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Aria and Victor the Serperior Duo[W.I.P]


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Aria and Victor the Serperior Duo[W.I.P] Empty Aria and Victor the Serperior Duo[W.I.P]

Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:26 am

GENDERCisgendered Female
Cisgendered Male
AGEYoung Adult
SPECIES #497, Serperior the Regal Pokémon
HEIGHT 5’03”/1.5m
Modest[+Special Attack, -Attack]
CHARACTERISTICStrong Willed[Special Defense IVs]
Capable of taking hits[Defense IVs]
DEX ENTRYIt only gives its all against strong opponents who are not fazed by the glare from Serperior's noble eyes. ~Omega Ruby
ITEM(S)Soothe Bell
-Leaf Blade[Level]
-Mega Drain[Level]
-Swagger[Technical Machine]
-Iron Tail[Egg]
-Light Screen[Technical Machine]
-Swords Dance[Technical Machine]
-Leaf Blade[Level]



  • Feisty. aria is small for her species, but she is stubborn and resilient. She often takes on bigger foes than herself with something to prove.
  • People often tell aria she is too kind, too soft. It's mostly true. Nubs would give someone her last berry if they feigned starvation. But she does have a breaking point.
  • Loyalty is hard to earn from this proud serpent, but when you do earn her trust and loyalty, aria would stare down death itself to make sure her friends are safe.
  • In proper fashion, Nubs is extremely respectful. Even if she doesn't know you well. So long as you've not done anything to taint her perception of you, she will show you respect.
  • Nubs has a bad habit of taking things too seriously. Humour is lost on her, and she often thinks things are more dire than they are causing her to become anxious.
  • While she is kind, her temper is fierce when she does get to her breaking point. When she is upset, or distressed in some way, her British accent become much more prominent.
  • Nubs can't stand avian pokemon, but worse are Geodude and it's line, Onix and Steelix. Due to the constant struggles with those types of pokemon in Mount Coronet.
  • While aria tends to be reserved around unfamiliar faces, she can't stand seeing someone hurting. Suffering makes the regal grass type nauseous and she will do her best to mend the injured and emotionally damaged.
  • Emotional pain is especially hurtful to Nubs, as she is despite not being a Psychic type, very empathic. Resulting in her own emotional trauma to surface and Nubs is extremely expressive with her emotions.
  • Nubs was cautious, but after becoming a Serperior and then dying, she has become a lot more reckless, sacrificing her own safety to protect what is important to her.
  • Undeath. Before being killed and then resurrected, Nubs had been infected, and was in transitioning to the later stages upon her death. Being resurrected has cured her, but she is still damaged, and can lose her mind at the drop of a hat.


  • Collected. Victor has a good head on his shoulders, being bred for battle. But his rationality and ability to remain conceal his emotions makes him come off as callous and uncaring.
  • Leadership. Most Serperior are natural leaders, but Victor even more so, being held to high standards as both a shiny and a powerful pokemon. He doesn't work well with other alpha personalities.
  • Protective, pack mentality. Vic doesn't just let anyone get close, but when he does, Victor treats those he considers his pack like family. He would lay down his life as a noble king and leader to ensure the safety of his close companions.
  • Victor is not above killing, be it for survival or safety. But he finds violence, death and torture for just for the sake of it utterly deplorable and will execute those who commit such acts to protect others. The blood on his leafy hands means nothing so long as the innocent are safe.
  • Strong sense of morality and justice. Victor used to believe in the higher power of pokemon who were revered as deities, but since the epidemic, he's come to realize no truly benevolent omnipotent being would allow such things to occur for such a long time. He believes the only way to stop the epidemic is for all of the worlds lesser creatures to work together.(By lesser, it means merely those who are not considered gods.)
  • While not out right spiteful, he does hold a degree of disdain towards humans for bringing about the apocalypse, and subsequently causing him to be separated from his team.


” Serperior is a primarily pale green, serpentine Pokémon. Its face and throat are white, while its back is dark green. Curled, mint-colored patterns extend into the white portion of its face, and it has narrow red eyes. In the lower jaw, two fangs are visible when its mouth is open. There are two pointed yellow extensions on the back of its head. Coiled, dark green extensions spread out from the sides of its lower neck, forming a curving pattern lower down the body. It has curved yellow markings around its middle and several palmate leaves on its tail. Serperior will only attack with full force against opponents that are unfazed by its piercing glare. It is capable of amplifying solar energy with its body.” ~Bulbapedia


-Raised by researchers
-given as a starter
-travels with her trainer through four gyms
-gets lost in the chaos of the epidemic
-finds safe shelter for a while
-shelter attacked, aria escapes
-all pokemon around her fall to infection, save for some poison types
-spends time searching for living
-events of mount coronet
-travels to floroma
-events of floroma
-meets victor
-falls in love


-Aria revived with permission from Suicune/revival ticket.

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Aria and Victor the Serperior Duo[W.I.P] Empty Re: Aria and Victor the Serperior Duo[W.I.P]

Post by Mew Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:55 pm

Aria was a victim of a harbinger attack. They may not be activated without use of a revival ticket.


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