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    Isolde the Vivillon (Pallet, Ace)


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    Isolde the Vivillon (Pallet, Ace) Empty Isolde the Vivillon (Pallet, Ace)

    Post by Maximum Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:02 pm

    Isolde the Vivillon (Pallet, Ace) Ifuva4g
    Art by Kaze

    Theme Theme: Bad Apple
    Profession Storm Trooper Guardian
    Text Color DAF4F0
    Item Safety Goggles
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her
    Age Adult
    Species #666, Vivillon, Scale Pokemon
    Height 3'11''
    Weight 37.5 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon X: Vivillon with many different patterns are found all over the world. These patterns are affected by the climate of their habitat.
    Level 40
    Ability Compound Eyes: Raises the Pokémon’s accuracy by 30%
    Nature Serious (neutral)
    Characteristic Somewhat Vain (Sp. Def.)
    Moves -Aromatherapy(level up)
    -Bug Buzz (level up)
    -Sleep Powder (start)
    -Draining Kiss (level up)
    "And they won't call me mother or sister or wife
    They will know me or not by the strength of my life
    I will burn with a light of my own"
    History When Isolde was born, she was just one Scatterbug amongst many in the cold wasteland. It was near the beginning of spring, and the snow was starting to melt. Not long after her hatching, a large flock of bird Pokemon came into the area and nearly wiped out the Scatterbug population. The local Spewpa were safe due to their coloration helping them blend in to the landscape, but they could only do so much for the Scatterbug.  Isolde's small size allowed a Spewpa to hide her before the birds could get her.  Unfortunately, the sounds of the feasting birds could not be blocked out even though she couldn't see the massacre.  She didn't understand what all of this meant at the time, but she sensed the fear coming off in waves from the Spewpa. Eventually, the sounds stopped, and the Spewpa told her that it was safe to come out.  The most unnerving thing about the scene before was that there were almost no traces of what occurred there.  There were footprints of the birds, and there were a few odd feathers lying around.  Otherwise, it was almost as if nothing had happened.  

    All of the remaining Scatterbug were brought together by different Spewpa, and the Spewpa decided that they needed watching over until they could take care of themselves.  Isolde was quiet in comparison to the other young ones, and she did not seem to enjoy playing with them.  She often spent her time trying to "find food" or "look for hiding places" even though she was never allowed to leave the safe zones that the Spewpa and a kindly Abomasnow had set up.  Some of the Scatterbug tried to join in on her "games," but she would end up getting angry at their inevitable fooling around.  Eventually, one of the older Spewpa asked her about this, and she responded, "All they want to do is play! That isn't going to help anyone!" The Spewpa tried to convince her that she didn't need to worry about food and shelter yet, but she was not convinced.  However, she grew tired of the near argument, and let the matter go.

    Several Spewpa started training as hard as they could by fighting each other.  They didn't want to be defenseless if more ruthless predators came.  Isolde enjoyed watching them battle each other, and since the young Scatterbug didn't seem to have fun otherwise, they allowed her to. After a particularly intense training session, several of the Spewpa started glowing brightly. They all evolved into Vivillon with white wings and grey markings, and their battling powers seemed to skyrocket. Enraptured by the process, she decided then and there that she wanted to evolve as soon as possible.  When the Scatterbug reached the age where fighting was the game of choice, she joined in with almost unheard of enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, most of the others did not like fighting with her due to her relentless fighting style, and she would often "fight dirty." (She would take cheap shots and use distraction tactics.) As far as she was concerned, as long as she won the fight, it didn't matter how it happened.  Predators didn't care if prey fought fairly, and she valued her life over those supposed rules.  One of the Vivillon, named Fiona, noticed that Isolde was a good fighter, and took her under her wing to encourage her talent.  Fiona understood Isolde's fears, and instead of downplaying them, she acknowledged them.  She helped Isolde learn how to use the terrain to her advantage and that fighting to kill wasn't always necessary. Under Fiona's tutelage, Isolde evolved into a Spewpa and later, into a Vivillon.

    Isolde was ecstatic at her evolution, and she loved her new, white and grey speckled wings.  They helped her blend into the snow on the ground and in the air. After learning the finer points of flying by her tutor, she talked to the friendly Abomasnow about learning to fly in a snowstorm. If predators tried raiding the area, then he could summon a snowstorm, she could fight them off and they would have severe troubles attacking.  He liked the idea and encouraged multiple Vivillon to learn as well.  Afterwards, outside pokemon came to avoid the area due to excessive hail, and the fact that "ghosts" seemed to come with the snow.  Because of their guerilla tactics, they never noticed that some of the Pokemon who tried approaching the area were sick.  What they did notice was that there were more and more Pokemon braving the trek, and often dying of frostbite in their attempts.  From one of these Pokemon, she found a set of goggles that allowed her to see more clearly in a snowstorm. There also appeared to be purple patches on some of the dead Pokemon.

    As the small colony's members grew and evolved into Vivillon, Isolde noticed that several members would pair off.  More often than not, the pair would involve two members of the opposite sex, and though that didn't always hold true, Isolde was rather confused about why they were doing that.  She got the impression that the two enjoyed each other's company, but she didn't understand why they felt the need to be separate from the rest of the group.  She also noticed that males were a lot nicer to her now, even though they were still terrified of her. One day she finally asked her tutor about it, and she to be told about the "birds and the bees." As an offhanded comment, her tutor also mentioned that it was odd that Isolde seemed to not be interested in anyone in that way.  Maybe she just hadn't met the right one yet. Those words would haunt her for years.

