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Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater]


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Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater] Empty Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater]

Post by Dandelion Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:16 pm

Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater] 333hp3c

Sergei The Machamp
Text Color #326783
Time of Infection Bit over two month ago
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #68 Machamp - The Superpower Pokemon - Fighting Type
Height 3'02" (Big for being halfed)
Weight 223.5lbs
Pokédex Entry Its four muscled arms slam foes with powerful punches and chops at blinding speed.
Level 64
Ability Guts
Nature Hardy
Characteristic Likes to Thrash About
Moves - Thunder Punch (Egg Move)
- Fire Punch (Egg Move)
- Ice Punch (Egg Move)
- Poison Jab (TM)
History Sergei was born to very strict Machoke and Medicham parents. The pair were all about strength and crazy about muscles. They lived in deep in the Mountains and were active members of the Fighting Type Gang. There the Pokemon would train and boast their strength to one another. Sergei had to be the best in his class; both his parents had been so he had to follow in their wake! Each day the Superpower Pokemon was forced to work his muscles to there limits. Though his species did this naturally and never tried the Machop never felt enjoyment from it, only stress.

Training constantly and under the stern, judgmental gaze of his parents Sergei worked his body to be the best. The Machop rose through the ranks of his class, surpassing one Pokemon at a time until finally, after conquering the Mienfoo at the top of his class, he was number one. Sergei was unbelievably proud of himself. Feeling approval from his parents he continued to train, wanting to make them proud and show the others why he what he had achieved. The young Machop grew a massive ego and an attitude to go with it.

Then one day new Pokemon joined gang from out of region. They had traveled far from their home for unknown reasons but that didn't interest the Fighting Types. A family of Infernapes with a pretty little Monferno daughter, they seemed alright. Her name was Ginger and at first glance she seemed like nothing more then a shy, weak, girl, not much use to the gang but a fighting type nonetheless.

Sergei was dead wrong. The Monferno was amazing! She beat him at everything, even looks! The dainty girl was tough and had a real knack for fighting and quickly gave Sergei a beat down for underestimating her. With his pride shot and his position at the top of prepubescent class striped the Machop set out to reclaim it.

He remained second best for a long time in a constant struggle for power against Ginger. To say the least the Monferno was modest about his struggle and thought it was cute he was trying so hard. Everyone could see the two had great potential and bumped them up to the next class full of a bit older Pokemon. A bit bigger and stronger Pokemon. The pair weren't quite bottom tier but they certainly weren't on top anymore. The little fighting types parents seemed prideful that their boy had moved up but concerned that he had yet to beat the Monferno.
Ginger enjoyed the change, getting to meet new Pokemon and see their more advanced techniques while Sergei was completely devastated/ He had to surpass everyone again.. and Ginger who he couldn't even beat the first time!

Training ever harder to regain his title the Machop finally evolved. Now a powerful Machoke he vowed to crush those in his way. Again Sergei rose in the ranks, with Ginger disdainfully at hi side. Now that he was bigger and stronger the Superpower Pokemon could finally beat the Monferno, but just barely. The struggle between the two was as heated as ever. She was just so good! It seemed they were evenly matched, each of them winning some and losing some.

Ginger always played it off as good fun but Sergei was dead serious in the fights. His parents pressed that overcoming his greatest rival was the first step to the top, and this little girl was hardly his greatest. The Machoke was so disappointed in himself. How could he ever think himself great if he couldn't even say he was better then some foreigner? A deep anger toward the female was building, sending Sergei into a training fit. He tried to stay isolated, not allowing for anyone to be a distraction. Constant, brutal sessions that worked his body down to the core. Day and night he trained to the point his mental and physical health was starting to deteriorated. When the Machoke felt he had reached a breakthrough to came back to challenge Ginger.

Little did he know that she had had one as well. The dual type had evolved, the lovely Infernape easily outmatching everyone in her class once more. Sergei was infuriated. How, how could she when he was finally ready! Still he challenged the girl only to end the match in a draw, both Pokemon being exhausted and heavily injured. Ginger didn't understand what his problem was, why he always seemed so angry.
The honor guards saw the bickering Pokemon, and after their amazing match moved them into their league. They were old enough and ready now, but the rivalry didn't stop. Sergei's parents were proud of him but still pressed for him to go further. To be the Grand Master's right hand..

