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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Gym Leader Elesa


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Gym Leader Elesa Empty Gym Leader Elesa

Post by Abysswalker on Fri May 06, 2016 9:28 pm

Gym Leader Elesa Black_White_Elesa

Elesa Katmisure
Text Color f35f05
Theme(s) For the Fans [Undertale]

Here Comes A Thought [Adriana Figueroa Cover]
Item -Food for herself and her Pokemon (mostly the latter, as they require more than her). All nonperishables, including some freeze-dried foods she managed to find.
-A switchblade. Also counts as a weapon, but she mainly uses it for utility purposes.
-A flashlight taken from her own home. Doesn't currently have any batteries.
-Two Bolt Badges. One is pinned to her shirt and hidden by her jacket.
-A universal communicator. She only wears it occasionally, for fear it will end up breaking with frequent use.
Weapons-A 9mm Beretta pistol. Very limited ammo.
-A switchblade and a knife; the former, as stated, is more used for utility.
-Her Pokemon. She never had a lot of fighting experience, so they handle the bulk of combat.
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her
Birthdate September 1st
Age 34
Species Human
Weight 141 lbs
Height 6'1"
Region of origin Unova
Occupation Nimbasa City Gym Leader, pop star, supermodel
Pkm 1
Gym Leader Elesa Spr_7s_523
Name/Gender: Scout/female
Text colour: 009acd
Species: Zebstrika
Level: 67
Ability: Motor Drive
Attack list:
-Wild Charge (Level)
-Bounce (Tutor)
-Flame Charge (TM)
-Thunder Wave (TM)
Pkm 2
Gym Leader Elesa Spr_7s_587
Name/Gender: Ginger/female
Text colour: ff6600
Species: Emolga
Level: 60
Ability: Static
Attack list:
-Wild Charge (TM)
-Acrobatics (Level)
-U-Turn (TM)
-Protect (TM)
**Sister of Lemonade.
Pkm 3
Gym Leader Elesa Spr_7s_587
Name/Gender: Lemonade/female
Text colour: d19275
Species: Emolga
Level: 60
Ability: Motor Drive
Attack list:
-Volt Switch (TM)
-Air Slash (Bred)
-Hidden Power [Fighting] (TM)
-Light Screen (TM)
**Sister of Ginger.
Pkm 4
Gym Leader Elesa Spr_7s_310
Name/Gender: Colonel/male
Text colour: 7eb6ff
Species: Manectric
Level: 64
Ability: Lightningrod
Attack list:
-Discharge (Level)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Signal Beam (Tutor)
-Hidden Power {Water} (TM)
**Originally her mother's Pokemon.
Pkm 5
Gym Leader Elesa Spr_7s_135
Name/Gender: Free Radical/male
Text colour: 1da237
Species: Jolteon
Level: 58
Ability: Volt Absorb
Attack list:
-Thunder (Level)
-Rain Dance (TM)
-Wish (Bred)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
**A gift from a fan. She's still not sure why he named the then-Eevee "Free Radical". Calls him Free.
Pkm 6
Quote "People should be free to make their own choices, to follow their own path. What right does anyone have to take it from them?"
History work-in-progress.
Accent Nooo idea.
Appearance Elesa has always been a tall, slender woman. She has short, black hair and striking blue eyes; though her bangs were once long enough to reach just above her eyes, they have since been cut to a more manageable length. Though she may have a thin frame, do not let this fool you-Elesa is far from weak, and can definitely hold her own in a fight if need be.

Her less-than-practical clothing has long since been discarded, even the headphones she once loved to wear. She wears an old aviator's jacket (a gift from Skyla), a plaid shirt underneath it, cargo pants, and a pair of worn-down work boots. A Bolt Badge is pinned to the shirt worn under her jacket, but since it is always kept zipped up, the badge is never seen.
Religion She holds a fascination for Electric-types legends (Zapdos, Zekrom, Raikou, Thundurus, etc.), though she does not revere them as gods. Her view on faith is mostly agnostic. While deities may exist, Elesa doesn't believe they would ever choose to reveal themselves.
The first thing about Elesa is that she radiates confidence. Her tone, the way she holds herself, everything about her exterior self suggests a woman who has it all together. In many ways, this is true. She's not afraid to speak up and be noticed, nor does she let the opinions of others drive her personality. This doesn't mean Elesa cares nothing for how others think of her (after all, she does want to be a positive influence in people's lives), she's simply assertive in remaining true to herself instead of trying to fit into the expectations of everyone around her.

That being said, Elesa is still human, and has insecurities like any other person. Her fear of rejection never truly left after it formed during her youth; she is both a little afraid of and embittered over other people judging her entire personality based off of her physical appearance, and hates the idea that some may not want to be around her because of it. Elesa wants to be seen as someone who's both confident and easy to get along with, a normal person like everyone else; both before the epidemic and now, she is stung by the fact some may see her as unapproachable, arrogant, or boring.

