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    Saferi the Violent Huntail | (Shipwreck, Ace)


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    Saferi the Violent Huntail | (Shipwreck, Ace) Empty Saferi the Violent Huntail | (Shipwreck, Ace)

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    Saferi the Violent Huntail | (Shipwreck, Ace) Livingprofileeditscinderspark1_zpse40af489

    Saferi the Huntail
    Text Color #1e52c9
    Item Prism Scale, Evolite, and Deepseascale necklaces.
    Gender Female
    Age Mature Adult
    Species #367 Huntail, The Deep Sea Pokemon - Water Type
    Height 5’11”
    Weight 59.5lbs.
    Pokédex Entry It lives deep in the sea. With a tail shaped like a small fish, it attracts unsuspecting prey.
    Level 64
    Ability Swift Swim
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Strong Willed
    Moves - Hidden Power [Dragon] (TM)
    - Ice Fang (Level Up)
    - Water Pulse (Level Up)
    - Crunch (Level Up)
    History Saferi was bred in captivity and was quickly bought by a young, rich child who was no more then 8. Her unique and pretty colors couldn't be passed up for her home aquarium and offered the perfect touch of beauty and grace. Still too young to be a trainer owning many spectacular fish brought the child close to the creatures she loved so dearly. Saferi by far was her favorite, always seeming so friendly and responsive to her despite being a calm. The two would spend hours chatting, the girl doing all the talking and the Saferi cooing as she listened.

    When it came time for the child to leave on her own Pokemon journey she knew her fish friends were going to be left behind. As much as she loved them, having Pokemon bound to water to start her journey would be a major strain and, regardless, they had no battle experience. Her farther had bought a shiny Vulpix as a starter, extra beautiful for his precious little girl. With a heartfelt goodbye she wished her friends well and promised to stop by back home soon. At first the Campearl didn't understand, confused as to where her best friend had gone and why it was taking so long to see her again. Growing lonely she continued to wonder though she received no answer.

    Without an explanation and time passing without any enrichment Saferi fell into a perpetual state. Hardly responsive to the man who remained, merely eating his nutrient rich food and swelling in size, the Bivalve Pokemon just existed without purpose. Weeks, or months, passed without an end in sight. However, even this was not to stay. Late one night the Clamperl noticed strange shadowy figures moving through the house. She had never seen this anomaly and watched the shadows come closer to her room. In a strange instance of light she and a few other fish Pokemon were snatched away in their Pokeballs.

    The thieves didn't keep their catch for long. The unique colors made them easily recognizable in a group and they were sold off in all directions. Saferi was sent off rather quickly, constantly changing hands and moving between people. Any sense of location was lost the Camperl felt unwanted and terrified. When an odd fang was thrown on her she evolved when traded to yet another new owner. Scared and confused the new Huntail didn't get a chance to adapt to her new body: she was thrown straight into battle with a much stronger fish to test her strength. It was no surprise when she lost, much to her owners rage. Irritated, he threw the water type into a brutal, rigorous training regime.

    Going from a placid, sedentary life style to this was absolute hell. The constant strain on her body was torturous to say the least. For every incorrect action she was shocked with electricity, and every correct action was rewarded with a harder one. The Huntail hardly had time to rest, her body in constant pain as it was forced to strengthen. Eventually she was again thrown into the ring. This time, however, it wasn't a practice match. The rival Pokemon was out for blood. Her owner wasn't a trainer, he hosted illegal fights to the death to get money. The matches had high bets riding on their victor, and the participants couldn't wait for the odd looking newbie Huntail to be ripped to shreds. Saferi was to prove them wrong.

    Now used to her body, after feeling agony in every square inch of it, the Huntail was surprised by her own violence against the Mantine. Fueled by fear the inexperienced Saferi ripped at the opposing Pokemon with her powerful fangs. The watchers were shocked by the outcome, the Mantine hardly escaping with its life as its owner recalled it. As Saferi trembled in the corner of the bloody water, taking in what she had just done, her owner was pleased. After that, it was a whole new world of pain. As a promising young fighter the Huntail was trained for the fights against her 'team mates' and in real matches.
    Failure was not an option. The Huntail was the prize of the abusive mans collection and, anytime she even came close to losing, he would pull the match. Losing the match wasn't bad enough as she would be beaten ensure she didn't make those mistakes again. Her life continued like this for years on end, slowly making the creature grow cold and bitter.

    Then they were busted. The police found the ring that the water types would fight in, taking anyone present into custody and confiscating all Pokemon. Saferi simply glared at them with dark, gold eyes.
    The Pokemon were taken to a place where their behavior could be evaluated. A few, mostly new comers and breeders, had retained their gentle and timid natures. However, most of the fighting Pokemon had become too violent for the peoples liking. Saferi was no exception. She would hide in the back of her container, glaring at those that came close and snapping at anything that approached the water. The lot of them were to be put down when they received a call- A Sanctuary in Humilau City was willing to home the fish, giving them a peaceful life and hopefully rehabilitating them for happiness. Once the paperwork went through the water types were shipped off to the far corner of Unova.

