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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom


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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Empty Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom

    Post by Kaze Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:26 pm

    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Spot_and_cory_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8gc548
    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Doge_by_riboo-d82ypk8
    Image by Riboo

    Text Color Chocolate (SVG) #D2691E
    Item Life Orb (on collar)
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #229, Houndoom, the Dark Pokemon
    Height 4'07"
    Weight 77.2 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry "Upon hearing its eerie howls, other Pokémon get the shivers and head straight back to their nests."-Pokemon Firered
    “In a Houndoom pack, the one with its horns raked sharply back serves a leadership role. They choose their leader by fighting among themselves.”-Pokemon Emerald
    Level 50
    Ability Unnerve-Opposing pokemon are too nervous to eat berries
    Nature Naive
    Characteristic Impetuous and Silly
    Moves - Sucker Punch (Breed)
    - Fire Blast (TM)
    - Taunt (TM)
    - Protect (TM)
    History Born from an Absol father and a Houndoom mother an accident in the womb caused the fetuses to fuse and instead of laying the expected 3-5 eggs of a litter there was instead one oversize one from which the three headed pup was born. Being heavy on his paws and with only one head having control of the body the pup was clumsy and strange. Its unnerving appearance lead to its abandonment younger than usual, as soon as the pup's unusual father was sure he could survive on his own. The young Houndour, rejected by any pack, was left to scavenge for himself and soon ended up wandering into the human settlements. Never being part of a pack or considering himself unusual the Houndour worked in co-operation rather than contest with his heads.

    The three wandered the streets and night, on a close look out for food. Caught going through an upturned rubbish bin the little Houndour was captured by a human who mistook him for a pack of three. On discovering the dark type's mutation the strange Houndour was handed over to the authorities and then purchased by a local wealthy family as a guard-dog. With some TMs and careful training the young pup began his training but soon proved to be lacking in discipline. He was simply too cheerful to take things seriously, treating his training as a game. After the wealthy couple's son demanded a puppy the odd Houndour was entrusted to him as his first pokemon. Never leaving the mansion the three-headed dog was trained as both pet and protector of the child. The Houndour went everywhere with the child, always looking out for danger with its three heads. It was his new trainer's responsibility to train the pup and keep him disciplined. Battling was as much a part of the newly named Spot's day as lunch or a walk. He grew up quickly and strong despite his deformity and, being kept in the house and surrounding grounds, never noticed anything odd about himself. As he grew older alongside his trainer he eventually came to evolve.

    At the side of his trainer Spot was an attentive guardian and loving pet. The three headed hellhound scared away trouble with his appearance alone and never had to fight for anything outside of fun and exercise. His trainer cared deeply about him, he had food and shelter and lots of humans to play with. His life was happy until the day he went walking with his human and they were attacked. It was the first time the Houndoom had seriously had to fight another pokemon. He was separated from his trainer in the scuffle and, though he managed to save his human he was lost in the snow. While his trainer was rescued the three-headed Houndoom was left behind.
    Appearance "Houndoom is a quadruped, canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white band with a small skull-shaped pendant on its throat. There are two white bands on each of its ankles, as well as three rib-like ridges on its back. Houndoom has a long, skinny tail with a triangular tip and three clawed toes on each paw. On top of its head is a pair of long, curved gray horns. These horns are smaller on the female than the male."

    A bulky Houndoom with three separate heads. Each head looks a different direction, making sneaking up on Spot to be near impossible. By value of his strange appearance he unnerves others just by being nearby. Because of this he keeps himself low and He is younger than his appearance suggests. when angered all three heads breathe fire. In a black collar around his neck hangs a Life Orb and a silver tag with the name "Spot". As the head with the most sharply raked back horns this head is the leader and controls the body. The other two heads are capable of speech and independent thought but cannot control the body. He is very top heavy and has great strength in his upper half. The muscles of his forelegs are developed for crushing.
    Personality "In a Houndoom pack, the one with its horns raked sharply towards the back serves a leadership role. Leadership is determined by fights within the pack. Its gut is full of toxins, which are used to create fire. This gives Houndoom's fire a foul odor and the wounds it inflicts will never heal. Houndoom appears near volcanic areas. Its howling induces shivering in other Pokémon, and often sends them scurrying back to their nests."

