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    Anshu the Gardevoir and ??? the Zoroark [WIP]


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    Anshu the Gardevoir and ??? the Zoroark [WIP] Empty Anshu the Gardevoir and ??? the Zoroark [WIP]

    Post by Starbits Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:17 am

    Togethah image that needs to be made still. ^^;

    Anshu the Gardevoir and ??? the Zoroark [WIP] 282

    Text Color #f34177 – Dark Pink
    Item A pale red hair tie; usually wears it around his wrist like a bracelet>
    Gender Male
    Age Adult (24)
    Species #282 Gardevoir/Embrace Pokémon
    Height 3'00"
    Weight 101.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Insert that here because I am too lazy right now to look it up.
    Level 25
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Naïve
    Characteristic Highly persistant.
    Moves 1) Heal Pulse (Learned Naturally)
    2) Teleport (Learned Naturally)
    3) Confusion (Learned Naturally)
    4) Healing Wish (Learned Naturally)
    History He was a winner.

    That was what his trainer had always said, anyway. The girl loved contests, and so did he, even if he lost. “You’re always my winner.” And that smile, that lovely smile, it always made it better. She would cook a big sheet of pecha berry cookies, even if he lost, just because he was hers, and she loved him.

    His Gwendolyn had never been a very strong girl. A bit frail; her genes were not kind to her—minor heart condition—and there were many days where the girl spent the hours bored flicking through television channels, playing a video game, learning to knit, or some other task that required minimal movement. It was a dream come true for her when she had been given the timid, skittish little Ralts.

    And lucky for him to have been there. He remembered a lot of confusion and fear in his early life. Hatched in a dark place, a building, in an overcrowded pen with many other Ralts, as well as Abra, Gothitas, Solosis, Elgyem, and Munna. There was hardly enough food, and the garments he had been born with were soon filthy. And then suddenly there were the humans who had come for him. Taught him moves that he could not properly figure out how to use. And he was only a foot tall; their kicks of punishment heavily damaged his frail body. He lived many years in fear, losing half his childhood to this evil place.

    But then, suddenly, there were other humans. Humans whose emotions were as intense, but somehow different. They unlocked the cage door and took him away to a large place where other humans took care of his wounds and fed him, nursing him back to health.

    And then there was the male human, the one who came and spoke to the nice doctors and nurses before taking him home.

    The abnormality in the Ralts was soon realized as the little one's hair had a penchant for growing like a human's. Gwendolyn loved it. She would play with his hair for hours on end, and the newly named Anshu would soak up every bit of the positive attention.

    Better medicine was developed and when Anshu hit his early teenage years, his Gwendolyn was strong enough to go outside and play very much like normal children. She took him everywhere.

    Appearance Anshu does not have unusual coloration, but nonetheless he does not look ordinary. Most Gardevoir tend to have very short hair that stops growing at chin length. Anshu's, however, seems to grow like human hair, and as such will continue growing until he decides to cut it. He likes to wear his hair rather long, which only serves to make him look more feminine; currently his hair is down to about his elbows. He'll sometimes put his hair up with his hair tie, and has a habit of doing so when he's thinking about something.

    As Amos keeps him rather well fed, Anshu is at his proper weight and does not often go hungry. He is a bit dirty because of the scant time there is to wash, which he is unhappy about. He keeps his hair combed with Gwendolyn's comb to try to compensate for the lack of being clean.
    Personality Anshu's a cutieeeee. <3

    User Notes 1) Despite what most assume, he actually isn’t gay, but bisexual. He is capable of falling in love with females as well as males.

    2) .

    3) .

    4) .

    5) .

    6) .

    Anshu the Gardevoir and ??? the Zoroark [WIP] 571

    Text Color #444444– Black
    Item Item maybe?
    Gender Male
    Age Adult (28)
    Species #006, Zoroark/Illusion Fox Pokémon
    Height 5'00"
    Weight 180.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry De actually entry goes here. (from what dex the entry is from goes here)
    Level 45
    Ability Illusion
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning.
    Moves 1) Foul Play (Learned Naturally)
    2) Flamethrower (TM)
    3) Shadow Ball (TM)
    4) Ariel Ace (TM)

    Appearance Scary. And creepy.

    User Notes 1) Badda.

    2) Bing.

    3) Badda.

    4) Boom.

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