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    Harbinger: Gardevoir


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    Harbinger: Gardevoir Empty Harbinger: Gardevoir

    Post by Gardevoir Tue May 26, 2015 12:35 am

    Name: Unknown
    Species: #282 Gardevoir | Embrace Pokemon
    Level: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Approximate time of infection: The first week of the outbreak
    Known Moves:
    Height: 5'03"
    Weight: 106.7 lbs

    History: Once a human's Pokemon who had been captured by the girl at the start of the human's Pokemon journey, she was the pride and joy of her trainer's team. Until, however, that trainer fell on hard times. One by one the trainer sold the other pokemon in their team, but the Gardevoir remained steadfast in her loyalty, convinced that the trainer had sold their teammate to worthy humans. But, finally, she sold even the Gardevoir herself, and to humans the Pokemon could tell in an instant were terrible news. Betrayed, her selflessness and love repaid with abandonment in exchange for money, the Gardevoir endured horrific experiments at the hands of humans before the outbreak. Once free, she determined that as selflessness, loyalty, and compassion had gotten her here, that she would care only for her own needs from now on. She roams the world; no longer shriveled by the negative thoughts of those around her, instead delighting in causing misery and pain, feeling empowered by the helplessness and despair she instils in others. Despises humans and feels enraged by their Pokemon, angry that they are duped by the lie that she feels the bond between trainer and Pokemon is; she takes special delight in breaking humans. Favorite method of torture is to dig through a victim's memory and play off their insecurities and fears, bombard them with horrific images of torture and death, and tear them slowly apart with psychic or electrocute them with Thunderbolt. She makes torture a game and unless she has reason otherwise, she will toy with a victim for as long as she is enjoying herself; she is relentless in her pursuit when she wants to be.

    As a fairy she is partial to children. She is content with them at a distance and will sing to draw them closer, but once she lures them close she becomes filled with inexplicable, violent rage and will kill them. She does not know why she does this.

    User Notes:
    -Consumes those who stray.
    -Text color is #e2004a because putting it here is much easier.

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