    The aquariums were large, the food plentiful, and the people patient and gentle. Though her old prison-mates attempted to change over the coming weeks the Huntail refused to open up. She sat in the shadowed rock fixture of her container, keeping to herself and not bothering with the humans. She couldn't trust them.. but if they left her alone they could have a mutual relationship. Eventually, she could see that this was a good place, but she didn't want to be proactive. This life was simple enough for her, allowing the eel to have a little rest and forget the pain she had grown up on.
    Her luck wasn't to last though. Some kids heard that the Sanctuary had powerful Pokemon in it and wanted in. The broke in one night and Saferi could see them trying to break the containers nearby. She was outraged. These Pokemon deserved the peace and the kids deserved her teeth. Doing the only thing she could think of The Huntail launched herself out of her container and at one of the boys, specifically his throat. He screamed, his friends flailing to find the water types Pokeball in the dark. One boy had finally found it next to her container and once returned the kids fled.

    This wasn't what they were expecting at all. In over their heads and too ashamed to return the Pokemon they had stolen the kids threw the Pokeball into the ocean, not wanting anything to do with the violent Huntail. Once the button tapped a rock and released her Saferi was more scared then she was angry. Having never been in the wild before and always in small cages the expanse of water was overwhelming. Sticking to the shadows she swam, looking for anything smaller then this endlessness stretch of water. Unaware of the dangers the eel Pokemon found herself running into fish nets, dead ends, and dangerous plants and Pokemon. Eventually she found a cave, finding the enclosed space to be much more comforting. But even here her troubles were not over. Hunting wasn't much of a problem, it seemed to come naturally to the eel, many of the cave fish, however, were as dangerous and non-welcoming as her.

    Refusing to go back out into the open water Saferi decided to do the only thing she knew how: fight. Over the coming months the Huntail fought the wild Pokemon, somehow restraining herself from killing them, and climbed a virtual respect ladder. The other Pokemon were strong but they came to recognize Saferi as the strongest, the queen of the cave. They avoided her at all costs, and she liked that. The cave wasn't like the Sanctuary, was larger then the fighting quarters, and the food had to be tracked down, but it was alright. All she wanted was to be left alone, stop having her life changed. Keeping to the corner like always the Huntail didn't bother the other Pokemon unless they did so first.
    Trainers often fished in her pool, some of the prey Pokemon would go for the bait or even the bigger ones when bored. Saferi wasn't fooled- after watching so many of them get beaten or captured she knew better. But one particular lure drew her attention. The trainer kept fishing for hours with many bites on her line, but kept throwing the fish back. Curiosity wormed its way into the eel, something was different about this. Reluctantly, she bit the line and let herself be pulled up.

    Her eyes went wide. Sitting before her was the aged but still completely recognizable face of her owner, of her girl back from her time as a Camperl. "Saferi?" the ace trainer said in a voice of similar astonishment. The Huntails cold heart melted, she was finally reunited with the only good person in her life. The girl cooed things about her journey, missing the Camperl, and returning home to the break in. She pointed to her necklaces, mementos she picked up from her old fish tank when she heard her closest friends had been stolen. She told her of becoming a great trainer and what she done. Even after all these years the girl was the same one she remembered..

    The renuniun was short lived. The girl was holding a Pokeball, preparing to capture her friend again. Saferi was all for it, her trust in the girl never faltering, but was distracted by a shadow behind the girl. The Huntail cried out, but it was too late. The Rhydon with glowing red eyes stabbed its horn threw the girls back and threw her against the wall. There was a splash as several things fell in the water and she was momentarily disoriented before striking back. With all her strength the Huntail attacked the Rock Type, even lunging out of the water to sink her fangs into it. The purplish, discolored Pokemon eventually succumbed to her onslaught, and the gasping, weakened fish felt faint. She checked on her owner.. but even from the waters edge the Huntail knew she was gone.

    Broken for the last time Saferi felt like she could no longer stay in her new home. Not with that body there.. not with the other one ether. She stared to swim away when a shimmer caught her eye- the necklaces, they had fallen in the water.. Slipping them onto her slimy body the Huntail forced herself to go into open water an started searching for a new home once more.
    Appearance Saferi is a powerful, massive, and well muscled Huntail. Unlike a most of her species her body is many shades of ocean blue, fading in and out of dark and light shades. Its dotted with black splotches to give the appearance of dappling light and is a true sight to behold.
    Her fins are tattered and torn, her body baring the scars from close encounters along the length of her beautifully colored scales. With bright yellow-gold eyes and a dark scowling face this magnificent serpent is more fierce-some then she is pretty. Fishing net still clings to her fish-shaped tail, refusing to be shaken off.  
    Saferi wears three beloved necklaces. The DeepSeaScale, Prism Scale, and Evolite on them are all useless to her but are precious, well guarded by snapping teeth.
    Personality | Brooding | Bitter | Snapping | Angry | Dangerous | Non trusting | Reserved | Trigger Happy | Vicious | Antisocial | Broken | Dangerous | Solitary | Territorial | Quiet | Aggressive |

    Saferi is cold, bitter, and mean. Life has not been kind to her so she is not kind to it. Blunt, harsh, and angry, she will take no BS and soles all her problems with brute force.
    If left alone others are not her problem and will receive no problem from her. However, if pissed off or provoked she will not back down. Highly aware of her own strength this ruthless Huntail is not afraid to fight and will almost always resort to it before talking.
    A solitary creature, Saferi does not like other Pokemon. I they don't bother her they may be in the vicinity but she will not be 'friends' with them. She is, however, not against allying herself with them if the situation desperately calls for it.
    Used to small cages and enclosures she gets very uncomfortable in open water. Finding any territory that is comfortable is a godsend, making her defend it with her life.
    User Notes - Design bought from Nyra.
    - TM was taught to her by her fight owner to give her even more of an edge during her matches.

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