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    Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace]


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    Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace] Empty Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace]

    Post by Dandelion Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:06 am

    Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace] Dragalge%20profile_zpsx1x7dang
    Image by Nyra!

    Sanngetall the Dragalge
    TEXT COLOURa3314e
    AGEMature Adult
    SPECIES691 Dragalge, The Mock Kelp Pokemon - Poison/Dragon Type
    WEIGHT180.3 lbs.
    DEX ENTRYPokemon OmegaRuby:: Their poison is strong enough to eat through the hull of a tanker, and they spit it indiscriminately at anything that enters their territory.
    ABILITYPoison Touch
    CHARACTERISTICLikes to Trash About
    MOVES- Scald (TM)
    - Sludge Bomb (Level Up)
    - Dragon Pulse (Level Up)
    - Poison Tail (Level Up)


    Sanngetall hatched in the kelp beds outside Cyllage City. There, life wasn't hard but neither was it a walk in the park. Food wasn't scare but often his parents struggled to feed all their little snouts. His clutch's home was also a common feeding ground that predators would pass by on a daily basis. While his species toxins usually kept them at bay a few hunters, such as Tentacool, would pick off the hatchlings with ease when their parents were not around. Slowly, the offsprings numbers dwindled. Young Sanngetall somehow remained unscathed and emotionally distant from the losses until a horrific battle took place in his home.

    A pair of strong trainers got into a heated argument and decided to settle it with battle. Their Pokemon were large powerful water types and their underwater battle was ruthless. Clouds of sand, uprooted plants, and broken coral littered their battle ground but the worst was yet to come. One side was losing, and as a tactical endeavor the trainer ordered his Pokemon into the kelp.
    But hiding did not help.
    Their rival came barreling in and gave no mind to the environmental hindrance. They continued their brawl in close combat, tooth and claw, chewing up the vegetation around them as the many young Skrelp fled in terror. Some didn't make it out unscathed, falling victim to a stray attack or getting crushed by the struggling pair. Their parents were quick to the scene, utterly livid at the creatures barging in to and destroying their home. The adult Skrelps attacked the already injured intruders but instead of fleeing they turned their attacks upon the parents.  

    While Sanngetall's parents were relatively powerful they were by no means strong enough to face the man-raised Pokemon in their enraged brawl. Outraged at their interference both trainers Pokemon attacked the parent Skrelp's with the same savagery they did each other. Both were easily overpowered but continued to fight as their livelihood was literally on the line. Hit after hit they continued to attack and futilely push the attackers out of their nest, taking more and more brutal attacks that left their small bodies broken.

    The water turned red with their blood.

    As visibility dropped further the trainers ordered their Pokemon to another area, ignorant to the damage they had caused. As the attackers left and the water slowly cleared Sannge could see the horror that remained. Many of his siblings were injured, some gravely, and while he had also sustained some wounds they were not fatal. His parents.. were not so lucky. One Skrelp was floating motionless near the waters surface, blood pouring from its moaning form. In the churned up sand lay the other, its skull split open and fins torn apart. While his body was numbed with shock something changed in Sanngetall. They had done nothing wrong. Predators were one thing but these Pokemon had just brutally murdered his family in cold blood. Burying himself in the sand he tried to drown out the moans of his siblings, his mind drawing within.

    In the coming days many of the seahorses perished to their injuries, and the blood filled waters attracted more predators then ever before. Bodies were snatched before they could rot and the living could not flee. Wounded Sanngetall fought with a primal fear, the same savageness he had witnessed days before, forcing any predator to rethink their meal choice. With much easier prey around the feisty Skrelp was barely sparred their fate.
    In those same days Local Wildlife Conservation teams were outraged upon discovery of the nest. They managed to track down both trainers and fine them, but the damage remained. Plans were quickly made and put into action to round up the wounded and orphaned Skrelp for lifesaving care. What they would see was heartbreaking. Few remained, starving and injured, and those that did were in a terrible state.

    While his siblings were lured away with food Sannge was not nearly as willing. Any attempt by the humans to get close to him were met with violent actions. Assistance Pokemon used to explain/defuse the situation received the same treatment, putting things at a standstill. More forceful, and stressful, actions such as nets and Pokeballs didn't work either. Disheartened, the humans did not want to leave him but saw no other option as the sun started to dip. Leaving ample food, gentle nets to close off the area, and one of their Pokemon as guard was the best they could do as the light was lost and the water turned frigid.