    Spot is actually a giant softy. His unusual appearance has frightened off most opponents before having to fight so he is seldom first to strike. When he does fight he does it with all his strength. Despite being an adult he has the naive nature of a puppy. Having spent no time around others of his own kind he has never had to fight for dominance and instead always aims for cooperation. He answers to Spot as a whole and his individual heads answer to Cer, Ber and Rus accordingly. Cer is always looking back to his previous life and reminiscing. He will not acknowledge the existence of others until he has known them a long time. Of the three he is the hardest to impress as he constantly judges against the standards of the past. He is prone to melancholy and the most sober. Ber is the head with the sharpest raked back horns and has the leadership role. He focuses only on the challenge in front of him with enthusiasm. He doesn't fear the mistakes of the past or the uncertain future. Ber has a puppy-like attitude and just enjoys the moment he is living in. Rus is the head with the curled horns and always looks to the future. He is the most timid of the three, constantly uncertain of their chances of survival. He is the one to look ahead for anything that could cause problems and inform the others before things get too bad. Decision-making is left up to all three with Ber having the deciding vote. They will all talk among themselves when alone but when around others only one head will talk at a time to avoid confusion. They are very friendly and generally cheerful. Spot is always eager to make new friends.
    User Notes -Profile image by Riboo on deviant art Clive on Tumblr.
    -Based on Cerberus from Greek Mythology. One head looks to the past, one to the present and one to the future. Having been referred to as 'a Cerberus' by the staff of the house he thinks it is his species name.
    -Treats fighting as a game as he has never been in a fight that didn't have treats as a reward. He is rather good at it.
    -First response to danger is to stand in front of others and use Protect, only rarely will he resort to using his other moves. He will draw attackers attention to him with Taunt then either land continuous Sucker Punches or a searing Fire Blast to drive back an enemy. He doesn't realize his Life Orb is why doing this is draining.

    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom _commission____breloom_and_the_flower_by_riboo-d8g73yx
    Image by Riboo

    Cory Dyceps
    Text Color #FBEC5D Corn
    Item Toxic Orb and Red Rose
    Gender Male
    Age Young adult
    Species #286, Breloom, the Mushroom Pokemon
    Height 3'11"
    Weight 86.4 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry "It scatters poisonous spores and throws powerful punches while its foe is hampered by inhaled spores.
    -Pokemon Y
    Level 50
    Ability Poison Heal - Poisoning restores HP instead of draining it.
    Nature Careful
    Characteristic Likes to thrash around
    Moves -Leech Seed (lvl)
    -Drain Punch (Tutored)
    -Spore (Previous Evolution)
    -Protect (TM)
    Cory was a natural born shiny, hatched to Shroomish parents in the Petalburg Woods. While the skin of his brothers and sisters was tan and green his skin had bright red spots. His mother said they marked his poisonous nature but it was dangerous standing out in the woods. Unlike his siblings he spent a lot of time hiding, knowing a Wurmple could munch on his hide without being poisoned and Taillow would still try to peck him. Unlike his siblings that could hide in the leaves and be hidden his bright red spots meant he was easily found. He became more cautious than his siblings, being careful to avoid battles and anything that looked dangerous. However careful he was he couldn’t avoid every battle. Usually he could run away before he got too badly pecked but one day the battle wasn’t against another Pokémon.

