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    Alirah the Pink Umbreon ((Laverre, ACE l Leader))


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    Alirah the Pink Umbreon ((Laverre, ACE l Leader)) Empty Alirah the Pink Umbreon ((Laverre, ACE l Leader))

    Post by Dazey Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:31 pm

    Alirah the Pink Umbreon ((Laverre, ACE l Leader)) Pgxl4hH
    [Art by me]
    Old images:

    Alirah (Uh-Leer-Uh) “Ali“ the pink Umbreon
    Theme "Why" - Secondhand Serenade
    "Speak Life" - TobyMac
    Profession N/A
    Text Color #EEADFF
    Item Black striped collar
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her
    AgeYoung Adult
    Species #197, Umbreon, Moonlight Pokémon, Dark-type
    Height 2'10"
    Weight 49.5 lbs
    Pokédex Entry On the night of a full moon, or when it gets excited, the ring patterns on its body glow yellow.
    Level 21
    Ability Synchronize: When a Pokémon with Synchronize is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned by another Pokémon, that Pokémon will be inflicted with the same status condition.
    Nature Quirky (+N/A,-N/A)
    Characteristic Quick to flee (Speed IVs)
    Moves -Tackle (Level up)
    -Feint Attack (Level up)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    -Helping Hand (Start)
    Quote “There’s no such thing as happily ever after. I know that now. How can I be happy without her?”
    History She was a lucky Pokémon birthed into an unlucky situation from the start. She hatched one cold October night at midnight. To the master of her Umbreon parents, this seemed like a bad omen. Not only was she born in a month that was considered wretched and evil by the elderly man, she was born in the time frame considered the ‘witching hour’.
    As she struggled to free herself from the confines of her shell, a single white and baby blue paw extended from the egg; the man was convinced something was wrong with this child. She was not natural and the devil must’ve played a part in her birth.

    He quickly slammed the door to the room and locked it, leaving the Eeveelution family to their devices.

    A week passed and he had nothing to do with any of the Pokémon. He would leave food and water in the upstairs room they were trapped in, but otherwise they were completely abandoned. On a particular day, the man’s grandson came for a weekend visit. He was forbad from going into the attic. Korei, the fifteen-year-old, was a natural born rebel and waited until his grandfather fell asleep on the couch watching some TV show about three guys poking each other‘s eyes. This was his opportunity. He snuck up the old, creaky stairs without notice, quietly pushing open the door to the attic.

    A tiny Eevee, smaller than normal for her age, worked her way to her feet and stumbled on unsteady legs to the boy’s feet. His shoes were particularly interesting and she began untying his shoe laces playfully. Although her size was not the only enigma about this child. Instead of the chocolaty brown her species was known for, her fur was pastel pink with white and blue markings, and her eyes a soft, curious blue.

    The Eevee spent the night sleeping next to Korei instead of the cold, wooden floor she was used to.

    The next morning, Korei woke up to his grandfather’s ranting and raving. He yelled and shouted that Korei should’ve never gone into that room and now they had unleashed the evil into the world and now they were paying for it in the beliefs of the old man. He, not-so-gently, broke the news to Korei that his parents had been in an accident. They had been hospitalized since the night before, but that morning at 8:03 A.M., they had passed.

    Instead of what you would expect, mourning, sadness and such, the man was filled with a bitter rage, falsely believing that the unlucky Eevee had caused it. He grabbed up the Eevee by her scruff, ripping her away from the only human that had ever shown her compassion, and threw her in the trunk of his car, slamming it shut and driving off. The Eevee was terrified, it was dark and she was being thrown around so wildly.

    The kit was taken into a strange building and after a bit of waiting, they went into a back room that stunk like bleach and was too bright for the Eevee’s sensitive eyes. She kicked and flailed in vain, trying to get away, trying to find her way back to Korei. Two humans entered the room, one holding a long syringe with a silver needle on the end of it. They stretched her leg out in front of her and felt for the vein, placing the needle through her skin and injecting the contents of the syringe.

    The syringe had been half-emptied into her body.

    Everything after that was a big, dark blur. She could feel the shadows getting longer, her eyes getting progressively harder to keep open and her sides heaved. And then she felt herself fall to the cold floor with a thump, and something warm overtop her.

    Her mother was hugging her in a canid way, soothing the shaking child. She heard growling and a door being kicked open, raising her blurry eyes, she saw Korei step into the room and he gently picked the Eevee up and held her to his chest. Her father was scrapping with the humans, delivering a final Dark Pulse to trash the room that nearly took his kit’s life. Glass shards, metal instruments and other junk flew about as the humans ducked for their lives.