    Sanngetall did not enjoy that night. While kelp can grow overnight his nest was little more then a disheveled heap, and was by no means hidden or protected. Scarfing down the food stuffs he screamed for his 'guardian' Pokemon, an Azumarill, to go away. Sympathy filling her gaze. She tried to explain that all she was doing was keeping him safe, that the humans wanted to help, that she was sorry for his loss. But Sanngetall wasn't listening. Shaking in his nest with wounds still littering his body he spat poison at the Azumarill, catching her off guard. Blinded, the dual typed was helpless to stop the Skrelp from forcing his way over the nets and into open ocean.

    Sanngetall quickly came to the conclusion that life was hell. Through sheer power of will he managed to survive. Sticking close to the coast he traveled away from his nest and avoided humans at all costs. Learning to survive without his parents sucked, drifting instead of finding a new home was infuriating, but just dealing with other Pokemon was torture. To the best of his ability he weaseled food from other amiable Pokemon but Sanngetall's social skills were not the best. They improved over time but more often then not he had to resort to taking things by force.

    His reputation quickly grew as the bully of the block, known to be kind until he didn't get what he wanted. An ego blossomed and swelled, and once he became confident in his power the Skrelp decided he'd head back home and take back what was rightfully his.
    He was not surprised to find Pokemon had moved into the kelp bed but the fact they were Clauncher just pissed him off. The family was much like his used to be- parents and their clutch. Infuriated at the 'happy family' Sanngetall went hard against the water types and got his ass thoroughly handed to him. Beaten and humiliated the Skrelp found a shallow place to hide, rest, and nurse his wounded body and pride. However, the rest was short lived. Someone had been watching and took advantage of the wounded Skrelp. He put up as much resistance as he could muster but Sannge was easily caught.

    From that day on the seahorse's life turned upside-down. The human wasn't a trainer but the host of illegal fights to the death between water Pokemon. Usually the man stole or bartered for his fighters but he had been impressed by the Skrelp's fearless endeavor and could see the makings of a champion. Slapping some TM's on him while placing Sanngetall into a new and sudden training regime against his other beasts was a sure fire way of whipping him into shape. With strict instructions not to kill the deadly Pokemon beat his small body to the core.

    The Skrelp was petrified. These Pokemon were so much like those that had murdered his siblings, that had destroyed his home and uprooted his life! If he had to fight, if he was going to die here, it would be for them. It would be for revenge. Over the coming months he grew stronger, and even managed to win in fights as the human predicted, but the victories did not come easily. Sanngetall took wounds in his matches, fighting with blind fury that his owner could not understand. Day in and day out the Skrelp sat alone in his tank with nothing but revenge and the taste of his own blood filling him.

    Every real match was harder then the last. Most opponents no longer underestimated the puny Pokemon as his name started to spread. The sick human pinned him against stronger and stronger Pokemon, forcing Sanngetall to push himself to the edge. As the years ticked by he even evolved and found it easier still to defeat his opponents. His ego inflated along with enjoyment for the fights. Most the other Pokemon were bitter shells but he found himself laughing, something he hadn't done outside. If this was going to be his life he would make the most of it.

    But those days came to a very sudden end. The organization was busted and all Pokemon and people on the premises were confiscated. With the humans booked and the Pokemons custody passed over they had their behaviors evaluated one by one. Many lashed out, unused to such contact, but Sanngetall just rolled with it. However, they still placed him with the other violent Pokemon from the outwardly marks of a veteran fighter. Those labeled too violent to be adopted or too risky to be released were slated for euthanasia, but by some miracle a call came in- a Sanctuary in Humilau City would home the Pokemon and offer them some peace in their tortured lives. The group was immediately packed up and shipped off to the far corner of Unova.

    The sanctuary was quaint. It offered the veterans much needed peace, comfort, and quiet. If you were in to that sort of thing. The Dragalge itched for combat, for entertainment. The thought of a sedentary life that was not by choice sickened him. Sanngetall gave the sanctuary all the hell he could, causing trouble or bothering the ladies, but it wasn't until the unthinkable happened that he would finally get his entertainment.

    When news of dangerous, diseased Pokemon reached the sanctuary they feared their proximity to the ocean put them at jeopardy. With such high risk Pokemon in their care they needed to move them someone more isolated. Loading the Pokemon onto trucks they started the journey but didn't make it past the cliff sides before running into infected. A Rhydon crashed through the stone, sending boulders cascading across the road before it grabbed the truck and threw it down the cliff and into the ocean below.
    The Pokeballs inside were sent flying, some opening in the waves and jagged stones while others sunk to the bottom and were dragged out to sea. By some stroke of luck Sanngetall's did just that and, when he was finally released, he was no worse for wear for the ordeal. He bumped into a few other Pokemon from the truck and got the details of what just happened. All that mattered was that he was free. Without a second thought the Dragalge plunged deep into the ocean, forsaking those the last few years with, and was ready to take on all he had missed out on.


