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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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The FLOAROMA Team - Page 10 Empty Re: The FLOAROMA Team

Post by Guest Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:41 pm

The FLOAROMA Team - Page 10 Matt10
Floaroma Town|Morning (20)

Matt fell to the ground out of breath, he never felt this tired in his life. He looked around and saw that Hoshinko was nowhere to be seen. "Hoshinko!" He called out. The Mienshao was by his side a second ago, so she couldn't have gone too far, right? "Hoshinko, where are you?" His only friend in this epidmeic was gone. The Hitmontop shivered. He needed to get out of here and look for his friend. He ran out of the pokemon center, completely forgetting about the grass snake from earlier, and went out to look for Hoshinko. He didn't know where he was going. All he knew was that he needed to find his friend.

(OoC: This is Matt's leaving post. I didn't want to deactivate him, so I'm moving him to Fortree.)

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The FLOAROMA Team - Page 10 Empty Re: The FLOAROMA Team

Post by Scrafty Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:46 pm

It has been too long. It had been much too long. It had been an immeasurable amount of time since she had taken another life, watched the bleeding of light die from their eyes as the body fell limp. Having blood splatter across her emaciated body, staining her scales as it mixed with the long dried life of countless others.
And it horrified her.
She cried. The Harbinger sobbed violently as she stumbled upon the town of Floaroma. "Wh.... why?... Why do all I come across... die?..." Her face turned up to the sky, thin trails of tainted blood running down her face, amking a trail of infection down her cheeks.
The bright eyes that flashed with power were dull, soft, subdued as she let the pain of lonliness grip her stilled heart. Ribs shown in an unnatural display, a gut sunken in to almost her spine. Knobby joins and visible veins beneath scales and tough skin, passages where blood once flowed with life.
But she no longer needed it."Dead," she choked out. "I am dead... and so is... everyone I see..." And the voice behind her thoughts wouldn't silence itself, the voice of the other personality's darker desires running through her life fire. It tried to speak, whisper into her ears, but Scrafty screamed out. The shrill sound ripped through the soft morning air, wordless as she faught against the other half of her head.

"Will never be able to get rid of me that easily..." The darked voice slipped past her lips, causing Scrafty to shudder as she sobbed again. Her eyes flitted around Floaroma, her gaze bleak with despair. The color of the flowers seemed to glow, the unnatural crimson more akeen to the liquid within the living than the soft red of flora.
The only thing that took her attention away was the soft sound of... weeping. A soft crying coming from one of the houses.
Scrafty stopped in her tracks, gaze flitting to one of the only homes left standing. it had a hole large enough in the side to easily fit a good sized Pokemon. Scrafty flicked her tail nervously, tasting fear on her tounge. Should she go investigate? What if whatever was there happened to be dangerous? Attacked? Scrafty wasn't sure she wanted to defend herself in a situation like that...
"Because they always fucking die like the little bitches they are," the other side hissed, tone colored with glee. Scrafty whimpered, knowing her other side was correct.
Seems like she grows... stronger... every time it happens... We are becoming... farther apart...

The duel type went against her better judgement, though. Her wide feet shuffled across the dusty ground as she headed for the hole. For one sickly horrifying moment, the scrafty wondered the possabilities of the crying being from a human. Spurred on by the sudden rash of heated fury within her, Scrafty stepped forward to find a serperior.
Half weak with releif and half bitter with losing the chance to get revenge, Scrafty stepped forward. The serpent was curled up on herself, obviously being the one source of the sobbing. Forgetting her own sorrows, the Harbinger moved in close to the grass type, reaching out one paw. Almost a gesture of wanting to help, the duel type spoke in a soft, raspy whisper. "Why... why are you... crying?..." But the serperior made the wrong choice of actions then.
Spitting with wordless fury, the snake's eyes snapped open to reveal a gaze alight with glowing infection. Hissing dangerously, she lunged. Scrafty was moving with no recollection of doing it. The hand oppposite to the one that had reached out snapped forward, flipping the hood of decayed skin over her face as it did. The serperior's face was smashed into with a closed fist, the movement so rapid, fueled with raw power, that the serpent had no way to react or respond.
But Scrafty knew what happened as she slipped away, crying out once; "No..."

Scrafty let out a loud, barking laugh as she retracted her hand. "Wow! That sure was fuckin' gusty, sour puss! But maybe next time, you should choose not to ram face first into a fucking fist." The serperior writhed on the ground, catlike whimpering sounds coming from her chest. Scrafty stepped forward, towering over the newly infected. The side of her face was completely smashed in, like a dented metal of a car. Her jaw held open at an awkward angle, blood pooling from the damage around her head. "Then again..." Scrafty reached down, wrapping one fist around the loose scales of the reptile's throat. Bringing her face right before the Harbinger's, the former's grin was wide, infectious, as she stared with manical glee down at her victim. "...there won't be a next time."
The serperior made an effort to struggle, her body whipping behind her, but this only received a displeased frown to mar the Harbinger's face. "P-please... don't k-kill... don't kill me..." The pitiful plea for life brought the sickening smile of a shark back to Scrafty's face. "You're already dead, you dumb fuck, since you got that nasty plauge." The duel type lived for the horror fueled dispair she saw dawn in the snake's eyes.

The reptilian tightened her grip. "But I grow tired of fucking talk. Let's dance instead."

Scrafty wasted no time; while her other side weeped unintelligible apologies in her mind, the Harbinger slammed the large snake against the wall, watching blood slide down the wall where she fell. Green scales littered the wooden structure's side and the serperior did not move. Back at her side in two strides, the duel type gripped one of the leafy appendages in her filthy fist. With one vicious rip, the leaf gave way, yanking a long strip of skin viciously in its wake.
The serperior made a sound at that, the remainder of her jaws pulling back for a disturbing shreik of pain. Without missing a beat, Scrafty snapped her foot onto the snake's face, following the same procedure for the other leafy parts on the serperior's body. Blood dripped on the fake floor, staining both Pokemon as the scrafty looked displeased at the long strips of skin. "Well, this shit wouldn't be for good fucking eats. Shame."
Allowing pressure on her foot stamped on the grass type's disfigured face, she took pleasure in the muffled cry of pain as more bones snapped and popped- music to Scrafty's ears. Flicking her wirst, she dug one hand into the snake's side to the wrist. Taking a powerful grip on the flesh, she pulled back, ripping off the massive chunk of meat with it while her prey writhed in agony below her, begging for death. The meat only had slight discoloration, no decay. Scrafty's face lit up. The snake had only recently been infected. She could have a meal after all.
Dropping the peice onto the floor behind her, the Harbinger continued the process of yanking slabs of flesh from the serperior as she bled out onto the ground, dying with her frantic heart rate. After a time, the Harbinger was satisfied. Standing up, she grinned once more to the snake. "Ready for shit to end, aren't yah?"
Not awaiting a response, she simply settled back down onto the ground beside the bleeding body. Taking a messy bite of one peice of meat, she chuckled. "Well, I'm tired. Don't feel like it." She stayed there for a time, eating her meal at an almost leisurely pace. Only when the light vanished completely from the snake's eyes did she stand up. "Irritating slut..."
Scrafty stood, making her leave after she finsihed her food. Blood dripping off of her maw, she stomped the thing's skull flat as she walked by, taking one last show of disrespect for the pitiful undead the world was full of.

"I have had better fucking meals."

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