    “Oh, and you owe the cab driver $3,500, by the way.” Korei slammed the door behind him.

    Taken to a real Pokémon Center instead of an underground money-making scheme, the Eevee was cared for by Nurse Joy. It looked bleak for her, the nurse telling Korei if she did survive, there would be lasting effects of the injection nearly completely shutting down her organs. He stayed by her side as she fought to recover, and he gave her a name; Alirah.

    It took time, but after a while, she was able to keep herself awake, and then sit up. And finally, she could walk around a little, though she got tired quite easily.
    She had nearly fully recovered. Nearly, because as Nurse Joy said, there were some permanent side effects from the injection. She was physically weak compared to what she should’ve been, and was prone to fits of labored breaths, shaking and chest pain after too much exertion

    After being checked out of the Pokémon Center, Korei and Alirah, along with the latter’s Umbreon parents, began looking for somewhere to live. Everything in Lumiose was outrageously priced which left them homeless for a few days.
    Alirah sat underneath the eve of a roof during a storm one afternoon when Korei found her, rattling off excitedly that he found a place for them to live.

    They entered an apartment full of second-hand smoky air and delinquents from the wrong side of the tracks. From what Alirah had gathered, this was home. Korei had made a deal with these freaks to stay there as he was a member of their little gang now. It was a roof though, and she accepted it.

    Alirah and Korei battled for some form of entertainment outside the dark ways of their home, though Ali was so physically weak that she lost nearly every battle. They weren’t discouraged and kept on keeping on, until finally one dark night, Alirah lit up the night by evolving into an Umbreon, keeping her odd coloration.

    It wasn’t long after, that Ali woke up to the drunks in the apartment fighting. She peeked one eye open from the corner of the room where she’d been sleeping; Korei was walking into the room counting some green paper, but her parents were nowhere to be found.
    She wandered the streets looking for them for days on end. After the third day, she finally gave up finding them and returned home.

    She was met with a fury unlike she’d seen since that day.

    “Where have you been!?”

    She flinched at Korei’s tone, sulking up to his ankles and lowering her head guiltily. He continued screaming at her, though it was not out of love nor worry. He never dared to touch her, but this was only the beginning.

    Alirah didn’t understand what he was doing, or why, only that he was falling deeper into a habit that would eventually kill him. Or her. Korei grew more violent each day, though he’d yet to physically harm her yet, they were spiraling towards that faster than Ali realized.

    Korei began to not care about Alirah’s wellbeing. Only the habits. She had gone two days without eating anything, and ended up sneaking away from him, away from the pain, to find at least some leftovers to feed herself.
    She found some solace in the night city. She could escape everything into Lumiose and explore her curiosity and have a bit of happiness away from it all.

    She made a habit of going into the city every night. The third time she’d done it though, Korei had been awake as she returned. “What do you think you’re doing? Skanking around the city?” He picked her up by the nape of the neck and held her to his face, his expression twisting into a evil, sick glare. He let go of the Umbreon and let her drop to the floor, delivering a kick with his steel-toed boots and sending her crashing into a shelf. Glass fell on her and shattered, cutting her paws open as she tried to hurry away from him.

    This became a nightly thing. Even if it meant getting hurt. She would rather be killed than to watch what her master had become. Two weeks later, nothing had become better. She wasn’t even hungry that night, despite having nothing to eat nor drink for the entire day. Alirah sat on the sidewalk, contemplating things. What would happen this time? How many more times would it take before he realized how bad he’d become? Maybe there was hope.


    Alirah’s thoughts were snapped short as a sassy remark met her ears. “Oh, don’t tell me the humans did this to you. What are you supposed to be? A giant marshmallow?” A black Furfrou was talking to her, though the Umbreon had no incentive to reply. She positioned herself away from the poodle. Something about herself seemed to have caught the Furfrou’s attention though. As she talked, Alirah felt herself feeling a bit lighter. Finally, she spoke back with a bit of optimism in her voice, sounding happier than she felt in so long. She smiled, honestly enjoying her conversation with Fluffy. They talked about all sorts of topics, finally landing on their home lives. Ali found happiness in this strange Furfrou. She felt like she’d made a friend, something she’d longed for, and the question ‘why?’ became easier to think about, because Alirah was not the only Pokémon going through such things. Fluffy had a rough life as well, and she found comfort in knowing she was not alone anymore.

    She wouldn’t be alone again, she would find Fluffy, whatever it took.

