Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Dorian the Undead Serperior


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    Dorian the Undead Serperior Empty Dorian the Undead Serperior

    Post by Snitch Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:56 am

    Dorian the Undead Serperior Doriannoice

    #497 Serperior, Regal Pokemon
    Approximate time of infection;
    3 weeks after the start of the infection.
    Known Moves;
    Frenzy Plant (Tutored), Slam, Wring Out (TM), Iron Tail (Breeding)
    Dorian was selectively bred from two renowned serpent pokémon, a seviper and a serperior and purchased by a wealthy gentleman who held a strong fascination with pokémon resembling reptiles. Even from a snivy, Dorian worked hard to please his trainer, constantly trying to prove his worth alongside the man’s other fully evolved serpents; yet the training was tough and shortly after his first evolution, Dorian found himself with little energy to progress as quickly as his trainer had hoped. Displeased at the sudden reluctance to battle, Dorian’s trainer only tried to push the servine further to create a slightly strained, damaged relationship between the two. Dorian was stubborn and growing to resent his trainer, but he could never forget the attention the man had paid him since he’d hatched. Back as a snivy, the pair had been so close, yet impatience to succeed had both human and pokémon irritable and weary.

    So, Dorian trained at his own pace to his trainer’s annoyance, but when he finally evolved into a serperior, all grudges were lost. Both Dorian and his trainer were overjoyed at his transformation. Although he wasn’t quite as powerful as his trainer had hoped at this stage, Dorian was soon stuffed with rare candies and a concoction of vitamins in order to boost all his battling attributes. With this sudden burst of strength, Dorian was once more inspired to obey his trainer and proceeded to settle into past battling habits – non-stop aggressive battles against whomever crossed his path. By the end of the month, Dorian was considered little more than a domesticated monster.

    When news of the epidemic first hit, Dorian’s trainer was at first fearful of the infection spreading to his pokémon, but when an invitation to battle an old rival in Johto caught his attention, the opportunity to show off Dorian and earn a large sum of money was too good to refuse. After a long journey to the region, news of the epidemic had spiralled out of control but Dorian’s trainer was a greedy man – his past concerns now silenced by the idea of securing a vast sum of money in his battling victory. The day of the battle arrived and Dorian found himself preparing to commence battle with a rather feeble-looking raichu, already wounded. Having never seen an infected pokémon, both Dorian and his trainer thought nothing of the creature’s appearance – instead, laughing as the bloodied creature approached Dorian. What they hadn’t noticed was the human opponent fleeing at the sight of the raichu – but when they did it was already too late. In a sudden burst of energy, the raichu had launched itself at the serperior’s face, dragging its claws across the pokemon’s eyes in an attempt to gouge them out. Dorian fell in agony, writhing on the floor in an attempt to remove the attacking creature but failing to see through the thick red liquid coating his face. Searing pain engulfed Dorian as he grew still. It was then he realized the red had turned into purest black. The raichu had successfully removed the serpent’s eyeballs and sat chewing them atop Dorian’s deceased trainer. It was only a matter of time before Dorian bled to death.

    When Dorian came around, he was still met with the familiar darkness, but something had changed. His tongue flicked from his mouth and a sudden lust for blood overwhelmed his senses. He wasn’t hungry, he just wanted to kill. He wanted to murder something; to feel the rich texture of torn flesh and inhale the intense scent of blood. Whilst he had lost his eyesight, Dorian still had the determination to fuel his lust and slithering past what was left of his trainer, he began his hunt.

    User Notes;
    - Dorian is completely blind, due to the fact his eyeballs were savagely removed by an infected raichu. However, this doesn’t make him helpless. He has an excellent sense of smell, fairly good hearing and tends to pick up vibrations on the earth if there are moving pokémon in the vicinity.

    - Due to Dorian’s blindness, he’s at a slight disadvantage in battle. Whilst his attacks are generally extremely powerful, he tends to miss direct hits and occasionally misses his target altogether. Fortunately, the large amount of vitamins his trainer gave him means he has enough health to deal with several of the opponent’s often accurate attacks.

    - Dorian will usually kill his victims slowly and spitefully go for their eyes. If however, he cannot locate their eyes, he has no problem suffocating them to death for a cleaner, but just as painful disposal.

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    Post by Suicune Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:30 pm

    You can request one in the artists' alley.
    When an image is placed in, you'll be approved.

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    Post by Suicune Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:18 pm

    You'll be placed in the Union team.

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