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    Dylan the Breloom (inactive)


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    Dylan the Breloom (inactive) Empty Dylan the Breloom (inactive)

    Post by Nightfall Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:42 pm

    Dylan the Breloom (inactive) 286Breloom_Dream

    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Young adult
    Species #286 Breloom, the Mushroom Pokemon
    Height 3'11"
    Weight 86.4lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Its short arms stretch when it throws punches. Its technique is equal to that of pro boxers."
    Level 24
    Ability Poison Heal (recovers health from poison rather than losing it)
    Nature Lax (+Defense, -Sp.Def)
    Characteristic Often lost in thought (+Sp.Atk)
    Moves Mach Punch
    Stun Spore
    Mega Drain
    History Dylan was born in Hoenn like most of his kind and spent the first few years of his life in Petalburg Woods with his large family. He had three brothers and four sisters, and together the eight of them got along very well, exploring the forest at their leisure and not having to worry about potential threats since their parents were always nearby. Dylan loved his home and decided to make the most of it while he was still there; he knew that many Pokemon Trainers passed through their home heading to either Petalburg or Rustboro City, and received many warnings from his mother to keep well away from any humans he saw. Of course, Dylan obeyed; the last thing he wanted was to be separated from his home and family.

    Thankfully his family managed to be elusive around the humans and he led a somewhat ordinary life ... until the Epidemic arrived. Living in such a reclusive area meant that the news of the virus did not reach them until the last minute and they were overwhelmed by the hordes of undead pouring into the forest. His parents ordered them all to run and hide while they fought. Some agreed, but some, including Dylan, insisted that they stayed behind to help. His father was the first to die, having had his throat torn out by an Absol. His siblings continued to fight while Dylan desperately tried to guide his grief-striken mother away from the fight. Surely enough, two of his brothers and one of his sisters fell in combat as well. By this time, Dylan and his mother were too far away from the undead for them to notice them.

    Both were crippled by grief. For several days they went into hiding, hoping to hear at least a hint that his other siblings who had fled were still alive. No word came, and eventually Dylan's mother turned to him and said, "Get out of here. Get as far away as you can. I will stay around here and look for your brothers and sisters. Dylan ... promise me that you'll be OK and that you'll ... come back one day when this is all over." Dylan did not want to leave his mother alone, but with tears in his eyes he did as he was told and left, promising to one day go back and to keep an eye out for any of his siblings while he was away.
    Appearance An ordinary Breloom; no defining marks or features.
    Personality Dylan originally comes across to others as a very cheerful, care-free fellow. He feels genuinely happy to meet new friends, especially since his isolation due to the Epidemic has left him feeling very lonely. However he blames himself for what happened to his family and does not have much confidence in himself. He tries to combat this by believing that he survived for a reason and that his deceased father and siblings would have wanted him to go on. As such he tries to embrace life while it lasts and make the most of it. He is somewhat of a pacifist nowadays and does not like engaging in or witnessing conflict. He is very sensitive of the feelings of others and does not like to see anyone suffering and will try his best to help them out. While he inwardly despairs at the state of the current world, he tries to believe that it will not last forever and lives to see the day when it all returns to normal and he can return to Hoenn to find his surviving siblings and mother alive and well.
    User Notes -He has only recently evolved and as such isn't quite used to his Mach Punch attack yet. He prefers Headbutt.

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    Post by Nightfall Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:33 pm

    This cutie, previously known as Zack, is ready for approval!

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    Post by Mewtwo Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:10 pm

    Approved. Third in rotation.


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