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    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace]


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    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace] Empty Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace]

    Post by Abysswalker Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:34 pm

    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace] 092

    Theme Waterfall
    Love Theme (Reprise)
    Firelink Shrine
    Profession None
    Text Color 35586c
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him
    Age Adolescent
    Species #92: Gastly, the Gas Pokemon
    Height 3'5"
    Weight 0.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Gastly is largely composed of gaseous matter. When exposed to a strong wind, the gaseous body quickly dwindles away. Groups of this Pokémon cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind.
    Level 13
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Bashful
    Characteristic Highly curious
    Moves -Lick (Start)
    -Hypnosis (Start)
    -Curse (Lvl. Up)
    -Smog (Bred)
    Quote "Please don't find me, please don't find me, please..."
    "I don't think I want to play this game anymore."
    "Wow! Wow, that's cool!"
    History The Gastly child was the second son born to a Gengar and Chandelure pair, and was far younger than his sibling. So much younger, in fact, that his parents often left the older-Deimos-in charge of caring for the Gastly; while the first few years went by without incident, with a baby Phobos even coming to adore Deimos, things changed as he grew a little older. There were times when Deimos would use weird attacks against their little brother; one left Phobos wracked with pain until he was liable to lose consciousness, another left him with horrid burns, and the last left the Gastly paralysed with fear using only a single glare. Mother was rarely ever around enough to stop the torment, and Father didn't seem to care much as long as Deimos didn't take it too far, nevermind the unhealthy impact these "games" had on his youngest son's body and mind. Because of these countless instances, Phobos could only see his brother through a shroud of fear, not understanding what was wrong with the Gengar to make him act in such repulsive ways. If there was a reason, nobody ever told Phobos, and thus he associated his sibling with pointless hurting and fright.

    Growing a little older, Phobos had very little contact with anybody outside of his family; other children weren't that fond of ghosts and even less fond of Deimos, who accompanied their sibling everywhere. There were countless times where the Gengar would trap a lone Pokemon child with only one of his glares and force Phobos to attack it, over and over again until the other child was unconscious. Once word of this got out, Phobos was avoided by those his age altogether, and was alone...except, of course, for Deimos. When his sibling wasn't doing hurtful things, the Gengar almost never spoke, and Phobos did the same. It was a solitary existence, and so the Gastly learned to adapt to life on his own while simultaneously trying to forget the fact he was constantly being shadowed by his sibling. Phobos' escape was the world around him and nature herself, rather than her people.