That was all he could now. The Infernape had bested him before, the look on her face like she wasn't even trying, now was his last chance to best her. The Machoke had to come up with a plan, anything to strike her down once and for all. When it finally came to him a sick grin twisted on his face. His parents wouldn't agree with the idea but, if it lead him to being the right had, it would be well worth it. Living by the "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" rule Sergei moved in on the dual fire type.

Surprisingly the Infernape didn't reject his advances at all. She had no real attraction to the Machoke but was delighted to stop being on such bad terms with him. For the first time he was actually treating her like another Pokemon and not an enemy, and there was no way she would pass that up. His parents were sickened but without the constant insult from being beat by Ginger Sergei finally enjoyed his training sessions. He was working not to prove his worth over her but for his goal as right hand. The other members of the royal guard had noticed the change as well and approved of the friendship.

Though nether Pokemon opened up to each other they enjoy the non-confrontation contact they had with one another. Without the pent up anger and frustration they were both much happier Pokemon.
A fair amount of time passed by and Sergei forgot his original plan, or at least placed it in the back of his mind. He was on a walk one evening with Ginger, watching the Volbeat and Illumese frolic. It was immensely peaceful, both powerful Pokemon giving their training a night off and letting their guards done. Racing eachother through the trees something happened. In a bright flash of red light the everything the Machoke knew was ripped away from him.

The trainer boy had long hair and a sick attitude. The Machop was perfect for his next gym badge. Loading him up with the only Tm he had that would work there was only one more thing he had to do. Going to the local trading hub he paid a young boy to trade to evolve the Superpower Pokemon. What he hadn't considered was level. When Sergei burst from his Pokemon, glowing with evolution he failed to recognize the child as a trainer. With a furious cry the Machamp crushed his own Pokeball with his newly found arms and fled the building.

Seeing mountains in the distance Sergei prayed to Terrakion that they were this home. Setting off toward them he was faced with a thick forest. At first nothing bothered the huge looming Pokemon. They were probably too afraid of the beast to even consider it. Then nothing seemed afraid. He couldn't keep them off his beautiful biceps. It seemed like forever had past by the time he made it to familiar ground. Sergei couldn't even recall how long he had been away from his home. Wounded and set on his destination the Machamp continued onward.

Finally back to the place of his birth the newly evolved Machamp was first unrecognized but then welcomed as a hero. No one who had been captured ever returned! Once he regained his health the Grand Master of the fighting gang came to him. He was a Machamp as well, one three and a half arms but just as deadly. Appointing Sergei his right hand himself he accepted without hesitation. This was what he had been working for all this time! This was the greatest day ever!

Then it came crashing back down. His parents hadn't congratulated him on achieving the goal. He hadn't even seen Ginger since returning and all the while he was recovering. The only Pokemon that ever cared for him personally and his accomplishments hadn't bothered to say a damn thing. Had something happened to them?
Yes. Something Sergei hadn't accounted for. Something he hadn't expected, thought about, or even considered as a remote possibility.

Ginger came up to him with a Chimchar cradled in her arms.

Father? How could be be a father?? He hated kids and that damn Infernape was the mother to his blood? The looks of scorn and unbelievable disappointment reined free in his parents eyes. He had failed them. He had made it to the top but by having a child with that female he had blown everything they had hoped for away. Regardless, Ginger herself seemed proud of the child and the one who fathered it.

Angry, bitter, frustrated and resentful the Machamp paced the mountains. He refused the child completely and entirely. The Infernape was fine when she was without it. The two of them could still do things together but the moment she brought the Chimchar into conversation he would go silent. The silent tension grew until it finally erupted as a fight between the two. Anger blinding his judgement Sergei banished her and the Chimchar from the gang. Hurt flooded her eyes but she did as instructed without looking back.
His parents were a lost cause. They rejected there son to the point of disowning him, not daring to fess up to of birthing the high ranking Machamp. He finally got what he had worked so very hard for and he was downright miserable.

