize the purity of the small Pokemon.

Lilia was pampered as much as Chezza could afford, and the pair were really quite happy with each other. The little Eevee adored her owner and was always at her side for every gig and fashion shoot the aspiring model could scrounge up. When an agent saw what a cute pair the duo made Chezza finally got her big break, because he asked to sign both her and Lilia as fashion models for a famous designer's exclusive line. They would model only for his company and have an exclusive contract, but the perks would be that they could keep any of the fashions they modeled. Thrilled with the chance to finally become famous Chezza jumped at the chance and soon she and Lilia where on their way to the top. In only a few short years the duo went from being virtual unknowns to hit sensations, Chezza with her sleek and sexy style and Lilia with radiant accessories for the glamorous Pokemon.

While the new lifestyle suited Chezza well and good, giving her more money and freedom to doll up Lilia a little more, the Eevee herself was much more content being at home than the shoots. Though she did make a friend while she was working, the designer had a rather flamboyantly colored Braviary named Velshaine who was very easy to warm up to. Despite their rather different personalities they formed a solid friendship that still continued even though they only saw each other during the Paris Fashion Week. But back home she didn't feel like she needed all of the fancy diamonds and colorful clothes that the designer made for her, but she knew that it was her job to wear them. It wasn't that they weren't beautiful, they were, and she could appreciate them for their pleasant look but it seemed a little much for the small Pokemon. Lilia found beauty in even the smallest things, from a simply flower to the color of the sky on a sunny day, though she still wore the accessories her owner gave her. It made Chezza happy, and if Chezza was happy Lilia was happy. But even the most storybook life has a dark chapter in it...

When the Epidemic hit it was the most horrifying experience in Lilia's life, her inexperience and weak moves proving unable to help her as she struggled to save her owner Chezza. The little Eevee was forced to watch as her beloved friend was torn apart in front of her and Lilia's natural instinct kicked in. She ran, and kept running until she finally passed out from exhaustion. When she awoke she wasn't anywhere near home anymore and completely unaware of where she was. Wandering around for a while the frightened female was forced to hide or run from any undead because she was never strong enough to defend herself. She knew if she was going to survive she would have to find others who were still alive, and hope that they had the ability to fight of the monsters now plaguing every corner of the region. And pray that they would take her in.
Appearance Lilia looks like a normal Eevee, though her fur is well cared for and groomed. She spent much of her life in the care of those whose entire life revolved around beauty so her fur had always been clean, neatly trimmed, and softer than silk. Even after the Epidemic she tends to try and keep it as clean as possible because it is simply what she is used to. Her eyes are a soft shade of pink, and their color is drawn out by the pink diamond tiara and bracelets adorning her. She tends to keep the bracelets on but the tiara comes off from time to time because it simply isn't practical in this new world.
Personality Lilia is very kind and gentle, preferring not to fight. She has always believed that words can solve most disputes but with the undead she has most kept alive by running away.  The delicate Eevee isn't shy but is rather soft spoken, as she believes raising her voice is rude and unnecessary. Her owner brought her up with manners that she still holds on to even now, as her belief that the end of the world is no excuse to let go of civility. Her heart holds a passion for beautiful things, but finds beauty in even the simplest things. Far from being 'high maintenance' Lilia is in fact very humble for one of her upbringing.
User Notes -Father was a Minccino
-Wasn't raised to fight, was more of a pet so her level is very low, only increased by the occasional scuffle and rare candy treats
-The accessories she wears were from one of the last fashion shoots she and Chezza did together, so she keeps them more out of sentimentality than as accessories

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