    He had been hiding in the grass waiting until it was dark enough for him to come out and eat the rotting leaves that littered the base of trees. He hadn’t heard the approach until a big foot had slammed down right next to him and startled him. He had tried to run the opposite direction but before he could there was a Gardevoir in front of him that put him to sleep with hypnosis. When he next woke up he was in a Pokéball. The human that caught him did nothing to help his anxiety. The first time he was let out of his Pokéball he found himself facing an enraged looking Sharpedo. Before he could make a move to try and hide he was switched out to a much stronger Pokémon. The pattern repeated. Over and over again the tiny Grass Type would be thrown into battles with much stronger opponents only to be drawn back and have a much stronger Pokémon take over the fight. He learnt a little from doing this over and over again. He first time it happened he had nearly fainted just from seeing the Sharpedo but the more he got thrown into this dangerous fights the more he grew. However at the moment he felt like he could evolve he was always stopped and forced to remain tiny and weak. The other Pokémon in his trainer’s team were so much bigger and stronger. They all looked like they could crush him underfoot and after the battle ended they would tease and abuse the tiny grass type for having to get hurt because of him. He was more afraid than ever and didn’t even have the forest to hide in. He started to learn new moves in a desperate attempt to appear useful.

    When he learnt how to generate and blow out a kind of spore that put Pokémon to sleep, his last desperate attempt to please the human, he was finally permitted to evolve. He grew from his tiny mushroom form to a slimmer muscled shape with large strong legs and a curving tail crested by spores. The tan of his skin shrunk but his spots of red grew until nearly his whole body was that bright poisonous shade. He had hoped that evolving would make him stand out less not more but now he evolved he was brighter than ever. Even worse his trainer suddenly started paying more attention to him. He was taken to a special person whom his trainer paid to teach him a punching attack while the rest of the team watched him train with hostile eyes. They were put through their paces at a fierce competition against Pokémon the Breloom had never seen before until enough points were won to buy an item especially for him, a bright purple orb that his trainer hung on a chain around his neck. The orb was slimy to touch, extruding some kind of slick venom into the fur of his neck to keep him continuously poisoned. Finally he was given a rare disc, a special move that allowed him to generate a barrier to protect himself. He found out the hard way that it wouldn’t stand up to multiple blows. The careful natured Breloom didn’t try to use it again. He withstood the disdain of his teammates with barely a word. They would hit him and few times and laugh but after that they would get bored, leave and the slow pulse of his Toxic Orb would heal his injuries. He hated fights but he was still the weakest, he couldn’t do anything to stop himself being hurt. In the end he would still smile and pretend he wasn’t bothered by the hazing, forgiving but not forgetting. It was the peak of summer when he was sealed in his pokeball and hidden the belly of a shipping container. When he was next released it was in a city like a maze in the heart of winter, a labyrinth of cold dead concrete and cobblestones with no escape. He was allowed to roam but trees were thin and far spread and offered none of the comforts of home.

    The only place he could feel at peace was the gardens. There were times between training and after his beating when the Breloom could slip away. Outside of the apartment where his trainer lived there was a flower shop. The aroma lady that lived and worked there was old but with a kindly face. She had a Roselia always at her side and didn’t mind it when he would slip in to sit among the flowers. In the bright blooms his red and gold skin didn’t seem so garish. He could curl up with the fresh scent of flowers around him and feel completely safe. Sometimes the Roselia, as small as he used to be before he evolved, would give him a flower to take back with him. He would keep it safe and hidden until the petals wilted and fell and there was nothing left but rot. It reminded him of his life sometimes, the brief moment of beauty slipping slowly but inevitably into decay. The one time he voiced his sadness out loud he was given a special bloom, hard and tacky to the touch but one that would never wilt or die. It was his perfect rose, a bright red reminder that there was beauty in the world if only he could find it. Enduring tough training was worth it when he held the rose. He kept his precious treasure tucked away in the iron railings of the balcony where it could not be found.

