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    Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace)


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    Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace) Empty Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace)

    Post by Kaze Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:15 pm

    Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace) Bass211

    Text Color #6390F0 Text Color
    Item Rindo Berry
    Gender Male
    Age Adolescent (Human 16)
    Species #340, Whiscash, The Whiskers pokemon
    Height 1.9m
    Weight 203.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Mysteriously, it can foretell earthquakes. In the daytime, it sleeps in mud at the bottom of a pond. When it awakens, it continually feeds throughout the night.-Pokemon Emerald
    It makes its nest at the bottom of swamps. It will eat anything - if it is alive, Whiscash will eat it.Pokemon LeafGreen
    Level 30
    Ability Anticipation-This pokemon shudders if an opponent has a super-effective or 1 hit KO move
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds
    Moves - Surf (HM)
    - Magnitude (lvl up)
    - Substitute (TM)
    - Spark (Learnt from father)
    History Bass was the bastard offspring of parents he never knew, nor met. All he knew was his father must have been a Lanturn or Chinchou to pass now the sparks that ran though his body. He had been told by his trainer Kevin that he must've been abandoned at birth, his egg drifting ashore, and incubated in the hot sand, to be found by the same Kevin a few weeks later as the small Barboach got trapped in a rock pool.
    Kevin was the bass player of a band, and thus named his new Barboach to reflect that. Normally only training Electric Types he also soon found that Barboach's natural power to detect vibrations made him useful in keeping his amps and guitar in perfect tune, as Bass could sense bad vibrations and would spark violently to warn him of this. Being the son of an apparent electric type, he knew Spark, useful, but highly unusual on a ground type. He always silently wished he was Electric, like the rest of Kevin and the band's pokemon. Kevin's pokemon were always kind to him, knowing where he had come from, but Bass could tell that as a tiny whiskered fish he didn't belong. Wherever he came from, he tried to stay focused on the here and now.

    Kevin trained him frequently, and found Bass was quite boisterous, disobedient and enthusiastic to the point of violence. Quite the punk in his opinion. Bass evolved a few years after Kevin found him, being a tough Whishcash and, in celebration, Kevin found a Tattoo artists to decorate his thick, rubbery skin with colorful patterns.
    It was at that point Bass started to feel strange tingling sensations in his whiskers. They'd keep him awake at night, they'd startle him at breakfast. All day and night he would get these random bursts of tingling sensations all around him. When he asked another member of Kevin's team, a rather old Electrode, it told him that those sensations were vibrations from the earth, foretelling an Earthquake, and that all of his kind could predict them down to the very second.
    Sadly he didn't know how to interpret the signs, and was just as surprised as everyone else when a savage quake hit them. It was measured at 6.7 on the Richter scale and it collapsed houses in its wake.

    Not long after this Bass sought to flee, feeling he had brought death upon them with his strange powers. Even though he didn't feel tingling in the Earth, he got a strange feeling in his mind that another would come, and he flopped pitifully, until he reached the sea again, and here he found he was free. Earthquakes were no danger here... however, he found that the Pokemon here were beginning to act strange... First they began to stop sleeping, they grew ill, and finally, many of them died... before coming back to try and eat him. Whishcash are not the fastest fish in the sea, so Bass did the one thing he knew would work, and with a desperate Spark, he electrocuted the monsters and sent them back to the land of the dead, where they belong.

    Bass now roams the seas, occasionally coming ashore for food, but usually you'll find him swimming, fending off the Infected. In his heart he yearns to know if Kevin is safe, but knows it's better he stays away, knowing the Earthquakes seem to always follow.
    Appearance Much like a regular whiscash but with tattoos around the eyes and a much more pointed head marking. He often bends his whiskers into jagged lightening bolt shapes when expressing an opinion. He has two piercings on his upper lip and three on his fin. His tongue stud is shaped like a zip. He is constantly sporting a wide grin that quickly turns into a scowl when he feels threatened. He is prone to randomly breaking out into song and doing a writhing, wriggling dance in the water. He is rather slow but the movement of his whiskers is surprisingly fast. His mouth is incredibly large and he is capable of consuming things that would seem impossible with his mouth closed. He had a Rindo Berry lodged at the back of his mouth in case he needs to use it. When using substitute he sends vibrations through the water that make him appear to be somewhere else.
    Personality Bass is always loud and always willing to resort to violence to protect his rights. He is at heart still a musician’s Pokémon and loves listening to throbbing bass beats (hence his name) and punk rock music. His favorite band is The Ramones. Despite his tendency to be crude he has a good heart and only wishes the best for others. He misses his trainer very much but hides his sadness behind a smile and a casual curse. He is an anarchist, believing that freedom to make your own choices results in happiness and will never surrender that freedom even to another pokemon.
    He is more perceptive than he lets on but chooses to be deliberately oblivious to preserve his happiness. Despite his tendency to be loud he is rather friendly and will be very protective of others. His attitude is due to equal parts his trainer's attitude and his own sense of inferiority due to not being an electric type. He is constantly feeling like he has to make up for his typing and will get his self-defense in first if he feels likely to be mocked. Bass is rather frail emotionally but responds with anger instead of sorrow. He rapidly alternates between rage against the heavens for the state of the world and an upbeat optimism to try and reassure others, though he is mostly relaxed and uses violent language to express his feelings.
    He is normally little more than the dumb muscle but if truly angered he flies into a beserker rage, electrocuting everything around him and making the water quake violently.
    User Notes -Has many tattooes and piercings.
    -His favorite band is The Ramones.
    -Deeply wishes he was an electric type.
    -Faintly british accent when he sings.
    -Occasionally quotes Punk Rock lyrics
    -Will swear in symbols as opposed to words (i.e @#%$)
    -Does not know how to consciously use his Magnitude due to being around Electric Types all his life.
    -History credit of The Big Cheese Has been edited.
    -Temporary image.
    -Original profile Here

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    Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace) Empty Re: Bass the Punk Whiscash (Shipwreck, Ace)

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