Some time passed and Sergei grew bitter, angry, and cold to those around him except his Grand Master. All the Pokemon who mattered were no longer with him but he still had his title. What a hollow victory.. Yet he held himself high and proud. No one would ever take what he had left. One day he would rule all the Pokemon in the gang and no one could look down on him again.
Then even that came crashing down.

A vicious storm raged overhead while a flood of Steelix swarmed the mountain, daring to come out form deep within them. They had rusty, dull, discolored bodies and screeched for blood. Normally the Steel types would be a joke to take care of but something was different this time. They were much more violent and vicious them normal.. and more into rock slides. the Steel Snakes battered the mountain and demolished the terrain, throwing and tossing huge rocks at all the Pokemon. many of them were plenty strong enough to lift the rocks but all they would find underneath were crushed bodies.

The fainthearted fighters fled and the brave ones stayed behind to protect their home and dignity. Most died, crushed by the rock slides or simply eaten by the crazed snakes. As his fighters fell Sergei began losing the battle. He watched as two of the Steelix fought over the Grand Master, ripping him to shreds as the bickered over the miniscule bits of meat. Utterly outraged he bashed their skulls in before another rock slide came crashing down on him as well.

The next time Sergei opened his eyes the sun was just barely rising again. It is dark still but the burning flames of an Infernape are clearly visible. They light up the area just enough to show other Fighters trying to move the massive rock pinning the Machamp to the ground. Breaking it may harm him further and no one knew how to take care of it. He can hear the voice of Ginger pleading for him to be alright. The commands of his companions trying to help their leader.

And he doesn't care at all. Rage was fueled him. There was nothing left now. /he had disgraced himself with an unwanted child, lost his parents pride, his leader, and now his home. Those who were left were weak or wounded, not good enough to his pride.
The moment the rock shifts the multi-armed Pokemon rips himself out, literally. With his legs crushed and now removed blood gushed out of the massive wound. Sergei raged and cried out to those around him. All he had ever worked for his entire life was gone. It didn't take long for him to bleed out and drop.

He refused to stay down. The dead Machamp rose again, dragging himself by his arms. Hatred for the Infernape caught him his sight pushed him forward and gave him reason to move. Ginger fled along with the other Pokemon, terrified of the monster before him. Unable to give chase the raging Machamp trashed with his remaining limbs.

Appearance Sergei was a model for all Machamps. He was massive, huge in both size and muscle mass. His beefy body was a sight to behold, rippling with strength and health. Even without his legs the pure force this Pokemon holds is obvious.
He has learned how to move now. To get around Sergei walks about on his four arms like a giant mutant demonic spider. When attacking he may 'walk' on two arms and attack with the others. Usually he only does this in short bursts.
Personality Naturally a very serious Pokemon the infection only aided this bitter Pokemon. Completely taken over by the virus now he wants nothing more then to show off his power to anyone he sets eyes on. Even without legs he feels he must prove he is the greatest.
Bitter and angry that all he worked for was striped from him Sergei is a raging machine. Sexiest and a bit racist to types, thinking that Fighting Types are the best.
User Notes

  • Thanks to Mew to this idea ;3
  • Father was a Medicham
  • Though all of his hands can use all of his moves, he prefers to assign one to each arm.
  • The forest Pokemon infected him.
  • He to refers Cobalion and Terrakion as his Gods.
  • Faster then you expect for having no legs, but not the fastest by far.

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Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater] Empty Re: Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater]

Post by Mew Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:25 pm

Mutant demonic spider MADE OF STRONG
Also if he's decapitated it means he has no head .3.


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Bisected, not decapitated. :u


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Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater] Empty Re: Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater]

Post by Dandelion Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:29 pm

Whops, fixed that. Cant be MADE OF STRONNGG without a head :U

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Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater] Empty Re: Sergei the Bisected Undead Machamp [Johto Floater]

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