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    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead]


    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] Empty Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead]

    Post by Guest Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:15 pm

    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] IlW0Ky

    Liselotte, but prefers "Lize/Liza".



    Mega Drain [Learned]
    Mach Punch [Learned]
    Headbutt [Learned]
    Force Palm [Learned]

    Effect Spore - Effect Spore may inflict the foe with a status problem if they make contact. It has a 30% chance of inducing either Paralysis, Sleep or Poison on the opponent when hit with a move that makes contact.


    Likes to fight.

    National Dex No./Species:
    #286, the Mushroom Pokemon.

    1.2 m || 3'11"

    39.2 kg || 86.4 lb

    Pokédex Entry:
    It scatters poisonous spores and throws powerful punches while its foe is hampered by inhaled spores.

    Expert Belt - Boosts power of super effective moves by 20%.


    Liselotte has lived in the region of Hoenn all her life. She was born there, bred and raised specifically for one purpose; fighting. Much like the old practice of dog fights, Liselotte was trained, and later pitted against other pokemon for the purpose of raising money. However, her owner treated her very well, and Liselotte did not regret the way she lived. As a Shroomish, every day she would wake up, then train with her owner and fellow pokemon to become stronger. To be the best fighter there is was Liselotte's dream, tiring herself out every day, but forgetting her exhaustion at the end, happy to hear her owner's praise. Whenever Liselotte lost a fight, although her owner wouldn't get angry, she would train and push herself harder, straining to become the best.

    Winning fight after fight, Liselotte leveled up quickly, becoming moderately well-known around the region of Hoenn. One of the happiest moments of Liselotte's life was when she finally evolved, growing from a tiny little Shroomish into a Breloom. From then, she learned more powerful offensive moves, contributing to make her stronger.

    However, her joy after evolving did not last very long. Barely a week after her evolution, the Virus hit Liselotte's area of residence, quickly emptying out the population of humans and pokemon alike, whether they succumbed to the virus, or fled the city. Although Liselotte's owner and his pokemon attempted to stay in the city for a little bit longer, possibly hoping that the virus would just be a phase and pass away soon, they also had to leave. They boarded a ship, along with countless others, to sail away from Hoenn and hopefully find residence in another part of the country.

    Unfortunately, during the venture, right as the ship was passing through Route 108, Infected marine pokemon attacked and savaged the ship. During the attack, Liselotte's pokeball flew off of her trainer's belt and she was released. She crashed into the Abandoned Ship that was nearby, never seeing or hearing from the ship again.

    User Note:
    >Lisalotte has a short temper, and is generally fist-happy. In other words, her first reaction when she is rubbed the wrong way is to punch them.
    >Also, she is a very tomboyish Breloom, and any references to her being 'girly' will be fiercely denied [possibly accompanied with a punch], despite the fact that she does have 'girly' moments.
    >She carries around the Expert Belt by tying it around her right arm, usually the wrist.
    >Was formerly on Abandoned Team, Hoenn; died on her 25th post on December 9th, 2012.

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    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] Empty Re: Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead]

    Post by Guest Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:15 pm

    Liselotte's profile has been finished and is ready for approval. ~

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    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] Empty Re: Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead]

    Post by Mewtwo Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:24 pm



    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] 3Br5nS6

    Liselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] ZGD0iWwAdmin - Profiles, PlotLiselotte the Fighter Breloom [Dead] UugYyDK

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    Post by Guest Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:11 am

    Please move to Dead profiles. ;u;

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