Elesa gets along well with many types of people, and can quickly adjust to almost any group, a lingering trait from her days as the ever-social Nimbasa Gym Leader. She's adept at soothing over tensions, and isn't hesitant to act as the voice of reason if need be, somewhat Elesa had a lot of experience with back in the city. A strength of hers is her open-mindedness and willingness to (metaphorically) place herself into the shoes of others, to better understand why they act and think as they do. This is a huge reason why she can so easily connect with others, and calm them down if necessary. However, it should be stated (and will be further explained in a later paragraph) that while Elesa is still fairly outgoing and can engage in casual friendships easily, forming close relationships has become progressively more difficult for her over time.

Despite her outwardly social personality, Elesa is actually more of an introvert, and has been so since childhood; her more outgoing side took years to form, and maintaining it is no easy task. She needs at least some periods of solitude, and can become irritable, withdrawn, or both if forced to be around people for too long. Though this trait may seem odd in light of the fact she was a supermodel, Gym Leader, and a famous person in general, it must be kept in mind that Elesa is more than capable of handling her sour moods. Her old career was exciting and fulfilling enough for her to accept its downsides, and in some ways made her even more patient; without the spotlight, Elesa has actually become less 'extroverted' than she used to be.

Elesa is an encouraging person by nature, and strives to bring out the best in both herself and others. She sees great potential in almost every person, and hates the fact that most of it is forced to go to waste in the world they live in. If it's asked of her, she will have no issue helping people unravel their strengths and weaknesses and usher in emotional growth. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that, at times, Elesa can be too demanding and critical towards both her own self and others. She rarely ever intends to be harsh, but sometimes her attempts to help can come off like this, often driving away whoever she was intending to give advice to.

Though Elesa tries her absolute best to live by the idea that humans are not infallible, and everyone learns from their failures, she still struggles with perfectionism. A trait strengthened by her failure to protect her home city and the people who lived there, along with several of her own Pokemon, Elesa often-and typically involuntarily-feels as though she is not allowed to make mistakes, even ones that are completely harmless. If she messes up, it'll only lead to more deaths. The rational aspects of Elesa's mind recognize the futility of being perfect, but the fear continues to linger within her, reminding her of everything that was lost thanks to her own shortcomings. This can shake her confidence, making Elesa doubt her own abilities, and whether or not she deserves forgiveness for failing the people who trusted and depended on her.

Elesa has a great dislike of unnecessary stubbornness and needless conflict. She sees no shame in recognizing defeat or admitting when she's wrong, so except in certain circumstances, Elesa doesn't see the point in fighting losing battles, believing it is better to save one's strength and wits for another time instead of wasting it refusing to back down. This also applies to things such as holding grudges; Elesa can understand why people can be resentful and strong-willed, but she still thinks the energy needed for it is better directed elsewhere. Of course, circumstances are always important, and Elesa knows better than to disregard them-she doesn't expect everyone to forgive and forget anything that's been done to them, because some things are unforgivable, and there are times when compromise simply isn't possible.

Elesa still deals with the pain and trauma of losing so many people she knew all too quickly, including her own parents and several of her Pokemon. While she doesn't talk about it that much, Elesa still half-expects to wake up and find that the past years have been one horrific nightmare, and her loved ones are still alive. It will never happen, but having to face the fact that she will never see them again is a torment Elesa relives every day. Knowing that countless others go through the same experience keeps her from being as open about it as she is about other things, for Elesa does not want to potentially place her own hurts above those of everyone else. As it is, she fears losing her remaining Pokemon more than anything else, and has a certain anxiety around becoming close to anyone else due to understanding that she can lose them as easily as she lost others in her life all those years ago.

Though most might see it as superfluous, Elesa misses her old style and fashion, saddened by the loss of one of her greatest passions. She would love to have those bright colors and somewhat eccentric-accessories (such as her long-wire headphones and red shades) back, and feels as though losing them was like losing a part of her personality. Along this, Elesa also longs to have access to her music; she wasn't able to take along any sort of electronic, and wouldn't be able to charge one anyways. Even singing is limited now due to the dangers of drawing unwanted attention, leaving Elesa separated from another of what once was her greatest passions.

Elesa has a great love of terrible puns, both because they always manage to get a laugh out of her and due to the fact that she used to say them to help people look past the fact she was a Gym Leader and see her as a normal person. Alongside this odd humor, Elesa also still has a slight flair for the dramatic thanks to her days in the spotlight. Sometimes, just for fun, she'll exaggerate her movements or speech, or maybe even pose a little, all in an imitation of her old career in Nimbasa, something the woman greatly misses.

Last of all, Elesa deeply cherishes each one of her own Pokemon, and sees them as nothing less than family who deserve the same respect as any human. She makes it a top priority to care for them and keep them healthy, even if sometimes it requires her to make sacrifices to her own wellbeing. Thanks to the love and respect Elesa has shown to her team all these years, her Pokemon adore her in return and will do anything to keep her safe. She is most at ease around her companions, freely talking and joking with them.
Affiliations work-in-progress.
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