    Phobos wasn't that old when the first of the red-eyes starting showing up, and eventually managed to attack Mother during one of the rare times she showed up again. Her body faded away even as Phobos watched, and Father went mad not long after. It was Deimos who saved him from Father, and then the red-eyes, putting himself in harm's way to protect the sibling he'd spent years putting through hell. Phobos did not understand, and now, he didn't want to. Jumping on the opportunity, the Gastly fled from his sibling as fast as he possibly could and never looked back. Terrified of both the red-eyes and Deimos, Phobos stayed on the move, and hid more often than not. It was something that saved his life. Being made of gas, it was far easier for him to conceal himself from danger than someone with a corporeal body.
    Even after four long years, Phobos has not stopped traveling. If he did, then it was easier for Deimos to find him...and the Gastly would rather stay moving forever than allow that to happen.
    Bulbapedia Leaving this out.
    Appearance Phobos look the same as any other normal Gastly, though the mischievous grin his species is well-known for is rarely seen on him. His expression is most often either one of worry or curiosity, and otherwise something in-between. Being a teenager and not a younger child, he has very little issue keeping his misty, incorporeal form together unless under extreme amount of stress.
    Accent Leaving this out.
    Religion Fascinated with Uxie; still a little attached to Xerneas and Yveltal but is losing the motivation to keep his childhood traditions going over time.
    Motivation To gain as much knowledge as possible and to escape his sibling for good.
    Personality +Paranoid+
    -Rooted in childhood fears and his sibling's torment; Phobos does not initially trust anybody, no matter who they are
    -Constantly questioning in his head the motivations and actions of other people, worried that at any given moment they will betray him or reveal themselves to be working with his sibling
    -Particularly strong around other Ghost-types
    -A timid little thing
    -Initiating/keeping a conversation, introducing himself, being around groups, etc; Phobos just does not like these things
    -Quiet and often sticks to the sidelines; does not want to be the center of attention
    +Socially Inexperienced+
    -Being around others outside of family is not something Phobos is used to
    -He doesn't really know the concept of "friends" or anything more than relatives or acquaintances
    -Because of this, Phobos tends to overreact/underreact or interpret people in the completely wrong way
    -Despite his flaring paranoia, Phobos is still only a teenager, and largely unfamiliar with how the world works; while he saw a glimpse of real darkness with his sibling, he's not yet fallen into complete cynicism or disregard for other people altogether
    -Thus, it's not a horribly difficult task to manipulate him, especially if one can work around the blatant mistrust and gain some form of understanding or connection with him...even if it's fake.
    -Extremely so.
    -Phobos' greatest joy is gaining new knowledge and sharing it with other people, even if he doesn't particularly trust them yet; simply the act of teaching brings him happiness
    -This is pretty much the one thing that can break down at least some of his social barriers; Phobos could talk for hours about something he's really interested in (without that, he'll barely speak)
    -Fascinated by pretty much everything, though at varying levels
    -Phobos has a truly sharp mind, and though young and still inexperienced, he still strives to keep himself from falling into intellectual apathy
    -He can retain a ton of information and will do his best to thoroughly understand, even if it's something beyond his knowledge and life experience
    -This can, admittedly, make him a little smug at times
    +Loves Music+
    -Even though he's aware he can't carry a tune, Phobos loves to sing, and also enjoys hearing others do the same
    -The type to (metaphorically) applaud someone even if their voice is absolutely terrible
    -Takes it to the extreme and refuses to hurt anybody, even undead, even in self-defense; he'd rather run, hide, or take the hit
    -Huge part of his moral compass, and going against it would undoubtedly cause a huge blow against his mental health
    -Not in the typical, obnoxious teenager way (though sometimes that might happen, if he finds someone he really connects with)
    -This means that he's not quite at a stage where his mental age has caught up to his physical one; while Phobos is an adolescent, he mostly has the speaking and behavior mannerisms of a 9 or 10-year-old
    +Fascinated with Life/Death+
    -Though his understanding of either one are both far from complete, Phobos still has an awe for the concepts and sees both as something to be admired rather than scared of
    -Death doesn't scare him, but pain during life does, so much so that a lot of everyday behaviors are hindered by it
    -His life has been swallowed up by constant hiding from not just undead but anything that could potentially cause him harm
    -Provides a ton of fuel for the fire of his pacifism
    +A Lonely Soul+
    -Doesn't really mind being by himself, and even prefers it at times
    -This can combine with his curiosity; making a discovery by himself is absolutely amazing to the ghost child and something Phobos always looks forward to
    -Phobos can and will likely stress over anything, regardless of whether it's in his control or not.
    -Worry plagues him constantly, and the terror that is his sibling has never left him; not a moment passes where Phobos can feel truly at ease and comfortable with where he is
    -will stress over anything
    +Susceptible to Obsession+
    -Phobos is prone to becoming unhealthily obsessed to the point where his hours are consumed by whatever the object of obsession is
    -During these times, he often forgets to remember that caring for himself is also important, instead pouring all of his focus and care into his newfound obsession
    User Notes
  • Adaptation of an older OC.
  • Father was a Chandelure.
  • Refers to undead as red-eyes.
  • Will not use Curse. Ever. Doing so triggers his agliophobia.
  • Team notes Pallet; very likely to be permanent
  • Brother of Deimos; has an intense fear of his sibling that was intentionally cultivated throughout childhood. Phobos will do absolutely anything if it means staying out of his sibling's reach. This is currently the one living Pokemon in existence Phobos' wishes was dead and out of his life.
  • Development Notes Make mistakes due to paranoia, learn, gain confidence and lose fear over time; go through process of admitting to all that paranoia and terror
    (adding more over time)
    basically I want a lot of positive for this kid

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    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace] Empty Re: Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace]

    Post by Abysswalker Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:11 am

    He's ready to be looked at for approval ;u;


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    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace] Empty Re: Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace]

    Post by Victini Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:50 am

    Phobos the Gastly [Pallet-Ace] RGgji6G


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