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    Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon


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    Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon Empty Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon

    Post by Min Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:23 pm

    Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon Tu0nM

    Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon ElizabetandBandit

    Elizabeth the Meowth & Bandit the Umbreon 11m5izk

    Item Soothe Bell given to her from her owners, a way to find Elizabeth whenever lost.
    Gender Female
    Age Young adult
    Species #052, Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokémon
    Height 1'05"
    Weight 9.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry "All it does is sleep during the daytime. At night, it patrols its territory with its eyes aglow."
    Level 25
    Ability Pickup
    Nature Sassy (+Sp.Def, -Speed)
    Characteristic Quick to flee (+Speed)
    Moves Fury Swipes
    Faint Attack
    History Elizabeth was born as a spoiled, pampered princess who puts herself above others. A dealer who was giving away Pokemon eggs in return for food, Elizabeth's egg was given to a childless couple, who longed for a child, or at least something they could care for. In the home she had lived in, the owners were quite surprisingly normal in their economic position, they were neither rich nor poor, yet, they still got whatever the Meowth wanted; toys, grooming items, food with brand names, a certain kind of milk, etc. She lived a relaxed life, only having to worry of Pokecenter visits (never did she like the vaccines!) and getting her pelt dirty. Despite her odd coloring, her owners figured that she was much more special, spoiling her even more upon realization (it was difficult to tell, especially since normal Meowths looked like they had white fur).

    Nonetheless, they were a big happy family, Elizabeth loved them, not because of the various things she gets, but because they actually cared for her... and they loved her back.

    That was when Team Rocket turned up, because Elizabeth's owners had refused to 'pay up what they had owed for their generosity'. The Meowth's world broke apart as the grunts took her and her family away from each other. Despite the turn of events, everything seemed to be rushing by quite quickly. Because Team Rocket failed to realize Elizabeth's unique colorization, she was able to escape easily. However, the Epidemic also hit around this time, causing quite a wreck to the Scratch Cat Pokemon. She spent several weeks searching for her family, often taking shelter in abandoned homes. Elizabeth stayed away from the Undead -- mostly because of their stench -- and took as many chances as she could to groom herself.

    One very evening, however, she had came across a cliffside, only to find an Umbreon ready to jump off the edge. Before the Moonlight Pokemon could do so, Elizabeth immediately took action, rescuing him before he could even move from his spot. He was hateful at first, calling himself Bandit once the Meowth introduced herself, but then he gradually became nicer. The twosome became close, and began to know each other bit by bit. Elizabeth couldn't help, but like him, even though he stood by her side only to return the favor. They began to travel side-by-side as they attempt to find Bandit's lost family as well as Elizabeth's.
    Appearance Clean pure white fur that is as soft as marshmallows. Aqua blue eyes that are like gleaming gemstones in the moonlight. The Soothe Bell ringing softly as she sits next to her partner.

    Elizabeth is an Albino Meowth that has faded grey paws and pastel pink paw pads. She has black ears like every other Meowth as well as a golden coin sitting on her forehead. The Scratch Cat Pokemon basically has the looks of a regular Meowth, just differently colored. The Soothe Bell that is made of sterling silver is wrapped tightly around her neck with a red ribbon.
    Personality Elizabeth is a spoiled brat, always wanting whatever interests her, even though she is too old of age to actually get whatever she wants, but complains about it anyways. Despite her bratty personality, she still considers other's feelings deep inside, and usually stands up for what she believes in. Nonetheless, she feels that kindness would ruin her character, thus keeps the wall that she's a brat that wants more than she wants.

    When Elizabeth met Bandit, she considered him as a servant, especially since she saved his life. But inside she considers him as her first friend, and thus never wants him to leave when he finishes returning a favor. So she attempts to do everything herself from there on (though Bandit wonders why she even keeps him around even when that goes on anyways).
    User Notes -- Despite Elizabeth's age, she still acts like a spoiled child, the most common reason is that she wants Bandit to pay attention to her.
    --Elizabeth likes playing around with her Soothe Bell at times, however, because she barely remembers that the world was filled with undead. She can ring it a bit too loudly and attract many undead.
    --She secretly likes Bandit despite the gap of age difference. Though she disregards it as simply looking up to him as a big brother, or just some servant.
    --Envy can get to Elizabeth at times, so she usually just stomps off into an isolated area until she calms down and gets over it.
    --Thief was taught to her by the couple.