    Life was difficult following that, as each night the abuse grew worse and Ali would have to bear it. It would only be a little while longer until Korei snapped out of it. That’s what she told herself; he’d get better and they’d be friends again, like they used to be. Korei would protect her, they’d find a nice place to live and her parents would come back.

    Korei’s supply wore thin one day, and as a last-ditch-effort, the Umbreon was taken into an alley and forced to fight another thug for money. This was not an ordinary Pokémon battle, they were out to kill each other. The thug’s Breloom easily overpowering the Dark-type and forcing her to the ground. Korei screamed bitterly for Alirah to get up and fight, but a Brick Break straight to her ribs resulted in a harsh crack and the Umbreon flying against an alley wall, blood draining from her mouth as she laid in an unconscious heap on the ground. The thug took what little money Korei had left and he and his Breloom moved on.

    Alirah’s eyes blinked open after a few minutes, and she shakily got to her feet. Looking around for Korei, she was met with a board right between her eyes. The Trainer had grabbed the closest thing and began to mercilessly beat the Umbreon. She wailed and cried, rib broken and fur being ripped off by the nails in the board. Blood began to coat the board until Korei finally threw it aside and walked away from her.

    Left her right there in the alley.

    She pulled herself up and struggled forward, trying to get back home. She was going to return home and apologize for being so weak.
    She didn’t make it much further than the steps of the trashy apartment building. As she laid there, the last thing she expected was for Fluffy to walk up on her in this beaten, pathetic state. The Furfrou helped Alirah to her feet, "This ends now." Alirah glanced up at Fluffy, about to make the word ‘no’ when Fluffy spoke again, this time in a serious, not-taking-any-crap tone, "We're going to Laverre city where all the other outcasts go, and we're starting a new life there free from the weight of someone elses baggage. Look, if your Trainer wants help he'll get it. But if you want your life to change then you've gotta change it yourself."

    Ali was completely against the idea. She couldn’t leave her master, no, he needed her. He was just sick, and he’d get better. "Don't make me leave you here," warned Fluffy, and Alirah was finally won over. The duo left the city behind. Left the pain behind.

    The way leading to Laverre was horrifying, to say the least… for Ali anyways. The cold rain pelted them and thunder crackled above, urging Alirah to walk a little bit closer to Fluffy than the latter probably appreciated. They fought through the bogs, each time one of them got stuck, Alirah wasted no time panicking and over-dramatizing the situation. The stay Ghost-types on Laverre Nature Trail harassed them from time to time, absolutely scaring Alirah into a panic attack. It was probably then she developed anxiety issues…

    They made it to Laverre City after way too long on that darn trail, but Alirah found that she had something new… a best friend. The long journey made them close as though they had been friends forever. It sure felt like it, and Alirah was grateful to whatever higher power existed that she now had someone like Fluffy - now named “Knightly”.

    Laverre held many things for the Umbreon and Furfrou. Many laughs, delicious snacks and most importantly, happiness. The people there were kind to them and this particular woman, dressed in such strange attire - often a sundress and fairy wings - and her little Togepi would visit each day, giving food to the duo and offering them such emotional warmth. Ali, due to her past, could not trust her immediately and Knightly was wary of her, but eventually she worked her way into both of their hearts. They were treated as if they were the most special Pokémon in the world, and Alirah was grateful that she had trusted Knightly with her fate.

    The woman held up two spheres to them one early morning. Alirah was unsure of what that meant, as she was never captured herself, but she yet again trusted Knightly to make the best decision for them and accepted the Poké Ball. The house they went to was so nice, it was like nothing she ever knew. It wasn’t a cold attic, or a smoky apartment. It was a home. Alirah and Knightly adjusted well; the Furfrou was allowed to be a fierce guard dog and taught to battle, and she was quite the protector. Not once did Alirah feel unsafe with them. Alirah herself felt like she was in a dream; these sweet little treats and love, it was something she never knew she could have or deserved.

    Alirah heard of this… epidemic spreading. She didn’t know what that meant, but Knightly always told her it would be okay; she was safe. Alirah trusted her and ignored the rumors spreading around.
    As the Umbreon laid in bed, she felt a slight chill down her spine despite being utterly asleep. She groaned a little as the chill turned into full-on freezing, but before she could roll over onto her back to look around, she felt the nape of her neck being yanked up. Instinctively, she went limp and cringed. When the smell hit her, she peeked one eye open and in horror, began to scream as the purple-tinged Mawile held their Trainer in it’s back jaws. It was… it was… ”NOOO!” Alirah screamed, struggling in Knightly’s grip to try and rescue her Trainer.