    "Dragalge is a brown aquatic Pokémon that resembles a sea dragon. Its main body is curved in way that resembles the number three. Its sides are a dull shade of purple with slender vertical lines. Its pectoral fins and tail fin resemble dried up kelp. It has a straightened brown snout. Dragalge has a red leaf-like crest and brown-green antenna on top of its head."

    Sanggetall is a normal Dragalge if not a bit roughed up with some tearing on his 'leaves' and faint scarring all across his body. He holds himself proudly and drifts about with an aloofness. Though hard to tell from the shape of his face he often has a sleazy grin and a devilish look to his bright red eyes.


    | Sleaze/Creep | Violent/Cinical | Aloof | Cunning | Proud/Self-confident | Manic/Wishy-washy | Smooth Talker | Calm | Callous/Cold/Cruel | Possessive/Touchy | Impulsive | Chatty | Crude/Card/Foul-mouthed/Blunt | Sadistic | Irascible/Short-Tempered | Go with the Flow/Brute Force to Victory |

    Sanngetall is first and foremost a sleazy bastard. He is a dirtbag, a drifter, and has been referred to as the scum of the earth. Life has made him callous with little sense of regret/remorse and as such he does whatever comes to mind. Its all about him and all for him. To do things for or with others will only last as long as its fun or entertaining. After experiencing so much murder and struggle said entertainment usually comes with a morbid twist. Its clear he has several screws loose that have only been made worse overtime.

    At first he may seem like a fairly friendly Pokemon, going out of his way to make conversation with strangers and possibly even help them. Not one to sugarcoat things Sannge is rather sassy and crude, and while he has a good sense of humor his jokes often have a dark twist to them. Nearly all of his life revolved around pain or struggle and his dark views are much too obvious. Blended with a pretty foul mouth he is not a kids man and even enjoys watching the being squirm or filling with them dark truths. With sarcasm, a calm demeanor, and placid movements Sanngetall can paint the picture of a new and powerful ally instead of a ticking time bomb. An unsuspecting Pokemon could easily fall prey to this 'laid back guy' after one misstep to a hard personality shift.

    This Dragalge is highly territorial and possessive of anything or anywhere he claims as his own. He will fight without hesitation to protect what he believes to be his. It can be over the smallest things as well, such as saying a common word, moving too fast, or touching something in the vicinity. These outbursts seem to happen with no apparent reason. If there is any explanation at all it will come after the attack and often as a joke. Being highly impulsive and acting before he thinks a preceded threat will be attacked just as harshly as an active one, even if it is innocent. Such behavior and the victims response appears to bring him joy in a sadistic manor. This reinforced issue has labeled him as unpredictable and dangerous to be around for extended periods of time.

    As by the nature of Dragalges Sanngetall relishes in destroying metal. The feeling is like no other and he will go out of his way to wreck some metal if he comes in contact with it. After being taught to fight, forced to battle, and pressed to kill for so long its second nature to him. The rush from it is still there but has been hard to achieve sense his liberation. His violent attitude often comes out in the breaking of seemingly random things or everything around him.  

    Despite his destructive nature Sanngetall is actually a pretty laid back guy who wants nothing more then to satisfy himself. He's a loud foul mouth who has seen the darker sides of the world and is blunt about the agony it holds. He doesn't care much for others well-being, with all amiability being feigned, unless it benefits himself. Even if this benefit is feeding off their corpse.


    - While the majority of his moveset is special based he loves to get very close to his opponent/prey. The sensation of physical and close combat reminds him of the old days in a way he can relish.

    - He had more TM moves while leveling but most have since been overwritten with naturally ones as he has leveled.

    - As mentioned in the history he was part of the same illegal ring as Saferi. They were both long time champions and the pair spent many years together in their confinement. While they have both regained their freedom they have taken different paths since those dark days. Both are similar in many regards but Sannge would rather take what he deserves while Saferi deals with what she's been dealt.

    - Pretty sure he has, and he has, sired many children in his freedom though he wouldn't know any of them. He is rather proud of the tail he's chased.

    - Thank you identitist for the free profile layout.

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    Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace] RGgji6G


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    Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace] Empty Re: Sanngetall the Crude Dragalge | [Shipwreck, Ace]

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