    Item No items are in his possession
    Gender Male
    Age Young adult
    Species #197, Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 59.5lbs
    Pokédex Entry "When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power."
    Level 34
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Bashful
    Characteristic Likes to relax (+HP)
    Moves Quick Attack
    Shadow Ball (TM)
    Return (TM)
    Payback (TM)
    History Bandit was born in a strange place really. He was with a trainer known as Bill, a person who seemed to be some sort of human technology genius. Many people seemed to have admired him, and he was very known, as if famous. The Eevee had no name at the time, has there were various of other Eevees that Bill was going to give away as results of some sort of Global project. Not that the Eevee minded at the time, for all he wanted to do was lay back and relax.

    The time came when it was his turn to be given away. He was given to a trainer by the name of Felix in the city of Goldenrod. Felix was not like Bill, he was clumsy (often, when he got near technology it would break), and he really wasn't that known nor liked. But Bandit liked him, as the boy gave the Eevee a name as well as some comrades. The Normal-type was 'specially fond of Hermione the Bayleef and Klover the Lanturn. The other teammates; Bertrand the Nidoking, Melody the Ninetales, and Delly the Dragonair were all quite fond of Bandit, but it wasn't the same as his relationships with Hermione and Klover. Nonetheless the team was one big happy family.

    The Eevee evolved to an Umbreon in as little as a month. It was surprising really, but he was glad, he didn't want to go evolve with items always going near him. Hermione also became a Meganium, though Klover was a bit jealous, confessing that he wished he could evolve again, the group became tighter as time passed by. They trained for a long time, but never bothered to go to the League, for Felix wanted nothing more, but spend time with his Pokemon.

    But it was impossible to have happiness all the time. The Epidemic hit, and it swept Johto immediately. Not only was Bandit separated from his close family, he became heartbroken, out of character. The Umbreon who was often laid back and relaxed cursed at himself several times for not being on his guard and getting his family attacked. Bandit then attempted on what seemed to be impossible; Suicide. However, because of a surviving Albino Meowth known as Elizabeth that found him on the edge of the cliff. She rescued him, the Moonlight Pokemon -- at first -- hateful towards Elizabeth for bothering to rescue him, but then he became grateful as he found trails of his teammates still alive.

    He stuck with the Meowth for the moment, only saying that he was returning the favor or rescuing him and wanting to find more traces of his teammates. Traveling side-by-side with her, he begins to learn much more of her, and the duo started to become close friends.
    Appearance Yellow rings that glow faintly along with the moon. Sleek black pelt with crimson red eyes that seem to show the joker side. The Umbreon sits side by side with his partner.

    Bandit is just a normal colored Umbreon who has no unique physical features that differs him from other Umbreons. However, his eyes are usually soft looking, happy and upbeat. His fur can be a bit messy at times, mostly because he never usually cares of his appearance, but since Elizabeth is picky about it, she's the one that usually grooms it for him.
    Personality The Umbreon has a very laidback personality, usually lazy. He only has his guard up whenever something suspicious arrives, or whenever Elizabeth senses something with her 'sixth sense'. In a way, Bandit acts like a playboy, mostly to get on Elizabeth's nerves. However, deep inside, he truly cares of the Meowth, but has no intention of telling her that.

    Before meeting the Albino Meowth, he was often the 'nut up, or shut up' type. Always training himself otherwise he might fail to protect his teammates. Despite that, he does work them to the bone, as if he was a commanding officer telling a soldier to do one-hundred push ups. Even then, he still had that teasing personality - though he can go as far as blackmailing as a joke - and is one of the most cherished members of Felix's team.
    User Notes -- Bandit feels guilty whenever he thinks about Elizabeth fending off for herself, even if he thinks he's done returning a favor. A reason why he still sticks by her side.
    --Another reason for staying with Elizabeth, is that the Umbreon is yearning to find his teammates, especially Hermione and Klover.
    --Despite his serious demeanor, he's a really a joker type of guy.
    --Bandit can be a bit judgmental, but usually shrugs it off and acts cool.
    --Adopted from Qwrk - original profile here.
    ***adopted from Night who adopted them from TK.

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