    He had lasted three months before his flower had been discovered by his trainer who had turned the plastic flower over in his hands and gone to throw it away. Something in him had snapped. He had been able to put up with being beaten and insulted but the flower, the flower was his happiness. He kicked his trainer over the balcony. The man’s spine had broken along with the pokeballs around his waist, releasing the Pokémon within permanently. The Breloom hadn’t waited around to see what would happen. He had taken his rose and fled through the Kalos region, avoiding population centers and bolting whenever he thought another pokemon was nearby. He had never left Lumiose without being in his pokeball. In no time at all he became horribly lost but still he kept fleeing, hoping beyond hope that he might eventually end up in a place that is safe.
    Appearance "Breloom is a bipedal mushroom and kangaroo-like Pokémon. It has a mushroom-like green cap on its head with visible gills and a round, berry or oak gall-like growth on both sides. Its head, neck, and tail are tan. Its mouth is beak-like, and there is a petal-like arrangement of extensions from its shoulders. Its chest and lower body is green, and its feet and hands have two red claws each. At the end of its tail, there are seed clusters made of hardened toxic spores, which are horrible to eat. It has short arms that can stretch and be used to deliver fast punches."

    A Shiny Breloom with a love for flowers. He wears a necklace with a Toxic Orb attached. While it is touching his skin he is constantly being healed by its poisonous aura. He has a nervous bearing, often protectively hunching over his precious flower to guard it. He loves the quiet and the calm places and can often be found sitting by himself in a corner. His eyes are a pewter color. He holds as a prized possession a plastic red rose that will never wilt. It is precious to him and he will defend it at risk to himself. He is usually curled over uneasily and his eyes dart over the landscape, searching for threats.  
    Personality He is a quiet type but being bullied for his crimson skin means he is also quick to anger and slow to forgive. He holds grudges for extended amounts of time but seldom acts on them unless provoked. He will always act cheerful and forgiving but suppresses his feelings and will flip straight into murder mode if pushed too far. The tumultuous nature of his upbringing means he hates noise and loud action, preferring to isolate himself when things get too noisy. He enjoys spending time in nature and hiding in fields. He has a great love for flowers and the calm of nature. He will always act polite but tries to avoid the company of others out of fear they will bully him. While he is cautious around the company of others if challenged one on one he can put up a good fight and is surprisingly vicious. He doesn’t stand up for himself unless a deep belief is questioned when he can be surprisingly vehement. He will say that more than anything he wants to be left alone but he really just wants to not feel threatened by others. He loves flowers and forests and hates open spaces with nowhere to hide.
    User Notes -Keeps his Toxic Orb close so the constant poisoning restores his health.
    -Based on Persephone/Kore from Greek Myth.
    -Profile image by Riboo on deviant art Clive on Tumblr.
    -His Rose is made of plastic and will never wilt or die. He keeps it for the real flowers it reminds him of.
    -In his attempt to escape his former teammates he has made his way from Lumiose to the Frost Cavern. He has no knowledge of the epidemic outside of a few rumors and has largely been paranoid enough to avoid encounters with both survivors and undead, fleeing whenever he hears anything approach.
    -He left too swiftly for his teammates to identify him as the killer, though he still fears their wrath and has been avoiding contact with others.

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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Empty Re: Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom

    Post by Kaze Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:54 pm

    To the main computer for approval please~

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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Empty Re: Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom

    Post by Zapdos Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:29 am

    What a unique spin on a Pokemon. Very well described having a trainer stop evolution so a mon would learn a move like that. I very much approve.

    My only note is, while everything looks great otherwise, there is no mention of the epidemic. It cuts off after the trainer's death. Did the epidemic start right after? What happened to the other Pokemon on the team? How did they react? How did Cory survive four years in the epidemic? Was he in Kalos, in order to be in the Frost Cvern?

    Please revise the end of the history.

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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Empty Re: Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom

    Post by Kaze Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:01 pm

    Editted accordingly. I forgot to add in the move to the Kalos region; he has no knowledge of the Epidemic (outside some very vague rumors) and has been too focused on fleeing to notice anything strange. As he always flees at the sign of others he has yet to run into either survivors or undead.

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    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom Empty Re: Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom

    Post by Victini Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:30 pm

    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom RGgji6G


    Spot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom VictiniSpot the three-headed Houndoom and Cory the Shiny Breloom TGJeE
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