    "Shut up! You have to go, now! It's too late for her!" Knightly forced the frozen Alirah away from the scene, her blue eyes staring horrified at the monstrosity and their dead Trainer. The sound… the sound of the bones, and the flesh… Alirah covered her ears with her paws and began to cry harder. Knightly dragged her away but despite her in-charge persona, she couldn’t deny the shock of when they stepped on the shards of egg shells that were once the little Togepi they cared for.

    Knightly broke down the door and pushed Alirah out, although she tripped over her own paws and fell over, holding her feet over her eyes and repeatedly whispering ”No…” She finally brought her baby blue eyes up to see the terrible scene playing out. It seemed like it belong right in one of those scary zombie movies that Ali never could watch; people and Pokémon were fleeing the city, but they were being taken down without mercy as more of the purple Pokémon chased and attacked them.

    "We-- We have to go... I have to get you out of here. C'mon!" Knightly picked the little Umbreon up halfway, her paws moving to push herself along with Knight though her eyes were seeing nothing but blurs through her tears now.

    She could still hear the screams, Knightly couldn’t protect her from that even as she forced her to hide in the terrace in the café. Knightly came to Alirah’s side and held her in a tight embrace - Ali began to shake uncontrollably and cry louder, Knightly having no choice but to hold her tail carefully over Alirah’s mouth. "Hey, hey, it's alright, it's alright," Knightly assured, "We're safe, I've got you... all--all of this will be over soon..."

    The night wore on like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Except this was no nightmare. It was quite real, and nothing would ever be okay…
    Bulbapedia "Umbreon has a sleek black body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. There are two pairs of pointed teeth visible when its mouth is open, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. It has long pointed ears and a bushy tail, each with a yellow band around them. Its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them. Its yellow markings glow at night and strike fear into anyone nearby. It hides in the darkness while waiting for its opponents, and its yellow rings glow when it leaps to attack. It is also capable of spraying a poisonous sweat whenever it gets agitated. This Pokémon is rare in the wild, and is more often found in urban areas under the care of people."
    Appearance Ali’s appearance is an enigma amongst her species. She sports a pastel pink pelt that’s unusually fluffy, most notably her tail. Her rings glow white instead of the normal yellow and her eyes are a light, baby blue. Her front paws are dipped in white and blue with an accent of white on her chest. Beneath her eyes are line markings of white as if she were crying. She wears a black striped collar around her neck.
    Accent Alirah has no notable accent. Her voice is very feminine and a bit high, and she tends to talk extremely fast when stressed or scared. She does not often use slang.
    Religion Open minded agnostic; she does not know whether or not a god exists and she tries to find proof that one does.
    Motivation To keep herself and Knightly alive, and to help anyone who needs it.
    Personality -Terrified
    Alirah suffers from many phobias and anxiety issues, and coming up with new ones each day. These include: Monophobia (fear of being alone), Astraphobia (fear of thunderstorms), Claustrophobia (fear of small spaces), Kinemortophobia (fear of undead), panic attacks and depression.

    Alirah is a very weak Pokémon and she knows it. She isn’t brave in the sense that she thinks she can take on the world, but she’s brave that she’s willing to try.

    Alirah is generally easy to get along with and loves everyone. She’s very accepting of everyone and usually looks past any flaws they may have, assuming they are not out to kill her. She’s adorable in a child-like way, having an innocent aura to her.

    Despite her open minded-ness, once she’s angry, you’ve made an enemy. She’ll hold a grudge against someone once she or her friends are wronged and it’s not easy for her to forgive and forget. Her grudges are usually immature silent treatments or talking behind their backs.

    She tries to stay upbeat despite her irrational fears and paranoia, and she’ll do silly things like hang from a ceiling fan if she thinks it’ll be fun or someone will smile.

    Alirah is very prone to panicking should someone raise their voice or threaten her. The abuse had lingering effects on her mind and she does not handle it well.

    Alirah does not have crushes or love. She’s very oblivious to things of that nature.

    User Notes -
    Best friends with FlyingKitty's Knightly the black Furfrou. I have permission from FlyingKitty to use Knightly in Alirah's history.<333
    -Coding by the amazing Ricxs!
    -Very much enjoys annoying Knightly.
    Team notes She‘ll be remaining on Laverre until her possible death. Not really sure yet.
    Affiliations Best friends with FlyingKitty's Knightly the Furfrou.
    Development Notes Starting as weak and dependant, she‘ll eventually mature into being able to take care of herself and maybe lead a group after certain events.

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    i need this character in my life.

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    Move to the main PC for approval, please! ^^

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    Alirah the Pink Umbreon ((Laverre, ACE l Leader)) RGgji6G


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