    She decided to ignore the attentions of the various members of her swarm and continued her training in the harsh weather.  Since there was always the chance for accidents, she always trained with a partner. His name was Kelvin.  He seemed a pleasant sort, and he hadn't made any of the typical advances toward her.  They became close friends as they trained, and she greatly appreciated his presence since that seemed to make the more persistent males leave her alone.  Isolde felt that perhaps she would start feeling things for him like she saw so many other females fall for their partners.  She was disappointed when she eventually realized that those feelings never came, and she wasn't even jealous when Kelvin took another female for his mate.  He did, however, keep her as a close friend, though his presence no longer protected her from the attentions of one male who refused to give up.  His name was Lorcan.  

    Due to Kelvin having to tend to eggs one day, Isolde was training by herself a fair distance away from the swarm's home.  She didn't notice Lorcan approaching her until she was extremely sleepy.  *She woke up confused but knew something was wrong. For some reason she couldn't fly and could hardly move as she struggled against the ground. Through the haze she realized her wings had been pinned, making sure she was grounded. Isolde started to panic when she could sense another presence nearby. In a moment of terror she attacked with the only move she could: Draining Kiss. The other Pokemon didn't recoil, coming closer while she fueled more power into the attack. Before either knew it, his strength drained too far and he collapsed, eyes glazed over with death.* Scared, she went back to the colony, and informed one of the leaders, Briana, what happened.  She didn't believe Isolde when she accused Lorcan of attacking her, and Briana even talked about what a nice Vivillon he was. Briana went further to say that Isolde had overreacted, and this enraged and crushed Isolde.  

    After this, Isolde didn't feel at home amongst the swarm anymore.  Every time that a male, even Kelvin, looked at her, she could only see Lorcan, and the leaders eyed her warily, as if she would snap and kill them all.  Isolde finally grew weary of her former home and left in the middle of a blizzard. She didn't care if she died. She had to get away.

    Due to the isolationist style of the colony, the fact that almost every Pokemon she saw would attack her was not unexpected.  She really wasn't aware of the epidemic and its problems until she encountered some living Pokemon who informed her of the state of the world.  She appreciated their information, but even though speaking to living beings helped stave off the loneliness, she still felt compelled to leave the area.
    Bulbapedia " Vivillon is a butterfly-like Pokémon with wings that come in a large variety of patterns. Vivillon's thorax is an elliptical shape divided into three segments, each with a different shade of gray. Its legs are also elliptical which are black on the lower half and grayish on the upper half. Vivillon has two black, circular hands and no visible arms. It has a round, grayish head with large, black, pixelated eyes and a pair of skinny antenna. It can spread its scales to calm an opponent's fighting spirit, as shown in the anime. Its wings' pattern is affected by the climate in which it lives."
    Appearance Isolde is an average Vivillon with an Icy Snow Pattern.  This means her wings are predominantly white with grey specks in a few places. This makes her blend into snowy areas extremely well, and if she is flying while it is snowing, it is almost impossible to see her.  She carries the Safety Goggles around her neck if the weather is nice, but they are always easily accessible.
    Accent A light English accent
    Religion Has never thought about higher powers
    Motivation Stay alive and never go back home
    Personality Even before Lorcan's betrayal, Isolde was a quiet Pokemon, and she typically didn't form friendships easily.  She was also rather callous in her treatment of those who were not in her swarm. Now, she is even more withdrawn, and those who meet her may call her frigid since she appears to not care about anyone else.  Despite how she acts and how she actively avoids getting close to others, she is incredibly lonely since leaving her swarm, and if someone is able to earn her trust, she will be deathly loyal to them. They will also see that she is capable of dry and sometimes morbid humor.  This trust is not easily earned, and it is easy to lose all progress through careless thoughts and actions.  Due to the males of her swarm, she doesn't believe in compliments and becomes suspicious of those that give them.

    Isolde will not hesitate to fight, but she often uses her hit and run tactics.  These work better in snowy conditions, but she can fight outside of them perfectly well.  If she sees the opportunity for a cheap shot, she can and will use them whenever they appear.  

    She is incredibly sensitive to touch and will prefer for others to avoid physical contact, but she can tolerate some contact depending on context.  Generally, if a Pokemon seems to be a touchy sort, then she will let it slide if they don't single her out. Otherwise, she will tell the Human/Pokemon to refrain from touching her. Pinning her wings in any way makes her panic.

    User Notes --Still unnerved by birdy looking flying types.  She isn't terrified by them anymore, but it has been a long healing process.
    -The birds at the beginning are purposefully left vague, Isolde was too young to distinguish them.
    -The part in asterisks was written by Uxie.  They wrote that part to help me include the important parts of the incident without going into unnecessary details.  
    -Asexual and potentially aromantic
    -Male butterfly Pokemon give her a reaction similar to her reaction to birds. A male Icy Snow pattern Vivillon, however, will trigger nightmares.
    -She doesn't know the difference between humans and pokemon.  If she speaks to a human, she will expect them to understand.
    Team notes Permanent unless something happens
    Affiliations None
    Development Notes -Open up to others again
    -Face her internal demons
    -Lorcan isn't gone

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    You need to include the Pokemon's name in the species section as well as classification and dex number, but that won't hinder approval.
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